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Amy went through my bedroom door first; a large room with a double bed and all the modern conveniences a guy of my age enjoyed, including a DVD player with porn awaiting in the disc tray.

Still naked, she never left my gaze, holding my hand as she backed onto my bed; mattress exposed by a quilt I’d never re-made after escaping from it this morning. I let go of her hand to watch her manoeuvre into the middle of the bed; tits moist from sweat and pussy still dripping a little cum of hers and mine.

With a sexual look in her eye, she reached out and beckoned me on top of her. My cock had softened, recovering from the hard shag, but now it was growing again.

Not that this was all sexual anymore; I loved Amy and she loved me and we were just going to go through tonight and maybe the rest of this weekend loving each other the only ways we knew how to at the moment.

I mounted her gently, feeling her tits squash against my chest as I closed in for a tender kiss which she happily gave me. She linked her arms around me, tilting her head by mine to slowly slip her tongue into my mouth as I did the same to her.

There was no foreplay, instead just as I was about to run my hand gently up her side to grope a breast, my cock – now hard – ran gently up the inside of her left thigh, hit her crotch and slipped effortlessly and pleasurably into Amy; making her groan my name, and more…

“Oh God, I love you,” she moaned, barely able to speak such was the pleasure, and it wasn’t one sided. I felt it too.

“I love you too, oh shit, let’s make babies.”

I began moving back and forth, moving slowly and still caressing both her naked sweaty breasts between us; kissing and biting her neck. “Babies?” she said.

“Yeah, fuck it. More than one.”

“Oh shit yeah.”

I let go of her wonderful boobs that just felt perfect in size for my hands, and purely made for me, and put them on the mattress either side of us so I could lift myself up and support myself authoritatively above her so I could look her deep in the eye and, as her brother-in-law, continue to impregnate her with my sperm.

She came in minutes; begging for me but giggling as she told me she couldn’t take any more at the moment. I didn’t listen, but only so I could fuck her really hard for about ten seconds and then explode inside her harder than I had exploded before.

I lay in bed ten minutes later waiting for Amy to return from the bathroom, where she’d gone to freshen up. I offered her a shower with me, but she was still feeling the effects of what she called the two most intense orgasms she’d ever had.

She re-entered the room wearing just a pair of boxer shorts she’d taken from my drawer, and went to clamber on. Her mobile (I’d brought both up as I was waiting) then rang, so she sat up on my naked crotch, lent down to kiss me and answered the text.

“Who merter escort is it, baby?” I asked, stroking her sides and running my hands up from her waist to her now dry breasts that she must have mopped dry of sweat, and a little cum I’d wiped on there.

She looked a little surprised. “Darren,” she replied.

“Oh. What does he say?”

“He’s gone away for the weekend.” She put the phone down and fell down by my side. “We have friends up country, he’s gone there. Says he doesn’t want me to call.”

Although it was good for Amy and I that Darren was away, now his absence was seriously playing on Amy’s mind, and I needed that to not be the case. “What do you want to do?”

She seemed pensive for a short time, and then smiled. “I want to be with you.” She flipped onto her side, put her arm around me and put her leg over mine. “I love you.”

“I love you too. But he’s my brother.”

“And I’m your lover. As soon as he comes back, I’ll divorce him, we’ll go get married ourselves. You know it’s the right thing to do.” She placed my hand on her stomach. “We will soon have a family.”

I smiled, and any doubts we had disappeared. We embraced with a kiss; tongues were immediate and my hand slid from her stomach inside the tiny shorts she was wearing.

My cock grew again and she put her hand on it, before beginning to push the foreskin back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth; sensually rubbing me off as I placed my index and middle finger between her pussy lips and began rubbing her off to the same rhythm.

With Darren away for the weekend, and Rachel unavailable, plus my parents away for the weekend also, Amy and I had the place to ourselves all weekend, and I wanted to do everything with her until then.

Amy and I kissed more, our tongues colliding with a barely controllable passion as our hands moved with a controlled feeling like when I’d made love to her earlier. God, this was so good, far better than any time I’d shagged Rachel. Amy had smaller tits, a smaller ass too, but she was tighter, more beautiful, and Goddam it, I loved her. She was my sister-in-law, and I loved her.

“You mentioned marriage?” I asked as we kept going. I was feeling like I was gonna cum any minute now, and I wanted to cum inside her. From the moisture on her cunt, I felt she was close to orgasm too.

“Yeah. Me and you. Move away somewhere, you said you wanted to go back to Swansea. We move, get a nice place to live, start a family… oh shit, ooh that’s so good, put a finger in me.”

“Sounds perfect,” I smiled, before groaning. “Amy, I’m gonna cum, I wanna spunk in your pussy.”

“I’m gonna cum too, just stick it in me and we’ll cum together,” she said, and just tore my boxers from her, and mounted me.

She didn’t need to position herself; everything nişantaşı escort was just so damn natural with us, she just knelt up and crouched down in a certain position and I penetrated her yet again.

There needed to be no movement; Amy screamed in pleasure and I groaned her name, and we just came together. I came more inside her, and she spurted a little cum from her wet cunt onto my crotch.

Amy smiled to herself, then looked down to me and giggled. “Shit, I never knew sex could be this good until today.”

“Me neither.”

“What about Rachel?”

“Oh, we just fuck, it’s nothing,” I said, stroking her boobs lovingly. “With you, it means something.”

She smiled harder, and I smiled back. She leaned down to give me a short, but sensual kiss. “What do you want to do for the rest of the weekend?”

“I want you to have a pregnancy test,” I replied.

She giggled again. “I know I’m pregnant. I can feel it. I meant together.”

“What, you mean, go out?”

“Yes,” she nodded.

I was a little unsure, but then I was unsure as to why. I looked up to her, smiled again, and nodded back at her. “Okay, where do you wanna go?”

“I know just the place. But we should shower. And I’ll wanna get changed into something sexier.”

“You can’t get sexier, trust me, it’s impossible.”

She giggled as she dismounted me. “Thank you, babe.”

“Go to yours, grab some things and come back. I’ll be ready for you.”

Twenty minutes later, as if she rushed, she returned in the clothes she left in, but carrying a bag full of more clothes. I was standing at the top of the stairs watching her ascend. She was thin, but beautiful with shoulder-length brown hair and matching eyes that watched your every move when you were inside her.

I was standing at the top of the stairs having shaved, wearing just my boxer shorts and jeans that were undone at the top button and my belt.

“Shower ready?” she asked, meeting me at the top of the stairs and kissing me.

Without looking away from her beautiful eyes, I grabbed the bag and tossed it to one side. “Hot water ready and waiting for a stunning naked female body to run over.”

She grinned and removed her top; me making an immediate beeline for her bra. “Best not disappoint, then.” Her stunning tits were exposed once more, and I couldn’t help myself. I bent down quite a way – she was about six inches shorter than me – and began sucking on them. “Ooh yeah, suck on my titties. Wash me with your mouth and tongue, I feel so fucking dirty.”

I stopped, stood up straight and directed her to enter the bathroom. I grabbed my digital camera / camcorder, and locked us in. She got the hint, tore the shower curtain away from where she’d be standing, and removed the skirt and panties she’d changed into to show ortaköy escort her naked body to me.

I filmed her as she bent over the bath, groping and rubbing her own ass before stepping in and under the hot water; spending about ten minutes rubbing soap suds all over her beautiful tits and ass whilst putting a hand between her legs and touching herself up.

Soon, it became too much and I put the camcorder down on the floor before positioning it so it would film Amy for the rest of the shower. I stripped myself fully naked and joined her; Amy dropping to her knees and keenly taking my raging cock into her mouth and beginning to passionately suck me off.

Fuck, feeling my fat bellend and thick dick in her mouth was so good, and I just moaned and groaned until she stopped all too soon. She looked up at me, giggled, then drew her tongue up my body and into my mouth. I stopped kissing her before long, pushing her away, turning her away and bending her over the taps.

Looking at the camera and thinking to myself what a lucky bastard I was, I spanked her as hard as I could, and put my hand down between her legs and stroked her soaking wet cunt with my fingers and thumb. She squealed my name, which would sound great on camera, and rubbed one of her own breasts in pleasure as I grabbed my dick and penetrated her slowly; splitting apart her pussy lips once more and once more I was pleasured by that tight pussy of hers.

Slowly, I started, like how we’d made love earlier, but it was too hard to hold back. My cock cried ‘harder!’, my heart cried ‘harder!’, my brain cried ‘harder!’ and Amy begged me – just begged me – to fuck her tits off.

Half the street must have heard our illicit, wet encounter, as I moaned and she screamed to our joint climaxes; Amy having two incredible orgasms before I pulled out, stood her up and spunked hot, white cum all over her face, tits, stomach and pussy.

“I love you,” I panted.

She smiled, leaned forward and placed upon my lips our most tender kiss yet. “I love you too. Confident enough to pull out?”

“Come on, this won’t be our last opportunity to fuck, will it?” I grinned. She giggled. “I’ll get you clean, let me just turn off the camera.”

I had hair like Amy’s, but only in terms of colour. It was pretty long, but not as straight and feminine as hers. My eyes were blue, like my brother’s, and even though he was large, he was still good looking. I had never seen myself like this; low self-esteem being the problem behind me ending up with a girl like Rachel rather than someone better. Like Amy.

After we’d gotten out of the shower and dried ourselves, I mentioned this to Amy as she slid on some sexy knickers in front of me.

“Sure, Darren’s handsome, but you’re very cute. And you’ve got a hot body. And a big dick,” she giggled.

“Ha! You only want me for my body,” I replied.

“And?” she laughed back, reaching for a sexy red bra that matched her knickers in the lace pattern. I laughed too. “I’ll be ready in five minutes, are we good to go?”

“I’m always good to go,” I chuckled, leaning in to kiss her naked breasts, then her lips.

“I’ll suck your cock in the car. Come on, let’s get dressed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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