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Thanks a lot, to Incredimeters for editing it will increase the chances to have two guys in me.”

Ron: “Oh! Then just take him home and fuck his brains out. Tell him he can come late on Monday.”

Briana giggling: “I will tell him to work, as I need a break after our session anyway.”

Ron asked: “Can I keep your panties?”

Briana: “I didn’t think you were that kind of guy. What if Emily finds it?”

Ron: “Its not for me, I would like to exchange it with the cleaners for their silence. They may never meet Houston, nor ever find out who was in this office, but they could certainly guess it was me in my office. It’s better to be safe and keep them quiet.”

Briana smirked: “Sure, keep it. Make sure you get a good deal out of it,” she winked.

They kissed, and Briana went to the elevator. Ron sat on his chair and started putting his shoes on, while watching a live video feed on his monitor of Houston working in the file room in the floor below. Ron thought, “Poor guy, has to work on a bullshit assignment in the hot file room, while his boss bred his wife on his desk. He will at least be glad once they have a child.” However, Ron thought, “It still felt one sided. Maybe I could get a chance to make it up to him in someway.”

* * * * *

Ron Baker is a 50-year-old happily married man with 6 children, and has twins 7 she quickly went to get her pregnancy medication before you leave for your trip. Congratulations!”

Ron: “Oh Thanks! Could you imagine twins at our age?”

Briana: “Twins? I didn’t know that. Congrats again.”

Ron: “Yeah! She wanted a trip, before she starts showing and won’t be able to ski for a while.”

Ron noticed Briana subtly looking down and realised that he was flaunting both his wealth and fertility.

Ron: “Sorry! I didn’t mean to share so much.”

Briana: “All Good! This is a good thing, and you guys should celebrate. Please sit, she should be back soon.”

Ron sat on Emily’ chair, after a period of awkward silence Briana said: “It’s maybe because I am still hyped up on hormone pills, but I need to ask a favour. I need you to put a baby inside of me, the old-fashioned way.”

Before Ron could start a sentence, Briana continued tearing up; “I know that sounds crazy, Emily has shared that you both have been donating your sperm and eggs for years. But I can’t go through any more procedures! The paperwork for the last one alone took so long and then the procedure was too expensive and messed with my entire body. I just need one session with you, and I am sure I would be pregnant.”

Briana now crying: “I love Houston, and we both want to start a family. But Houston has already started to plan for a life without kids or maybe an adoption. My clock is running out, I do not have enough time to keep trying.”

Ron felt bad for Briana and Houston, and only thought of this moment as Briana venting and not being serious. Until she said, “Are you attracted to me? At least a little? I don’t want to jeopardize your family. You have a very loving family, but I just need to feel that for myself, and you are my only male friend that I can trust this with.”

Briana wiped her tears and composed herself. Ron came over and patted her on the back. Eventually, hugging each other as friends. Briana started to chuckle at all the things she just blurted out, Ron chuckled with her.

Briana: “Sorry for all that. But please at least think about it. Please.”

Ron wanting to console her nodded and said “Sure, I will think about it, I promise. Now let’s get you cleaned up.” Ron handed Briana a box of tissues, and fetched a glass of water from the watercooler in the office. A few minutes later Emily came back from the pharmacy. She and Ron istanbul travesti said their goodbyes to Briana, who wished them a good trip.

* * * * *

On the plane to Switzerland, Ron moved on from the conversation with Briana and enjoyed a movie in his seat. When they arrived at their hotel that night, owned by their American friend, they went directly to room 805. They were tired jet lagged and wanted to go to sleep.

While getting ready for bed, Emily says: “I forgot to tell you, I checked our Bio Bank donation progress. Most of our samples have been used, and all of them were successful, with three couples having twins through your sperm, and two couples having twins through my eggs. Its odd neither of us have twins in our family, except for the ones in me right now of course.”

Ron: “That is strange. Do we know why?”

Emily climbing on top of Ron on the bed: “The doctors don’t think its genetic, but maybe because we are just that fertile” she smirked while pulling off her nightgown over her head.

Ron: “Come on, I am tired.”

Emily slowly grinding on his crotch: “Me too. But do me anyway,” she winked.

Ron: “OK!”

Ron & Emily had a passionate fuck, fuelled by the revelation of their virility. After an hour of rolling around, Ron started to fuck Emily doggy-style. His mind started to think back to Briana’s request. But he allowed himself to lean into the provocative sexual nature of the request, which he avoided at the time of the request being made.

Ron started fucking Emily harder, with longer thrusts. Emily knew that Ron sometimes fantasised about other women during doggy, as he likes to picture faces.

Emily moaning: “That’s it baby, fuck the woman you are thinking of. Fuck her good.”

Ron encouraged by Emily, did a deep power thrust, grabbed her by her hair and stayed in her for a few seconds and then thrust again, and again and again….

* * * * *

Ron woke up slowly the next morning and heard Emily in the shower. He smiled to himself, stretching his hands behind his head on the bed, looking out the glass walled balcony, to the view of the Alps. At 50, He had a great life. Feeling too lazy to get in the shower with his wife, he waited for Emily to return. His thoughts drifted back to Briana and let himself picture a scenario where he could breed her. He wondered where and when, and how naughty it would feel to not have their spouses know. He knew he would be secure with having another family raise his kid/s so close to him. He also thought that even if Emily found out, she may find it sexy.

Both Ron & Emily were in college orgies together and have always had a wild and kinky side to them. But since they got engaged, they have been monogamous. Ron & Emily certainly fantasized and flirted with other people over the years, but never actually needed anyone else, they were more than enough for themselves.

Ron came back to the present as he heard the shower stop. When his wife came back in and saw his morning wood, she wanted to give him a blowjob, but he encouraged her to climb onto it cowgirl style. They were slow and passionate with Ron grabbing her breasts. They heard a knock on their door. They knew one of their two private butlers wanted to come in with breakfast and make the bed. Emily was held on his cock by Ron, as he asked the butler to enter. Emily blushed and tried covering her breast with a pillow. The 30ish year old American Butler

came in the room, his face looking down. He had a trolley full of food, and as the door closed behind him, he looked up to see the couple tangled in a sexual embrace with Emily covering her breasts with a pillow and the base of her legs being covered by the bedsheet.


istanbul travestileri looked back down: ”Apologies, I thought you wanted me to enter,” and he started to walk away.

Ron pulling the pillow away from Emily: “Oh Yes, we asked you to enter. Thanks for the food. The room can be cleared later, as we are a bit busy as you can see. But I would also like to know, what do you think about her breasts?”

Emily started chuckling and hid her face in her hands.


: “Sorry Sir, I wasn’t looking I promise.”

Ron: “I know. But I want you to look now. No one will know, I promise.”


, trying to be professional: “Sorry Sir, we do not provide such services.”

Ron: “Don’t worry. I am not asking you to do anything, just look for a minute.”

Surprised, he looked up and was mesmerised by Emily’s body, and went quiet. Emily looked at him and started to smile seductively and grinding her husband sensually. Ron saw the wedding band on Butler

. Ron asked him to come closer, and automatically he moved closer. Butler

kept staring at Emily and her chest as he answered to Ron.

Ron: “What’s your name man?”


with a dry mouth: “Alex”

Ron slightly moaning in pleasure, smiling and his eyelids getting heavier: “Well Alex, do you like what you see?”

Alex was mesmerised and with a hoarse tone: “Yes.”

Ron: “You married Alex?”

Alex: “Yes.”

Ron: “Ever fucked someone else behind her back?”

Alex: “No.”

Emily: “Am I more beautiful than your wife?”

Alex blushed and said reluctantly: “Yes.”

Emily: “Touch my breasts.”

Alex moved his hands without realising. Once he grabbed her breasts a chill of pleasure went through his spine and his whole body. Ron could see his immediate bulge. Emily started grinding faster, and both Emily & Ron simultaneously had intense orgasms with load moans, spasming their entire bodies while Alex kept a hold on Emily’ chest. Alex’s hands were shaking but still holding Emily’s breasts. After catching their breath. Emily leaned in and kissed Alex’s forehead.

Ron, through heavy breathing: “Hey Alex, the shows over.”

Alex immediately pulled his hands away, apologising.

Ron: “Don’t worry Alex, you are totally fine.” Ron raising his fist to fist-bump Alex, which he blushingly and confusingly reciprocated.

Ron smacked Emily’s ass: “Clean up babe, we have a ski schedule.”

Emily moved off Ron, and walked back into the bathroom, with both Ron and Alex watching her ass bounce. Ron pulled the sheet over his crotch but did not cover himself further. He put his fingers through his hair and stretched his hands back behind his head.

Ron: “How was it?”

Alex confused as to what to say. Ron asked a simpler question.

Ron: “Was it good?”

Alex nodded “Yes.”

Ron: “You OK, right?”

Alex: “Yes Sir.”

Ron “Good, Good. Stay here and clean up the room whilst we eat and get dressed, we should be out of the room in less than 20 min. Sorry to delay you if you have other guests to look after.”

Alex: “Oh, no Sir. I am one of your private butlers for the weekend. I handle anything you require for the day, and someone else will handle the night shift. You are not keeping me from any other customers.”

Ron: “Anything, huh!?”

Alex: “Except for ‘that’ Sir. But things could be arranged from other local businesses.”

Ron: “No need for that. We just got a little carried away. So, you never cheated on your wife, huh?”

Alex: “No, and I would never, I don’t know what came over me, I am more professional than this.”

Ron smiling and nodding to make Alex understand: “Nothing happened Alex. It’s all good.”

Alex: “Yes travesti istanbul Sir.”

Ron: “You are a good man, Alex. There will be a big tip for you at the end of this trip. Thanks for making us feel good.” Ron raised his hand for another fist-bump. Alex blushed, giggled and reciprocated the fist-bump again.

Ron pointing to Alex’ bulge: “You can take care of that if you like.”

Alex gulped: “Sorry Sir” as he cupped to shield his bulge from view.

Ron chuckled and winked: “Relax man, happens to us all, right?”

Alex: “Right.”

Alex’s bulge did not go down whilst Ron & Emily showered, dressed and ate breakfast and left for skiing for the day. Alex reset the room, went back to his own room, and masturbated thrice over the next few hours.

Ron & Emily discussed what happened while travelling on the ski trolley up the ski hill. They had not been this frisky and crude since their college days decades ago. The situation with Alex or any butler/waiter had never happened before. Emily encouraged Ron to keep exploring this wild side of them again, especially after turning 50. She also mentioned the new deep thrusting last night, and told him whoever he was thinking about, keep thinking, as she is benefiting greatly.

Ron: “You liked that did you?”

Emily: “It’s new, spontaneous and different, makes me feel alive again.”

Ron & Emily made out and enjoyed the day skiing.

* * * * *

When they came back into their room that night, they ordered some dinner, showered and were only in their bathrobes. There was a knock at the door, Ron asked them to come in, and Butler

, a 30ish year old American walked in the room with a trolley full of decadent food. He set it up on the table, and left. He looked like Alex. Ron & Emily ate as much as they could, and then called the butler to come clean and take the trolley back. As soon as Butler

entered the room, Emily dropped her robe slowly and walked into the toilet and shut the door, just to be a tease. Ron smiled and looked at Butler

who was surprised but kept being professional and was packing everything back.

Ron: “What’s your name?”


: “Michael Sir”

Ron: “How old are you Michael, and how long have you been working here?” Ron just wanted to make small talk, and not have another butler be spooked.


: “I am 31 Sir, I have been working here for the past 3 years.”

Ron: “Michael, would you be able to tell the morning person, I forget his name, to bring the breakfast 2 hours earlier tomorrow, without knocking, as we have a whole day planned.”

Michael: “Alex, my elder brother. Of course, I will let him know.”

Ron smiling: “Oh, he’s your brother huh? You two do look similar.”

Michael smiled and nodded.

Emily came back out nude: “Michael, could you please help me get that suitcase down from the closet in the bedroom.”

Michael, a little taken aback, but being completely professional, kept his eyes down and walked towards the closet to get the heavy suitcase down. Ron got up and squeezed Emily’s ass, while they both looked at Michael taking down the suitcase from the foot of the bed. Emily asked for him to open it and find her medication for her. While Michael was doing this, Emily pulled Ron’ robe open, throwing it on the ground and asked him to fuck her doggy-style. Ron spun her, threw her on the bed face down and pulled her hair. The thump made Michael look up, and gasp at the scene. Ron standing at the foot of the bed with Emily crouched in doggy position over the end of the bed. Ron entered Emily’s pussy, and gave her two long deep thrusts before looking at Michael with a smile for the third thrust. The third thrust was the roughest, and Emily moaned loudly. Ron continued thrusting, while making sure Michael was enjoying the scene. Michael started to bulge at the lude scene and subtly smiled looking at the thrusts. Ron saw the smile, and when Michael’s gaze came back up to Ron’s eyes, Ron winked at Michael.

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