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Kari and I blurred the line, no we wiped it out, between father and daughter. We were passionate lovers making our first long road trip together. I suggest reading the first installment of Magic to understand where we are now. This is copyrighted material.


We decided to drive into Canada, crossing from North Dakota into Manitoba at the north end of U.S. Interstate 29. This trip was on a whim and nothing else, I had not seen my relatives on my mother’s side in over 30 years. For no other reason than that did Kari and load the car and take off.

Kari and I cemented our relationship as lovers not father and daughter last summer and now we wanted to take a long trip to see sights. Kari knew we would have to be father and daughter with our relatives. However, getting there would mean several nights in motels. I joked about all sex education I got in Catholic school consisted of “motel spelled backwards is letom.” Kari was quick to reply that “letom” is what she had in mind.

The trip from Manitoba would have us driving through Ontario and Quebec to reach New Brunswick and the area where my mother, Kari’s grandmother, grew up. We decided to follow routes taking us through very rural parts of the provinces. Although Canada is very progressive and liberal in urban areas, rural areas, where the population is smaller is more old school leaning to conservative. Rural Canada is agricultural in much the same way as is the U.S.

On our first night in Canada, we stopped at a small motel in west central Ontario. There was a little cafe serving the next best thing to home made. The people were inquisitive about us as foreigners and I had the place captivated with stories of my New Brunswick connection, small town Canada, family part of the founding immigrants from Ireland. They had never met an “American” with the knowledge of Canada I had. By time we ate our food, told stories, had some desert and tea, we seemed to be accepted in the town.

Kari nudged me along, “We have an early wake up if we are going to get across Ontario and into Quebec tomorrow.” I knew we didn’t have any time frame to meet and, also knew Kari had plans for the night that might include sleep at some point. We said good nights and heap thanks on the crowd for listening and making us feel comfortable. We heard a lot of “See ya Yank. Come back any time.”

The town was very small, the motel was less than half a block from the cafe and both ends of the town couldn’t have been more ten blocks apart. In the room, Kari suggested we shower, get the grit off, and relax. “Don’t know that I trust the motel to have enough hot water for two showers,” I said, “Maybe we should conserve water and shower together.” I was grinning and Kari was already skimming off her clothes.

“The last one is screwed,” she joked as her pants hit the floor leaving her in just bra and panties.

“The first one is screwed by the last one in and unless you’ve had an anatomy change since this morning, you’re screwed anyway.” I began removing my clothes but looking at Kari’s lovely body was seeing a dream in the flesh. Her long black hair framed her face and fell straight behind her shoulders. As her bra came off and her firms breasts came into view, my natural instincts took over. Kari is very firm from many hours in the gym, her 34A breasts don’t really need a bra. Her nipples were tiny and centered perfectly on quarter size pink points.

My shirt came off, my T-shirt, and jeans hit the floor soon after. I didn’t wear under pants and shaved my pubic hair. Knowing that Kari wanted to share our bodies, I was already feeling a growing in my loins. I took a Levitra with my tea at the cafe knowing that she would do everything she could to keep me erect into the night, and I loved it.

Kari wore shear panties that revealed her lovely firm butt and her shaved pubic mound. Her narrow waist swept gracefully into her hips and down to legs that were well toned and strong. Her panties slipped off her hips and fell to the floor. I walked toward her and the bathroom, stopped as I reached her, took her in my arms for a lovers embrace and kiss. Her five foot two inch frame was about a foot below my six foot two frame but we learned to make height a benefit. Kari felt warm and loving, her kiss was open, hot, passionate. We walked into the shower.

We showered quickly, it was sensual though. We massaged each other as we soaped our bodies, I never tire of feeling her body, smooth, warm, firm. Kari soaped me with equally sensual touches. Although I was still overweight, she had coaxed me into health eating and weight was pealing off. She didn’t seem to care about the weight, she surrendered her body to me with much love. I knew that this night would be no different.

We dried ourselves and moved toward the bed. “Dad I want you to give me a big Ontario ‘O’ tonight. I want you to exhaust me.”

I pulled her naked form into me and whispered, “I will do everything I can.” Our embrace developed into haramidere escort heavy passionate kissing and body part fondling. Kari groped my but cheeks with one hand and stroked my cock with the other. Her vagina was my target, already highly excited, Kari was lubricated with her natural oils.

Our breathing was heavy and we were both moaning. I placed the tip of one finger on her tiny clit which sent a shock through her body. She jerked, crying loudly before thrusting her pubic bone hard onto me hand. Giving her bud another touch set her; she must have been ready and waiting for her release, she jerked and spasmed on my hand as she flooded it and herself with a torrent of her vaginal fluid. “Oh, daddy, oh, daddy, oh daddy,” she screamed out letting herself slump into me.

I guided us to the bed and laid her down. She was still is an orgasmic state as I lay my head between her legs, kissing my way to her love junction. I wasn’t planning to let her rest from the first orgasm of the night. I licked at her vaginal opening, tasting her musk. I circled my tongue around but not touching her sensitive clit. I tongued her opening again letting it sink into her as far as I could. Kari was at the point of another orgasm, close but not just there.

I inserted one finger in her vagina to rub against her g-spot. I hit the mark, Kari rolled her hip and arched her back as the elusive gland behind the pubic bone drove her into erotic gyrations. Finger on her g-spot, I tongued her clit. Those two spots receiving attention made her scream again as her second orgasm hit harder than the first. I did not relax my attention, I hoped Kari would continue to orgasm multiple times.

It seemed she was continuing to cum as she continued to arch her back and squeeze my finger in vice grip of vaginal muscles. I was beginning to fear that someone would hear her screams and call the local police. I knew she was vocal, but tonight she was exceeding her usual volume. I can’t begin to guess how many orgasms vibrated through her body, I knew it was five or six. I think she was overcome from the mix of pleasure and exertion as her body went limp falling to the bed. Only then did I stop the onslaught to her very well fingered and tongued pussy.

“No more, no more,” is all she said when she recovered. “No more OntariOs. Please no more.”

I lay myself beside her content knowing I had given her what she asked for. Although I had not reached my own orgasm, I was happy to just hug my silly little Kari in my arms. “Daddy, I love you very deeply.” That was the last she said as she fell asleep. Soon, I was also asleep.

I don’t know what time it was, small hours of the morning, I awoke to a feeling of pressure on my lap. The pressure came and passed gently. When I was fully alert, I realized Kari was the pressure. She had impaled herself on my cock. I must have stayed hard while I slept or she use her tiny mouth to suck life into me. On her next downward push, I met her mid thrust with an upward thrust. Apparently she was not expecting it, she cried out softly as our pubic bones connected.

“Not so hard, I’m sore.”

I had to reach up wanting to pull her torso into mine. “Let me feel you laying against me. We’ll be slow. No need for fucking, lets gently make love.” Kari relaxed her body against me. That released me from being deeply in her vagina. We were able to easily work our hips in slow rolling motions that kept tension on her clit without putting pressure on her.

“Oh my silly little Kari, what a wonderful love you are. You make me feel very lucky with each breath I take.” I looked into her eyes seeing a mix of love and tear as we embraced and loved each other with our bodies. “Is that a tear in your eyes? Kari, why?”

“Why do you think? I’m happy, finally happy. I have the one love I’ve always wanted and am loving the one I’ve always loved.” She was full of surrender, captured, incarcerated and she had me jailed in her loving cell.

“Kari, you’re love is beyond what I could ever dream of and I just want you to have my love completely.”

Sitting upright again, Kari began to ride me harder. I guessed she was getting close and would be having another cum, no doubt less intense that the ones she had earlier. “Cum daddy, I want you in me in every way.” Kari was close and I couldn’t hold back. I thrust my hips into with a hard push and released my 63 year old sperm into her waiting 29 year pussy. “Oh, that’s nice. I’m cumming to daddy, just a little but I’m cumming too.” Kari fell forward onto me and we fell asleep still joined.

Waking a few hours later, I was surprised we were still joined at the hip. Even more surprising, I was still hard. Kari said she was sore, how could she keep me in her?

“Did you keep me plugged all night dad,” was her waking question.

“You’re on top of me. You kept me plugged in.” Barely awake, Kari was moving hips against me.

“Well, ikitelli escort we better do something with that plug. Any cream filling left?” Her breasts were puffed full and her nipples were tight points at the tip. We thrashed about making love in one moment and giving each other a demanding fuck the next; our orgasms came a went without the fanfare of Kari’s screams from last night, we were both very satisfied. We showered, grabbed some breakfast to go, a thermos of coffee, and headed east toward Quebec.

In the year since we decided to be lovers and not father daughter, we’d had some deeply erotic nights. Last night and this morning ranks high on that list.

********* We were in no hurry to reach New Brunswick, the destination is not the trip. We took secondary roads through Ontario into Quebec. We began encountering hills as we climbed into the mountains of eastern North America. By night fall we were into central Quebec, well off the main Trans-Canada route.

We pulled off for the night in a village with an old motel, a collection of small cabins. It didn’t look as though anyone passed there in decades. The manager spoke a smattering of English and were able to get one of the cabins, found a quaint general store and stocked up for dinner and breakfast, nothing perishable. The store had fresh vegetables and fresh fruit that probably came from local growers. We washed and ate fresh vegetables for dinner with a little local wine.

It got dark early in these hills and we were on the eastern side of a rather steep hill, darkness fell here suddenly. There were two television channels available, both French speaking and neither very interesting, TV didn’t last long. Kari was sitting on the edge of the bed and I was sitting in the old dusty, 50s era lounge chair in one corner facing the TV.

Kari walked over to me and straddled my lap facing me. “Any idea what we can do tonight? We could drink some more wine. Maybe a Quebec quicky?” I understood the pattern, Ontario O, Quebec quicky, I wondered what she might come up with in New Brunswick, probably not much staying with cousins.

I wrapped my arms around Kari’s waist as she draped her arms over my shoulders around my neck. “I thought you were sore from the g-spot massage and two rounds last night and this morning. But I guess a quickie won’t add too much to the rawness. Besides, in New Brunswick, you’ll have plenty of time to recover since we are staying with cousins… in separate bedrooms.”

Kari gave me a pout and her sad eye look, “You better make me real sore then. I picked up a tube of lube at the general store, you didn’t know that did you?”

With Kari straddling my hips, her butt was stretched tight across my lap. “You are a very naughty girl,” I said as I landed several hard blows from my hand on her tight butt. She squirmed from the assault rubbing her vagina up and down my lap. She was excited, as was I. We began undressing ourselves. “I hope the Levetra from last night still has some residual affect. I think we’re going to get very naughty.”

When we were finally naked and kissing with passion, Kari was squeezing my butt cheeks as I played and rubbed her back and butt. We liked to explore each others senses with touch and tonight, Kari was exploring me deeply, exploring my sphincter with her fingers. It was exciting to have her do that, she knew I liked anal play. When we were feeling really kinky, I let her butt fuck me with a dildo we bought together. Then I remembered the lube comment, “You brought toys didn’t you?”

“We may have to stay an extra day, I think you’ll be too sore to sit in the car and I know I will.”


In the year that Kari and I have been lovers, I’ve explored sexuality. I’ve always had a streak of kink in me, tried anal with my wife when she was alive, she didn’t like it and wouldn’t let me do it. Kari is a little more open and we’ve tried it a couple times. I learned that anal sex does not mean there has to be penetration. Kari likes when I put my cock at her anal opening and simply rub against it – does make for messy orgasms and sticky ass. When she is ready for penetration, if she wants it, she pushes back against me, relaxes her sphincter and lets me in. Most of the time it is just my cock head that penetrates and her muscle contractions make me cum quickly.

I’ve read articles about the male anal structure and found the prostate is much like the female g-spot. I’ve also learned that men can enjoy anal penetration and prostate massage, which can produce prostate orgasms that are very intense. We openly talk about sexual desires and Kari was not surprised to learn I was interested in receiving anal. One day she came home with a small toy from a sex shop, it was six inches long and only one and a quarter inches thick. It didn’t take long to realize that I like longer and much, much, thicker.

“You said Quebec quicky. Sounds like you changed your mind.” istanbul escort I was smiling at Kari’s devilish grin. She had a gleam in her eyes that meant passion.

“Dad, I have a surprise for you, I bought before we left.” Kari opened her suitcase and produced a double dildo. “You know how I plan to use this?” Her question was more rhetorical than asking for an answer; I waited for her to tell me.

She used her little girl daddy voice, “Daddy, this will fill you, and fill me while you fill me. I’m getting your butt and my butt at the same time you get my little girl hole.” The dildo was 24 inches long one end thicker than the other to satisfy multiple locations. I could tell one end was slightly over two inches thick staying thick up to about eight inches long before tapering down to about one and a quarter inches.

“We better make sure we’re clean before getting dirty,” I smiled at Kari as she was already trying to penetrate me dry. “Bring your new toy, we can play in the tub. Did you see how large it is?”

Kari pulled me by my cock into the cabin’s bathroom. It had a European water heater and didn’t know anything about using it, the water came out cold only. “We had these when we lived in Germany. You have to push this button and wait for the water to heat, maybe fifteen minutes. How can we fill 15 minutes,” I asked as I smiled.

Kari was already damp between her legs as she pulled me by the cock again to the bed. “Make me dirty so the bath will be necessary.” There was no fanfare, she wanted her Quebec quicky now.

Kari grabbed two pillows and placed them under her butt. She exposed herself to me bent her legs at the knee. I took her in one thrust, burying myself balls deep. Kari’s loud gasp was a mix of surprise and satisfaction. Out of reflex, she raised her legs higher and wrapped them behind my back. We didn’t move for a few moments just enjoying the sensation of being lovers not father and daughter.

It wasn’t long before Kari began flexing her vaginal muscles against me and rotating her hips against me. I slid out slightly and rolled my hips into her as she rotated into me. We knew each others rhythm and the pace we wanted. We held tight against each other for a few seconds before another hip movement. Nice and slow until Kari pulled her legs higher letting me hook my arms behind her knees and jab her hard. As much as I didn’t want to cum, and she knew it, we both knew that I wouldn’t last long since I wasn’t shy to tell her I am usually premature.

“Its okay, cum in me, it will be better the second time. Just fuck me daddy.” I sensed she wasn’t too far from her own cum as I continued to jab into her wet vagina.

A few seconds more and I turned loose my load but kept pumping away to get Kari off. I wasn’t wrong, she was close. Her loud moan was not a screaming orgasm, but she was cumming, I felt her pussy juice around my cock and pussy walls contract against me. “Oh daddy, that was a nice quicky, I didn’t expect to have a cum. It was nice.”

“Yes, sex with you is so very enjoyable, I love you body against me. I love your openness about sex wanting to try anything new. You are the perfect love of my life, Kari.” I shrank quickly and slipped from her pussy. “Now we need that bath.”

As we went into the bathroom, the water heater was just ending the heating cycle. I turned on the hot water and was glad it was very hot. I could mix some cold water to bring the temperature down and fill the tub deeper. Kari sat on the toilet and emptied her bladder and pussy.

The tub water was not hot but comfortably warmer than a usual tub. We slipped into it feeling the water encase us in its relaxing warmth. I knew we’d want more hot water later and reset the water heater to warm another tank full.

Kari was leaning into me resting on my chest as I rested on the back of the tub. I reached a wash cloth and soap, soaked the cloth and soaped it. I began to wash Kari’s chest and neck slowly working in gentle circles down toward her breasts. Her nipples were tight little swollen tips and the first rub of the cloth against her nipples caused her to moan and wiggle hard into me. The water level was too high for me to wash lower but I continued my strokes down her stomach to her pubic bone. The mountain water here was naturally soft and as I gently rubbed her vaginal lips, she moaned again. I moved the cloth to touch her lightly just above her clit, no pressure, just sensual touch. Kari immediately opened her legs to my touch.

“Oh daddy, be careful where you touch. The hot water and your body are not a good mix. I may have to…” She gasped again as I touched her clit directly.

“Have to what my cute little Kari?” I wasn’t hard but feeling her back and hips against me was having an effect. “Can we play with your new toy?” As Kari mover to get it, I made a swift move to make sure my ass was washed and clean. Kari sat back down opposite me with the toy in the water giving it a good wash.

“Stand up, dad, turn around.” I did as told feeling Kari massaging my sphincter and applying soap as a lube. The wide end was pushed into me and I let out a moan as it slid into my bowels. “Turn around, face me.” Kari was on her knees and my cock disappeared into her mouth when I turned. One hand held my cock and her other was working the dildo in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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