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Chapter 5.

When I got near the bottom I got my first clear sight of Mom’s Delicious scrumptious rectum-opening, and it was much too much for me to take. I growled low in my throat, pulled her delectible ass cheeks apart, and before I quite knew what was happening, I’d leaned forward and fastened my mouth over her asshole. I sighed with a sweet and euphoric contentment I’d never felt before in my entire life!

Lucille was relaxed, and didn’t notice at first what was happening. It took her a minute to figure out what Johnny was doing, and by that time she was completely lost. She began to try anyways. “Oo, Johnny? What, what, are you, you, you doing? That’s, that’s, not right, oo, aiee!” This last sentence was a wail of intense animal pleasure, as she gave into the unexpected rush of intense pleasure, and began grinding her hips in a circular motion, losing herself completely to the erotic sensation of her son’s mouth sucking on her asshole, while sliding his tongue in and out. It felt so hot and slippery to her, it started her juices flowing copiously from her hot, and suddenly tingling pussy. What Johnny was doing to her was causing a mounting excitement that had her pussy suddenly over-heated, and a sodden sopping wet mess.

I might have listened to Mom’s first plees, if I’d heard them, but it was doubtful. Fortunately for the both of us, I didn’t have to really make that decision. I was so far gone with what I was doing, all I could hear was a roaring and buzzing in my head. My pulse was beating like a jackhammer. I heard Mom’s wails turn into grunts of joyful intense pleasure, and it made me feel so good I could hardly stand it. I’d always loved Mom and now my fantasy was coming true. Now I could give Mom some real sexual pleasure, and get some for myself too!

I growled and moaned as I sucked and licked Mom’s scrumptious and tasty rectum opening. I could just vaguely hear Mom’s cries and grunts of pleasure over the roaring in my head. I plunged my hot wet tongue inside Mom’s opening, faster and faster with my heart beating like a trip-hammer, thrilling to Mom’s joyful squeals and quick little grunts of intense erotic, mindless pleasure, I felt Mom begin cumming, over and over, with spasm after spasm, filling my greedy mouth with her warm sweet tasting cum juice.

Lucille’s brain was overloading with flashing sparks of erotic orgasms. “Oo, oo oo! Good! Oo oo! Suck, my, ass, Honey Baby! Eat, my, ass, Johnny! Suck, me, raw!” She was slinging her head from side to side with the joys of continuous orgasm after orgasm, coming, one right after the other, like 1 2 3. Unconsciously she raised her bottom up, and reached both her hands behind her to pull her cheeks even further apart, so her son could stick his ravenous tongue even deeper inside her spasming hole.

I was sucking with a fervor I didn’t know I had in me. I’d managed to get Mom’s entire hole opening inside my mouth, and I was sucking like I hoped to draw water from a thousand foot well! When my Mom finally collapsed from her multiple orgasms, I pulled my mouth slowly off Mom’s scrumptious and delicious asshole, giving several wet slurping licks and deep thrusts with my still tingling hot tongue. I eyed Mom’s swollen and puffy looking dark rectum opening. It was so lovely and delicious looking, I felt tears of joy forming in my eyes. My cock was hot and hard now, jumping and twitching. I couldn’t help myself. I quickly jerked my jockeys off, and freed my jumping cock. I crawled up between Mom’s legs til my hard cock was pressing inside Mom’s soft and silky warm crack. I pulled Mom’s cheeks apart and put the head of my burning cock against Mom’s spincter muscle, and slowly pushed my cock past the ringed opening, and inside. I felt her warm moistness and tightly clutching muscle squeezing me, as I slid inside all the way. When my Mom’s rectum started spasming and squeezing my inflamed cock in its hot and moist seductive way, my cock immediately exploded with burst after squirting burst of my splashing hot cum deep inside.

“Oh! Oh! Oh God Mom! I love you I love you!” I couldn’t have moved if my life depended on it. I felt so warm and good. My cock felt like it was wrapped up inside Heaven itself. I felt the warm heat and moistness caress and squeeze my tingling cock every time Mom’s intestine spasmed. This caused my cock to jump uncontrollably with intense pleasure, as her moist warm bowels enclosed, and squeezed my cock, I felt it milking every drop of cum out.

“Oo, Johnny!” Lucille moaned as she lay beneath him, loving his weight and hot body pressing down on her back. “You feel, so, so, good Son!” Lucille squeezed her rectum muscle, and giggled lasciviously when her son moaned with delicious pleasure. “You’re, not done, already, are you?”

Chapter 6.

I slipped my arms around Mom and cupped her breasts. I began fondling her erect hard nipples, rolling them tenderly between my fingers. “No, Mom, I’m not, nearly, done yet! My cock’s still, hard, as a rock! Can’t, you feel, sisli escort it, jumping, inside you?”

Lucille giggled happily and squeezed her rectum muscles once more, just to hear him groan with pleasure again! “Is that, what, I’m feeling? My, but it does feel, a little hard, hot, and somewhat agitated! Hadn’t you better, do something, about that?”

I grinned mischieviously at Mom’s delicious back. I kept on licking and sucking on her skin. I began slowly pulling my hot cock out of Mom’s hot moist asshole. I trailed my hot wet tongue all the way down to Mom’s waiting, incredible crack, and hidden scrumptious asshole.

“Oh Baby! wuh, why’d you do that?” Lucille was feeling like she’d just been emptied out, and didn’t much like the feeling, but she started gasping when she felt Johnny’s fingers begin working inside her hot dripping pussy, while his lips licked down her spine and began working her inflamed, tender and tingling rectum-hole over again, sucking and licking, sticking his hot and wet slippery tongue once more inside her overheated anus.

As I licked down Mom’s wet salty tasting back, I slid my arms down and found Mom’s sex and began playing with it, running my fingers inside and searching for Mom’s sensitive joy butten. I found it and began rubbing it with my finger. I reached with my other hand and began sliding my fingers in and out and around Mom’s sopping hot slick pussy. I slid down and rested my face inside Mom’s lusciously delicious, steamy crack. I opened my mouth and began licking at her puffy, red, and inflamed looking asshole, taking erotic pleasure in sucking the swollen skin all around the partly open hole. I made it even darker red just by sucking on it. I fastened my mouth around the partly open hole and tongued it til Mom began moaning again from the erotic pleasure she was feeling, then I began licking as much of the inside skin as I could reach. with my craving, quivering, slippery tongue, I went wild with a need I couldn’t begin to understand.

Oo! Oo! Oo Baby! Oo!” His licking tongue and sucking mouth made Lucille think her son was trying to suck her insides right out! It felt so damned good, she arched her back and reached back with her hands to pull her tingling cheeks even further apart! She wanted him to lick, eat, and suck forever, if he wanted to! “Do, do it Honey! Oh yes Baby! Do it more! More! More! Eat, my, Asshole, good!”

Lucille was grinding her hips madly, and humping back too. She didn’t know quite what to do to make it feel better, but she knew she wanted to! Finally she cried out, “Now Baby! Fuck, me, sweet, Baby! Fuck, me, Johnny! Oh, fuck me, raw! Shove that hot, hard, cock, in, my, hot, hot, asshole, right, now! Now now now! Do it now! Oh please sweet Jesus Baby!”

Lucille was delirious from the explosions of multiple orgasms, and she was wanting her son’s hot hard jumping cock all the way inside her inflamed, overheated tingling asshole.

I slid back up onto Mom’s warm swetty back, and lining up my throbbing cock, I put the head right up against Mom’s hot yummy rectum opening. I felt a magic explosion of purest ecstacy as the tip of my sensitive cock first touched the silky, hot and moist skin of the hole. I pushed it inside with a low cry of, “Oh God! I love you Mom! You feel, so, so, wonderful! I wanna, fuck, you, forever, and forever! Oh God Mom! Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck! Sweet Jesus! Sweet fucking Mama! I, wanna, fuck, fuck you forever, Oo, Mama, oh yes! Yes yes yes!”

I was fucking Mom’s sweet delicious, and tight asshole, as hard and fast and deep as I could without pulling out.

Lucille groaned with ecstatic pleasure and wiggled her bottom, grinding her wet pussy into the bed.

“Oh Johnny Honey! Fuck me! Oh yes, fuck my, ass good! Ream, me Baby, ream me good! Fuck, my asshole, good! Fuck me raw! Fuck Me fuck me, fuck me John, Johnee! Aiee! Aiee, oh my God aiee!”

Lucille was squealing her pleasure to the world, and Johnny was in seventh Heaven!

All too soon Johnny felt his climax coming to a head! He just managed to pull his Mom’s hot cheeks apart and shove himself in all the way to his pelvis, before he exploded deep inside his Mom’s moist bowels, with spray after spray of hot steamy cum! His cock was buried inside as far as he could put it, and he almost fainted from the intense joy and erotic pleasure it gave him, His cock was jumping around, and jerked with each hot burst of his creamy burning cum.

Lucille was blushing a bright pink, and her head was rolling from side to side with ecstatic moans, and she was grunting, groaning, and crying out with every orgasmic bolt of joy.

“Oh! Oo! Oh! Oo! Fuck me! Fuck me Baby!” Lucille was half delirious with pleasure. “Fuck me good! Oh yes Oh fuck, my, hot, sweet, burning ass! Fuck, it, raw! Oh fuck it, fuck me, fuck, shit fuck! Shit fuck! Oo, oh Baby! Aiee, Aiee!”

Lucille was totally out of control now. All she could think of was /Johnny’s hot and hard cock inside her ass. She felt each şişli esc burning squirt of hot, searing cum, as it splashed inside her, making her bowels feel like molton lava was splashing deep inside them! It felt so erotic, and delicious to her, she began wailing in wild, exhilerating joyful screams.

Johnny just laid there, his heart beating madly, and his cock jumping to his heartbeat.

His Mom was laying still now, groaning a little, and slowly moving her hips unconsciously.

Johnny slipped out of his Mom’s tight squeezing spincter, and slid down. He pulled her flushed sweaty cheeks apart, and started kissing his Mom’s lovely inflamed asshole! It felt so good to his Tongue, licking her moist hot sweet-tasting skin.

Chapter 7. Johnny was thinking of Mom’s other place. He was lusting and craving his Mom’s hot juicy pussy now.

“Turn, turn over Mom. Please turn over.” His voice was hoarse, but steady. “I wanna eat, you now, Mom! I wanna, lick you, and taste your beautiful, delicious, pussy! Please let me! Please, turn over, pretty please?”

Lucille stirred a little, then groaned. “Don’t know if I, can! Turn over. That is, will you, help me Honey?”

Johnny couldn’t help but giggle with sudden relief! “Yes, oh yes Mom! I will! I’ll help you!” Matching his words with action, he helped with trembling hands.

“Thank you Mom! Oh Thank you so very much Mom!” Johnny was gushing, but he couldn’t help it. “I love you, I love you Mom, I love you!”

Johnny began licking and sucking the insides of his Mom’s legs from her knees upward. He took his time licking and sucking, reveling in Mom’s delicious tasting skin, sucking with wild abandon, as he licked his way up towards her lovely pussy, waiting so patiently and wetly, in its growth of tightly curled sopping wet hair. “Oh my God! Honey!” Lucille sucked her breath in sharply, as her son nuzzled into her wet pussy. She felt his lips and mouth actually sucking the juice right out of her pussy’s hair. She moaned at the erotic feeling she felt.

“Eat it, Baby!” Lucille moaned wildly, “Suck my, juice Baby, suck it, all up! Oh, yes, fuck oh suck, me Johnny! Fuck oh suck me, yes God, suck suck! Sweet, fucking suck suck suck, suck me raw!” Lucille was grinding her burning, sopping pussy against her son’s face, and fucking it with her feverishly grinding groin.

Johnny was sucking the wetness right out of his Mom’s pussy’s hair. He took one mouthful of her hair inside his mouth and sucked greedily, til her glorious taste was gone, then he shifted his head enough to suck another mouthful of his Mom’s wet pussy’s hair inside his mouth, and suck the pussy sweet creamy juice out and swallow it! He couldn’t seem to get enough.

“God! Mom!” Johnny gasped, “You, taste so, fucking, good! I love your taste Mom!”

Johnny nuzzled his way into his Mom’s partly open pussy, and thought he’d reached Heaven for sure. He reached up and spread her pussy’s lips open wider, and exposed its tender pink moistness to his feverishly feeding eyes, mouth, and tongue. He pushed his face right up to Mom’s creamy warm wet heat, inhaling her womanly aroused sex scent.

“Oo, Mom!” Johnny was breathing hard, “You smell, as nice, as you taste! I love you Mom! I’m gonna, suck your, glorious, sweet-tasting, succulant pussy, til you, beg, for, mercy!”

With that, Johnny began licking and sucking. He worked his way over every tiny piece of his Mom’s moist pink pussy’s skin. He worked his lips slowly to her clitorus. When he got there, Johnny licked it thoroughly from top to bottom and back again! Then he sucked it greedily into his mouth and began probing and licking her delicious pee hole. He sucked her clit til he had it puffed up and looking inflamed. Then he worked his way back down to her sopping pussy’s hole. He rubbed his lips all over her succulent wet hole, til he couldn’t stand it any longer. Johnny fastened his mouth to Mom’s pussy-hole, completely covering it. Then he began sucking, using his tongue to slurp her sweet tasting nectar-juice from its hiding place, He sucked and slurped and swallowed every drop of her slick, white, creamy juice.

“Oh, Honey Oh, Baby! You are, driving, me mad! I love, what, you, are, doing!” Lucille was lost again in her orgasms. Her breath was coming in such short gasps it hurt her to talk, but she went on anyways. “Do it, Honey! Eat my pussy! Eat it, eat it, eat it raw! Oh God! Suck me raw! Please, don’t stop, Honey, don’t stop, please Don’t stop! Oo, aiee! Oh, God!” Lucille was squealing and mewling now from an overabundance of multiple orgasms, her heart and loins were pulsing like one or the other was about to explode.

“Suck me Baby! Suck, my pussy! Suck it, suck it, oh fuck, fuck fuck!” She loved it! She loved it loved it loved it! She loved her son eating her hot steaming pussy! Chapter 8.

Lucille was going out of her mind. She suddenly needed Johnny to fuck her. She wanted his hot and hard cock inside her tingling pussy right escort sisli now. “Fuck me Baby! Fuck me Honey! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me, Oh yes Johnny! fuck my pussy! Shove, your hard hot cock, inside, my burning, wet pussy! Fuck, pleaze Honey! Oh, prettee pleaze!

Johnny slid up on his Mom’s wet warm glistening belly, and just as he reached her gasping lips, he felt his tingling cock touch his Mom’s warm and wet pussy’s lips and slide between them and brush against her hole’s opening. He pushed it in real slow, letting his mind feel the hot pussy engulfing and surrounding his cock, as it slid inside all the way.

Ah, yes! Like that! Oo, you, feel so, hot!” Lucille began thrusting and grinding her sopping wet hot pussy against Johnny’s thrusting groin, helping her pussy suck at his penis like a sucking mouth.

Johnny was delirious with happiness! His tingling cock was sliding in and fucking such a heated sweetness, he knew he’d lose his mind if he wasn’t careful.

When he heard his Mom’s words, he almost came just from The words flowing out of her gasping lips, her lusting cries and importunings. He wanted to fuck her and never stop. Lordy, how he wanted to keep fucking her! He wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck her forever and ever!

Johnny started sucking and licking the lovely breasts he’d longed for all his life. He licked each nipple til the bud popped up, then licked and sucked each hard tasty bud, rolling them with his slick tongue, really giving Mom’s erect nipples a work out, sucking her delicious taste right off her hard swollen buds, and fucking her like a slow moving snail, easing his burning hard cock inside her as deep as he could go.

Johnny felt like he’d just reached Heaven’s open portals! He moved his hips slowly at first, thrilling to the smoothness, heat, and wetness of his Mom’s lovely and over-heated pussy’s hole. He so loved the erotic feeling of his cock sliding in and out, and feeling like it was sliding in and out of Heaven itself. Johnny wished he had 10 more inches of cock, and 20 more inches of tongue, just so he could go even deeper inside all his Mom’s delicious holes.

Johnny was so hot right now, he wished his Mom had to pee just so he could drink her hot urine straight from her clit, right from her body. Johnny felt like he could suck the shit right out of her poophole, and die happy from the experience. God only knew how much he loved his Mom. Johnny knew he could die for her, if he ever had to.

Lucille was about to go crazy herself. Her son was just about to make her that way. She thought he must be trying to make her whole body ignite into white hot flames of orgasmic delight. What he was doing felt so wonderful she wanted to scream! “Oh, Johnny! Oh, Baby! Oo, fuck me, Honey, fuck, me! Oo, fuck me fuck me fuck me! Oh Sweet, Sweet Jesus, I’m cumming, oo, Oh fuck me, I’m cumming cumming cumming, cum – ing! aiee, aiee!” Her pussy and belly were feeling like the burning flames of Hell were setting them on fire! She’d never felt so gloriously hot and alive before. It was so, so, so, fucking good!

“Oh, yes Baby! Fuck me Johnny, oh, Christ yes! Oo, fuck fuck fuck, me, good! You feel, so, fucking good!” Lucille was wailing and gasping for air, her erotic senses exploding like wildfire inside her squirming belly, inflamed mind and overworked feverish brain. She rolled her head and pulled at her son’s ass, trying to get him to stick his cock in deeper and faster and harder.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck fuck fuck! Fuck, me hard! Harder harder harder! Oo, yes! Yes yes Baby! Fuck me please, please!Oh God yes!” Lucille’s climaxes were coming so fast, all she could do was lay there and grunt with total joy and ecstasy, and grind and hump her groin with as much enthusiasm as her tired and suddenly weak body could manage. She was oh, so, tired, but oh, so, happy with her son. He was certainly a good, good boy and she loved him more than ever.

Lucille managed to get her warm tired legs up around Johnny’s pumping hips, and slid them up even higher on his back, opening herself up even more, allowing him to push his hot spurting cock even deeper inside her burning love-hole. She wished he had another foot just so she could get even more of him deep inside her. The image in her fractured mind of his cock sliding inside her pussy, pushed her into another series of multiple orgasms.

“Oh God! Oh, God no! Not again! Oo, aiee! Sweet Jesus! Johnny, fuck fuck fuck!” Every word came out in short breathy gasps, as she tried to pull her son’s body even closer to her with her arms and straining legs.

Johnny was almost delirious with the sexual happiness he was feeling. He felt like he could fuck forever if his Mom would let him. The way she talked to him, and held him so tight to her, almost drove him wild with lust and desire, but when she wrapped her legs around him and slid them up to his ass and began squeezing, pulling him inside her even more deeply than he imagined he could go, it pushed him right over the edge. He shouted with pleasure as his cock began shooting great bursts of his hot cum deep inside her belly, exploding time and time again with great shocks of spurting cum, making his cock jump and jerk like it had a mind of its own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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