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I was in the shower, getting ready to go meet up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

“Babe, Mark just text. Said he’s heading back to his base earlier than planned but wants to hang out one last time,” my wife says to me, walking into our bathroom.

“That’s your call babe. When does he go back?” I asked.

“Two days, and tomorrow he is busy. Wants to get together tonight,” she answered.

“Do you want me to cancel my plans and stay home with you and Mark,” I pressed her.

“You don’t have to do that. You need some guy time with your friends. I will make sure Mark behaves,” she winked as she told me.

“OK, if you’re positive you’re good with that. I will call to check on you a few times,” I said.

“Good idea. I’ll tell him the plan,” she stated as she walked out.

I finished my shower, thinking of all the fun I would be missing. Evidently my cock was liking those thoughts as it stiffened. I got out and began drying off as my wife hopped in.

“I see someone is excited,” she teased me.

“Well, can you blame me?” I replied.

“Have fun with your boys and I’ll make sure you have fun when you get home too,” my wife said.

I walked into our walk-in closet and started to get dressed. Underwear and jeans were on, picked out my shirt, and headed out. Back into the bathroom to fix my hair and some cologne. Just as my wife was exiting her shower. I watched her as she dried off, thinking how much sexier she has gotten over the years.

She went to our closet and then sat on the edge of our bed. She proceeded to put on a pair of nude colored thigh high stockings. Her perfectly painted pink toes looked so sexy. I was standing in the doorway, frozen. She caught me looking and began flexing and curling her toes as she lifted them up off the floor.

She walked back to the closet and grabbed a pair of her patent leather black 4″ heels. She returned and stood next to me, placing her right hand on my left shoulder. She used me to balance as she climbed up and in her heels. Sadly, those beautiful feet were now out of sight.

“What time is Mark coming over?” I asked.

“He said about 30 minutes. He was going to take a quick shower and head over,” she answered as she capped off her outfit by wearing a black and red teddy.

She looked beautiful. The tent in my jeans returned, this time I could feel myself leaking.

“Wow, Mark is going to love what you’re wearing,” I said.

She let out a little laugh, “Yea, probably. You foot guys love to start with stockings for some reason.”

“Can you at least tell me what you have planned since I won’t be here,” I asked excitedly.

“Of course. I think I’m going to get him off with my feet first since I made him wait so long last time. Then I can get him up again so he can fuck me really good,” my wife said with a smile.

As she finished answering, she walked over to me and gave me a kiss. Her hand wandered and found my stiff cock. She slowly ran her fingers along the length as we continued kissing. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into me. Just then, she broke our kiss.

“Hey, I have a really naughty idea I think Mark would love,” she said.

“Does it have to do with us kissing some more,” I quipped.

“Maybe it could. Why don’t you cum in my heels and I will surprise him when he takes them off when he gets here,” she stated.

I thought that was a great idea. At least then I wouldn’t have a hard-on the whole time I was hanging out with my friends.

“Oh, that’s great, I’d love to,” I answered her.

My wife went and sat on the bed, sliding up until just her feet were hanging off the edge. I stepped over and knelt down. I unbuckled my jeans and yanked them down, along with my boxers. My wife was leaning back, holding herself up with her arms slightly behind her, watching me. She popped her right heel out of her shoe, then her left.

I started stroking myself slowly, trying to build up a large load, and let this scene last as long as possible. I reached with my left hand, pulling her heel up and off her right foot. I set it down on the floor, just under me. I then did the same with her left heel. My wife reacted by flexing her feet for me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her little stocking-covered soles. She alternated between curling her toes and spreading them. She crossed her feet at her ankles and wiggled them for me.

I was in the zone of stroking myself, watching my wife give me the ultimate tease. She began rubbing her feet together, making that sexy noise that only the stocking material can make.

“Come on baby, stroke your cock faster,” she pleaded.

I picked up my pace. Almost instantly, pre-cum was oozing out. I used it as lube and teased just the head of my cock for a bit. I was getting very close, but I selfishly didn’t want this moment to end. I can’t remember the last time I jerked off while my wife watched. I used to do it quite a bit when she was pregnant with our kids and unable to have sex because it was uncomfortable.

I stroked bahis siteleri faster, then slower, changing up my tempo. My wife picked her feet up from the bed and held them as if she was getting fucked missionary.

“Mm, do you think Mark will like my stockings?” she asked.

All I could do was nod.

“I can’t wait to feel his big, hard cock inside me again,” she continued, “and I love the way he sucks my toes while he fucks me.”

“I’m really close,” I sputtered.

“That’s it baby, cum in my little heels so Mark can clean up your mess from my feet,” she whispered.

Her teasing was sending me to the point of no return. I fumbled to pick up both of her black heels in my left hand. I turned them so the toes were facing me. I took aim with my cock and lowered my head. My wife crept forward and placed both of her feet on each side of my face just as I shot my first rope of cum into her right heel. The second rope landed in her left heel, as well as the third and fourth. I switched back to her right heel with spurts five and six.

My breathing was heavy. I gave each sole of my wife’s feet a long kiss before making my way to the bathroom to clean myself up. I grabbed a towel and walked back out to check on my wife. She stood off the bed and bent down, inspecting her heels. She just looked up at me and smiled widely from my handy work.

She stood back up and placed her right foot in her heel, then her left. She spun around and then lifted her right foot out and bent her leg at the knee to show me the mess. My wife’s size six, nude colored stocking foot, was covered in my cum. Her toes looked to be the wettest.

I kissed my wife and told her to have fun. I reminded her I’d be checking on her in a bit. I walked downstairs and grabbed the car keys. Just as I was walking out the door, Mark pulled into the driveway. I waited. We exchanged a quick hello and handshake, then I told him she was upstairs with a surprise for him. He practically went running into the house.

I got in my car and started the engine. From my phone, I accessed a hidden camera I placed in our bedroom. I checked the live feed and saw my wife laying on her side on the bed, facing the door. Mark walked in and immediately complimented her outfit. I slowly began driving, taking long looks at my phone.

Mark walked over to the side of the bed and bent down.

“Would you mind taking off these heels?” my wife asked him, “I won’t make you wait like last time.”

“I’d love to,” Mark replied. “And I took a little blue pill before I left. I really want to enjoy my last time with you.”

“Mm, that’s so naughty, but I love it,” she said. “I want you to worship my feet and then fuck me silly.”

“I plan to,” he said, as he began slipping her left heel off her foot.

I decided it be best to focus on driving, so I turned my phone off. I drove the ten minutes and into the parking lot of the bar/restaurant I was meeting my friends at. I pulled up my phone again to check on my wife. We planned to meet at 2:00, and I was almost thirty minutes early.

When it came up, Mark was still kneeling on the floor on the side of our bed. My wife was laying face down with her feet hanging off the edge. Both of her heels were off, sitting on the floor. I watched as Mark was running his tongue from her left heel, down to her toes, then back up. He repeated this move over and over.

My cock was starting to respond. Mark moved to her right foot and gave that one the same treatment. It seemed like my wife’s teddy was creeping up into her ass just a little. Then I noticed her left arm was underneath her. That naughty woman must have been toying her pussy while he played with her feet.

Mark reached up with both hands and grabbed each of her ass cheeks. I watched from my phone as he squeezed, rubbed and worked his hands all over my wife’s ass as he continued his oral assault on her little stocking-covered feet. I checked the time in my car, 1:45, I still had a few more minutes to watch before my friends showed up.

Mark stood up, never removing his hands from her ass. He bent forward and began giving my wife’s ass small kisses all over. My wife responded by raising her feet off the bed slightly to find his cock, clearly excited, but concealed by his pants. I heard Mark let out a groan of approval. He then pulled her teddy out of her ass and to the side, slipping his tongue all around her tart little hole. My wife squealed.

He grabbed my wife’s right hand and brought it behind her, taking hold of her teddy. She knew what he wanted and kept it pulled to the side as he continued to taste her ass. My wife pushed her ass back and up off the bed, into Mark’s face. Mark used his now-free hands to unbuckle his belt and pull down his pants and briefs.

I’m not sure if it was the camera or the fact that Mark took that blue pill, but his cock looked much larger than the last time he played with my wife. My wife’s little feet found his oversized, shaved balls immediately. Mark was still trying to enjoy my wife’s ass with his tongue canlı bahis siteleri as he started to thrust his hips against her feet. My wife spread her legs slightly and turned her soles inward, grabbing a hold of his hard cock between them.

“Mm, oh fuck that feels incredible,” Mark said.

“Do you wanna fuck my little feet?” my wife asked him.

He responded, “I wanna fuck every part of you!”

Mark stood straight up and held a foot in each hand. He was giving my wife’s feet steady thrusts. He was fucking her soles better than I could in my deepest fantasy.

I took another look at the time, 1:55. I knew I had to walk in soon and would be missing out on the action. I also knew I had to stop watching in an attempt to get my cock to calm down.

Just then, I saw such a hot sight. Mark had cupped my wife’s feet together and was running his cock over her soles. My hidden camera was in the perfect position to see that his cock was outstretched, and longer in length than her feet. Her toes were resting under his heavy balls, and his cockhead was past her heels by 2″ easily. I almost came in my jeans in the parking lot.

I looked up and saw my buddy Will pull into the lot. I closed my phone and took a few deep breaths. I exited my car and walked in with him. We sat at a hightop table and waited for our friend Matt to join us. After a few minutes of small talk, he walked in. We ordered a round of drinks and some appetizers while our favorite college team played on TV.

I checked my phone for the time, 2:50. I excused myself to the bathroom and locked myself into one of the stalls. I called my wife.

“Mmph, hey honey,” she answered.

“Hey baby, how’s it going?” I asked.

“Mmph, really good….he’s mmph, fucking me so good,” she struggled to say.

“I’m happy for you. Tell me what position is he fucking you,” I whispered inside the stall.

“Mmph, missionary. Mmph, and he hasn’t cum yet. Mmph, fuck me! Sorry babe, that was for Mark,” she repled.

“He must be saving up a huge load for you….have you orgasmed yet honey?” I pressed.

“Aah, oh yea, lots! I’m gonna cum again now, hold on……Oh shit, that’s it, just like that, don’t stop. Aahhhh!” she screamed.

I had to quickly turn my phone volume down as I heard the bathroom door swing open.

My wife came back, “Ohh babe, I just came again all over Mark’s big cock. And I’m sure you’d like to know that he’s sucking on my toes right now as he fucks me.”

“Mm, that’s great honey. Thanks for sharing. I’ll talk to you soon, love you,” I said plainly, trying not to tip off whoever else was in the bathroom with me.

I hung up the phone and accessed the hidden camera again. I tuned in to see exactly what my wife mentioned. She was now fully naked on the bed, laying on her back. Mark was standing on the side of the bed fucking her. He had an ankle in each hand and seemed to be taking turns sucking my wife’s toes on each foot.

I watched in awe as Mark pumped his huge cock in and out of my wife’s pussy at an impressive pace. My wife gasped and her body stiffened, climaxing again all over his cock. That was one of our more recent discoveries with my wife, finding out she can be very multi-orgasmic if she is being pleasured just right. It seemed Mark was well on his way to beating my record.

Once again, I closed my phone and returned to the table with my buddies. We watched the entire game while we bullshitted. Checking the time, it was 4:15. I excused myself to the bathroom again. This time, I decided to check the camera before I called my wife.

Finally, it loaded. My wife was on top of Mark, riding his cock. She looked so damn hot. She knew how to really work a cock in that position, I could almost feel her on top of me. Moving her hips front to back, grinding her clit against him. Then bouncing up and down, over and over, feeling his cock fill her up each time. It wasn’t long before she orgasmed again.

I closed the camera app and called her after she came down.

“Mmm, great timing honey…I just came again,” she answered.

“Wow, how many is that so far babe?” I asked.

“Mm, not sure, I lost count,” she said.

“That was eight!” Mark yelled in the background.

“You’re so naughty. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time with Mark,” I whispered again.

“I…mmph, wish…mmph, you…mmph, were…mmph, here…mmph” she replied, “I know how much you’d like to watch me ride his big…mmph, hard…mmph, cock.”

“Has he cum yet?” I asked her.

“Not yet, but I am loving it and am determined to get him off!” she said panting.

I could tell she was still on top of him.

“OK, honey, I’ll see you soon,” I hung up the phone.

I turned the camera back on. My wife was in the process of turning herself around. She began riding Mark again, this time in the reverse cowgirl position. He helped himself to handsful of her ass as she worked his cock. After a minute or two, she moved her feet behind her and placed them up either side of him. She was almost looking straight canlı bahis at the camera.

Shit! I thought, I hope she doesn’t notice the hidden camera I placed in our bedroom.

She leaned forward and used Mark’s legs as support as she gyrated her hips back and forth. It did not take long before she was orgasming again. I looked on as she closed her eyes and her whole body jerked on top of him. Mark laid there, encouraging her, telling her how sexy she was, and what a great fuck she is.

Needless to say, I was rock hard again, hiding in the stall. Finally my wife stopped shaking and climbed off Mark’s cock. She crawled between his legs and began stroking his cock with both hands. I slipped my hand down my pants as I watched. She lowered her mouth until it engulfed the head of Mark’s big cock. My wife cleaned all of her juices from it. Mark looked to be really enjoying this blowjob.

A few, short minutes later, Mark sat up and was talking to my wife as she sucked his cock. Unfortunately it was too quiet for me to hear, but it didn’t take long to figure out what he said. My wife pivoted her body around, never letting his cock go from her mouth. They were now in the “69” position. Mark was enjoying her soaking wet pussy, and my wife seemed to be sucking his cock with more aggression. I could hear her slurping.

I almost came right there but I was stopped by someone entering the bathroom again. I was glad. I wanted to hold off and give my wife another load when I got home in a bit. I shut off my phone and once again, returned to the table.

It seemed my friends were paying their bills and getting ready to head home. The time said 4:55. I paid my bill as we said our goodbyes, but not before making plans to do it again next month. I walked to my car, anxious to view the camera again.

When I did, my wife appeared, sitting between Mark’s outstretched legs, facing him. She had her little bare feet wrapped around his cock, stroking it. Mark was sitting up, watching.

“Your feet feel so fucking good on my cock,” he told her.

“And your cock feels so fucking good between my feet,” she said back.

“You should come visit me at my base sometime,” Mark suggested, “I’d love to show you off to some of my Army brothers.”

“That sounds like it could be fun. I’ll have to check with my husband first,” she answered, as she picked up the pace of her footjob.

“I think I’m actually getting close,” Mark said.

“Mmm good,” my wife responded, “you’ve been fucking me so good and long, I’m getting a little sore.”

“I’d love to try your ass,” he whispered, “but this footjob feels incredible.

“You have to promise to go slow if I let you. You’re a lot bigger than my husband,” she emphasized.

“I promise,” Mark replied instantly.

I sat in my car, watching this develop. Mark reluctantly took hold of my wife’s ankles, lifting them up off his cock. He then put his face to her soles and rubbed them all over. He covered her feet with wet kisses, running his tongue from her heels to her toes. Mark stuffed all five toes on her right foot into his mouth, then he did the same with her left. My wife laid back, slowly circling her finger around her sensitive clit.

“I’m really starting to love having my toes sucked,” she said to Mark. “I used to just let my husband do it because I knew he liked it. You suck and lick them so differently.”

“You and your perfect little feet deserve to be worshipped,” Mark said, taking a brief break from my wife’s feet.

I’m not sure why, but that little exchange between them really sparked my excitement. I decided it was time to head home and possibly join in. I turned off my phone for the last time, or so I thought, and began the quick ride home.

I pulled into the driveway nine minutes later, 5:23. I parked my car and walked up to our house. I snuck into the back sliding door, which I knew was left unlocked. I removed my shoes immediately, trying to be as quiet as I could. I gently started walking up the stairs to our bedroom. About halfway up, I hear my wife.

“Slow slow slow please,” she begged, “you’re so big.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll go slower,” Mark apologized.

I went up a few more steps.

“Holy shit. Oh my God. You are so fucking big,” my wife said.

“Mm, your tight little ass feels so good,” he replied.

A few more steps up.

“Mmm God. Ok, give me a little more,” said my wife.

“Ok sexy. Here comes a little more,” said Mark.

“Oommph,” she gasped, “wow. It feels like you shoved a baseball bat in my ass!”

Mark laughed, “nope, it’s just my cock that loves fucking you.”

I made it to the top of the stairs and waited a minute outside our room, in the landing area. I peeked my head around the door frame to my left to see which way they were facing. My wife was on her knees on the edge of our bed, facing to the left. Mark was behind her with his right foot up on the bed. I had a clear view of him feeding my wife’s asshole his hung, hard cock.

I swiftly and quietly crossed the door opening so that I was standing on the other side. My bedroom was now to my right. I looked around the corner again as Mark was pumping his cock in and out of my wife’s ass. It looked as though he wasn’t quite halfway in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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