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They all smiled and nodded. As they walked back to the house, he introduced himself:

“Oh, my name is Boris, very Russian.”

“Martha,” Martha replied, using the English pronunciation.

“Becky, Rebecca,” his sister said, adding:

“But my brother said in Norway you pronounce it “Marta.”

Martha nodded with a smile, and he said:

“Like I have heard back home.”

With more smiles they walked on and entered the house.

“Nice,” he said as they entered it. Martha went and got three cans of beer and returned. He looked at the three cans and with a glance at Becky asked:

“You too?”

“Um-hmm, but don’t tell my parents. My brother let me.”

“Now I know why you got on so well together.”

“Yeah, he thought I shouldn’t wait till the first football game party to drink.”

“Good idea,” he agreed, and they went out on the deck and sat down and opened their cans.

“Skaal,” he said, and Martha looked surprised as she and Becky then said it, and they all drank. When they looked at each other again, he said:

“Everyone in Minnesota says skaal,” and smiled at Martha and added:

“And it seemed most appropriate … with you.”

“Um-hmm,” she agreed: “… I had to teach them how, her brother and her.”

“Hm-mmm! But I bet they learned quickly, … with such a good teacher.”

Martha blushed at his compliment, and they all took another sip. He asked where Becky was going in Europe, and they chatted about their travel plans. When Becky mentioned the Riviera, Martha caught her breath for a moment, but Becky didn’t say anything about her wanting to go topless. When they were finishing their beers, the girls exchanged glances, nodding slightly, and Becky suggested:

“Why don’t you stay for lunch, if you are just waiting for your friend?”

“That would be very nice, but I don’t want to impose.”

“Not at all,” Martha replied with a smile, and they went back in the house.

She and Martha got out the makings for sandwiches, and he helped set the table, and they agreed to have another beer, and then sat down and ate, with more conversation. When they had finished, also their beers, Becky suggested:

“We can clean up later; I want to work on my tan.”

Martha gave her a surprised glance, but he had already agreed:

“Good idea before you get to the Riviera.”

Becky grinned with a nod. Martha looked a little apprehensive. When they back on the deck, sitting down, Becky glanced at Martha and then looked at him and said:

“We’ve been going …”

“Becky!” Martha interjected sharply.

“Why not; everyone knows girls go topless there?”

“But not here!”

“We have been.”

“Just the two of us.”

He was trying to repress a smirk. Becky replied:

“You said you had in Norway.”

“Yes, but …”

Becky looked at Boris with slightly embarrassed expression and asked:

“Would you mind? I wanted to know what it would be like – not just alone?

“Becky!” Martha exclaimed insistently.

He shrugged with repressed smile. Becky was reaching back to unhook her top. Martha remarked again, less insistently:


“You too. Oh, I know they’re going to stick out – already are – but that’s why I want to try it.”

“I don’t mind,” Boris quickly remarked, but he was looking at Martha with a sympathetic expression.

He continued to look at Martha as Becky’s bikini top slipped down. Martha gave him a very wry smile. Her nipples were already obvious bumps under the thin cloth of her top. She shrugged and reached back, finding the end of the string to the bow behind her back, murmuring:

“I guess so, if you don’t mind.”

He shook his head slightly, returning her wry smile. Rather than pulling her top over her head, she found the other bow behind her neck and let the two triangles of cloth drop down.

He smiled appreciatively, his eyes then immediately finding hers. She shrugged again with a slight smile and glanced over at Becky. His eyes followed hers, taking in Becky’s breasts and aroused nipples. It was a moment before he glanced up at her face. She was smiling, apparently enjoying that he was looking at her. He murmured – almost apologetically:

“Lovely, but I don’t know if I should be here.”

“We wanted you to be,” Becky replied.”

“Like this? You did.” Martha replied, earning his glance back at her breasts.

Her nipples popped out again. She snorted softly and rubbed her forearm over them. Becky remarked:

“I wanted to know how it would be to have men seeing them – you know – in France.”

“Nice for them, he replied with a grin.

“But they’re not supposed to stick out.”

“Hm-hmm! That’s up to them, I guess. Hmm? I don’t think they’re supposed to, just supposed to think it is nothing special.”

“Hmm! Maybe, why I’m trying it here.”

He smiled with a soft snort and remarked:

They will – the guys looking – if they do like that.”

“Hmm! Just look?”

“Becky!” Martha admonished again with a scowl – and erect nipples.

Conciliatorily, he remarked:

“You antalya escort won’t be the only one; and they’ll have seen others, and if they look, they won’t stare, at least, probably not so you will notice. I didn’t ask you to show me.”

“No. Still hope you didn’t mind,” Becky replied, her nipples relaxing.

“No, just very surprised, pleasantly.”

When his eyes dropped down, her nipples popped out again, and then Martha’s did again, when he glanced over at her with questioning shrug. She also shrugged, this time with a less wry smile, remarking:

“I guess so, just a little surprising, like this with you.”

“For me too, but I said that all ready,” he replied, and they both glance over at Becky.

She grinned and said:

“Yeah – I know – all my fault, but I wanted to know, … you know, if – well – you know, if the guys were going to be … well, you know.”

For an instant, Becky’s eyes drop down at his trunks. Martha scowled at her again, shaking her head. He smirked slightly, also shaking his head, then replying:

“If that’s what you mean, I hope not, but don’t ask them. Hm-hmm! And don’t stare, if you don’t want them to.”

They all chuckled. Becky blushed, again with erect nipples, murmuring:

“I heard they wear skimpy shorts.”

He chuckled again, nodding. Martha also nodded, but with another apprehensive expression. Becky looked past him for a couple of seconds. Her nipples popped out again, and she began to blush, but then hesitantly started to ask:

“Are you …”

“Becky!” Martha interrupted her with a sharper scowl.

“Am I what?” he asked.

Becky avoided looking at Martha and replied in a rush:

“Are you circumcised?”

“Becky! You can’t ask that!” Martha admonished her again.

He chuckled with a slight smile, glancing back and forth at them – now both blushing – then shrugged and replied:

“No. Why?”

Martha had a resigned expression, but then an apprehensive one again. Becky’s was embarrassed, but after a moment she murmured:

“She said they’re more fun to play with.”


He glanced at Martha with another chuckle and asked:

“You did?”

Blushing more deeply, without returning his glance, she nodded slightly. He repressed a chuckle, just grinning, and said:

“If you say so.”

Becky started to laugh, and then Boris and Martha did. It was several seconds before they caught their breath. The girls’ blushes had faded, and their nipples relaxed, but they popped out again when he said:

“They jiggle nicely when you both laugh.”

In an immediate reflex, both girls covered their breasts with their hands, but just smiled wryly. Martha remarked:

“Hers more than mine.”

“But yours too,” he countered with a grin and raised his beer and said “Skaal.”

The girls raised theirs and said “skaal,” and they all drank, smiling and chuckling. After a moment, he looked at Becky and said:

“Guess you haven’t seen one?”

“Not like that.”

“Becky!” Martha admonished again.

“I just asked,” she replied with a shrug.

“I shouldn’t have told you.”

“But you did.”

“What girls talk about,” he remarked with a grin.

“I guess so,” Martha agreed with a wry smile, then glanced at Becky and said:

“Just don’t ask see it.”

Becky blushed again with aroused nipples. He grinned at her and asked:

“She thought you might?”

“I guess so. Hmm? Yeah, of course I’m curious; Jewish family and friends.”

“And seen theirs?”

Martha was looking very apprehensive again. Becky replied:

“Just one. Oh, my brother’s – when we were little, doesn’t count.”

Martha looked a little relieved, but only for a moment; Becky added:

“She’s seen his.”


“I don’t know if I should be hearing this,” he remarked softly.

“Oh, I like that she did, just curious about yours – I mean – the other kind.”


“Why not? Since we’ve been talking about it?”

“You have!”

“Just curious. You know my family; I’m only going to date Jewish boys.”

“And want to know what mine’s – I mean – the other kind is like?”

Becky nodded with an almost hopeful expression. Martha remarked quickly:

“Don’t show her; she’ll want to play with it.”


This time it was Becky admonishing, but then she grinned at him and nodded. He grinned and remarked:

“I’m almost tempted to.”

“Don’t!” Martha said.

“Do!” Becky quickly countered with a grin.


“Why not, if he wants to?”

“Because ….”

“He can’t mind, if I want to play with it.”

“You shouldn’t!”

“If it’s more fun than the other kind? You’d want to.”

“Both of you? I’m beginning to like this,” he remarked with a smile.

Both girls involuntarily glanced down at the bulge in his boxer trunks. With a slightly wry expression, he reached down and massaged his cock to a more comfortable position, murmuring:

“We’ve been talking about him too much.”

“We have!” Martha agreed emphatically, giving alanya escort Becky another scowl.

“But he was interested,” she replied, grinning at Boris and adding: “liking it.”


“Not just talking, with you two sh… – sitting like that. Wasn’t my idea.”

“I know, it’s all my fault,” Becky remarked, but then smiled at him and added:

“But if you are tempted to.”


He chuckled with a grin, looking at Martha, and replied:

“If you can show me your breasts, if she wants to see him ….”

“Boris!” Martha admonished him.”

“She does,” Becky remarked with erect nipples.


“If she wants to – sort of – just to be fair,” he replied, reaching for the elastic of his trunks.

“You want to?!” Martha asked, also with aroused nipples.

He shrugged, pushing the elastic down at his sides. Becky hummed with a grin, nodding, her eyes staring at the front of his trunks. Martha gave a resigned “hmm!” The girls both watched him slide his hands back and push his trunks down, till he had to drop back to shove them past his hips. He sat up again, and then – with a wry grin – pushed them up his thighs.

His cock wasn’t so aroused that he had slide a hand around to free it from the elastic, but aroused enough that his foreskin slipped down from its head. He snorted softly as he pushed his trunks past his knees and then off his legs. Not just Becky was staring at his cock. Both she and Martha hummed at the sight of it. As he put his trunks aside, he looked at the one and other with a wry grin.

“Doesn’t look much different,” Becky murmured to herself.

“Not when it’s like that,” Martha agreed softly, then glancing up at him with wry smile at her having shown interest in his cock after having tried to discourage Becky’s for so long.

He smiled at her with a nod, then unconsciously jostling his balls to free his sack from his thighs. Both girls snorted softly, then Becky glanced over at Martha and murmured:

“You show me; since you know how they differ.”

“You want me to? You wanted to.”

“If you want to,” he murmured: “If she wants you to.”

“How did we get like this?” Martha murmured.

“Go ahead; I’ll watch, show me,” Becky murmured.

“You really want me to?”

“And then let her,” he suggested softly.

While Martha was hesitating, Becky remarked:

“That’s a good idea; show me.”

Martha glanced up at him again; she had been looking at his cock, that was less aroused now, his foreskin creeping back up around its head. Becky was still looking at it and murmured:

“Oh, like that.”

He nodded with soft chuckle, looking again at Martha and murmured:

“Go ahead and show her; you know he wants you to.”

Martha gave him a wry smile and shrugged, replying:

“I guess so, but this is all a little strange. If you want me to?”

He nodded and dropped back on his elbows. Becky was grinning. Martha shrugged and dropped down next to him, giving Becky a wry smile as she propped her head up on her elbow. She didn’t see him and Becky exchange smiles, watching her hand find his cock, now a little more aroused than it had been. With a quizzically sounding “hmm?” she grasped it and pushed his skin up, rolling his foreskin further up around its head. Becky hummed with a nod, and watched Martha slide his skin up and down, humming more strongly, when she saw his cock stiffen in her hand.

As she dropped down on his other side, he also hummed with a chuckle, all of them watching Martha’s hand moving up and down on his stiff cock, no longer able to roll his foreskin up as far as before. Both girls’ thighs twitched together. After a few more strokes, Becky’s hand slid down and found her pussy through her bikini bottom. He noticed, grinning to himself, grinning more, when her hand slipped inside her bottom, seeing her fingers moving on her pussy.

But then her hand slipped out and approached Martha’s, and she murmured:

“Now let me.”

Martha seemed reluctant to let her, but did, and Becky’s finger slipped around his cock, continuing Martha’s slow rhythm, moving his skin up and down. She smiled to herself, watching how she could roll his foreskin up, then murmuring softly:

“Yeah, better, more fun.”

She didn’t notice than Martha’s hand had found her own pussy, but he did, seeing that it immediately slipped inside her bikini bottom. Becky was licking her lips. After a couple more strokes, she murmured:

“Want me to? Want to?”

“Mmmm! Hard to say no.”

“I can do something else.”


“Why not; we both like to.”


“If you really want to,” he murmured, then adding:

“You know more about that than I do, it seems.”

“No one else?” Becky asked softly.

“Not yet, … but I like to.”

“Like we do?”


“Hmm? I’m not sure. Like I mean?” he replied.

“I hope so, like you and we can.”


“You do?!” he asked.

Becky nodded and murmured:

“If no one else does.”


“If alanya rus escort he likes to? We do.”

“Oh, Becky!”

“I do,” he murmured, sitting up and rubbing both their shoulders, adding softly:

“and know why you do.”

The girls looked up at him. Martha’s hand slipped out of her bottom and held Becky’s on his cock still. They all snorted softly with smiles. Martha snorted again and said:

“If we all want to, but not out here.”

Becky grinned with a nod and let go of his cock, encouraging Martha’s fingers to hold it. He grinned down at them and asked:

“Both of you?”

Martha nodded. Becky replied: “You’d better be able to.”

“Hmm? I think so, but never with two girls.”

They all chuckled. Becky looked surprised when Martha said:

“Not out here, in our bed.”

“Your bed,” he remarked with a grin.

“‘Our bed’,” Becky confirmed with a grin.

They got up and hurried back in the house, forgetting that someone on the beach could see the girls’ breasts and that he was naked, his cock bobbing. In the bedroom, he looked at them questioningly, back and forth, watching them shove their bikini bottoms down. He asked softly:

“You both want to – to me – that way?”

The girls nodded and then glanced at each other, both shrugging slightly.

“Really, all the way?” he asked, and the girls nodded again, both smiling a little wryly.

“What do I do?” he asked.

“Sit down,” Becky replied.

He did with slightly quizzical expression, seeing the girls glance at each other again, but his eyes were focused on their pussies, shifting back and forth. Becky murmured to Martha:

“You can – first. ‘Cause you said it would be more fun.”

“You; this is all your idea,” Martha replied.

His cock was sinking between his thighs. He glance up at their faces and said:

“Or I can – ‘first.’ I want to, too.”

“After Martha does,” Becky suggested with a smile.

She shrugged with another wry smile and replied:

If you really want me to.”

Becky nodded. Martha shrugged again and smiled at him, nodding as she stepped in front of him. He returned her smile with warm hum. As she began to kneel down, he murmured:

“Really, all the way? Want a rubber?”

She shook her head, as he added: “I have a couple.”

She shook her head again, as her hand came up under his balls. His cock was rising again, as he spread his knees. Becky grinned and replied to him:

“Not for this; where?”

He glanced up from looking at Martha and his now more erect cock and smirked, answering:

“In my toilet kit, in my bag.”

Martha glanced up and gave him a smile, as Becky hurried to find his bag, grinning to herself. It was a minute or so before she returned, grinning triumphantly with his rubbers in her hand, but Boris and Martha didn’t notice; his cock was in her mouth, and he was moaning, hardly looking at what she was doing.

Becky did, seeing Martha’s cheeks draw in when she sucked, her head bobbing slowly, his stiff cock sliding in and out between her lips. She hummed in empathy, and her thighs pressed together. When her hand moved to her pussy, he did glance at her for a moment, nodding with a slight smile, but then his eyes returned to watching what Martha was doing, and he moaned again.

When Becky dropped down on the bed beside him, Martha opened her eyes and glanced over at her, but then they closed again, as she continued to suck his cock. Despite his arousal at what she was doing, when he saw Becky’s hand find her pussy, he glanced over and watched it for a moment, nodding and chuckling between moans, as he observed how her fingers were moving. But then he moaned louder, as though Martha had noticed that he had been distracted and done something more arousing to call his attention back to what she was doing to his cock.

After another moan, his hips began to twitch. After two more aroused moans, he almost groaned, his hips twitching more strongly, and murmured:

“You really …?”

Before he could finish his sentence – or Martha could respond – with an uncontrolled jerk of his hips, he grunted. Martha hummed, nodding her head, her cheeks drawing in. He grunted again, as his hips thrust his cock deeper in her mouth again, then a couple of times more, before he could finish his question, now in the past tense:

“… wanted me too?”

Martha nodded with another hum. He responded with a pained-sounding one and complained softly: “Oooh! Too much, enough!”

Martha nodded with a hum. Becky’s fingers had been doing everything they could, but now stilled, as she gave a resigned moan, hearing him ask Martha again:

“You really wanted to, like that, taste it?”

Martha – also Becky – nodded. He murmured:

“I hope you really did. God, that was good!”

Both girls nodded again with an “um-hmm.” He reached down and urged Martha to raise her head. She gave his cock a final suck and did, letting it slip from between her closed lips, then smirking up at him. Becky saw her mouth moving as though she were still savouring something. She replied:

“We do – like it. He does too, my brother.”

“He does? You know?”

Martha nodded, her lips stilled closed. Becky replied:

“She told me. Kiss.”

Martha nodded with closed-lip grin and rose up. He gave a wry smile, but nodded, embracing her and murmuring:

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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