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It has been a long time since Amanda and Jason have last seen each other. They both remembered how tough was their fight after which they’d broken up.

Neither, Amanda or Jason didn’t want to see each other. They weren’t happy because they both had to go on Megan’s 18th birthday – Jason was her relative, and Amanda was her best friend. They didn’t really have any other choice.

Although, they didn’t want to see each other, they still had feelings.

Amanda spent that whole day in front of the mirror getting ready. She had straightened her hair, just the way he loved to see it. She’d put grey eyeshadow on her eyelids. That color had always pointed out her brown eyes. She put lipstick on her plump lips. She always had been beautiful girl with snub nose, amazing eyes and hair, skinny cheeks and high forehead. She also had nice, skinny body, but she was very sexy. She had nice round ass and boobs size C. Her stomach was very flat, although she had never worked out. That night she had decided to put on one of her sexiest outfits which Jason didn’t allow her to wear in public. Jason was always really jealous boyfriend and she had to be under the bell jar all the time. His jealousy was one of the main reason because their relationship had come to an end. So, that outfit should show Jason that she’d moved on. She also had a date for that night. And, since Jason was one and only boyfriend, she knew that he is going to die when he sees her with someone else. Yes, she still loved him, but he hurt her so much. That night, she wanted to show him new her. Since they haven’t seen each other or even talked to each other for six months, this party was a really good opportunity to show him who she is now. Although, she didn’t really change. That was just a game she’d played. So that tight shorts, which showed her long skinny legs, and tight shirt, which showed her amazing flat stomach, should do the trick. Around nine Mike, Megan’s friend came to pick her up. He was cute, but she didn’t like him at all. Her heart belonged only to Jason. She got in her car and than, for the first time that day, she’d felt nervousness in her stomach. Something is going to happen, she knew. But what is it? And is it good or bad? She didn’t know. She only knew that she need to go that party.

Meanwhile, Jason was getting ready also. He was desperate for Amanda and he didn’t try to hide it like she did. He was eating himself because all the things that he had done to her. He was very jealous and that jealousy had grown, over time, in a violence. He didn’t hit her ever, he was too protective over Amanda, but he hit every guy that even looked at her. And he replayed in his head that night that they’d broken up over and over and over and over and over again.

It was cold February night, Jason had a basketball game, after which his team had won. As always they had a party. He didn’t want to go because he knew that Amanda hates parties, but he decided to go after his friends persuaded him. But he didn’t want to go without Amanda, so he picked up her first Ataşehir Escort and than they went on the party.

He didn’t really like the way she dressed that night. She had her tinny, short dress on. He loved that dress when they were alone, but he didn’t want the rest of the world to see her amazing body. But he didn’t say anything. He didn’t want them to fight.

When they’d arrived at the party, they danced at first, but it didn’t pass very long time before Jason started getting jealous. All eyes were on his sexy girlfriend. Than, they were two years in relationship. He was his first boyfriend and he didn’t want her to have any other. He wanted to ask her to marry him after they finish high school. She was the girl of his dreams. And he didn’t want anyone to see her as a sex bomb. She was his little girl. Sweet little virgin. He didn’t want anyone to see her as some slut. When he heard someone saying: ”I would fuck her.”, he lost it. He didn’t know who really said it but he hit a guy who was behind him.

”Stop it, Jason!” – Amanda shouted. – ”Please!”

He didn’t want to stop. He just keep on hitting him until three guys pushed him away. He always was strong, muscular guy with beautiful brown eyes and short black hair. He was the most handsome guy in the school and every girl wanted to be with him. He was a player before Amanda, but since the first time he’d kissed Amanda, he didn’t want to taste any other lips. They were both 16th when they first fell in love for each other. It was the most perfect relationship, if we neglect the fact that Jason was the most jealous guy in the world. And that night he broke every limit.

After three guys calmed him, he took Amanda by the hand and he drag her outside. She could barely stand on her feet. He was so strong. Once they were outside he started yelling at her.

”Why did you dress that?” – He screamed at her.

”What?” – Amanda was scared and confused. His eyes were bloody and she was truly afraid for herself. What is he going to do to her?

” That FUCK ME, I AM WHORE dress.” – He pointed at her. – ”What is that for?”

”What?” – She went numb.She keep on asking the same question.

”Are you stupid?” – He pressed her against the wall, while he was squeezing her arm. – ”Did you fuck them?”

” What are you talking about?” – She asked. – ”You know that I am virgin.”

”I don’t know that!” – He accused her. – ”You tell me that, but I don’t have any proof that that is true.”

”F you.” – She was very polite girl, she didn’t want to use bad language. She would say F when she wanted to say FUCK. – ”I don’t know for sure that you are virgin either, and I won’t ever know that, but I believe you.”

”You know that I am virgin,” – he pushed his fingers under her dress. He pressed her pussy. She couldn’t stop him. He was too strong. – ”Because if I wasn’t virgin, I would already fuck you.”

”Please, calm down.” – She got really scared when he removed her panties and Anadolu Yakası Escort started touching her pussy.

She would yell, but there wasn’t anyone in the alley. She asked herself if he would do something like this. To rape her. Here.They talked about their first time. Since they both were virgins, they wanted to make it special, but not like this. Not in an alley..

”I love you, Amanda.” – He pushed his tongue in her mouth. She returned his kiss, only because she was too scared to stop him. – ”I need you.”

”I love you too.”

”You can’t leave me.” – He breathed heavily on her cheeks. – ”Don’t leave me.”

”I won’t.” – She was honest. – ”Please, let’s go somewhere else.”

He took his hand out of her panties and they both had gone to his luxurious car. They went at his place. Although, Jason was only 18th he had his own place. His parents were very rich and he was the only child. Amanda didn’t was really rich. Her parents earned enough to pay basic needs. But she never took advantage on Jason’s money. She didn’t love him for that.

They continued with making out at his place. On their favorite part of the apartment – king size bed. They were kissing and Amanda really enjoyed cuddling with Jason. He was so amazing, until he didn’t flipped again. He started kissing her forcibly. She tried to push him but he didn’t want to go. He sat on her stomach and he put his strong hands on her cleavage. He tore apart her dress like it was a paper and not cotton dress. She got really scared.

She tried to push him, but he didn’t let her to do that. He put his knees on Amanda’s shoulders and he unzipped his pants. He just pulled it out from his pants. That was the first time that she saw his cock. It was very big and that scared her. What she should do with that? She is still 18th. She is not ready for sex. She liked being a virgin. She don’t want to lose that innocence. Why is he doing this?

She started to scream but he put his cock inside her mouth.

”Bite me and I am going to become very violent.” He warn her. – ”You want to be a whore, than suck it”

She didn’t have any choice. She tried to be gentle . She didn’t want to hurt him. Although he was doing this, she didn’t want to damage him somehow.

She suck it easily and he was moving a little. He was heavy for her body, but he didn’t care for that. It was first time that someone is sucking his cock and he liked it. He knew that he was hurting her, but he didn’t stop. He wanted her. He wanted to fuck her. Not because he needed sex – he didn’t have idea what it really feels like – but because he heard stories about girl getting attached to a guy they first fuck. He heard that they love them the most. He wanted to be sure that Amanda will be only his. He thought that sex was the only option.

While he was looking at her brown eyes, who were pleasing him to stop, he felt bad but he didn’t stopped. Strange feeling moved over his body. Like he was going to pee and he can’t hold it. In Kartal Escort a second he cum in her mouth. As soon as he done it, he collapsed beside her. He was tired. Like something hit him. He was inexperienced and he came really fast.

Amanda felt horrible when she felt that sperm in her mouth. She sat on the bed and started spitting sperm from her mouth. She felt like a whore.

She started crying.

She couldn’t move. She felt like she was just used by the person she loves the most.

He was lying for a few minutes than he went to a bathroom.

He didn’t say a word to her. She knew that, if he came back she would rape her, so she took his sweater from the floor and wore it. Her dress was ripped so she couldn’t wear it.

Half naked she ran from his flat, taking 20 dollars with her and stopping the first taxi. She felt like a real slut that day.

Jason realized what he has done while he was sitting in the bathroom.He ran to apologize to Amanda, but she weren’t there. He went to find her at her home, but her parents told him that she isn’t there. The following day, Jason found out that Amanda left LA and that she went in NY to live with her granny. She was truly afraid of him and she decided to go on all the way to NY. She thought that there she will be safe.

But she didn’t, because he found her. He tried to talk with her but she didn’t want to.

”What for, Jason?” – She yelled at him. She appeared strong, but she wasn’t. She knew that she would forgive him if he kissed her. – ”So you can rape me next time? I don’t think so.”

”I am sorry, okay?” – Jason cried. – ”I love you.”

”I don’t love you.” She lied. – ”I stopped loving you when you forced me to give you a blow job.” – She really wished that this was true, but it was far from the real truth. – ”So stop looking for me. I have new life now.”

That broke Jason. His little Amanda didn’t love him anymore? He went home and he cried that night. He did it every other night too.

Amanda started new life in NY: new life, new friends, new school, but she cried, also, every night. She couldn’t have any other boyfriend because she loved Jason so much. She was pretty fine, until now. She had to come on Megan’s birthday. Jason had too.

So on the entrance of the club in which Megan celebrated her birthday, two faces met again after six months.

Amanda was looking at Jason, and he was looking at her. He was so jealous on Mike who was holding her hand. Amanda knew that she had never kissed Mike or something like that, but she knew that Jason thinks so.

”Hey!” – Mike told to Jason, ending the silence which was in that warm night in lonely alley.

”Hey.” – Jason said not taking his eyes of his beautiful Amanda. – ”How are you?”

”Fine!” – She replied coldly, but she was burning up inside. – ”You?”

”I am fine now.” – He smiled with the most beautiful smile. She felt butterflies in her stomach.- ”After you.”

Amanda and Mike listened to Jason and got first in the club.

Jason was behind them. He decided that this was the night when he and Amanda will get back together.



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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