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It was a few weeks after the night I had fucked the shit out of Carol the nurse. I was at the Sheriff’s Station having lunch with Ken and some of the deputies when the phone rang.

One of the men answered it and had a funny look on his face as he listened to the caller. Then his eyes went to me…

“O.K. I’LL TELL HIM, WE’LL ALL BE RIGHT THERE…” He said in a load excited voice.


All the deputies were excited as I was to hear that she was awake. They were slapping me on the back, yelling as loud as they could. Sheriff Ken even radioed all the other deputies on patrol and told them.

Ken yelled over all the excited men, ” O.K. men, lets get this kid to the hospital to see his SISTER…”

Off we went, every Sheriff’s car that was at the station raced to the hospital, lights and sirens blasting away. All the other deputies in the town had the same idea. We met them just before we pulled up the hospital.

Ken and I ran up to her room… there she was, her bed rolled up to a sitting position. Her beautiful blue eyes opened for the first time in over a year.

I walked towards her. Her eyes saw me, a big warm smile came over her sweet face. I pulled her into my arms rocking her softly as I began to cry.

“Oh Betty…” I cried, ” I missed you so, so much.”

“Jerry… I missed you too” Betty cried.

We hugged for hours before I let her go. I didn’t want to loose her ever again.

As I hugged her, I wondered if she remembered our times together. All the love we had and our fantastic love making. Most of all, if we would ever do it again.

Mom and Dad showed up next day. Betty couldn’t understand why it took them so long to come to see her.

They went through all the motions of acting like they were glad she was awake. I saw right through them. They knew we would be coming home soon. Their party, orgy days were numbered.

The doctor had called us into a meeting room one day telling us all things Betty was going to need and learn how to do again. She was going to need to start a easy work out program, get physical therapy and lots of care.

The merter escort doctor recommended a very high priced rehab center not far from the hospital. It was one of the best in the country.

My Mom and Dad had a fit, “Our insurance is about to run out. We will have to pay it with our own money…”

I cut in, ” Doesn’t Betty mean anything to you?”

“Yes, she does, smart ass,” My Dad snapped at me, ” but, money is money…”

“Oh I see. You and your friends can have parties day and night but, Betty can’t have the care she needs,” I said in a very pissed off tone.

“FUCK YOU, YOU LITTLE BASTARD” My Dad yelled trying to hit me.

Ken walked in grabbing his arm and giving it a good hard twist as he pushed Dad down in a chair.

“We’ll have none of that, besides… I like this kid.. nobody hits him.” Ken said, with a big smile.

My Mom spoke up, ” Are there any state ran rehab centers that could help her?”

The doctor knew then, my parents were ass holes, he told them their were places like that. They were ran like shit, bad workers and a lot of abuse. Also, they would have to sign over Betty to the state.

“WAIT A FUCKIN’ MINUTE, BETTY IS 21 YEARS OLD, NOT A KID OR DOG YOU DON’T WANT,” I was pissed now, ” She can tell us what she wants.”

Ken stood up and started talking, ” Do I get it right that you don’t want your kids at home??” Ken looked at Mom and Dad, they nodded, ” I’ve had your son a year… with not a penny from you two,”

Ken went on, ” I have a great garage apartment that he has been using… I would be more than happy to have little Betty to come and stay with us.”

They agreed and it was set, Betty and I would stay with Ken and Sue. I was excited, I liked my new life and I wanted Betty in it.

Betty was still very weak and I would have to do every thing for her until she got her strength back. In truth, I looked forward to it.

I knew most all of the nurses at the hospital and I found out they were a great bunch of ladies. They had worked out a schedule so that three or four times a day, a nurse would come by our apartment to help Betty with nişantaşı escort her personal needs.

Two days later we took Betty home, to our new home. It was great talking with her again, I had missed our talks. I filled her in on everything that had happened over the last year.

I wanted so bad to ask if she remembered our times we had. But, I didn’t want to take any chances and have her think I was a pervert.

Time went on, she got stronger every day, before long she was walking with the help of crutches but, still needed help with the hard things, like taking a bath.

It wasn’t long before we were sitting hugging each other watching movies at night or when I would take her for a drive in the car.

Betty had been home a few months, we had been watching a movie that had lots of hard sex scenes. She started moving around a lot, acting kind of funny.

I looked at her, she was crying, “What’s wrong baby?” I ask.

With big tears running down her pretty face, ” Jerry… I peed my panties… I’m sorry.”

I pulled her to me, ” Oh it’s OK… Stop crying…”

“I’m going to have to help you take a bath… is that OK?” I ask.

With a little smile, she responded, ” Yes…you silly…”

“We have two options… you in the bath with me helping you to sit up or…,” I was almost afraid to tell her the other, ” us both in the shower, with me holding you.”

She got a strange look on her face like someone had turned on a light on in her head.

“Oh my God…,” Betty’s face turned beet red, ” Jerry… I can’t believe I forgot…”

“Forgot what, baby” I answered.

“We used to make love… We made great love together…,” She looked at me with love in her eyes, ” Jerry… hurry… wash me up so, We can love each other..”

And did I ever hurry, kissing her as I striped our clothes off as fast as I could. I pulled her in my arms and ran to the shower.

The warm water sprayed our bodies, out tongues finding each other, wrapping together, my hands finding all her tender womanly fruits as we kissed.

As I held her in my arms, I felt my love for her growing. ortaköy escort I was hard in seconds. Knowing that we were going to be together soon.

With a pleading look, Betty told me, ” Take me to your bed…”

I laid her gently on the bed, climbing on her. Placing my love shaft softly between her legs.

Betty hugged me to her, saying, ” Jerry… take me… Make us one…”

“Yes my love… yes…” I said, crying.

I pushed into my sister. Filling tender young body with my love. Carefully I pushed deep inside her, I needed to be as far in her as I could get.

Betty’s inner muscles locked on my love pole, squeezing it so nice. It felt like her body was milking me.

We held each other, kissing, crying and just looking into each others eyes. We had again renewed our love for each other.

“Make me cum Jerry… love me baby brother…love me.” Betty cried.

I slowly moved in and out of my sister. Her wetness made my pumping cock glide in and out of her with ease. Gently I picked up my pace.

A little faster, my cock was working us into a rapture we had waited for a long, long time.

“Jerry… It’s OK. Go… Make us cummmmmmmm.” Betty moaned.

“I don’t,” I drove my cock deeper in Betty, ” want to hurt you… You O.K.?”

“YES… MAKE ME CUM… MAKE ME YOUR WOMAN…” She gasp for air, ” give me your seeds…”

I pulled her legs up to my shoulders, exposing all of her womanly treats. All the things I had waited so long to, taste, savor, to love and enjoy.

I leaned on her more, pressing her legs to her breast. Driving my cock meat to her inner most love, her womb. Filling her soul with cock.

I starting driving my meat in and out faster and with more force. Bringing us closer to new heights, to a place we could never return from.

I was in Betty’s womb, pumping in and out of it when, ” OH YES…YES… THAT’S IT… RIGHT… THE…RE DO IT..” Betty moaned loud.


“OH BETTY… BABY… I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.” And I began shooting my seed in her.

I pumped, drove, rammed my cock in Betty as hard and as fast as I could that night.

We made love for days and days, never getting enough of each others body or love.

We still make love the same way as we did that first night we spent together. Each time brings us all the more together than the last.

By the way… our third baby is due any time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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