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I slept but my dreams were so vivid…and erotic, and yes they were about Kendra, about me giving her that first gentle kiss that took her breath away and cast a spell on her so that she kissed me back. Listening to her breathing deepen and her skin getting flush as I kissed her from head to toe, making her mine bit by bit. Feeling her give in to me as my lips tasted her and my tongue made love to her…

Needless to say I was a mess once I woke up, and I tried to clear my head before I ventured out of my tiny room. As I grasped the worn brass doorknob, I could smell bacon cooking. Snickering, I slowly opened the door, tiptoeing quietly down the short wooden corridor, and finally peering around the corner to see Kendra at the stove in her lace panties and a t-shirt; it barely went past the waistband. The overly stretched neck of the baggy shirt had slipped over her right shoulder, and made me take a deep breath. Nothing about the scene was necessarily erotic, but the exposure of her freckled shoulder was beyond sexy to me, especially after my dreams.

Slowly I slipped forward, like a lioness stalking her prey…ever so silent, not wanting to warn the unsuspecting gazelle. Once I was almost right behind her, I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into me.

“GOTCHA!” I shouted, relishing the sensation of pressing my breasts into her, my lips at her ear, much like the hot tub the night before.

“SHIT!” she yelled, jumping so frantically that I thought she might slam the back of her head into my mouth. “Jen…you just about gave me a heart attack!”

I slipped one hand up on the center of her chest just where her cleavage starts, not intended in a sexual way, but to feel her heart, and yes it was racing. I could feel her breasts swelling just beneath my hand as she was catching her breath, her body shaking a little bit, which I presumed was from scaring her, but after a few moments I could sense something else. My breasts were pressed into her back, my hand on her chest and my lips inadvertently grazing her ear was driving me crazy and having some kind of effect on her. All that would have to happen was her to shift her body slightly and my hand would be right on her breast. It took all my self-control not to touch her, with us practically in an embrace that was far from merely platonic. Not wanting to overplay my hand, I pulled back and reached above the stove to get out plates for us to eat on, but out of the corner of my eye I could see her gaze lowering, where my nipples were poking up through the fabric.

I turned slowly enough for Kendra to change where she was looking, but her face was a little pink and her lower lip was quivering, albeit casino oyna so slightly that only someone who knew her well would notice it. I tried not to smile or make eye contact so as not to embarrass her, but clearly she was feeling things and was disoriented by it. I smiled as that was quite different to the polite but strong declaration of disinterest to the passions of the fairer sex. No, this was her resisting the pull that her desires were pulling at her. All in time, I thought.

We ventured out for a two mile hike in the late afternoon, wading in a primitive lake that was about a mile from the cabin, splashing each other and just being silly, though when she pushed me on my back in the shallows she fell right on top of me and had trouble gaining her footing. Kendra’s face was inches from mine and she was struggling to get back to what she assumed was a “safe distance.” The first two times her feet slipped in the mud, causing her to fall against me, and our breasts pressing together, nipples hardened because of the cold water. To my delight, they grazed rather firmly–a delicious sensation for me and one that I could tell was very confusing to her since she her quivering lips hinted at her resistant enjoyment. As we walked back we made small talk and I gave her space so it wouldn’t feel predatory. Everything seemed calm when we arrived back, the tension abated at least for the moment.

“I don’t want to go in just yet.” Kendra said, seemingly with innocence. “Want to soak in the hot tub again?”

I tried to study her expression without being too obvious and shrugged my shoulders. “Why not? Should be very relaxing. Do you want some rum?” I said, not meeting her gaze.

“You bet, bring it on, girlfriend!” Kendra said with a giggle.

I disappeared into the cabin to grab two unopened bottles of her favorite flavors, and was a little surprised to find her clothes in a heap about a foot away from the edge of the bubbling waters of the hot tub. “Getting the party started without me huh?” I teased.

“Not if you get your ass in here right now.” She said with an exaggerated wink.

“Yes ma’am.” I replied, pulling my sweaty shirt over my head, dropping it in the same pile of clothes already there. Turning away slightly, I slid the bra strap over my shoulder, trying to be casual but not allowing it to appear as a striptease. I could feel Kendra’s eyes on me as I repeated the motion on the other shoulder, then unclasping it and letting it fall away. I heard her catch her breath as soon as she saw my breasts, which she had seen many times before…but this time was different. In a few moments I shimmied out of my shorts and panties and slid slowly canlı casino into the water.

Saying nothing, I glided over to the side where we had been the night before and shared what was undeniably intimate, not as friend and not lovers but somewhere in between. I giggled as I assumed the same position; waiting to see what Kendra would do as the alcohol started doing its job. This time I made direct eye contact with her, saying nothing but silently calling her to join me. She moved slowly, as if fearful but also unable to resist, and choosing the water jet directly next to the one I was already straddling. Not once breaking her eye contact, she pressed herself to the jet and shivered as it began to stimulate her, sharing it with me, her shoulder grazing mine every so often. Kendra was doing a dangerous dance close to a very sexual line and her own deep need keeping her from completely resisting it. I slipped my hand over hers and felt her fingers lock with mine, gripping desperately as if she was trying to keep from surrendering to what she was feeling.

My gawd she was gorgeous, I had thought it many times before but this was in a whole different category as her body was fidgeting, hips moving eyes glazed over, gripping my hand so tight that it was slightly painful. Eyes still locked with mine, Kendra’s body started its own deeply erotic, deeply sexual dance that whether she admitted it or not was for me, just me in this moment. Her back arched, head leaning back, eyes closed and one thing escaping her lips.

“Ohhhhhh my gawddddddd, Kendra. Yesssssss…”

I watched her intently as she gave into the most explosive climax she had ever experienced, letting her have its way with her like a seductive lover, thrashing, writing, riding it out with no resistance. Her full breasts were heaving as she panted, moaning, and as she turned her gaze back to me I felt my own orgasm slam into me, one so intense that I felt like I was blacking out. I bit my tongue lightly to keep from calling out her name for fear that it would break the enchantment that was gradually taking her over. I felt her hand still intertwined with mine, as if we were so connected that we could feel each other’s orgasms simultaneously. When I finally regained my senses, Kendra was staring at me almost in awe, saying only, “Wow…that was…wow…”

I sported my ever present crooked smile and cocked my head to one side. “You ok?” I asked, once again hoping I hadn’t blown it. Kendra smiled shyly and nodded, and slowly stepped out of the hot tub and disappeared inside.

About an hour later, I heard the television and since we have no coverage in the mountains, I presumed that she had found the kaçak casino trunk of old VHS tapes my family kept at the cabin. I sauntered into the main room and watched Kendra laughing hysterically as she listened to the dialogue of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“C’mon Jen, let’s do a movie night!” she giggled, clearly unfazed by the experience just an hour ago.

“Can we forgo the popcorn?” I shot back. She nodded.

For the next several hours and long into the evening we had our own slumber party laughing so hard we were crying at one point or another, and still drinking copious amounts of rum. Just after midnight our livers went on strike and we started falling asleep and neither of us wanted to move from the spot, we I pulled the sleeper couch out and we just laid back and fell asleep.

When I woke up at what I believed was about 2:00 AM, I found myself tangled up with Kendra, her head resting on my shoulder and her face snuggled into my neck, arm draped over my waist. Her body was warm against mine and I swallowed deeply to keep my desires from getting the better of me but it felt so fucking sexy it was driving me crazy. I pretended to move in my sleep to free myself from temptation, and Kendra rolled over away from me, and I exhaled a long, slow breath in an attempt to relax enough to fall back asleep.

Kendra fidgeted again, making me think she had just woken as I had. I had rolled on my side with her facing away from me, and she rolled back over facing me. I pretended to be asleep, watching her through barely open eyelids to see what she was doing. She inched closer, as if trying to figure out if I was awake or not, and I had to use a huge amount of self-control to keep from laughing out loud.

Clearly she was studying me, though I couldn’t tell what was going through her mind since the light was so low. Her breath was shaky and I could feel its warmth on my face and she held herself there for what seemed like an eternity. Then all at once and without warning I felt her lips on mine. SHE kissed ME, and it might have been fueled by rum but it was her initiating it. It was a slow slight sensual kiss but absolutely not the kiss a straight girl gives her lesbian best friend, not unless there was romantic or passionate intent. And it wasn’t accidental or just one; she kissed me at least four times, and just after she rolled facing away from me.

I knew there was a point where Kendra would have to cross a line into things she had never done before and things that were probably outside her comfort zone. Our intimate moments in the hot tub had breached some of those limits, but when she kissed me like a lover I knew it was only a matter of time before we were doing other things that lovers–girl lovers do. I drifted off again, and had even more fervent dreams about Kendra, my straight Kendra who had initiated kissing me, and asleep or not it was a huge step.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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