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It was getting close to Halloween. As Marcie walked into the living room wearing her bunny pajamas, I was on my laptop looking at numbers again. She snuggled up against me before kissing me on the lips.

“Anything good?” she asked me.

“The usual. I’m sorry,” I started before setting the laptop on the coffee table. “I’m not supposed to be so glued to my laptop sweetheart.”

I opened my arms before she slipped between them, so I was cuddling my snuggle bunny. As I held her, I smiled wider knowing full well that I was in the right place at the right time. I kissed her forehead as we held each other for a little bit. It was when the chime of the laptop sounded that I saw her start to squirm.

“Looks like you have an email, Romeo,” she whispered as she reached over and grabbed her laptop.

I reached forward and grabbed mine as she slipped to her side of the couch and started to play her game. Her feet were on the coffee table with her cute socks. I smiled, realizing I was the only one to see this playful side of her. It was as I watched her that she looked back at me.

“I think the bunny is a cute choice, don’t you?” she asked in her seductive voice.

“I think so.”

Marcie kept playing her game while I checked out the email. It was from Janet. Janet, for those who have a hard time keeping track of the characters, is our legal person. Normally, Janet is a no-nonsense business minded expert who’s been helping Matt and I with our legal stuff since we started the company. She seemed like she was opening a bit when we were getting married. Marcie almanbahis adresi has that effect on folks. That was before she saw me rush to Marcie’s sister June when her then husband was yelling at her. After that incident, she retreated to her cocoon. Well, except for Marcie’s surprise birthday party in my office where she was there to help us celebrate my Beloved’s birthday. Still, there was an air of caution on her side for some reason.

The email discussed the possibility of hosting a Halloween get-together later in the month. Janet was detailing the different risks and things Matt and I could do to limit them. It was then I noticed the email attached underneath where Matt was asking Janet about it. I tried to remember whether Matt and I discussed it or not. It was during that moment of pondering that Marcie spoke up.

“Did Matt talk to you about the Halloween party yet?”

I felt my brain click. I looked at Marcie who was smiling more like a Cheshire cat than a bunny at that moment.

“What party?” I asked hesitantly.

Marcie slowly put her laptop on the table before she reached over and did the same to mine. She then straddled my hip as her arms went around my neck before she laid the deepest kiss on my lips. I received it willingly. Obviously, this woman knew the power he had over me. I felt my hands slide to the small of her back and held her as we kissed. It was a few moments before she pulled the bunny hood off her head, and she pulled back.

“So, Shannon and I were talking a few days ago,” she started as she started to pull almanbahis adres the zipper of her pajamas down, revealing the white flimsy tank underneath.

I was starting to see where she was going with this. My arms slid back around and wrapped around her bare midriff as she started telling me about how Shannon and her thought about a Halloween party. Marcie was always a social butterfly and has convinced me a few times to go out although I was the direct opposite. The fact she was employing one of her most seductive persuasion techniques on me told me that this was going to be a large undertaking.

“We want to host a Halloween party. Shannon was supposed to persuade Matt, which looks like she did based on that email. Are you okay with having one, Master?” she asked more seductively.

Pause. (Haven’t done that in a while, especially in this story.)

Marcie knows she has no need to convince me of things. She knows I am wrapped around her finger. Yet the way she was convincing had me convinced there was something more.

Press Play.

I leaned in and kissed her before I held my right hand to her throat gently. I could feel her melt a little when I did that. I allowed my other hand to slide down her spine before cupping her ass with my hand. She started kissing me a little deeper before I let go of her throat to grab her ass with my other hand. I could feel her panties as I did that. We started making out on the couch before she backed up a little.

“Would you like me to convince you?” she asked.

I nodded my head before she slipped almanbahis adresi off my lap to sit next to me on the couch. She slowly slipped her legs out of her pajamas before she took me by the hand and led me back to the bedroom. As we reached the bed, she climbed on the bed on all fours. I took the chance to slowly pull her panties down her legs before she rolled over so I could remove them. As she lay there, her legs opened invitingly. I slipped onto the bed and started kissing her again before I stood and allowed my shorts to drop to the ground. I climbed back on top and started to press my cock against her before she guided me in.

We started our dance slowly. Her smile was electric as I took her. There weren’t many words exchanged as I made love to my wife. Partway through, I guided her hands above her head and held them while I took control. Her tank top was still on as we continued our dance. It was when I pulled out and guided her back to her hands and knees that I helped her remove them. While taking her from behind, I took the opportunity to spank her a little bit until her arms gave out and her face was in the bed.

“In my pussy, baby,” she whispered before I exploded inside her.

As we fell to the bed, my arms instinctively wrapped around her. I held her for a while before she smiled at me.

“Can we have the party?” she asked.

I smiled.

“You didn’t need to do all that to convince me, Sweetheart,” I said before she kissed me again.

“I know. I just wanted an excuse to seduce you.”

I looked at her cautiously.

“Leo, I know if I ask for anything, you’d do it in a heartbeat. Sometimes, a girl needs a little resistance, you know?”

She kissed me again.

“Besides, I enjoyed the persuasion.”

So, I guess we’re hosting a Halloween party. And I am cuddling with my snuggle bunny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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