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Working for Social Services was not what Louise thought it would be. She had done graduate work in Health Care Law at Santa Clara University, but she was kicking herself for not learning to write code. She was a bright girl; you could even call her eclectic. She had spent years studying ballet, and even took piano lessons. Of course, she had no intentions of becoming a concert pianist, but her mother didn’t want her hanging out with ‘trashy’ girls. As far as ballet, her balance was shaky because she was top heavy. She was told in no uncertain terms that she might try burlesque! How insulting!

At her present employment, Louise spent most of her time filling out forms, applying for Government grants, and occasionally interviewing people from El Salvador or Guatemala for food stamps. It was a good thing she learned Spanish in school, instead of German. Today you can learn Chinese and Japanese in public schools; those languages are much more useful than French or Russian.

Her mother was Italian, and her father Irish, a volatile mixture. There was constant fighting in her home, and because of her parents’ screaming, her teen years were traumatic. However, being drunk most of the time, her dad let Mom run the household.

Louise lost her husband two years ago in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Thankfully her husband was well insured so those monthly annuity checks almost paid the bills. The mortgage was paid in full. Being a very bright woman, she couldn’t stay home and just watch TV. She even had aspirations of becoming a writer but she couldn’t stand receiving rejection letters in the mail. As a last resort, she got herself a job with the California Department of Social Services. It offered her many opportunities for advancement, and benefits, but best of all, she gave her 15 minute breaks.

Louise didn’t have an office, she had a cubicle. She barely had room for her desktop computer and a vase of marigolds. She loved marigolds! And because Louise looked like a poster girl for Bra Busters, she was constantly annoyed by guys, mostly older men, asking to borrow a pencil, or a clip board, or how to use Excel.

Her desk was one of those U-shaped efficiency designs that allowed anyone to look up her crotch. She didn’t mind the voyeurs so much as the frustrated old biddies who had been on the job since Ronald Reagan shuttered mental institutions. The frosting on the cake were the lipstick lesbians dropping by, asking about what cologne she used on her pussy.

Thank goodness for social distancing!! People had to give her space! Filling out funding templates on the computer meant she needed to take frequent 15-minute breaks. Most of the work was boiler plate — requesting staggering amount of money from the Government. What the hell, it was only money! Her supervisor, a balding, middle-aged guy came by every hour to tell her she was doing a good job. He always had a big lump in his pants and she felt sorry for him.

When it was break time, she had 15 minutes. Urinating usually took a minute; she had fourteen minutes left over. She carried her pocket rocket with her wherever she went. It make a buzzing noise, and try as she might, muffling the acoustic racket was a problem. But Angela, being smart as well as horny, knew orgasmic stress relief actually increased productivity. When someone came in to use the rest room, she employed loud coughing and continued flushing to mask her groans. Louise ‘s close friend at work, Tildie, commented on how relaxed she seemed after her break. (Her name was Mathilda, but nobody ever called her that.)

Her life at home was much better. She had two children — Prudence, and Jimmy. Prudence was away at Boston College, a Jesuit school, but Jimmy lived at home. Jimmy was old enough to vote, but too young to buy himself a drink. He was nineteen. Louise was a creative woman, and as any creative person will tell you, her sex drive was overpowering. She decided to make a choice between becoming a Buddhist and chanting twice a day, or fucking her son. He was tall, good looking and slim. It was no contest.


It was one hot night in late August that an explosive incident occurred. Louise was sprawled naked on her bed, her long legs spread wide apart, her enormous tits quivering as she plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her pretty face was flushed with lust as she jacked off, humping her plump bottom off the bed.

She was close to forty now; she’d thought she’d known all the depraved desires she was capable of. But since her late husband’s death, she’d discovered another one: the unspeakable sin of incest, the overwhelming desire to fuck her own son. If the bulge in his crotch meant anything, he had impressive equipment!

Louise found herself thinking about Jimmy’s apparatus more and more; wondering what his naked cock looked like, how long and thick it might grow if she got hold of it. She was fully aware that Jimmy was interested in her as well. He was at that age when his testosterone level drove him to beat his meat three to four times a day.

Five halkalı escort feet, eight inches tall in her bare feet, Louise had the kind of figure that made men’s cocks stand and salute. Her boobs were very large, filling reinforced DD-cups to bursting, and they still retained the mouth watering firmness from her ballet days.

Her waist was small, her ass beautifully plump, and her legs were long and muscular. Her biggest problem with her late husband had been his jealousy; he had a rough time, being married to a woman that every man in the neighborhood wanted to fuck.

Louise had seen Jimmy ogling her voluptuous figure, attempting to be cool about it, and trying not to stare. She was sure that her body gave him food for masturbation. Spread splayed on the bed, Louise fingered her pussy faster as her erotic fantasies conjured up Jimmy’s big cock, much larger than life.

Some mothers might simply acknowledge their kid has a big cock. He’ll make some wife very happy. That was yesteryear! Not anymore, since incest these days is more popular than coming out of the closet. Incest might be wrong, but psychologists are telling us it’s better than fucking a barnyard animal.

Listening carefully, Louise heard the water running in the bathroom down the hall. It was Jimmy, of course, taking a late night shower. Her pussy convulsed dramatically as she pictured him standing naked under the hot spray, soaping his enormous joint.

“Oh, fuck!” Louise panted.

Her face contorted as she finger-fucked her throbbing, hairy pussy with a vengeance, fantasizing about Jimmy’s prick. It was such a shame that she’d never seen his cock in the raw. Maybe since he was a tot. Oh, God, she wanted to! If she could just get one look at his naked shaft.

Suddenly Louise decided on a plan. She slid off the bed, her meaty breasts quivering as she walked naked down the hall. She stood outside the bathroom, looking at the light shining under the door and listening to the shower spray. As soon as the water stopped, Jimmy would step out of the shower stall to dry himself off. And then she would just barge in on him, completely naked. Louise looked proudly down at her massive boobs, seeing how stiffly her fat nipples protruded from the luscious expanse of her jugs. She ran her fingers down over her navel and into thick black curls of her pussy triangle.

It was the perfect opportunity. She was thinking of a dumb excuse for barging in on him, but he wasn’t stupid. Especially since she planned on being naked. Even Saint Anthony had a stiffy when she came out of the shower. Fuck! She’d give it her best shot.

We need to introduce Jimmy. He was bright like his mom. His college grades were good, and everyone thought he’d go far. Marketing was the ideal field for him; he wasn’t an analytical type. He had an outgoing personality and he only dated girls from church. Moreover, because of his father’s drinking problem, Jimmy avoided alcohol. He knew he had a big dick, and wasn’t shy about its size. But when he went on a date, he was always a gentleman and had no interest in fucking his date. Asking his date for a blowjob was beneath him. He didn’t like giving power anyway to a female. He preferred masturbation because he could play with his cock as long as he wanted. And he didn’t have to look his best to do it.

After a long time, the water suddenly stopped running. Louise heard the shower door slide open. Her heart raced, and her pussy was primed. Silently she turned the bathroom door knob, then quickly threw open the door. She knew Jimmy had been playing with himself in the shower.

“Mom! Jeez!” He was naked and so was his mother.

“Oh!” Stepping into the bathroom, Louise had no intentions of retreating. “I’m so sorry!” She pretended to be embarrassed.

Jimmy was standing there naked in the center of the bathroom floor, dripping water on the tiles. He hadn’t grabbed a towel off the rack yet. Angela’s eyes raked over his lean, muscular physique, then zeroed in on his semi-erect limb. He’d been whacking it in the shower, and it showed.

Oh, God! Her son’s cock was even bigger than she’d imagined. Even semi-erect, the thick tool hung between his thighs like a donkey cock — long, and as thick as her wrist, capped with a swollen, purple knob. It boggled her imagination.

“Oh, Jimmy, I’m sorry!” Louise gulped. “I didn’t mean to catch you naked. I was thinking about phoning Tildie and I was going to take a shower too … “

But then her words trailed off as she saw what was happening between Jimmy’s legs. His awakening cock was stiffening to say hello, swelling in pulsating jerks until it was fully swollen.

Jimmy’s face was red with embarrassment, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his mother’s breasts. He’d never seen her naked before; he knew she was busty but never realized she was so stacked. Her nipples were enormous.

Louise gasped as she stared transfixed at his rampant weapon, watching, mute, until his enormous tool stopped expanding. It was at the same ikitelli escort level of her navel, the mushroom dome pointing at her groin.

“I need to piss, I couldn’t wait any longer. Don’t let me bother you …”

She sat on the hopper and gushed out a long stream of piss, smiling sweetly at Jimmy. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing — his mother naked. Pissing, and smiling.

“Why… Jimmy!” Louise murmured in a low voice. “Your … your thing is getting so stiff. Why is it getting hard like that?”

“I’m sorry,” Jimmy said awkwardly, his face crimsons with embarrassment. “I … I can’t help it.”

“It’s from looking at my being naked, isn’t it, Jimmy? Aren’t you ashamed? You’ve got an erection from looking at your own mother.”

But the tone of her husky voice and choice of language told Jimmy that she wasn’t angry with him. He realized her staring at his dick was more from her own hunger than a casual observation. She was licking her lips. She desperately wanted to suck it.

Louise was losing control. Her hands were shaking and her fingers were wanting to touch him. He knew what incest was, his friends talked about it. It was all over the Internet. Jimmy wasn’t sure he was ready for this. Yeah, his mom was leering at him, and he could see she wanted it.

“Does my pissing turn you on? Have you ever watched a girl piss?”

“I don’t usually watch a girl piss,” he stammered. “We go to movies, and shit …”

She was finished and wiped her pussy lips with a huge wad of toilet tissue. “Well, pissing is a natural thing, isn’t it? Like pooping …”

“I would never watch a girl poop.”

“You know, Jimmy, a woman’s rear is an engineering marvel. Have you ever licked a woman’s pucker? Maybe stuck a finger up there? I know I enjoy it …”

He listened, shaking his head.

“Tildie loves anal. She does it with her husband. She wanted to worship my ass … that’s what she said.”

He was listening to her, and his dick was still hard, but the poop words were getting to him.

“You know, Jimmy, I haven’t seen your penis in years. Since you were a small boy.”

“Yeah …”

“It’s much bigger now.”


“Do you … you know … play with it a lot?”

“Aw, Mom …”

“I suppose you do. It’s hard to ignore that big thing hanging there …”

He didn’t respond.

“How often do you do it? Tell me!”

“It’s kinda personal.”

“It turns me on. Tell me …”

“Every day.”

“How many times a day?”

“A few …”

“Well, masturbation is God’s gift. What would we ever do without masturbation?”

No response.

“A woman does it more than a man I guess. I do it at work too …on my breaks.”

No response, but his pecker has drooped a bit more.

“Did you know they have classes at Stanford on masturbation?”

“No, I didn’t know that.”

“Have you ever watched a girl do herself”

‘Not yet …”

“Would you like to watch me? I feel the urge …”

They were crossing new frontiers. She knew she’d scare him if she were too aggressive, so she planned on being lady-like. Kind of shy, and demur. Then he’d make the first move, she hoped.

“I can do it here, or on the bed.”

“Yeah, Okay.”

“Let’s go to my room.”

Watching your mother masturbate is not like watching a porn star do it. Porn stars, tattooed with fake boobs, with load moans and synthetic groans, are a joke. You usually feel dirty watching porn stars perform, not to mention insulting your intelligence. But your mother isn’t being paid to perform, at least hopefully not.

She padded ahead of him, and he felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter. When you’re nineteen you have no idea what the fuck is going on. Girls are a complete mystery!

He had put on his shorts by now, and his cock was limp. He was more embarrassed than ‘turned-on’.

She put her desire to suck his dick on the back burner. At least temporarily. She laid back on the bed, propped up by pillows. She made a lurid image, her heavy boobs, and her spread thighs. She was very hairy, but he could see her labia, the outer labia wide open and glistening, the inner labia revealing its pink interior. Her inner thighs were wet from her arousal.

“Why don’t we do it together? You know what mutual masturbation is?”

“Yeah, I think so …”

“Well, get yourself hard again, and jerk off slowly while I do it …”

He sat on the chair across from the bed. By now his limb was beginning to grow again.

Watching his mother finger herself made him numb. He was feeling disgusted with himself and was losing enthusiasm. He felt like he should be at the gym pumping iron. She was watching him and felt alone, like she were performing for an audience of one. And that person could have been reading a newspaper. There was only one way to reach him, and that was with love. Love doesn’t scare people. She figured that out quickly!

“I’m going to tell you a secret, Jimmy. Can you istanbul escort keep a secret?”

He nodded.

“As a woman gets older, she still has needs. I’m not as hot as I was when I was 25, but I still have a yearning. Do you understand?”

He nodded.

“I have choices of course …” She paused to phrase this carefully. “I can hang out at a bar and meet some salesman and go to a motel …”

He listened, frowning.

“Or I can go to a sex shop and buy some toys … like vibrators, ben-wa balls …”

He’d never heard of ben-wa balls.

“And third, the best of all, is to have fun with you!”

He grinned.

“Because I love you and want to be close to you — all the time, not once in a while.”

“Yeah …” he said. He understood perfectly that his mother would want him.

“And you’ve got a horribly big penis …”

His face went red.

“So is it wrong to want you? My own son?”

After a few moments he replied, “No, Mom. I guess it’s not wrong. I love you and I think you’re real hot …”

“So get yourself over here where I can reach you.”

He slipped off his shorts and scooted onto the bed. His dick was very hard as she reached for it.

“Let’s just touch each other for a while …”

Louise reached slowly for the enormous shaft and wrapped her soft fingers around the head of his flesh. She stared intensely at his shiny purple knob, as she slowly jacked him off. She giggled as she watched a thick, clear drop of precum bubble out of the slit in his nut.

She knew slow wanking always worked better. Especially if she ran the palm of her hand over his precum leaking knob. Her husband went crazy when she did that to him.

“Your cock is leaking!” Louise continued her slow motion caressing, staring up at her son’s lust-contorted face. “Does this feel good, Jimmy? Is this making your dick feel better? Would you like to put this big thing into my mouth? And let me suck it?”

Jimmy gulped and nodded his head. He’d never heard such language before, especially from his mother of all people! Louise leaned forward, pursing her lips on the rosy crown of her son’s cock. She rolled her tongue over his piss-hole, lapping up his oozing precum. It was delicious, salty and sweet at the same time. She squeezed his stiff limb harder, making more stuff leak out of his cock-knob.

“Do it, Mom!” Jimmy gasped. He dropped his hands, eagerly clutching her head. “Suck my prick!” His inhibitions were gone. It felt too good to him, to moralize.

Up and down, her head bobbed on his dick, letting him fuck her face with his cock.

“Jeez!” Jimmy looked down at her, witnessing the obscene spectacle of his own mother’s mouth stretched wide around his cock. “That feels so good, Mom! Your lips … no one’s ever done this to me … ” He didn’t know what to do with his hands, but her nipples were huge. He decided to play with her nipples. Her nipples were sensitive and caused her to moan, and that made him feel good.

Louise was in ecstasy, finally satisfying her incestuous cravings she’d harbored for all these years. I’m sucking my own son’s cock! I’m going to make my son’s sperm shoot right down my throat! Her face was flushed as she sucked his massive tool, salaciously using her tongue and fingers on his flesh.

She knew he might quickly become bored with blow jobs. She might call Tildie to come over. But that might scare him even more. Rome wasn’t built in a day! She wanted to let herself go.

She stopped sucking. “Jimmy, please touch my pussy. Do you know where my clitoris is?”

“Yeah, I think so …”

“It’s that small lump at the top of my slit. It gets hard when I get hot. It’s pretty hard right now.”

He used his right hand to reach down, and he found it. The size of the lump really surprised him.

“Okay, I found it.” He rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. This caused a strong reaction on the part of his mother. “Ughhhhhh …”

He smiled to himself, proud of what he did to her.

She resumed her sucking him. She was making a lot of noise with her lips. There were so many thoughts running through her head. Would he fuck her? How would she get him to do that? He wasn’t what you might call ‘worldly’. She knew he was green.

Her thoughts were interrupted when he announced, “I’m coming, Mom!”

When it happened he unloaded quietly, holding his breath, watching the white cream splatter over his mother’s face. There was no yelling, just heavy breathing and she managed to collect much of it, either down her throat or in her hair. He had jerked off in the shower, but there was still a lot. She rolled over on her back and worked her pussy, feeling her vaginal muscles pulsing as she felt the creamy liquid she sometimes discharged. She wanted him to see her orgasm, watch her loins quivering so he could gain an appreciation for how a woman functions. She was still hot, wanting a lot more, but afraid to ask him. He was getting hard again, her wanton display of eroticism was affecting his mind.

Louise shuddered again with mini orgasms, as she stared at his cock. It was still as hard, but it was because of her, and she was happy because they broke the ice. She was tempted to ask him to fuck her, but she didn’t dare. There was still tomorrow and then another tomorrow and then maybe with Tildie …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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