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“Shameless Russell”

(All characters are over 18 years old)

My life is like a beautiful fairytale, because I have Russell, the man full of kindness and charm. In a few months of our relationship, I knew a lot about him… He loves old French films, punk rock of his youth, he has a sweet tooth, he likes to wear striped socks. He is so active that in addition to dancing, he even jumps, and his eyes look slightly like squirrel eyes, for this reason, because of jumps and his eyes I think he’s like a cute squirrel. But he has one trait that really embarrasses me… this is his shamelessness. He probably has it because of his high libido, despite the fact that he is 72 years old, but he looks 60 years old.

I woke up and I see that Russell isn’t in bed. Today he woke up before me. He quietly comes into the bedroom, holds a plate full of sweet cherries, he smiles at me, admiring my nudity, and says:

“Good morning, sweetheart.”

I answered:

“Good morning, Russell. Sorry I haven’t made breakfast yet…”

He answered:

“That’s all right! I felt sorry to wake you up, so I ate chocolate spread sandwiches.”

He sits down on the bed and says:

“I brought the sweet cherries. Do you want to eat it?”

I answered:

“Well… all right, I’ll eat a little.”

We started eating, I ate one and said:

“It’s sourish”

Russell answered:

“You tasted an unripe berry. Look, here they are different, some are burgundy, others are brighter, with a shade of red. Sweet cherry is sweeter when it’s burgundy and there are small recesses on it. This means that it’s ripe.”

He’s right, they taste better. And I thought these berries are sweet, like Russell in his old age… and these recesses on ripe sweet cherries like his little wrinkles…


Russell Şişli escort bayan suddenly said when I was starting to bring another sweet cherry to my mouth. He stood up, move back, without taking his eyes off me, and said:

“Don’t move… I want to take a photo of you… I’ll go get a camera.”

He turned to the door, left the bedroom and quickly returned with a camera in his hands. He sat on the bed, moves my hands and says:

“Touch the sweet cherry with your little tongue, and a plate with sweet cherries will be closer to your breast so that your sweet nipple will be among the sweet berries…”

Russell’s words make me blush… and sexually arouse me… He took one photo and said:

“Let’s do one more version! This photo shows only the top of your body…”

He pulled the blanket off me and kept saying:

“And in the next photo, the lower part of your body will also be visible. Let me bend your knees… feet to the sides…”

He made everything between my legs visible!! He picked up the camera and asked:

“Well, honey, are you ready?”

And I answered:

“Russell… I’m embarrassed…”

He said:

“Marina, don’t be ashamed. Relax! Although I love it when you’re so cute embarrassed. I adore it.”

He took the sweet cherry in his hand and said with a light smile:

“My little shy girl…”

And he leaned the cherry against my vagina and began to make circular movements with his hand, which he holds the berry, he caresses my vagina and puts the berry a little inside.

“aah… ah… aaaah…”

He stopped caressing me, he brought a sweet cherry to his mouth, berry is in vaginal lubrication, he ate it and said:

“We have a lot in common, and at the same time we are so different… Escort Sultangazi for example, you are shy girl, and I… um… sexually liberated man! Ha-ha”

And then I continued to pose, and he took photos of me. It was embarrassing and sexually arousing for me.

Later, Russell suggested that we go to a deserted beach. We took juices, towels and suntan cream with us, and we went.

We are on the beach, and, as Russell said, there’s no one here. I’m glad we’re here alone, so we can relax. We just walked, talked and enjoyed the smell of the sea. Then we sat down and started drinking juice. He suddenly untied the top of my bikini!

“Russell!! Are you crazy? Why are you doing this on the beach?!!”

He said:

“But there’s no one here!”

I asked:

“But what if someone comes here right now?”

And he answered:

“Don’t worry, I’ll see if there’s anyone else on the beach other than us.”

We approached the sea and began to splash on each other, Russell watched how drops of water flowed on my breasts. It very sexually aroused him. And then he took the bottom of my bikini off me.

“Shameless!! This is too much!!”

I said, and he answered:

“I promised that I’ll be watchful”

He smiled and winked, and after that he took off his swimming trunks. Pleasant warm wind blew, and he said:

“I feel the wind with my whole body… It’s pleasant, isn’t it?”

I answered:

“Perhaps, yes.”

And at this moment I experienced an unusual, amazing feeling… we are on a big beach, but there is no one here except us naked… it seems that this world is created only for us… the world where we will always be happy, and this happiness will be endless… the world in which only the two of us live Taksim escort – me and Russell…

Russell took me by the waist, turned me to himself and started kissing me. We hugged each other and kissed for a long time. While he caressed my breast and nipples with his hands, lips and tongue, I sometimes looked in different sides… here’s no one but us. Then he asked me to sit on my knees and lean forward to rest my head and hands. He sits behind me on his knees, holds both my thighs and inserts his tongue into my vagina and moves it. Oh, what a sweet feeling…

“ah… aaaaah…”

then he kissed and licked my buttocks and stood up. Then I felt his breast and licked his nipples, and then I asked him to sit on the sand folding his knees, I bend down and starting to caress his penis with my hands, tongue and lips.

“aah… mmm… oh yeah…”

He moans because of the strong pleasure… it turns me on so much… And now he sits on the sand on his folded knees, I sit on his lap curling my hands around his neck and he wraps me around my waist. He inserted his penis into me and began to make frictions.

“aah… aaaah…”

I begin to experience orgasm, but try to moan quieter.

“Moan louder. I’ll be watchful, don’t worry.”

He said, and then I relaxed, my moans got louder… I’m so happy… I want to indulge in sensual pleasures in Russell’s arms forever as now…

“aaah!! aah… aaaah… Russell… I feel so good!! aaaaaaaaah!!”

Oh, what a sweet feeling between my legs… how delicious!!


And later he ejaculated into me. We lay hugging each other, and I said:

“Russell, thank you for these wonderful hours that we spent here.”

He answered:

“And thank you too.”

I said:

“Let’s get here again someday!”

He answered:


And I said:

“This beach will be our place”

He smiled and gently kissed my lips.

And after a while we went home and continued to indulge in passion there in the evening.

The only person who makes me happy is Russell, my dear… shameless man.

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