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50 Years later – What are the odds?


This is an ongoing series. I suggest you read chapter 1 first.


The year is now 2018 and I have since retired and left NY where my daughter and son still live and I moved down to Palm Bay, Florida into an active senior citizen community.

I got a great deal on a three bedroom ranch, with a screened in patio and a hot tub that accommodates four, that was too big but it was a bargain that I had to buy.

I have lived there about three years and met many nice people, especially a woman named Diane. She introduced me to her social friends and the experience has been terrific.

One day I was driving on the local road when a red Mustang with its convertible top down and with out of state plates passed me by. I could see that a woman with black hair was driving and I noticed her vanity plate “Luisa 72” and got a chuckle out of it.

She was going my way and suddenly it hit me. Could it be? Was it her? Was it the same Luisa that was my first fuck 50 years ago?

I followed her and saw that she was entering my community. I staid back as she pulled up in front of Diane’s house. I watched as she got out and took a suitcase with her and rang the doorbell and went in.

I immediately got it onto my house and called Diane. I had to see who this woman was. I asked Diane if she had any eggs as I was preparing something and had no more eggs. She told me to come over to get some.

In an instant I walked over to her house, rang the bell and walked in. Diane already had some eggs for me.

I said to her, “Nice car out there. You just get it?”

She laughed and said it belonged to her friend who came down for a visit. Then she yelled for Luisa to meet me.

As soon as we saw each other, we both exclaimed, “Oh, my God…is it really you?” And we hugged and kissed.

Diane laughed and said, “If you guys want to use my bed, you can, but I have to watch.” We all laughed.

I turned to Diane and said, “Diane, Luisa and I used Pendik Escort to date 50 years ago. In fact she was my first.”

Luisa and I clung to each other as we talked to Diane.

I could not believe my luck that after all these years I found my first love.

I invited her to my place to catch up and Diane told her to go with me and she would see us later.

Luisa and I walked over to my place with huge smiles on our faces.

After I gave Luisa a quick tour of my house, I made coffee and we started to catch up on old times.

She told me that she had married and that her husband passed away a few years ago. She said she had two children, a boy who was thirty and a girl who was 28 and they both still live in Michigan.

I told her I had been married and my wife passed away several years earlier and I too had a son and daughter who still lives in NY. The boy was 29 and the girl was 31.

She told me that she was thinking of moving here that us why she came down so Diane could show her around.

I told her that I never forgot my first time with her and she smiled. I then asked her if she slowed down any and she smiled and said her sex life was better now than before and we both laughed.

It seemed like we chatted for hours when the doorbell rang. The door opened and it was Diane.

“How are you guys doing?” She asked.

I told her we were still catching up and deciding where to go for dinner. Luisa asked Diane to join us but she refused. However, I insisted that she join us. I even told Diane to pick the restaurant.

Diane made reservations for 6:30, which gave us enough time to shower and get ready. Luisa went with Diane and I told them I would pick them up at 6:00.

As I was showering, I still could not believe that we connected again after all these years.

At 6:00, I picked them up and headed to the restaurant. Luisa wore a red silk blouse with a Black skirt and looked radiant. Diane had on a white, sheer blouse and a brown suede skirt that Kurtköy Escort came to her mid thigh. Both women were very sexy to say the least.

The dinner was delicious and we went through almost two bottles of wine.

Diane told us that she had dessert ready at her house so I paid the check and we headed back to Diane’s.

Throughout the entire evening, the three of us chatted and had a great time. Luisa and Diane told me how they met and I told Luisa that Diane helped me out a lot when I moved into the community.

Then Luisa said to Diane, “Tony told me that you introduced him to your group of friends who you socialize with, when he came here. That sounds like something I would like to participate in. Do you think I would fit in with them?”

Diane looked at me, then her and said, “Luisa, from what I know of you and from what Tony says about you, I think it would be very likely that you would fit in. However, the members are selective but I would sponsor you as long you understood the commitment you would have to make to the group.”

Diane continued, “There are only a dozen members, including me and Tony and we meet at least once a month at alternating homes. Most members are married but there exceptions, such as Tony & myself. The youngest age of the members is 55 and the oldest is 80.”

Luisa asked if there were any dues or fees and Diane told her there were none.

Luisa said that the group would be something she would like to participate in.

It was really late and Luisa asked Diane if was ok if she went over to my place to continue the walk down memory lane with me. Diane told her to go and catch up. That being said, Luisa and I left and went to my house.

We spent the next couple of hours talking and before we knew it, the time was 1:30 a.m.

I showed Luisa to my guest bedroom where she put a couple of her things. Then she turned to me and said, “If you think I am letting you out of my sight again after 50 years, you are crazy. I want to sleep with you.”

I Tuzla Escort smiled and took her to my bedroom. I showed her the master bathroom and shower.

I then asked her if she wanted to shower and she said yes. As soon as she said yes, she started removing her clothes as I watched.

In no time at all, she was naked. Now, for someone who was 72, she looked terrific. Her breasts sagged a bit but other than that, she didn’t change. However, I did notice that her pussy was now smooth.

As she walked over to the shower, she looked back and asked if I was going to join her.

Without hesitation, I got my clothes off and joined her.

She looked at me and smiled and said, “Tony, you haven’t changed a bit. Your cock is exactly how I remembered it and I see you have no problem keeping it up.”

We showered and eventually made it to my bed. We got on the bed, naked and still damp. We made love throughout the night and we must have fucked at least four times before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I awoke first and put coffee on. I didn’t even bother to put clothes on. Soon, Luisa joined me in the kitchen and she was a vision of naked beauty.

We were having coffee when she asked me about the group of people Diane was talking about.

I looked at her and said, “Luisa, this group of people are, how can I put it, they are swingers and when we get together, we fuck whoever we want. I don’t think you would be interested.”

She looked at me and said, “Tony, I am not a kid anymore. And, just so you know, when I was married, my husband and I were swingers too. I have had many a different cock in my cunt and I hope that doesn’t shock you or make you think less of me.”

I looked at her and said, “Luisa, I am not going to judge you. I too have fucked a few women while I was married. And, I enjoyed every minute of it. When Diane told me about the group, I immediately joined it.”

I continued, “I hope that you will also join so I can fuck you in front of the members.”

Luisa looked at me and said, “There is nothing more than I want than to have you fuck me while everyone is watching. The biggest mistake in my life was letting you go and I will do whatever you want, no matter what. I am yours.”

We got up and headed back to my bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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