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She snuggles up to me on the couch. Her turquoise silk rob falls open exposing her breasts and her matching silk thong panties. She is an intoxicating diversion from the show we are both pretending to watch. A commercial comes on and I bury my face in her chest. I lick and tease her nipples. I take one between my lips as the show comes on and I pull back elongating the nub. She starts to close her robe, but I stop her, making her sit there on the couch with me, her breasts exposed. The different colors of the televisions screen bounce off her skin. It is a light show far more interesting that what the film maker intended. I’m waiting for another commercial, because I’m going to start working her ass and pussy next. She fidgets next to me. I wonder if it’s because she can foresee my intentions.

The show stops and another commercial comes on. I pick her up off the leather couch and drag her across my lap. My hands find her bottom and one gets stuck between her thighs. She clamps them together, not wanting me to gain access so easily. It’s a game for her too… tormenting each other can be fun!

We kiss. Our tongues dart in and out of each other’s mouths. We both turn our heads and the show returns. She starts to wiggle back to her seat, but I steer her into a new position. I have her lay across my lap, her butt facing the ceiling. I pull up the back of her robe and worship her creamy skin and the roundness of her ass. The skin is cold on the surface, but a heat emanates from between her legs. I have lost all concentration, paying almost no attention to the show on the screen. I’m lost in rubbing her ass and feeling the heat between her legs. As if on cue, she lets her legs part slightly. I suck in air. She turns her head up to look at me and smiles a wicked little grin. She likes this game.

Eventually the show ends. She grabs the remote turns off all the electronic devices and stands in front of me. Her robe tie hangs to her sides. She smiles and asks, “Coming to bed?” Her enthusiasm is infectious. She bounces down the hallway. I check the front door lock, turn off the lights and go searching for the little sex fairy. I find her spread eagle on the bed. Her thong and robe are missing. She is grinning like the Cheshire cat.

I accept her invitation and slide like a snake from the foot of the bed until my face clamps down on her pussy. She pulls frantically at my shirt. It gets stuck on the back of my head and my ears. I continue my pussy assault and she yanks hard. My ears turn bright red. She throws the shirt on the floor, sits up and pushes kızılay escort me down on my back onto the bed. Now she’s working on my pants. They come off in a wad and she kicks them onto the floor. She dives for my hardening cock and sucks in the head. I pull her ass over to me and push her hips over my head. She centers her pussy lip on my face and slowly lets her hips fall. She’s teasing me with her musky smell and holds her pussy just inches above my face. I groan aloud in frustration and anticipation. She holds her distance until I can’t stand the teasing. I throw my arms around her hips and drag her into my waiting mouth. My oral assault on her pussy begins again. Her skins feels so good. Every part of her, her ass, her back, her breasts, her pussy lips, they are soft and smooth and cold and warm and such a stark contrast to the roughness of my own body. I lick up and down her pussy lips like she’s my lollipop, letting the tip of my tongue get stuck under her hood with every other lick. She moans a little and then focuses her full attention on my dick. It’s a race now to see who can make the other cum first. She desperately tries to even the score, while at the same time, divert her attention from my assault.

I can feel the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. Her lips pulsate as they massage the sides of my dick. Her tongue slides up and down the underside of my cock.. “DAMN… She’s gotten good at this shit!” I was sure I could hold out longer, but the sudden wash of pleasure makes me doubt my staying power. Now I’m fighting to stay in the game. I pull her ass cheeks apart. My nose tickles her sphincter. I marvel at how quickly my sense of smell and taste disappear when my dick gets hard. It must have something to do with a lack of blood to my brain. I pull back a little and watch her asshole pucker and dance in concert with my tongue dancing in her pussy. I rub her nipples with my knees. They harden against the roughness of the hair on my legs. She gags a little from trying to deep throat my dick. She’s on her last legs and trying as hard as she can to get me to cum first. I stab her clit and lick down to the bottom of her pussy sucking in her longer lip and holding it in my mouth.

She grunts in frustration and climbs up off my face. Still facing away from me, she squats over the head of my dick and pushes it into her burning hot pussy. She groans as it impales her in one swift motion. Then she goes to work. Her back arches and falls, her ass rubs up and down my belly, her pussy clamps onto me and she grinds kızılay escort bayan her clit on the underside of my dick. She’s quickly loosing rhythm, her hair waves spastically front to back and side to side. A deep groan starts to rise from the top of her uterus. I can feel it against my cock. I push her forward to pin her on my cock and spread her ass cheeks. Her asshole puckers and pulsates as she pants and moans down by my feet… “Damn, it’s great to be the winner!”

She collapses on my legs.

I slap her ass and watch the shock waves curse through her body, then without warning I flip her on her back, pull her legs apart and clamp down on her pussy with my full mouth… A surprise attack! I grind the flat of my tongue into her clit and suck her pussy lips hard into my mouth. My tongue is relentless, grinding and stabbing and grinding and sucking. She’s screaming and yelling… “NO, No, NO, No, NO…..” Her hips bounce on the bed, she’s pushing at my face desperate to free herself from my tight grasp. The more she fights, the harder I suck her into my mouth. My arms pull her tight into me. My hands clamp down on the flesh of her ass. She wiggles in terror, pleasure, and panic. Her body loses control and she slaps at the back of my head. She’s screaming. I let her go. She scurries to the head of the bed. Her body shakes, her breathing is erratic. She has a huge grin on her face. I smile back at her, proud to have been able to torture her so well.

We exchange grins and she slowly comes back down on the bed. Her grin turns to a wicked smile and I know she’s scheming to return the favor. She lays on her back spreads her legs as far apart as she can and parts her pussy lips with her fingers. My cock twitches. I accept her invitation, knowing full well that she plans to torture me back. My dick slides back into the warmth of her vagina. I stop when I bottom out, and wiggle a little to grind against her mound. She opens her legs wider. I pull up, and balance myself on my knees and hands, doing pushups over her. She does a crunch, folding her head up and she holds on to my hips. She’s watching my hard dick pump in and out of her pussy. God I love it when she watches. I love performing for her. I love the audience. My cock is as hard as it can be. The harder it gets and the more intent she watches it penetrate her, the quicker she becomes aroused. I love that she can finish again so quickly. She is really turned on this time. She pulls my hips down, and slides her ass down on the bed. She throws her arms around escort kızlay my back and hangs off my body. She licks and bites at my nipples as she grinds her pussy into me. She lets her head fall back and she moans…..

Her eyes roll back into her head. She clamps down hard with her arms and her body tenses up. I drop my hips and push into her, trying to extend her orgasm. I rock back and forth on her. She bites her lip and her body shakes. After several minutes she comes up for air. “Are you finished?” she asks in an upbeat, but shaken voice. I wag my head “no” and she groans. She knows what’s coming next…

I slide back. She flops her back onto the bed and pulls her legs up toward her chest. I wrap my arms around under her thighs. When I push my weight forward it tips her pelvis upward and her pussy opens up to my thrusts. The first stab of her cervix makes her jump. I thrust in shallower a few more times then go back to the hard spot. I feels like an electric wire attached to the head of my dick every time I hit that spot. She begins to moan, then pant, then groan. It sounds like she is giving birth. Her sounds are driving me crazy. I can feel her legs tighten and start to cramp. She’s pushing up on my chest with both hands trying to keep me from laying my full weight into her cervix, and then it happens. It’s like a firecracker in my head goes off. Some orgasms slowly build in a wave.

This one hits like a freight train, all of the sudden, and without warning. I bury my face in her shoulder. I growl and pant and drool. I feel like the wolfman as he howls at the moon. My dick twitches and pulsates, and it’s right then that she attacks me. She grabs my ass with both hands, pulls me in as tight as she can, squeezes her pussy to milk out all the remaining fluid, and grinds her hips making the walls of her vagina rub the head of my overly sensitive dick. She sees the pain in my face and does everything she can to make it last. Payback’s a bitch. When my muscles unclamp and blood starts to slowly returns to my brain, I plan my escape. If the retreat isn’t quick enough she’ll be massaging my dick with her hands or her mouth. The sensations are more than I can stand, and I can see in her eyes her overwhelming desire to torture me until I pass out.

I lick up the pool of drool on her chest and shoulder. I kiss her lips and jump off the bed in one motion. She pounces after me like a lioness on the hunt. I dive for the bathroom, flinging semen on the walls and floor. “Shit, I’ll have to clean that up..” I think as I hide in the bathroom. When the sensations subside I let her in.

“Chicken Shit!” She calls me as she jerks on my still stiff member. I kiss her and give her a big hug knowing that she can do me less harm when she’s tied up in my arms. I am a chicken shit… but she’s scary and I really deserve to be tortured some more..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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