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I licked and lapped at her pussy, catching the newly forming girl juice as it appeared. My tongue slowly explored her quickly moistening and swelling vaginal and anal area. She tasted sweet, with a lot of that musky taste only a young girl in heat has. She relaxed, losing the tension and tightness from the beginning of our escapade. With this encouragement from her body, I sped up my tongue and concentrated on her pussy lips, spreading my tongue as wide as I could to flatten and widen it so as to force her labia up into their home. This upward and inward pressure on her cunt seemed to relax and excite her even more. I continued this action for several minutes.

“Daddy, that feels so good, better than my fingers!” she moaned. “Please don’t stop!”

Who was she kidding? I thought, I wouldn’t quit this till she’s done and has learned not to tease me and blatantly expose herself to me ever again. I wanted to make sure she learned to control her urges and learned to come to me for her pleasure.

I shifted my left hand forward from her hip to her side, rubbing the soft skin on her side, moving my hand back and forth along her waist, moving forward along her side toward her full and hanging breast. My hand touched the side of her breast.

Lyza groaned. With my right hand I pulled her hard back toward my mouth, reshaping my tongue to a long thin tool to enter between her pussy lips. This dual action caught her by surprise and caused her to flinch.

“Oh! That’s so good!” she mewled.

My left hand circled her tit, squeezing and kneading the outside of her breast against her ribcage. My tongue entered the bottom of her pussy tunnel for an instant, then withdrew. I slid my tongue forward to her now hard clit, teasing and licking on it. My hand moved lower and lower on her breast, pressing and massaging as it lowered.

She moaned and purred softly, acknowledging her pleasure and happiness with my new motions.

God was my cock getting hard! It really hurt jailed up in my pants. I could feel the precum oozing from the heart of my man meat. Mind you, I’m not all that big, but my ex told me I was the best lover she had ever known. But apparently I wasn’t enough for her.

I brought my tongue up higher on her pussy, moving it forward and backward, tapping it in and out of her pussy as I rose up her cunt. I came to the taint and licked several times, tapping and pushing hard against that between spot. Then I moved even higher, widening my tongue to its max, lapping her rear crack, bostancı escort moving closer and closer to my target.

All the while I was doing this with my tongue and lips, my other hand came to her other breast. Now I had hold of both of them, cupping them with my fingers spread wide. I crushed upward, hard, on her big, dangling, solid tits, mashing them against her body, then letting them go, squeezing again, and repeating again and again as my tongue moved up and down from her clit to her asshole.

Suddenly I closed my fingers on both hands, trapping her fully extended, hard nipples between my index and second finger (you know, the middle finger!) clamping down hard on those teenage buds. At the same time, I shoved my head forward, pushing my tongue into her asshole, rotating it and push-pulling it in and out of her tight site.

She reacted. Boy did she react! She arched her back, pushed her ass toward my face, squeezed my cock, and let out a loud, wild gasp.


I think she just had her first tongue cum. So I asked her, “You like that? Ever had that before?”

“No Daddy! No! Never! That was great! That was beautiful!”

“Want more Lyza?” I asked her.

“Yes, Daddy, please, more!”

I traced the outline of her bunghole with my tongue, licking and pushing now and then. Suddenly I dropped my head down a bit, forcing my nose into her shitter.

She gasped, flinched, then pushed back against my nose. Her butt wiggled and quivered against my nose, trying to force it into her brown spot.

I moved my hands away from their previous places and grabbed hold of her hips. She didn’t try to resist. Her hand on my cock started to move up and down, jacking me into the hardest hard on I had ever had.

I used her hips as levers to begin turning her around, bringing her to face me, twisting her down onto the floor, causing her to loose her grip on my little man. As I did this, I kept my head down, nibbling, licking and from time to time lapping my tongue along her legs and thighs. By now I was on my knees on the floor too.

Finally I had her turned all the way over so I was face to face with her panty covered pussy. I began lapping at her labia lips, forcing the fabric into her inner folds. This seemed to excite her more because she wiggled her ass and pushed her pussy up into my tongue.

Her hands flew to my head, grabbing my hair, forcing my head down into her muff. I liked büyükçekmece escort that. After all this time, after all the pain, suffering and waiting for this prepubescent teenager to mature and grow up, I was finally getting my revenge. Such sweet revenge it was too. Here I was munching on her panties, pulling them aside with my teeth and tongue, moving them away so I could get to her inner sweetness, teaching her the first sex lessons no one else could teach her, the lessons of love. Maybe after this she would willingly do what she was asked instead of mouthing off or throwing some snide remark my way. Sure, she was 18 and sure she wanted independence, but at what cost?

Was she willing to alienate all her friends and family to get what she selfishly desired? That was a question I could not answer. Only time would give that answer.

My head bobbed up and down, pushing my tongue into and out of her pussy crack. My hands went to her ass, trapping her round bottom in their grip. I extended my thumbs outward and upward to her ass hole. While my tongue found and entered her cunt, my thumbs began circling and rubbing on her brown-baby place, probably never touched, never entered.

She shook her head back and forth, groaning and moaning in pure pleasure and lust.

I lapped up some of her free-flowing juices, stuck my tongue down as low as I could get it and wiped my thumb over it to coat my thumb with her joy juice. I brought my tongue back up to her soft girl lips, returned my thumb to her hole, and eased it, with the help of her love juice, into her hinny entrance.

Again she gasped, “Daddy! What are you doing?” she queried.

“Putting a finger in your asshole,” I answered, “and finger fucking your butt.” Then I pushed my index finger into the tightness of her anus. She flinched, bucked away, and yowled. But it was a low, soft, sexy growling sound, not of pain but of pleasure.

I withdrew my finger slightly. Her ass followed my finger. I pushed back in, farther this time, withdrew, and pushed in deeper still. She responded by pushing against my hand, sinking my finger completely into her to the maximum length of my finger, I withdrew, putting my middle finger against my first, and pushed again.

Lyza gasped, pushed against my hand, and let out a huge sigh. Apparently she enjoyed what we were doing.

I sped up the pushing and pulling, beginning the real finger fucking motion. Her body relaxed, her upper çağlayan escort body spread wide, opening herself totally to me and her pleasure, finally showing surrender and trust with her body.

I continued to lap my tongue on, in, and between her cunt lips. Higher, lower, left, right, with no real pattern, just randomly licking her pussy, stabbing a hard straight tongue into her crack and pulling back to a wide, soft lapping motion, covering every inch, every spot, every place on her girl place…purposely avoiding her clitoris, saving it for a surprise.

My hand at her asshole moved faster, pumping in short, quick strokes. As Lyza relaxed and showed more signs of passion, I added another finger, now forcing 3 into her backside hole. She reacted to that by shuddering, gripping my fingers with her sphincter muscles, and again releasing her tension.

“Daddy, that feels sooooooooo goooooooooood,” she whined.

Now I moved my other hand, the free one to her breasts. I rubbed, caressed, pinched, and mashed her tits against her body. I moved that hand between her belly and the bottom of her boobs, tracing little circles with my short fingernails all over her belly, sticking one finger into her belly button and wiggling it, like a miniature cock fucking her navel.

She gasped, quivered, pushed her ass down toward my fingers, her pussy up toward my face, and grabbed my hand, pulling it to her right breast. Quickly I found her nipple and squeezed it between my finger and thumb. I twisted, pulled, mashed, and squeezed some more, putting more pressure and pain into that hard, reddening, expanding nip. Her hand flew to her free melon, grasping, grabbing at her other nipple and mimicked my motions.

That’s when I did it. I sprung the surprise! My mouth moved away from her cunt. Away from her body. I pushed my hand against her ass, sinking my fingers into her hole as far as the taut skin allowed, blew on her clit, mashed her boob down into her chest, and dropped my head back to her vagina, sucked her steel hard clit into my mouth and bit down!

Lyza went wild. She exploded! She thrashed. Her arms and legs shot out as straight and extended as they would go. Her head snapped back against the floor. She howled! A long, low, high pitched sound of attack jets taking off…a sound of banshees fleeing, a sound of extreme pain, pleasure, and surprise!

Then she ceased movement. She passed out. Her pussy quivered and quaked, her asshole contracted and released. Her breasts shook, her breath came in ragged in and out gasps, and she was totally unconscious.

I froze, released all my grips, stood up, looked down, took a throw cover from the couch, tenderly spread it over her, and walked away, wondering what the next few hours would bring.

“Maybe now you will mind me when I tell you something,” I whispered to no one in particular.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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