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This is the second story of the series. Feel free to read it independently or first read ‘Mandy’s “Ride” Home’. Enjoy either way! -Lore


Rick Garrison was sitting in his office chair at his desk on Tuesday afternoon, considering pulling out his hardening cock and stroking it yet again…thinking about that hot little piece of ass he’d nailed late last Thursday night. He’d done nothing but think about having her again since he dropped her off at home. His entire weekend was filled with thoughts of where he would like to fuck her, how he would fuck her, nastier and nastier things he would do to her. Luckily, he and Debra hadn’t needed her to watch the boys again last weekend…otherwise, he would’ve been liable to blow his wife off to stay home and bang the babysitter while his sons played in the next room. That wouldn’t have been a good scenario. If Debra knew what he’d done with Mandy, he’d be toast…let alone what he was planning to do with her again.

Thoughts of Mandy even raided his dreams…her tight, young cunt, her perfect bouncy tits, her long luscious legs, and those innocent, baby blue eyes. She was a dream come true. Every time he thought of her, even for one little moment, he’d get an instant hard on. He’d stroked his cock off so many times over the weekend, he was sore, but Rick didn’t care. He hadn’t even come close to having enough. Debra had been willing to let him fuck her on Saturday night, but he still wasn’t satisfied. Envisioning he was fucking Mandy, Rick had gotten a little more rough with his wife than she was accustomed, so she pushed him off of her, rolled over, and went to sleep. She was annoyed as hell, leaving him to finish on his own. So, finish he did. Rick went into the master bathroom just off their bedroom and shut the door. He stood in front of the mirror, still completely naked, and imagined Mandy there with him. In his mind, she was naked, bent over the countertop, her legs spread. She was smiling at him in the mirror, waiting to be taken. Rick, leaning back in his chair and rubbing his cock on the outside of his dress pants now, remembered back to how tight he’d gripped his cock in his hand, wishing it had been Mandy’s cunt he was forcing his way into as his hips bucked forward rough and fast through his fist. He’d gripped his cock so fucking hard, thrusting and thrusting, harder and harder until his cum was strewn all over the sink basin. Rick remembered leaning down, both his hands on the edge of the countertop, panting, and staring at his cum in the sink. He remembered thinking how that cum should’ve been inside Mandy.

As Rick lay back in his office chair, thinking of her yet again…his cock rock hard yet again, he could barely stand it. Every thought he had drifted to her. His entire body ached to have her again…to be naked against her, to feel her inside and out. Rick just wanted to spend an entire day ravishing that perfect young thing. I’ve got to plan a “business trip” soon and ask Mandy to join me, he thought to himself.

Finally, realizing he had work to do, Rick sat up in his seat and turned on his computer, ignoring his harder than hard dick. He flipped through a couple client files on his desktop, trying to decide which one to work on. He opened up the Bradley account. Ahhh, yes, Raymond Bradley is paying us big bucks to work on his account, so I guess I’ll do a little work on his file today, Rick decided. But as Rick scanned through the file, he came across a little background information on Mr. Bradley, so he clicked on it to get a feel for the man whose case was entrusted to him. He read that Mr. Bradley had been born to immigrants in the 30’s, that he’d gone to Harvard, that he was a self-made man…blah, blah, blah. Then Rick saw it…the name of Mr. Bradley’s current wife…MANDY Bradley. Oh, for fuck’s sake!, Rick yelled in his head. I can’t get away from that name, that girl, thoughts of her! Jesus! What am I gonna do?!

Quickly pushing his chair away from his desk, Rick stood up and began to pace around his office. Something had to give! Maybe I’ll go to the gym this afternoon and blow off a little steam, he thought. My body could use a little work. Hell, maybe that hot little trainer with the long blonde hair and big brown eyes will be there to spot me. Then it hit him…the trainer’s name? Amanda. Fuck!, he yelled again in his head. There’s only one way I’m gonna get anything done, he decided. Rick walked back over to his desk, flipped off his computer, grabbed his coat, and headed for the door.


A little over one hour later, Rick found himself sitting in the parking lot at Mandy’s high school. What the fuck am I doing?, he asked himself. I can’t believe I’m here, planning to pull some high school kid out of class so I can fuck her! I’m losing my mind! Rick put the key in the ignition and started his Escalade, prepared to drive off, then a picture of Mandy’s glorious naked body flashed in his mind again and his dick surged against his dress pants. He turned the SUV back off, exited, and headed for the entrance of the school.

He arrived in the office moments later and was greeted by the receptionist. “May I help you sir?”

“Yes ma’am. I have a problem.”

“What can I do for you, sir?”

Rick looked the receptionist over. YOU can do nothing for me, he chuckled to himself. “My name is Maltepe Escort Rick Garrison. The girl that babysits my twin boys goes to school here. Her name is Mandy Cartwright. Well, she babysat for my wife and I last week and we let her borrow something, but I’ve found myself in a pickle and I need to get it back from her ASAP.”

The receptionist looked at him questionably. “Is this something she would have on her person?”

“Most likely…either that or in her locker.”

She gave him the once over, but after apparently deciding he looked harmless in his Gucci suit, she wrote him a name tag, slid it across the desk to him, then began typing away at her computer. A minute later, she said, “Mandy’s in gym class right now. Go down that hall there,” she said as she pointed, “then take a left. The gymnasium is on the right.”

“Thank you ma’am. I appreciate your help.”

“No problem, Mr. Garrison,” she said giving him a big wide smile and a wink.

Rick smiled back. A shiver ran through his body knowing that the receptionist was probably eyeballing his ass as he walked out of the office. Oh well, let her eyeball me, Rick thought…if it gets me what I really want, it’s worth it!

He made his way down the hall per the receptionist’s instructions, finding the gym directly on the right as she’d promised. Rick opened up one of the two huge doors and entered the gym. Inside, he saw a group of girls on the basketball court floor playing kickball. He looked over the railing, an entire flight above the floor, and immediately spotted Mandy. There was no mistaking her…especially amongst her classmates. She outshone everyone and everything around her, even in that silly gym uniform. He decided to watch her for a few minutes. She’d kicked the ball and was now running to first base. She was all sweaty…her face flushed with excitement as it had been that night in the back of his Escalade. Her perky tits bouncing with her as she ran…her gorgeous long legs reaching first with only a few mere strides.

“May I help you?!” an old, rough looking woman called up to him from amongst the teenage girls.

Rick realized that the gym teacher was probably wondering who this strange man was standing in the bleachers. She was probably thinking she had a pervert on her hands. Well, she kind of does!, Rick chuckled to himself as he made his way down the flight of stairs to the basketball court. He glanced up and saw that every girl in the class was staring straight at him. He looked over at Mandy and saw her eyes widen. She finally recognized him. A huge smile swept across her face as Rick walked over to the gym teacher. Rick smiled back quickly, then diverted his attention to the old hag of a teacher. He charmingly re-explained everything to her that he’d explained to the receptionist and a few minutes earlier, then the teacher turned to Mandy. “Mandy, Mr. Garrison here needs to see you.”

“Yes ma’am,” she said, practically running over to where the two were standing.

“I’d appreciate it if you two would go back up those stairs right there and take this outside the gymnasium. I’d like to get back to the game and that won’t happen while these girls are oogling you,” she said begrudgingly.

“Yes ma’am,” Rick said, “pardon me for the interruption.”

Mandy and Rick made their way silently up the flight of stairs as the entire class of girls watched on. He was already dying to touch her, but wouldn’t dare with so many eyes watching their every move. Smelling her would have to be enough as they made their way up the stairs and out of the gym. He breathed deeply. A combination of her sweetness and sweat filled his nostrils. God, only moments away from tasting her again. He could hardly wait. His cock was straining against his dress pants already knowing that the sweetest, most delectable cunt that ever existed was nearby.

After what seemed like forever, Rick and Mandy were finally standing outside the gym in the empty hallway. “What’re you doing here?!” she screeched, excitedly.

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” he admitted.

“Really?” she asked, looking up at him with those innocent blue eyes he’d thought of so many times last weekend.

“Yes, really,” he said, looking down at the ground. He was almost embarrassed he’d admitted it to her.

“I’ve missed you, too,” she told him, smiling that wide, gorgeous model’s smile.

“Have you been ok after…you know?”

“Yeah, it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. I’m fine now, really.”

“I need to be honest with you, Mandy.”

“Yes, Rick?”

There it was again…Rick. She called him Rick. He didn’t understand why that turned him on so much, but it did…even more so than last time he’d heard her utter it. “I came here for a reason.”


Rick smiled at her mischievously.

“You wanna do it again? Here?!”

“Mandy, I just can’t stop thinking about you. It’s driving me nuts! I can’t concentrate on work or anything else,” he said, stepping closer to her. He bent down and in a deep, low rumble, he whispered into her ear, “I need my cock inside you again.”

“We’ve only got about 20 minutes before the last bell rings and this hall is flooded.”

“Where could we go?”

Mandy grabbed Rick’s hand and said, “Follow me.” Mandy pulled Cevizli Escort him with her until moments later, they were standing in the ladies’ room together, alone. “No one ever uses this restroom,” she noted, turning to face him.

“For fuck’s sake, Mandy, you look beautiful,” Rick told her, taking her face in his hands.

“I do not!” she squealed. “I’m all sweaty and gross.”

Rick chuckled. “Maybe I like you sweaty and gross. Besides,” Rick began, turning her around to stand in front of him, both facing the long mirror that stretched above all of the sinks, “look at you.” He ran his hands down her arms and back up as they smiled at each other in the mirror. He ran his hand along her clearly defined collarbone, seeing it press against the white t-shirt as his hand ran over it. Then, he moved his hands beneath her arms, grabbing handfuls of her ample breasts. She moaned and closed her eyes, leaning back against him. He roughly mauled them, stopping to rub the nipples beneath his fingertips many times. “Take that t-shirt off,” he finally told her, stepping back a bit to watch.

“But what if someone comes in?”

“Take…it…off. I want to see your tits.”

Mandy hurriedly complied, discarding her t-shirt at her feet. Rick stepped forward yet again and reached up to her breasts once more. He helped himself to them by pulling them out over the top of the cups of her bra, so they were completely visible to him. “There, that’s better.” Rick could tell Mandy was still a little uneasy about the possibility of someone walking in on them. That is, until he managed to divert her attention. He licked the tips of his index fingers and brought them to her nipples, rubbing them in soft, slow circles until they were hard, like his cock was against her ass. Rick watch as she closed her eyes, moaning, leaning back against him. He could see he’d already managed to put her at ease. “How wet are you, baby?”

“I could feel my panties get soaked the moment I laid eyes on you,” she breathed.

“Mmmmm…I wanna feel,” Rick said, moving his hand down her flat little belly and diving into the waistband of her gym shorts, past her panties. He moved the index finger of his right hand up and down her juicy slit. He could feel that she was indeed very wet. He spread her juices over her plump lips, feeling every inch of her perfect cunt yet again. “Oh yes, Mandy, you are very wet, you naughtly little girl. You really did miss me, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Rick, I did,” she whispered.

Rick took his free hand off her nipple and used it to strip her shorts and panties. To his delight, she kicked them aside without him even asking her to, then walked forward a bit, gripped the sides of the sink, spread her legs, and looked at him in the mirror, waiting. She was standing there, almost completely naked except for her bra with her tits popping over the top of it, waiting for Rick to pound her cunt again. He could hardly believe it. It was just as he’d wished it’d been last Saturday night when he’d stroked himself off in his own bathroom, thinking of her. This is just how he’d envisioned her and now it was real.

He tried to play it cool…coming up behind her, staring at her in the mirror, smiling as he unzipped his own pants and pulled his throbbing cock out. Rick gripped her hips and lined himself up with her. Staring at the entrance to her tight little cunt with his cock just outside it lingering for a moment to feel the soft, subtle skin there, he finally began to dip inside her. He watched as he slowly entered her…watching as he pulled his cock out a bit and saw that it was covered in Mandy’s wetness…watching as he dove inside her again and disappeared inch by inch. When he was finally inside her all the way, he moaned loudly, unable to play it cool any longer. He was too excited, too desperate to have her to play it cool.

Slowly, Rick began moving in and out of her tight, young cunt. Her vagina was gripping all around his cock like a fucking vice and it was driving him mad. He wanted to stay inside Mandy forever. He knew he’d never possibly have a more perfect cunt in all his life. This was it…this was the pinnacle of his sexual experience and he was prepared to revel in it as long as possible. He drove himself inside her over and over again. Long, slow, hard strokes…pushing her against the cold ceramic sink. He bent down across her back and looked over her shoulder in the mirror. She looked like she was experiencing pain and pleasure both. Her face was contorted…her mouth open as if she was about to moan, her eyes flashing with a bit of discomfort. Rick slid his hands down her arms, resting his big hands over her delicate ones, then whispered to her, “I’m gonna fuck you ’til you beg me to stop.”

Her eyes widened as she stared back at him in the mirror, then her lips curled into a smile. Rick could feel Mandy push her ass back against him as he fucked her. This little bitch wanted more. No way she wanted everything he could give…he’d hurt her for sure. Instead, he shoved his dick inside her a little harder, a little faster now…biting her shoulder as he did. I wonder if her ass would be as tight as her delectable teenage cunt?, Rick wondered to himself. Might have to give that a try sometime…sometime soon, perhaps. His dirty little thoughts of the future, Atalar Escort though, were interrupted by Mandy’s cries. “Oh yes, Rick, oh yes…just like that…just…like…that…” she moaned with both pleasure and pain cutting into her voice.

Suddenly, to their surprise, the last bell of the school day rang out loudly. “Ohmygod, Rick! This bathroom’s gonna be flooded with cheerleaders in a minute! Hurry!” she screamed, bending over to pick up her clothes, Rick’s cock still lodged inside her.

This bathroom’s going to be filled with cheerleaders momentarily and that’s a problem?!, Rick laughed to himself. He knew Mandy was seriously panicked, but he couldn’t help but take a minute to admire the view. She was bent over at the waist, picking up her clothes…Rick just stood there behind her, looking down at her. He loved the way her tight ass made a perfect heart shape. More than anything, though, Rick loved to see his hard cock still halfway inside her. He felt like the luckiest son-of-a-bitch on earth. His cock was all slick and wet with her juices…still throbbing from the fucking he was so enjoying before they were so rudely interrupted by that godforsaken bell. “Rick! This isn’t funny! Hurry!” she screamed again, more panicked as the sound of footsteps made their way closer and closer from down the hall.

Rick scooped Mandy up by the waist, his cock still lodged inside her (he didn’t dare disturb his erection, of course) and high-tailed it into the last stall. Mandy managed to lock the door behind them quickly, and Rick fell back onto the toilet seat, carrying her with him. Just as the sound of footsteps entered the bathroom, Rick pulled his feet up off the ground and planted them on either side of the stall door. Mandy, between his legs with his cock still thrust deep inside her, put her feet firmly on the ground and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh…my…god!” said a young teenage girl voice. “Did you see Kelly McFabber today? A black miniskirt and a white man’s shirt? I mean, c’mon! That’s like soooo 80’s!”

“I know!” squealed a second voice.

“Oh, oh, oh…and Cindy Masterson! What a slut!”

“Yeah, I heard she fucked Danny Stevens.”

“Really?! Myyyyyyyy Danny?!”

“I thought you two broke up?”

“Well, we did, but we’ll get back together…unless he really did fuck that slut.”

“Did you see Mandy Cartwright at lunch? She thinks she’s better than everyone else. I can’t stand her.”

“Yeah, I saw her talking to Brenden Williams. I mean, doesn’t she know he’s dating Victoria?!”

“Exactly, Mandy’s such a whore.”

“She acts like she’s still a fuckin’ virgin! Yeah right! She’s prolly been with more guys than you and I put together.”

The two girls laughed, then got quiet. They began reapplying makeup now and changing for cheerleading practice.

Rick looked over Mandy’s shoulder and saw her face. She was fuming. Like most teenage girls, these girls were probably supposed to be Mandy’s friends, but were talking badly about her behind her back. Rick shook his head. I don’t miss high school at all, he thought to himself. Except maybe for the pussy, and hell, I’ve got that now anyway! Brushing his thoughts away and concentrating again on Mandy, Rick began to stroke her back to calm her, but that didn’t seem to be working well. She was getting angrier by the second. So, Rick grabbed her hips and slowly, gently began stroking her entire body off on his still rock hard cock. She shook her head no repeatedly, but Rick refused to listen. He continued to pull her hips back against him. He could feel her slowly giving into his whim until she was willingly grinding her hips onto his cock. Her beautiful, long body arched back towards him…her perky young breasts high up in the air, thrust forward as she rocked against him…her long wavy brown hair flowing down the length of her back like a horse’s mane. Mandy was absolute perfection in Rick’s eyes. He moved one hand from her hip and brought it around to her pussy. He quickly found her clit and began circling it with two fingers. Slowly and softly at first, but he quickly picked up his rhythm as she continued to fuck his cock. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. Rick circled her clit in tighter circles now. He could feel his cock harden even more as her body began to tremble. She let out a little whimper, so, thinking there would be more moans and cries to come, Rick brought his hand up to cover her mouth since he wasn’t sure if the bathroom was empty yet or not. He continued his hard, fast circles over her clit…pushing down hard on her clit as she thrust her body back onto his cock. Several more thrusts later and Rick was sure he was going to cum any second. Her cunt had seized his cock even tighter…which he hadn’t thought possible. His cock was in a vice-like grip until suddenly, he could feel a wave of fluid rush over it…then Mandy’s thrusts began to slow. She was cumming so beautifully, so perfectly. Her entire body was deep, deep in orgasm…every muscle in her frame tightened, her eyes fixed, her hips moving slower now as she rode the wave of ecstasy. Rick watched her from behind as she shook from head to toe. He watched as her eyes rolled back into her head. She moaned and cried into the palm of his hand as the wave of orgasm consumed her. Abruptly, she stopped thrusting. She fell back onto his chest like a rag doll. She was obviously exhausted. He smiled down at her, kissed her forehead, then took a few moments to listen as he removed his hand from over her mouth. The restroom was silent again. “I think we’re alone,” he whispered into her ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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