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My brother sister and I had grown up in a pretty typical home in the Northeast. I was 32 when my parents shocked all of us announcing their divorce. After hearing this news, we all suspected my father was having an affair, or affairs, during all his business travel.

We all agreed not to be outwardly bitter to Dad, since they seemed to splitting on good terms, and Dad took good care of her financially. We also all agreed to take extra special care on Mom. Little did I know how special would be the care I provided?

I saw my mother every few months and always asked her what I could do for her around the house. She never asked for much and I mostly took care of things that I noticed, not waiting for her to ask.

I enjoyed visiting more than normal as I had always had an incestual desire for my mother, and her being divorced and living alone did nothing but fuel my crazy desires.

Mom was a tall petite lady with a perfect shape and small breasts. I guess she was about 5’9″and only 125-130 pounds. She was a brunette and dressed very plainly, but could not hide the loveliness of her body. I had once accidentally seen her naked in the tub when I was about 15, and ever since then I have always preferred petite, small breasted ladies.

Each visit I queried Mom on why she was not dating and she always just blew me off. I was soon asking her if she didn’t miss kissing and hugging, and she seemed embarrassed to even discuss it. She often told me to worry about my own dating as I was not seeing anyone that she knew about.

Mom was not going out at all, and beginning to drink more and I was worried about her taking this to excess. On one of my visits, I insisted that Mom get more active and more involved outside of the house. I soon enrolled us in a gym and we began to go out to dinner and shows at least once or twice a week. Mom loved the dinner and shows, but hated the gym.

I took mom out shopping and we bought her leotards and new cross trainer shoes. Mom was getting almost pissed at this “silliness” but I won. I had her model the outfits, and it made my dick hard looking at her lithe frame in the skin tight clothes. I was totally put out at the idea of wearing these things, and going to a gym, but agreed to make me happy.

Out first visit to the gym went very well. I acted as her trainer even though I had only the basic understanding of how to train. It was that or nothing as Mom was too shy to let some strange guy or gal work with her. I showed her the different machines and light weights and how to use them. I took advantage of the exercises to touch her a lot in safe places, moving a limb to place it correctly, squeezing a limb muscle to explain its action in movement, and placing my hand on Mom’s tummy as she worked out to help her feel the muscle contractions.

I am sure Mom did not notice or realize how excited I got from seeing and touching her so much in the leotards. I purposely wore tight briefs under my shorts so that I could keep m hard dick up and flat against me, although it sometimes took some maneuvering to get my cock up, when it started getting hard in the down position.

I was also passing on a lot of compliments to her to not only build her self-esteem, but to endear her to me even more. I started with simple comment’s like, “You are looking good,” to then advance to “You’re really Beautiful,” and finally, “You’re a sexy woman, Mom.”

Mom seemed OK with the first two, but really objected when I called her sexy. I saved it for infrequent and special occasions, like a new dress, or after getting her hair done.

We had a nice schedule going with visits to the gym and nice dinners at home or at restaurants. Since getting into the exercise and attention from me, my concerns about Mom’s Isolation and drinking disappeared.

One night after a nice dinner, when we arrived at home, I asked her if she wanted another drink, and she agreed. I made us cocktails and we sat on the couch sipping and talking. About 30 minutes later I refreshed her drink and knowing she had a nice buzz going, I turned out discussion to love and companionship.

I asked, “Mom, why don’t you date?”

“I don’t have the desire or need to get into all the complications that go with that,” She quietly replied.

“But everyone needs companionship and love,” I countered.

She looked at me for a few seconds then smiled and said, “I have you for companionship and love, I am perfectly happy.”

I put my arm around her shoulders and kissed her cheek, then looking deep into her eyes I asked, “What about making love, physical love?”

Mom sighed and leaned into my shoulder and whispered, “I can live without that if I have what we have here.”

I kissed the top of her head and hugged her close as I responded, “Everyone needs the pleasure and release of physical love, it’s how we are wired.”

Mom, put her arm across my chest and said, “This and you are my physical love sweetheart.”

We sat for a few more minutes and then I pulled ataşehir escort away to get us another drink. When I returned Mom snuggled right into my chest with a long sigh, like she missed me for the minutes I was gone.

We sipped our drinks and I stroked Mom’s head and shoulder with my arm that was around her. I then tilted her head back and kissed her on the lips. Mom tensed briefly, but didn’t pull away, and a second later was letting me kiss her lips and cheeks. As I kissed down her neck she tilted her head to the side and offered me an easier access.

I stopped kissing, pulled back a bit and we looked at each other for a long time. I was dying to know what Mom was thinking, and of course was hoping she was thinking about us taking this further. I leaned back in and kissed her lips again, this time letting my tongue slip out and taste her lips. Mom shuddered and then tensed up again. I kissed her forehead and cheeks and said, “I love you so much Mom.”

Mom answered in a very low breathy voice, “I love you too, I have never been happier.”

I decided to risk it, and I whispered into her ear, “I want to tell you about something I have wanted for many years. I want to make love to you.”

Mom froze and I could feel all her muscles tense. She turned toward me and growled, “Is that what this is all about? You have come sniffing around your old divorced mom, and tonight plying her with drinks, all to get into bed with me? That is so disgusting!”

Mom got up, and stormed out of the room, dropping her glass loudly in the kitchen sink.

I was devastated and ashamed at what just happened. I had read this all so wrong, or let my fantasy take the lead over common sense, and now the love of my life was totally put off by me.

I went to bed but could barely sleep. I tossed and turned all night.

In the morning I didn’t even want to face Mom, but finally went into the kitchen where she was working at the stove.

Mom looked back at me and said, “Oh my God, Doug, you look like death!”

I sheepishly looked at her feet and responded, “I feel like death. I am so sorry for last night Mom. I love you so much and never meant to do anything to hurt you.”

Mom turned and opened her arms to me, and I stepped into them. She was talking into my chest, “Stop, I overreacted, I was so startled and instead of accepting your sweet offer of love with appreciation, I ran. But we are mother and son, that kind of love is never appropriate.”

My heart soared, and I said, “Mom you are so special, that is why I love you so much. I thought last night I had ruined any relationship we had.”

“Get a cup of coffee and let’s talk,” Mom said as she took her coffee cup to the living room.

I got a cup and followed. I sat next to her on the couch with a respectable space between us.

Mom patted the couch next to her hip, “Move over here, as we discuss what happened and how we go forward. I certainly do not was to lose the closeness we have built up over the past few weeks.”

I slid over and Mom picked my arm up as I did and put it around her shoulders. She looked up at me and said softly, “Kiss your mother.”

I dropped my lips to hers and kissed her lightly on the lips. I pulled back and looked into her eyes.

Mom smiled and said, “I love that, and I love the feeling I get when you hold me in your arms. I feel safe and wanted.”

My mind was reeling in confusion, and I blurted out, “That is all I want for you Mom, to know how much I love you and that I will always be here for you.”

Mom searched my eyes and replied, “I know, and I love you so much and never want anything to come between us, we just need to show our love within appropriate limits. I never want to push you away, and I never want to have you worry about being totally honest and open with me. Now kiss me again.”

I kissed my mother’s soft lips and while I did not risk slipping my tongue out, we kissed for a long time and I noticed she was breathing heavy like I was.

When we broke, Mom smiled and said, “All better? Do you forgive me for last night’s outburst and are you willing to talk openly?”

I kissed her quickly and answered, “Yes of course, I was my fault not yours.”

“Shhh, no one’s fault, now tell me what brought about all that talk about such an inappropriate topic?” She asked.

My mind was racing trying to figure out what, and how much, to tell her! I realized we had agreed to be open and honest, so I jumped right in.

“Mom, since I was a teenager I had always found you to be the most special and most beautiful woman I ever met. I have wanted you as a lover all these years, but of course fought the feelings.”

Mom gave a light laugh and said, “Most boys have fantasies about their mothers at some time in their lives.”

I looked at her and offered, “I know, but I never grew out of it. Every lover I ever had was as close to being a spitting image of you as avcılar escort I could possibly find. That was so that I could, in my mind, make love to you, every time.”

Mom looked worried and said, “Oh my, that is too much. What on earth did I do wrong to lead you on like that?”

I was hurt that she blamed herself, and immediately corrected her, “You did nothing wrong! Your just so beautiful, and the quintessential perfect woman. Very practical, very loving, and caring. What man would not be totally consumed with desire for you?”

Mom gave that little laugh again, then said, “My goodness, such devotion and unearned praise. I am certainly not deserving all that. I just took care of you like any mother would.”

“Mom, you are so much more to me than that, I have never been able to truly love another woman due to my desire for you. The past few weeks have been a dream come true for me,” I told her.

Mom’s look softened and she buried her face in my chest, “It is so nice to be so desired, I love that you feel like that about me, and I love you more than any other man, but we need to keep this in check.”

“I understand, I just need you so much, I don’t think I will ever want another woman like I want you,” I truthfully told her.

“Well I am sure you find someone to replace your old mother,” she replied.

I lifted her head and looked into her eyes deeply, and said, “Absolutely no way, you’re not old, you are the only one I want. And besides, what about your needs, when will you find someone to take care of your needs?”

Mom was still drilling into my heart with her deep brown eyes as she said, “I don’t have needs, other than what you’re giving me now. Sex has never been important to me.”

I was deflated at that last comment, and before I responded I kissed her lips again. “Mom, I will give you everything I can, whatever you want or let me give you. But how can you say you have no needs? Since Dad left you just turned them off??

Mom’s eyes dipped and she sighed, “You don’t understand, I never had those type of needs. We are being open here, and I don’t want you thinking poorly of me or your father, but I gave myself to your father out of a wife’s duty, not for any desire or need.”

I was flabbergasted, I tilted her face up to me and asked, “Never? You never wanted him to make love to you? How is that possible?”

Mom shyly responded, “Oh in the beginning I wanted him to make love to me, but then after I realized it was just a sweaty romp in bed, no magic, I became numb to it. I actually hated him reaching for me after the first few years.”

“Mom, that is terrible! That’s not love, that’s a mechanical fuck. Dad never made you excited or really want it?”

Mom laughed and said, “Nice language Doug, I think he was just into the release. He would grab a tube of lube from the nightstand and I knew what that meant. Then he would reach for me, squirt some of that grease inside of me and climb on. A few minutes later he would grunt and roll off of me. At least he said thanks!”

“Mom, that is not making love. Making love is making sure your partner wants you, and feels wanted! It is not just a fantasy that books and movies play up, it is real.”

Mom brought her eyes back to mine and almost seductively said, “You make it sound so wonderful, I wish I had met a man like you 40 years ago.”

“It’s never too late to find real love,” and I kissed her again.

On my next kiss, without thinking my lips parted and I pushed my tongue into Mom’s mouth. Mom jerked, but accepted my tongue and let me play with her tongue, although she never pushed it back into my mouth.

We kissed for many minutes and then Mom pulled her face from mine and moaned, “Talk about feeling wanted. You make me feel special, like I am the only thing in the universe.”

“You are, Mom, you are the only thing that matter to me,” and I kissed her again.

Mom let my tongue into her mouth again, but only few a few seconds, then pulled back and said, this is getting out of hand. Remember who we are, and the limits that I brought up before.”

I fell back against the couch totally dejected and groaned, “God Mom, I want you so badly. I am going crazy!”

Mom took my hand and said, “I know you have needs, can’t you take care of them yourself?”

“You don’t understand, I want you because I love you, not because I need you. I want to make you happy,” I told her in a serious voice.

Mom, hugged me close, and said, “I wish we could be lovers, but you are my son and we need to control ourselves, we are not animals.”

“OK, Mom, I will take care of myself, but you can’t take away my desire, I will be thinking of you the whole time.”

Mom looked embarrassed and said, “Oh Doug, that is flattering too, I hope in your mind that I am everything you want.”

Mom left me sitting on the couch and returned to the kitchen. I went upstairs and jacked off to the thought of my avrupa yakası escort sweet mother and particularly the thought of being her first real lover. Thinking about our kisses and having my tongue in her mouth drove me wild, and I had a powerful orgasm.

We went about our day without speaking of the discussion we had earlier. I kissed Mom every chance I got, but without the tongue. Mom seemed fine with my attentions, and I was afraid this was the way it would be, kisses and hugs, no more.

A couple of nights later, we were again having drinks after a nice dinner out, and I sat next to Mom as we watched the news. As always, I had my arm around her shoulders, kissed her neck and lips often. I tried again with my tongue, and was rewarded with Mom’s open mouth acceptance. We kissed hotly for about 15 minutes, and I occasionally dropped my lips to kiss her neck and shoulders, but always returned to get my tongue in her mouth.

Mom actually was responding with her tongue, sometimes pushing it into my mouth, and her breathing was getting a little ragged. I sucked her tongue deeper into my mouth and hugged her tightly. Mom moaned against my mouth and I responded with moans of my own.

I pulled back and looked at my mother who was laying back with her eyes closed. I asked, “Mom, are you happy?

Mom slowly nodded her head and softly replied, “Oh yes, you make me feel so wonderful.”

“Open your eyes,” I demanded quietly. “I want to see into your heart.”

Mom opened her eyes and let me gaze into her soul. I kissed her lightly on the lips and said, “God I love you so much.”

Mom then reached up and held my face and asked me, “Don’t get me wrong, we can’t, but would you really want to make love to this old body?”

I stared at her and answered, “No, I would love to make love to the beautiful woman in my arms.”

Mom thought about this for a while and said, “You know we can’t, but you do make me feel so desired, I never felt like this. I am also worried that I am teasing you.”

“Its OK Mom, I love the dreams I can have from looking at you and kissing you.”

Mom, pulled me closer and whimpered, “So wrong but so sweet. I wish I could make you as happy as you make me.”

“Let me make love to you and show you how beautiful it can be, that would make me happier than anything in the world!” I told her.

“You know we can’t, Doug, but I’m OK with letting you imagine we are lovers so you can have special dreams. I will do anything to feed your fantasies, after all, you have done so much for me.”

“Mom, would you consider letting me kiss your breasts?” I asked.

“You don’t mean uncovered? I guess through my blouse would be no problem, “Mom asked me.

“No, I want to feel the soft skin of your breasts against my lips. I need to kiss you, not cloth.”

“Oh dear, oh my goodness, that is awfully inappropriate.” Mom looked lost in thought for a few minutes.

Mom looked at me and shook her head then said, “But I guess it would be OK, if it makes you happy. I really can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”

I kissed Mom as I began to unbutton he blouse. She was wearing a very conservative bra, nothing sexy, but I was beside myself in anticipation seeing that bra. When her blouse was open, I began kissing Mom’s chest just above the bra. Mom’s chest was beginning to heave as I kissed the tops of her tits.

I pushed the blouse off her shoulders and started again at her shoulders and worked my way down to her tits. After a few minutes of this I rose and kissed her on the lips, with an open mouth, and we again allowed or tongues to play. Mom’s breathing was getting heavier, and I loved her excitement.

I kissed down her chin, to her neck, and onto her chest. I kissed around her upper chest and shoulders and was pleasantly surprised when Mom used a hand behind my head to guide it back down to her tits.

I reached behind Mom and undid her bra strap as I kissed and nuzzled the top of her tits. With the loose bra, I was able to kiss under the top of the bra and I was getting very close to her nipples. I reached up and pulled the bra’s shoulder straps down her arms, letting the bra fall away.

I was mesmerized at the sight of my mother’s tits. They we really beautiful. A big benefit of smaller breasts is that gravity does not damage them as much. Mom’s tits were perfect. Very slight sag, fine shape and erect nipples. The nipples were framed by lovely rosy and puckered areolae. Her tits were firm enough that her nipples were still angled upward.

I looked up and saw that Mom was studying my face. I shook my head side to side and smiled at her.

She asked in a worried tone, “Are they too old and ugly?”

I replied, “Are you kidding me? I’m shaking my head in amazement. They are so perfect. I love you and I love your breasts.”

I leaned in and kissed a nipple that I had so longed for. Mom’s chest heaved up and she moaned loudly. I then kissed the other nipple, and sucked it into my mouth. Mom’s moans came more rapidly and softened. I began kissing all around her titties, often kissing and sucking the nipples into my mouth.

“Oh Doug, that feels so good, I love that,” Mom gasped.

“Mom, your breasts, your tits, are so fine and so sexy, I have waited so long to get your tits into my mouth, and I love it too!”

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