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I slept most of the next day, mostly because Louise was insatiable the night before. She laid down after my own explosive orgasm, on top of me, while she sucked on my neck and proceed to tell me in great detail about going over to Debbie’s house meeting with Jason and Debbie stayed in the living room while Jason and Louise used their master bedroom.

Great, so Debbie was in on it too. Bad enough that Gina seemed to know all about it. How the heck was I going to be able to go to work now, good thing I had a job offer at another company because I don’t think I could show my face in the same building as my wife, her girlfriends and her lover.

The hard thing for the day was that in addition to her sexcapades last night Louise told me that Gina’s boyfriend George was coming over tonight, and that I had better be ‘up for the challenge’ George is six feet tall or more, with bright red hair and a course sense of humor. I liked him well enough but was concerned as to how much he knew was going on since Gina seemed to know everything. Louise wasn’t talking, she would either laugh or just smile evilly and would only say, “I guess you will have to wait and see, wont you?”

Gina and I showered and played some but she didn’t allow me to get full penetration or anything, telling me, “You need to save your strength for later.” Dressing later she told me not to bother putting on underwear, just a loose shirt and sweatpants, while she just put on a silk sheen snap button shirt that hung to just over the top of her hips and those skin tight spandex pants. No panties, or bra.

Around seven that afternoon, George showed up with a few beers which he handed to me and gave Louise a big hug reaching down behind and groping her ass. With me standing there no less.

“What about Gina? ” I asked.

“Oh George is here tonight next week, if you are a good boy, you will go over to their place.”

“Yeah, the little lady is right pissed off for losing the toss too.” Seeing my confusion, he added, “See they been working on this swap plan for some time. G knew I was kinky and into it but there was some question about you. So they had to work out some way to find out.”

“And Jason?”, I ask.

“All he knows is I wanted to fuck and he was the lucky bastard to get it. He doesn’t know, nor need to know anything else.” Louise responded, ” Besides if I just talked about all if it you would have just dithered around and it would have never happened. I love you dearly but sometimes you just can’t make a decision about anything, so this time I just took charge of the situation and well so far, no real complaints.”

This whole time George is fondling Louise’s ass and I am still stunned.

“So you ever suck a dick before, James?” George asked

“Once back in high school.” I replied.

“You like it? Obviously you aren’t gay as you are married to this hot little girl here. Hmmm damn love the way that spandex feels on your ass girl. Here, loose a few of those snaps, not all of them mind.. yeah just perfect.” He said this while Louise undid a couple of snaps on her shirt showing more cleavage and then George’s free hand started rubbing her breasts through the shirt tweaking her hardening nipples.

“Don’t ankara otele gelen escort really know, just tried it that one time” “See what I mean? He doesn’t make up his mind about stuff.”

“No it isn’t that, just one experience isn’t enough to be any judge of anything.”

“The man has a point, my first time sucked, the guy got excited and shoved it down my throat making me gag, but the second time I tried it was actually kinda fun.” George stated

“My experience wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t great. Sure wasn’t something I was in a great hurry to repeat.”

“Well that’s ok, you like to eat this pretty lady’s pussy right and proper don’t you?” he asked.

“hell yeah.” Louise and I responded together.

“Good, since I am the guest of honor so to speak and if the lil lady is amiable, then we are gonna get all comfy on the couch here and I am gonna get a nice slice. Have to admit I have been looking forward to this night since lil G told me last week. Of course it was all pending on last nights little adventure and all went so well I damned near blew a load when G told me all was a go!”

He then un-tucked his shirt and un-buttoned and un-zipped his jeans. He didn’t pull them down just loosened everything up, and then sat down on one end of the couch. Louise go on one knee next to him.

I sat down on the other end of the couch. Mixed emotions surging. Nearly jealous and yet turned on intensely. They had started kissing deeply, tongues probing aggressively. George had one hand up groping and squeezing Louis’ ass, with his forearm rubbing her pussy through the spandex. The other hand I was pretty sure was fondling her tits, I would have been anyway. I sat back enthralled by the action taking place before me, my dick was starting to get hard as she started moaning. Louise had clamped her legs together trapping Georges arm right up next to her pussy, she then started rubbing herself on his forearm, then let loose of his arm which went right back to massaging her ass cheeks.

She broke off suddenly, George pulled back his arm and Louise turned to me saying, “we don’t want to leave you out now do we?” then she grabbed my hair pulling my face back and she kissed me deeply, demandingly. I reached forward cupping her pussy with one hand and one of her tits in the other. I could feel how hot and wet she was getting through the spandex material. After some time of this she pulled back and plopped down between us and she put one hand on my already pressing tent in my sweat pants while she reached into George’s opened fly.

“Oh, my.” She said, “Two cocks all to myself tonight, what to do, what to do!” she laughed huskily then.

“Well not to counter the little lady here but since is your first experience with such things, I will leave it to your discretion, but I had thought that, well I had thought that this was a full three way we had goin here tonight.” George interceded.

“Huh?” I added intelligently.

“Oh indeed, I have never liked to suck dick myself, but George if you want to go ahead. I am sure interested if it is as hot in real life as the porno me and Gina watched was,” Louise stated.

Then it öveçler escort dawned on me all at once, “Oh you like … uh… want to suck..” I stammered out.

Instead of answering he layed across Louis’ lap pulled the front of my sweat pants down enough to expose my raging hard-on and immediately pulled it into his mouth. The immediate warmth and pressure as he crushed the head of my cock to the roof of his mouth with his tongue was nearly enough to undo me.

“Oh… oh hell yeah.” Louis exclaimed, ” that is hot.”

“You think s-s-so? Be on the res-s-sieving e-e-end… hnnm” I replied.

George took my cock out of his mouth and said; “hey bud why don’t you get up and strip for me so got better access to that thick chub you got there,and you pretty lady, don’t just sit there enjoyin the show.” He admonished Louise with a wink.

I quickly got up and opened up my shirt and got rid of the sweat pants, and resumed my spot on the couch. Louise was doing something, it looked like she was working George’s pants down. I lost track because immediately George went right back to sucking my dick. I looked over at Louise and saw her staring intensely with a look of pure lust watching me get a blowjob from this other guy. She pulled her hand up from where I had thought was her lap and put her fingers into my mouth and I could taste her. “Ah,” I thought to myself, “she has been fingering herself while enjoying the show.”

She must have been stroking him as well because I noticed that his jeans were off of his ass and he was moaning now and again.

“OK boys, watching this has me so hot, I have to have some cock in me, and right now!”

“Well bud,” George stated after he pulled his mouth off of my dick with a wet pop, “you better hit it while its hot, and I will finish getting these clothes out of the way.”

I quickly and aggressively grabbed Louis’ legs behind her knees and lifted them forcing her body to twist so that she was laying back across the couch, then I grabbed the waist band of the spandex pants she was wearing and pulled them down enough to pin her legs together then I grabbed her feet pushing her knees to her chest and slammed my cock balls deep inside of her.

“Oh yes-s-s,” Louise gasped, “Take it baby.”

And I did, I slammed it hard and fast into her, making her cry out in the throws of a good orgasm just as I blew my load she had grabbed the armrest of the couch behind her and was pushing back as hard as she could. Now depleted I sat back and got a good look at George for the first time. His dick while narrow and straight was quite long, had to be ten inches at the least.

I reached over to Louise and pulled her spandex the rest of the way off so her legs were freed and before the leg on the outside edge of the couch could go all of the way George had it back up and was propping it up on his shoulder as he said, “If you don’t mind terribly, I got to get me a piece of this.”

“Hell we’ve come this far,” I replied with a grin, “it would be awfully rude to stop you now.”

George didn’t wait for anything further, he knelt down, with one of her legs propped on his shoulder, her other leg in my lap, his knees on the edge pendik escort of the couch. Temporarily frozen there, Louise staring at Georges ten inch cock then looking back at me, finally I grabbed Georges cock and eased the head into Louis’ already soaked pussy.

Frozen tableau over, George rocked his hips and Louise let out a moan as he thrust it in, not fully on the first thrust, but it would be by the second or third. Me, I was nearly rock hard again. George was fully in and then fucking Louise with full even strokes. Till he pulled out then stood up with his cock level to my face, offering it to me. “Why the hell not,” I though and licked Louis’ cum off of his cock then took the head into my mouth tasting her all over it and then starting to taste him as well I wrapped a hand around the base of his cock squeezing and milking it while sucking and licking the top portion of the shaft and head. Just like I wanted Louise to do to me.

“Oh fuck yeah!” George cried out as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and tilted so that Louise who was masturbating fervently as she watched could see. With is other free hand, George jerked off two, three quick pumps then sprayed his cum all over my cheek and chest. Just before nearly collapsing back into the chair across the room.

Next I knew Louise was pushing me back and mounting me, “fuck me, oh fuck me that was so hot..” then she was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. Rubbing her tits into my face, smearing George’s cum all over her and me till she came herself with such intensity she also collapsed back. And my raging hard-on was still rearing to go, so I just collapsed on top of her and went at it, grinding and pumping away. I don’t know how long I lasted but Louise was screaming in passion by the time I blew my second load into her.

Sweating profusely I stood up and back admiring my wife as she lay there panting, my cum leaking out of her, Georges cum all over me and her, then I looked over to see George sitting there rock hard himself and ready to go.

“What was it you said early, man?” I asked George with a grin, “you better hit it while its hot.”

I then went to the fridge for one of those beers and to sit back and enjoy the show. By the time I got back to my chair Louise was screaming again, only George had gotten her up on all fours and was pounding her from behind. Her ample ass was rippling with each hit, she was coming so much that her front collapsed so that her ass was the only thing up and it was propped up against George. Soon George grunted and grabbed her by the hips as he slammed as hard and deep into her as he could go, I knew that he was coming now himself.

He staggered back and got up and went to the fridge and got a couple more beers, Louise just stayed where she was as she was trying to catch her breath. I got up and went over there to look and could see her swollen lips and her pussy had a little bit of a gap to it and it was wet all over and around it.

Louise just then straightened her legs moaning as she did so. She finally turned over and propped herself up enough to accept the beer from George that I was holding for her. “I am going to be so sore.” She said hoarsely.

I could see as she laid back splayed out like she was, the cum was starting to leak out of her. I could feel my own member twitch at the site of it.

“Well, darling,” George drawled from across the room, and I could see he was looking at and admiring the same thing I was, “that is tomorrow and tonight is still young.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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