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The following chapter was originally posted in Incest/Taboo where it received a lot of negative feedback because of it’s content focussing on gay sex. It has been resubmitted for the enjoyment of readers who enjoy gay sex stories.

The proceeding chapters are exclusively straight & lesbian. They can be read via my profile.

The synopsis of the opening chapters are that Joshua is seduced by his girlfriends sister, Erin. After their sexual encounter Josh finds out that his girlfriend Mariah is not only is okay with his encounter but that she has been having an incestual relationship with her sister. As the story develops Joshua has encounters with Mariah’s other sister, Samantha.

Chapter two begins with the family going on vacation together where Joshua has sex with Samantha’s friend Eve, before entering a threesome with boy/girl twins Jesse & Samantha. During the threesome Joshua is sexually excited by seeing Jesse in action. The following picks up following the threesome.


After all the action of the previous night I had a hard earned sleep in. Mariah hadn’t asked why I was late to bed and I wasn’t quite sure how to bring up what I’d done with her twin siblings. Our morning began with a bit of cuddle before a big breakfast. Some members of the family had already awoke. Mariah’s father seemed like he’d been up a long time now.

It was another beautiful day. The sun shining. A gentle breeze blowing. The day was very relaxed, lounging by the pool, some reading books and others watching movies. Erin and Steve weren’t due in until later in the day.

It was just after midday when Jack suggested a game of tennis. The house had a full size synthetic turf court. For an old bloke Jack was in good shape and the sad truth is that despite age being on my side he was a much better tennis player than I was.

“Only if we’re playing doubles. I don’t want you beating me too badly.” I was interested but knew he was too good for me.

“Come on you lot. Who’s up for a hit?” Jack threw out his request to those lounging around the house.

“I’ll play. I’ll just go grab my sneakers and meet you at the court.” Jesse took up the offer. I hadn’t said too much to him throughout the day. I felt nervous every time I was around him.

“Come on, Mariah. You’re playing too.” Jack didn’t give his daughter a choice.

A few minutes for everyone to organise themselves and the four of us were out on the court with Susan sitting courtside sipping a cold water. It was decided I’d play with Jack and Mariah and Jesse would be our opponents. I’d played a lot of sports growing up but not a lot of tennis. Jack and his family however, they all seemed to have some level of talent flowing from Jack’s enthusiasm for the sport.

Now 21, Jesse had caught his father’s declining skills on the court. Jesse was far from being a jock, he prefered music and theatre in school over sports but he wasn’t uncoordinated and he was tall and strong and it showed on the tennis court. He moved well around the court and hit a tennis ball much harder than I could manage.

After a short warm up Jack decided it was time to start keeping score. Jack, like his children, was fiercely competitive.

“Come on Josh. Let’s show these pretenders who the real tennis players are.” I was his handicap just as Mariah was to Jesse. I wondered if Mariah and I should just get out of the way and let the truly talented pair go at it.

After a few games the scores were even and everyone was getting a bit hot. The sun was well and truly up and with the running to and fro everyone had developed a sweat.

Jack was serving and I stood close to the net. It was in waiting for Jack to send down his crafty top spinning serve that it occurred to me how lucky I was. There over the net stood two incredibly good looking people.

Mariah was in a pair of bright sports shorts that seemed bursting at the seams to contain her thick ass. They showed off her long lean legs. Her sleeveless shirt and sports bra beneath it weren’t flattering to her breasts but her legs were eye candy enough.

Her playing partner also had my attention. Having snuck some glances at Jesse while he was completely naked last night, I did again while he was dressed. Sure, I notice some guys were more well built than others, but for the first time I allowed myself to enjoy it.

Jesse was only a little shorter than me but a little thicker. Not any fatter, he was just more solidly built perhaps 20 pounds on me. Like his sister his tennis shorts highlighted that he had a solid ass. Mariah often joked that I didn’t have a butt but Jesse’s waist was probably a couple of inches bigger than mine and he had a clearly defined ass.

His arms were glistening with sweat and as he swung to return Jack’s serve I noticed his muscles flexing. It was a side of Jesse I hadn’t seen. I so often thought of Jesse as gentle and soft but this Jesse was powerful and strong on the tennis court.

The ball flew by me, bounced in the court and on into the fence. Jesse had won the point and I hadn’t even noticed the game going eryaman escort on around me.

“Josh, you’ve got to get that!” Jack shouted from behind me.

“Sorry Jack, I thought you’d get it.” I was lying. It was simply that I was paying to much attention to Jesse to notice the ball had been hit to me.

A few more hits and the game was to match point, in Jesse & Mariah’s favour. Jesse was serving and I was returning. He’d hit a few thunderbolts towards me already and I readied myself for another.

Jesse swept his long floppy hair from his face. Tossed the ball in the air extending his long frame to full stretch before a sweet connection sent the ball flying towards me. I drew my racket back and swung in hope. I’d missed completely and the ball rattled into the fence behind me. Jack’s head fell he hated losing.

Mariah turned and ran before leaping into Jesse’s arms. He caught her, both of her legs around his waist. Jesse’s hands firmly on her ass. It was a bit of a turn on. Had it been any other guy I’d probably feel jealous or upset. But I felt differently about Jesse. I trusted Jesse. I liked Jesse.

“Good game you two.” Jesse said as he let Mariah down to her feet.

“It’s like you to just won Wimbeldon celebrating like that.” Jack responded with a bit of a grin, he wasn’t taking it too seriously.

“I’ll put the rackets away.” Jesse said as he collected Mariah’s rackets before taking ours back to the house.

“There’s a jug of water here for you all.” Susan shouted from beside the court. “Especially for my sexy husband.”

I took a sip from the refreshing glass of water.

“How does it feel to lose to a girl?” Mariah asked with a cheeky grin.

I wrapped my hand around her ass and pulled her into me, “you just distracted me with your beauty. It’s an unfair advantage.”

She smiled and gave me a peck on the lips. “You should get some sunscreen on or you’ll get burnt. I’m going for a swim to cool off.”

“There is some sunscreen in the bathroom Joshua.” Susan added.

“Yes ma’am. I’ll be back soon, might join you for a swim.”

I headed back to the house and into the bathroom.

Opening the door to the bathroom I had a big surprise. There was Jesse standing completely naked. He had the shower running with his hand extended to test the heat, he stood like a Greek statue.

“Oh fuck, sorry Jesse. I was just getting the sunscreen.” I apologized as I begun to turn and exit.

“It’s okay, you’ve seen it before.” He said with a grin that masked his self consciousness as he turned and looked into the shower, “grab what you need.”

I paused in the doorway, a little shocked by the situation, before moving back towards the cupboard under the sink. I didn’t make eye contact with Jesse but everything in me wanted to look at him. I’d never felt this way before. I was feeling sexual attraction to another man.

Sure, I’d watched enough porn to see naked men, but they were just the dick for a female porn star to entertain with.

I nervously clamoured around the cupboard having forgotten what it was that I was looking for.

“It was so hot out there. You’re welcome to join me if you like. This shower is massive.”

I couldn’t believe it. I had thought there was a bit of chemistry between us during our tryst the night before but I was still shocked by the proposition. It had never occurred to me that Jesse might be bi-sexual.

What would Mariah say if I took up his offer? What would the family think?

This family had opened my horizons but this was so much more than I could have ever expected to explore m. I’d never been attracted to a man prior to now, let alone been intimate with one.

What should I do? I didn’t know what boundaries we’d cross but I knew full well that if I accepted his offer we’d do more than shower.My urge was too much. Jesse had unlocked a side of my sexuality I never knew existed.

Jesse had hopped into the shower closing the shower door behind him. I gave myself over to my curiosity and began to undress. With every item of clothing I removed my heart raced faster.

The shower screen had fogged up. I could see Jesse clearly from the shoulders up as he stood under the shower head but his body was just an silhouette through the condensation on the glass.

I stood naked in the bathroom. Heart beating in my chest. I approached the shower and slowly pulled the door open. Jesse was facing away from me. He stood under the showerhead, the showerhead was so large it was as though your whole body could fit under it’s spray.

Water ran over his broad shoulders, down his smooth back and over his muscular butt. Even girls in great shape have that rounded ass shape, but Jesse’s was narrow, muscular and firm.

He turned around, our eyes connected, “I’m glad you decided to join me” he said with a warm smile a little louder than a whisper. His eyes were gentle and helped to ease the tension I was feeling.

This was just like my first time with a girl all those years ago. An overwhelming concoction of desire, anxiety and excitement.

“Here, eryaman escort bayan this shower is amazing” he said as he stood to the side to make space for me under the shower head.

I moved forward under the water resisting the urge to stare at his body and cock. Our eyes were locked on one another as we now stood just centimeters apart. The feel of the hot water rolling down my body as I looked into Jesse’s eyes was a sensory overload. My body ached with desire.

Jesse raised his hand and took a hold of my arm, just above my elbow. His touch was tender. Every nerve in my body had a sudden jolt of energy.

“I’m really glad you joined me” he said as his smile grew larger.

I could feel myself blushing. I nervously looked away, “I’m glad I did too.”

Jesse shuffled a little closer moving his hand from my arm and placing it on my back just above my ass. I’d never seen Jesse like this, so confident and certain of what he wanted.

In a moment of silence, my mind racing, I made the decision that I’d come this far and I wanted to go as far as this situation would take us. Jesse had made all the advances to this point and I wanted to meet him halfway. I wanted to show him that I was as interested in this chemistry between us just as he was.

I turned my body and faced him. His hand slid to my left side, above my hip. I reached out with my right hand and pulled him towards me as I shuffled back a little, making space for the two of us to stand under the stream of water.

“I’ve been thinking about you since last night.” I whispered as I intently looked deep into his eyes.

“Me too.” Jesse whispered back.

“Have you been with a guy before?” he asked.


“Have you wanted to?”

“Only since now.” I responded. “Only with you.”

I had caught Jesse off guard, it was now his turn to blush as his eyes quickly looked away from mine.

“Have you? Been with a guy that is.” I asked.

“I’ve done enough to learn how to make sure you’d enjoy it.” He said as he looked back at me. “How far did you want to go?”

“I’m want to take this wherever it wants to go.” I responded.

Jesse ran his hand down the side of my body, “Actually, if you hadn’t come in here I was going to jack off fantasizing about you, so this is much better.”

I’d heard guys talk game in the hope of getting to fuck a girl, I’d done it myself, but I’d never thought I’d be on the receiving end of a guy talking dirty in the hope he’d get to fuck me.

Jesse reached up and touched my chest and ran his hand down my body gently caressing me. I took a moment to look him over. His handsome face. His thick chest. His long cock.

I was unsure as to the right or wrong way to make love to a man but with desire building I made a decision of passion. I reached up placing both hands on his solid chest and pressed him back against the shower screen and pressed my body against his. I could feel the firmness of his body. The warmth of his skin against mine.

Our lips locked and we kissed passionately. I pressed my mouth strongly to his just as he did mine. It was the roughest most passionate kiss I could remember experiencing. I was turned on by the feel of his now erect cock bumping into mine as we made love.

Jesse’s hands ran up either arm before he pressed his body back into mine. I allowed him to move me as he pushed me up against the wall adjoining the shower screen.

His hands ran down to my side. He pressed his hands into my hips. I ran my hands around him and sank my fingers into his back. I’d never hugged a man’s body like this. To have his big muscular body in my arms gave me a satisfaction that I’d never had, a vulnerability from being with someone who was as strong as me, if not stronger.

As we continued to ravishingly kiss one another Jesse’s hand began to move. I felt excitement build within me as I knew where his hand was going. He took a hold of my cock.

I wondered for a moment what he thought of it. Did he like the size of it? Was he put off that mine was smaller than his?

My concerns were dismissed by how he played with me. I could feel his arousal in the atmosphere as he touched me. He held my cock firmly for a moment. He began to pull me off. I could feel my cock swelling and pulsating. He released my cock and began to tickle and tease it.

Our lips parted and we looked at one another. His brown hair had gone darker under the shower. With water gently rolling down his face I looked into his eyes. The same warm brown eyes as Mariah.

The moment felt like raw passion. More than the lust I’d shared with his twin sister. We weren’t just physically connecting, we were connecting on an emotional level. It was like we were filling a deep need inside one another.

Jesse stared deep into my eyes, “I want you so much” he whispered to me. Even under the cascading warm water his words sent chills down my body.

“I want you. I want you to fuck me.”

“Are you sure?”

“As sure as anything I’d ever wanted.” I responded as I put both arms around his escort eryaman neck and leant in for a more tender gentle kiss. His lips softened showing the gentleness he’d displayed the night before.

We paused our embrace to catch our breath. “I’ll be two seconds.” Jesse said as he turned and snuck out of the shower before quickly returning with a small bottle of lube.

He squirted the lube and lathered his cock. To see him touching himself had me swelling with anticipation of him having his way with me.

I leant in for another sweet kiss and I ran my hand up onto his face. His skin was smooth but his jawline was stronger than any of the girls I’d ever been with. I couldn’t believe I was so aroused by all his masculine features.

We stopped kissing, “I’m ready” I said with a smile trying to hide anxiety. I wanted him inside of me but I was unsure as to if pain would overwhelm me. Nothing had ever gone into my arse and now it was about to receive something as big as Jesse’s swollen cock.

Jesse reached out and took a hold of my shoulder, gesturing me to turn around. I spun around and faced the wall. Leaning forward I pressed my chest and face against the wall, half bent over presenting my virgin ass to Jesse. I hoped he was as turned on by my body as I was by his.

Jesse gently ran his hand down my back before squeezing my ass. His touch made me smile, it was his way of assuring me he liked my body. I could feel his hips pressing against my ass. His hard cock sitting between my ass cheeks. He pressed his chest against my back and seduced me with gentle kisses across my shoulders.

He stood back, my eyes closed as I leant against the wall. I felt a slippery slathering of lube as he ran his fingers up and down my ass crack and over my anus. The sensation of having my anus touched caused me to moan with pleasure.

He leant forward again and whispered in my ear. “Are you ready sexy?”

I was so ready. My dick was pulsating. My anus was titillated. It was as though my prostate was pounding inside of me from excitement.

“Give it to me Jes.” I responded.

I felt his chest pull away. I stood on my tippy toes in readiness for him. I felt the tip of his dick move across my ass before it came to rest on my anus, pressing firmly but not penetrating.

Jesse slid his hands onto my hips, reaching his fingers around my front. Then it happened. A sensation rushed through my body. Pleasure mixed with pain. My ass hole expanded swallowing his dick inside me.

I was unsure how deep he was maybe an inch or two. He rested for a moment.

“Was that okay Josh?” He sweetly asked showing a consideration for me that showed I was more than just a conquest to him.

“Yeah. Give it to me how you want.” Just like when I committed to undressing and joining him in the shower, I was committed to having the full experience with Jesse.

He slowly began to press inside of me then settled into a back and forth motion. The feeling of my anal passage contracting as he pulled out and expanding as he thrust in was pleasure. My dick had gone limp but my prostate was swollen and I could feel his dick pressing on my prostate and balls as if someone was playing with the base of my dick from inside of me.

“Keep going!” I moaned. I was as horny as I’d ever been and wanted him to pound me. “Give it to me.” I demanded.

His intensity increased. I could feel him really driving hard into me. His thrusting was in unison with him lifting onto the tip of his toes. He was trying to pound his thick dick as high up into my stomach as he could. It felt like his dick was filling the very depths of me.

I could hear Jesse’s breathing getting harder and harder as he pounded my ass stronger and stronger. With every pounding of his massive dick into my ass I felt my cheeks shaking in unison to the sounds of his hips pounding into my ass.

The water streaming down my body, Jesse was so close to me he now had a hand reaching around my body gripping to my chest, this was as pleasurable as I’d experienced.

I hadn’t known what to expect but I found taking it in the ass to be pleasure. Despite my limp dick it felt swollen, as did my balls and abdomen. As he pulled out of me I intentionally tightened my asshole and in doing so could feel every detail of his dick, every wrinkle, every bulging vein of his throbbing dick. His large head pulling through me was bliss.

Suddenly Jesse’s pace slowed. His thrusting shortened. Jesse was cumming inside of me. To know his juices were flowing in my insides only further grew my affection for him. I felt no shame. No embarrassment. Only ecstasy. Only joy. Only intimacy. We’d shared something truly special.

He pulled out of me. I turned and leant my back against the wall. My legs were like jelly. I’d been fucked and I loved it.

Jesse wiped his hair back and washed his face under the water. He looked at me. He looked at me in a way very few people had.

He was stunning. I’d never thought it before but in that moment I thought he had a gorgeous face. Soft skin, a good tan but a natural rouge to his cheeks. A strong jaw line and plump lips. Having never been attracted to a man, this was something else, this was full on desire. His thick cock had softened. His broad shoulders with water running down his chest. I loved every part of him.

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