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Author’s Note: I plan this to be the first in a long series, provided that this first chapter gets some positive reviews. There won’t be much sex yet, but again I plan for this to be a longer story. Also, this story will contain many elements from many different genres. Just a few that I will definitely hit will be, Sci-Fi, Incest, and Mind Control. I’d love feedback on my storytelling and possibly suggestions for where readers would like to see the story go. Thanks for reading!


“Jon! Jon!” I snapped back to the present with enough force to leave me disoriented. My sister was standing a couple feet away, waving her hand to check if I was conscious.

“Sorry, sorry… I just spaced.” I told her sheepishly. I had been lost in thought when she walked up the stairs to the attic of our new apartment, thinking about the events of the past few days. It seemed crazy to me that we had moved out of our old home just a few days ago. The house that I had lived in for all of my childhood, gone on an impulse.

I didn’t resent my dad for cheating on mom. After the divorces of multiple friend’s parents, I was prepared for most of the fallout. There were plenty of signs that things weren’t exactly working out. Between the weekly fights, never seeing each other, and the stress of putting two kids through college, I’m surprised that they lasted as long as they did. And I’m not delusional, the only reason that they held it together so long was for my sister and I.

My senior year was over and my college years were about to begin. I lived in a college town, so the move wasn’t drastic, but my sister and I had decided that we couldn’t spend anymore time in our broken household. It was really convenient that my sister and a few friends were in the market for an apartment when this shitstorm hit. I kinda just hitched on to their plan, seeing as I was going to the same college anyway. We were just moving in today…

“Jon! Focus for five minutes!” My sister exclaimed, obviously annoyed that I spaced out so soon after the first time.

“Sorry Kim… It’s just tough..” Her eyes softened as she understood.

“I just wanted to get this all this junk out of here, the sooner we’re done the sooner we can relax and settle in.” She said softly. “It was really nice of Mr. Boone to give us the first month free for clearing all this crap out. I just wish I had know how much crap there was to begin with!”

Kim usually grumbled about any sort of work, even though I was going to be the one carrying all the dusty junk downstairs. She seemed to think that her looks would get her through life, even though in my opinion she was fairly plain. Mousy brown hair, just longer than her shoulders, framed a cute face. Not pretty. Just cute. Her body was a bit on the pudgy side, nothing a few trips to the gym couldn’t fix. (She would need more than a few though to get her back in what I called, Bangin Shape.) I guess her breasts and ass were about average, although I tended to never notice things like that. I mean she’s my sister for God’s sake.

“I know” I replied, “let’s just get this attic sorted through.” I turned back to the dusty boxes, trying to sort through the massive piles of junk.

“I’ll go get some trash bags. I think Mandy left them in the living room.” my sister called as she tramped back down the stairs.

Speaking of Mandy… My mind wandered as Kim left down the stairs. Mandy was the third roommate, counting my sister and I of course. Our last roomie was a guy named Kevin, but I didn’t want to think about Kevin just then. Mandy and Kim were almost complete opposites. Where Kim was sort of plain and frumpy, Mandy was exotic and elegant, she had darkish skin, and dressed like a princess. She had large, firm, breasts, that seemed to defy gravity as they perched on her chest, and a fat ass to boot, curved and well shaped by hours spent in the gym. I could dream about that ass all damn day, but if I did, Kim would rip my balls off and feed them to me.

I sighed as I turned my attention back to surveying all the junk in the attic. Stuffed animal heads, old pictures, a few discarded lawn care items… And a pink lamp. It was just a regular old desk lamp, but there was something odd about it. Something that.. Called to me. I was unsettled, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away. It was laying abandoned on the top of a particularly disorganized pile. It was so dusty!

I just had to give it a good polish… sisli escort I weaved over and around all the junk, hurriedly making my way towards the lamp. As I reached it my breath caught. I had no idea why, but this was a special lamp. This was the most valuable thing in this attic.

I slowly reached out my hand, fingertip barely brushing the shade of the lamp, leaving a small track in the dust. Instantly, a jolt shocked my finger and I pulled my hand away.

Where my finger had brushed the lamp, a small plume of smoke was welling up, billowing into the air. As I watched, dumbfounded, the smoke grew exponentially and seemed to move towards me…. Almost as if it was looking for me.

I wanted to scream, shout, run away! But I was trapped, frozen in fear, of something I couldn’t possibly know. Tendrils of smoke quested slowly forward, searching for something. I watched, still frozen as they crept closer and closer.

Finally a single tendril was in front of my face, waving slowly from side to side. How was this even possible, I thought? No smoke moved like this.

This is crazy! And as soon as I had that thought, the crazy smoke brushed my lips. And the strangest thing occurred to me. The smoke… Against my lips, it felt like.. Like another pair of lips. Like the smoke was giving me a kiss.

It sounds weird, but all the feelings were there. The pressure, the softness of another pair of lips against mine.

I was shocked. Stunned even more than before, something I hadn’t thought possible. As I was trying to process this sudden change I felt a tongue brush against my lips, seeking access to my mouth. I opened reflexively and smoke poured into my mouth.

I gasped in surprise, drawing even more smoke into my lungs. And just like that it was over. I stood still for a second. Still trying to process just what the fuck was going on. And then I passed out.

When I woke up I was surrounded by pink clouds. Clouds as far as I could see, and there was no sun, light just seemed to radiate from the clouds themselves.

I turned around and around. The landscape was the same in all directions. Next, I jumped up and down and took a few experimental steps, just to test out the cloud.

The closest thing to compare it to would be like walking on one great big marshmallow. My rational mind was having trouble processing.

There was no way someone could stand on a cloud. That was impossible. “A dream” I muttered to myself, “must be a dream”.

“No dream, child.” A sultry voice purred behind me. I spun around, ready to punch whatever monster said that in the nose.

A woman laid on the clouds. Her figure was difficult to make out, almost blending in with the clouds she laid on. In fact, she seemed to be made out of clouds.

Her face made out of clouds her lips big and pouty. But her other features… They seemed to constantly shift, just slightly, but enough to be noticeable. Although her features were shifting, her face could always be described as beautiful.

“W-w-who are you?” I managed to sputter.

“Why, child, do they teach you nothing these days? I am one of the last Love Djinn.” she said, a mix of pride and sorrow in her airy voice.

“So you grant wishes?” I said, sounding a bit stupid, even to myself.

“In a way, little one. Sit down. There is much for me to tell you about the times ahead.”

“So… No wishes?” I questioned.”And stop calling me child!” I added, my voice sounding more whiny then I would have liked. She stared at me for a while before breaking into a grin.

?”Child, I am many millennia older than you and I will be here for many millennia after your body is dust, and your soul has returned to the great beyond.”

Wow. She really knew how to put a downer on things. I sat down with a plop, the realization that I was way out of my league washing over me.

“To answer your question, little man” she grinned here. I figured it was the best I was going to get so I didn’t protest anymore. “I help with your future love life. Now be quiet for a moment that I may explain my purpose, and your future to you.”

Whew. I ran my hand through my hair. It might just be a big dream. I was probably lying on the floor passed out from lack of oxygen. But even if it was a dream…

This “Djinn”.. She sounded so serious and sincere about what she was saying. I put away my objections and listened to her tale. escort istanbul

“So… Let me recap.” I mused, wanting to make sure I had all the facts straight. “You, are a mystical, other dimensional being, and your sole purpose on this earth is to create lasting relationships?”

The Djinn nodded an affirmative, her wispy cloud hair floating around her face. “And you used to do this for people, by binding husband and wife together for the rest of their lives?”

“Yes, child” the Djinn replied simply.

“So like an ancient form of marriage?” I queried.

“Exactly!” She exclaimed, obviously delighted at my ability to grasp this concept.

“But what do you get out of it?” I said, feeling a bit puzzled.

“Why, child. The feelings of love are what sustains me. They give me the energy I need to maintain my form on earth. Otherwise, I would dissipate like morning mist.” She stated this matter of factly, as if even children knew this.

“Ok. So by rubbing the lamp, I’ve invoked your essence and will be bound to the next person I see.” I said, feeling out the jist of the Djinn’s eager speech.

“Yes child… To a certain degree. I am very powerful, but even I cannot create love. The next human woman you see, if she loves you, or has the capacity to love you, this woman will be bound to you for all eternity. Your words will be her reality.”

“All right.” I said nonchalantly, deciding to play along. “I now understand the terms of the contract.”

“Good!” She exclaimed, “my first customer in almost two hundred years!”

“Great!” I said feeling pretty accomplished. “Now what?”

“Now child” she said, flashing me a devious look as her voice became lower and more husky, “We seal the contract.” She floated over to me with a purpose, if that was possible.

“W-w-what?” I tried to stammer as I backed away.

“Sit child!” She commanded, her voice not leaving room for any argument. A cloud bed rose up behind me, tripping me even as I was trying to shuffle backwards.

I fell onto the bed with a soft squish, sinking into the clouds a little. “Just relax and enjoy yourself, in the old days men would have killed to enjoy the company of a Love Djinn.”

I quivered at the thought of what she was going to do to me, but it was probably better to just go with the flow on this one. Seeing my resignation the Love Djinn stepped back and did a twirl, her shawl coming free and landing on the clouds in a pile, it lay there for a moment before melting into the cloudscape.

My attention shifted to her and her newly revealed torso. She had big cumulus cloud breasts, and a toned flat stomach. Her shapely legs drew my eye up towards her sex.

I was entranced. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. If my dick wasn’t hard already it was trying to poke straight through my jeans at the figure of the lovely Djinn before me.

“Oh my!” She giggled, catching sight of the tent I was pitching, “did I do that?” She asked me in a serious tone.

I merely nodded dumbly, there was way too much blood taken away from my brain for me to think about much else. She sashayed the rest of the way over to the cloud bed and dropped to her knees.

“Can I possibly make amends for the trouble I’ve caused you?” She asked with a little twinkle in her eye. She knew full well what I wanted, but she wasn’t going to start until I gave her permission. `

“There’s one thing I want before that!” I yelped, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to speak once she started. “What’s your name?” I asked trying to be as gentlemanly as I possibly could.

She looked up at me with her wide eyes, pink irises I noticed, an observation thoroughly out of the mood now that I look back on it.

“Why child, she whispered, I can’t remember the last time a man asked for my name. The lamp chose well to bring you to me. My name is Neha, and you shall be my finest master.”

“Thank you for the praise Neha” I said abashedly. I blushed. A beautiful woman, albeit made of clouds, kneeling In between my legs. Waiting for me to… Oh no.

I snapped out of my musings. Neha’s head was bowed still waiting for my permission… To do whatever it was she was going to do.

“You may continue what you were doing Neha.” I told her in the most “Master” like voice I could muster. Her eyes twinkled again,

“Thank you Master.” She reached a hand out tenderly to rub my manhood şişli escort through my jeans. Although her movements were tender, her grip was firm. She gave my rock hard erection light squeezes, in time with the beating of my heart. I was slowly being driven out of my mind.

“Neha!” I gasped, my words breathy with all the stimulation.

“Yes Master?” Neha asked coyly. “Please don’t teas-!” As I said tease she gave my cock a lick like it was an ice cream cone. My pants had disappeared off my body, a fact that I wasn’t in the right mind to appreciate.

My body shuddered and my back arched in pure pleasure. I’d never held a girl’s hand, let alone gotten my dick held by anyone other than myself.

“Ahh!” I sighed. Letting myself sink back into the bed and enjoying the continuing squeezes from the Djinn.

“Sorry Master.” She giggled, “I just couldn’t help myself. Your cock looks so tasty!”

I blushed a deeper red, if that was possible. “I-I-I’d like you to do more… You know.. If you wanted too” I stammered, finishing lamely.

“Of course Master!” She exclaimed. “I would never tease and leave a customer without relief!” Neha grumbled to herself, “Silly child, accusing Neha of being a tease. I couldn’t tease him even if I wanted. I need his seed.” She continued grumbling, all the while continuing her gentle squeezing.

“Neha” I said, trying to pull her out of her musings. “What’s this about my seed?”

“Master! I thought I explained! The contract is not binding until I receive some of your seed!” She hastily exclaimed.

“Yes, yes Neha, but seed? I don’t have any seed. Aaahhh” I moaned, her squeezes taking a toll on my poor dick.

“No no Master!”she giggled again. “Not seed from a plant! Your cum master. I need you to cum.” This last part she whispered conspiratorially. “You can give me your seed in any way you like, and then the contract will be binding.”

`”Oh dear.” I thought. My mind going back to the years of porn I had watched as a teen. “I-I-I th-th-th-think I-I-I’d j-just like a blowjob” I fumbled, the last part rushing out.

I prepared myself for a slap, some conservative part of me whispering that I was a fool for even thinking to ask for such a thing.

“Good choice Master!” The love Djinn exclaimed “Even among the love Djinn I was renowned for my skill in oral sex.” She winked, obviously feeling at home crouched between my legs.

She gave my cock another lick and I nearly came right there. How was I gonna last long enough to enjoy this?! All thought except for the feelings she was creating were driven from my head. I raised my own head up to get a good look of the Djinn in the act.

Neha finally let go of my cock and in one smooth motion swallowed the entirety of my erection. I’m no porn star, but a respectable 7 inches of man meat hangs between my legs (I measured with a ruler one time).

I gasped in surprise, the feeling was indescribable. But I’ll certainly try my best. It was like my dick was incased in warm steam, twisting and constricting, focusing around the head. Warm steam pulsed and tightened, in all the right places. Flicking against the underside of my head, “licking” the shaft. Neha didn’t appear to posses a gag reflex, as the steam enveloped me all the way to the base. Looking back on my first blowjob, I don’t even think that Neha possessed a throat, just a hole in the cloud like substance that made up her body.

All of the licking and flicking and pulsing against my cock was building quickly, and I wasn’t going to last very long. As I felt my balls boiling I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to warn Neha about the coming deluge of spunk.

Without any warning a Neha started a sharp sucking on my cock, almost as if she could suck the cum directly out of my balls.

The sensation was too much, and I grabbed Neha’s head, holding her onto the writhing firehose that was my cock.

After a brief pause for me to gather my strength, and after I was sure I had completely emptied my balls into Neha’s waiting mouth, I sat up.

I was pissed at myself that I couldn’t keep from cumming. Neha however had been around the block more than once and knew very well what my mixed expression meant.

“Oh child” she chuckled. “It doesn’t say anything about your ability, that you didn’t last is to be expected.”

“I know that Neha but I wanted to give you pleasure like you’ve given me.” I replied, feeling dismayed.

“Oh Master” she gasped “There will be time for that later” with that she gave me another wink and my dickhead a quick kiss.

“For now, there’s someone else who needs your attention.” And with that I again passed out.

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