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Jeff could only shake his head and smile as he headed down the hallway thinking about what had just happened in Miss Nina’s classroom. He ran through in his mind all the weird things that had occurred over the past couple of days that had brought him to this moment. Yesterday, she allowed him to rest his head against her breast and he felt her hard nipple against his cheek. Then he thought he had caught her staring at his privates, but he wasn’t exactly sure.

Although he knew he was a little naïve, it sure seemed to Jeff that Miss Nina was coming on to him at the time, but this was all new territory for him. He did ask her to wear the same perfume today and she did, although it could have just been a coincidence. Then right before he took the quiz today, she did it again. This time he knew she was looking straight at his dick again.

So even though he had studied diligently into the night and he was confident he knew the material, Jeff failed the quiz…on purpose. Oh, he knew the answers to nine out of the ten questions, but he knowingly wrote down the wrong answers because he wanted to find out his teacher’s real intentions. And as he was writing down those incorrect answers, Jeff was fantasizing about Nina while pretending to ponder the questions. As he rubbed his erection through his jeans, he discretely saw her ogling him every time he caught her out of the corner of his eye. Confirmation that she wanted him came when Jeff passed the quiz with flying colors.

Jeff found Nina to be extremely pretty and very sexy but she was his teacher. He knew they would both be in huge trouble had they been caught, but he threw caution to the wind anyway when he allowed her to open his pants in the classroom. This would be far from the last time Jeff would let his little head outthink his big head. Nina was the first girl to ever touch him down there and the first to ever put her tongue on him. It had been all suddenly too much for him and he ended up cumming all over her and her dress but he did not regret it for a moment. In fact, he wanted more.

The one thing that bothered him though, was that Nina had not even given him the benefit of the doubt that he could pass her quiz on his own. Jeff knew his grades sucked, otherwise he wouldn’t have been there in the first place, but he also knew that when he really put his mind to things, he could succeed. It was apparent to him that Nina didn’t believe in him that way and that she was only interested one thing. Well, two can play this game, Jeff thought to himself. But from here on out, it will be by my rules, he decided.


Saturday dawned into a beautiful Spring morning in the Rockies. Not yet summer weather, but warm enough for Nina to take the doors off of her distinctive lemon-yellow Jeep Wrangler to go meet Jeff. She hadn’t slept well, tossing and turning most of the night, tormented by demons pulling her further into the murkiness of that place between doing the right thing and well, doing Jeff. She got up early, made sure her apartment was in order, then went for a long run to clear her head.

When Nina got home, she peeled off her sweaty clothes and jumped in the shower. As she soaped her body under the hot stream, her nipples were fully erect. In fact, achingly so as she thought of Jeff’s hot breath on them. She didn’t need to run her fingers along her slit to know she was wet with desire but she did it anyway. Nina lightly touched her clit sending a slight jolt through her body. She was tempted to finger herself to an orgasm but she stopped herself at the very edge. She loved to edge herself when she masturbated and it served as a metaphor for how and where she was living her life right now.

After she dried herself off, Nina slid black leggings up her smooth legs and over her bare butt cheeks. Going without a thong, she loved the way they accentuated her firm ass as she admired her half naked body in the mirror. If you looked close enough, you could see her slightly protruding camel toe through the thin material. She loved that It made her feel a little naughty. She slipped on a sports bra and then her favorite well-worn sweatshirt with her college alma mater’s logo. She had cut it off so that it was midriff-baring, better to show off her well-toned abs. She felt a little slutty but didn’t care as she didn’t plan to be seen in public for very long today.

Nina pulled her Jeep to the curb in front of the main entrance to Mountain Vista to pick up Jeff but he was nowhere to be seen. She had purposely arrived a few minutes after ten o’clock, hoping to do a quick touch and go and minimize the risk of being seen. While technically there was nothing wrong with teachers and students meeting off-campus for study sessions, she could do without any potential questions. It was all about the optics after all, and Jeff was the biggest stud in the school – optically-speaking. In these parts, it didn’t take much to start either rumors or brush fires. Both could easily spread out of control Şirinevler escort and were difficult to put down.

Nina nervously glanced at her watch…it was now 10:15am. Damn, she thought to herself, where is he? She worried that maybe he had gotten cold feet. She couldn’t call him because she didn’t have his number. She was just about to start the engine to leave when she finally saw him approaching. Wearing a hoodie and long shorts, his long hair wet, Jeff walked up to the Jeep and slung his backpack into the backseat.

“Hey Miss Nina, sorry I’m a bit late. How you doing this morning,” he said with a broad smile, easing through the open door and into the front seat.

She started the engine and smiled awkwardly. “Good morning Jeff. I was beginning to think that maybe you changed your mind about studying today,” she said with a slight pouting in her voice.

“Heck no. Practice just ran a little bit longer than normal is all.”

So that’s why his hair’s wet, she realized. She thought he had probably just woken up late, quickly showered and made a bee-line to school to meet her.

“Now Jeff, you know you weren’t supposed to practice unless you pass the test on Monday,” she said in a half teasing manner, pulling away from the curb.

He glanced over at her with a shit-eating grin on his face. “Oh, c’mon Nina. I think you and I both know that I’ll pass the test with no problem,” he said mockingly. Then reaching over, Jeff crudely ran his hand up underneath her sweatshirt and onto her right breast, feeling it through her sports bra. Lightly running his fingers over her already hard nipple, he pinched it hard between his thumb and forefinger and gave it a rough tweak, causing Nina to wince in pain as the vehicle swerved slightly.

“Ouch!” she said reeling away from him. “What are you doing?” She pushed his hand away and then furtively glancing left and right, said, “What if someone saw you do that?”

“Lighten up teach. You know you liked it.” Boldly reaching over to try again, she caught and deflected his arm in mid-flight.

“Oh, ha ha,” she said smiling and cocking her head towards him. “That was so not cool.”

Well, the fact is, she did like it and she badly wanted him to touch her again. Nina felt her pussy moistening as she squirmed slightly in her seat, speeding out of the school parking lot.

“So, I thought for our study session, we would head back to my place and spend some time going over the material again and then do a quick sample quiz.” She looked over at him expecting him to agree.

“You know Nina? I don’t think so,” he said in a condescending tone. “We’re gonna head over to Cliff House coffee and get something to eat. I’m starving after that practice. Your treat!” he said with a chuckle.

The Cliff House was the last place Nina wanted to be seen with Jeff. It was an upscale local coffee shop and the place to be seen in the morning for the rich bitches of the area with too much idle time on their expensively manicured hands. It is a place where the women of “new money” rubbed shoulders with that of the old, drinking lattes and chai tea and trading the latest titillating gossip among the elitists much as their hedge-fund husbands might deal in insider trading tips.

“Uh, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Let’s just go to my place and you can get something to eat there.” There was only one thing she wanted him to eat, Nina thought to herself.

“Well, I do think it’s a good idea, so we’re going there.” She looked at Jeff as he said this and saw a look in his eyes that she hadn’t seen before. It was a look that told her she had better not fight him on this. Besides, she was a little turned on by this change in his attitude.

“Okay then. We’ll head over there,” she replied dejectedly.

Nina pulled her Jeep into the packed parking lot but luckily found an open spot in front between a Range Rover and a Tesla. Shutting off the engine, Jeff grabbed his backpack from the backseat and stepped out of the Jeep.

“Oh, you can leave that here. I think we’re in a pretty safe neighborhood.”

“I figured we can knock out some studying here while we eat.” Jeff turned and walked towards the door. Nina was hoping to grab something to go, not hang around for any extended period.

“Jeff, wait,” she pleaded, as he disappeared inside. Feeling apprehensive, she followed him through the doors.

Inside they were met with a cacophony of noise and activity: a nearly fully packed house of customers trying to talk above one another, the Italian-made espresso machine hissing steam and baristas shouting coffee orders above the din.

Jeff saw an open booth towards the back of the shop so he headed to it and dropped his backpack into the seat on one side, then sat in the other seat, motioning for Nina to sit beside him. She felt she could feel the eyes of the entire place on her, on them, as she slid into the booth beside him. When she looked Şirinevler escort bayan up, no one was looking at them at all and she became a little less tense about being there.

Jeff slid a menu over to Nina, moving close enough in the booth that their hips were now touching.

Leaning in towards Nina, his nose inches from her neck, he inhaled deeply, holding it in for a couple of seconds. Exhaling softly, the warm air enveloping her, Jeff looked into her eyes and said loud enough so that only she could hear, “So what do you want Nina?” with an inflection on the word you.

She stared back at him for a moment, her eyes plumbing the depth of his soul for the meaning of his question. Did he mean like right now, or today or just generally, as in, life?

Just as she was about to answer, the waitress (yes, they had waitresses at this establishment) interrupted her thought process. “What can I get for you guys?”

The voice was oddly familiar and unmistakable to Nina. She turned towards the waitress and was suddenly startled as if a dead person had just appeared before her, a shiver went up her spine.

“Nina,” the waitress said blankly, not so much as a question but as a statement of fact.

“Mandy,” Nina replied, with a slight tip of her head as acknowledgement. “I thought you were still at State?”

“I am, but Daddy is still making me pay for my own gas for the ‘Vette so I’m just down here for the weekend to pick up a couple of extra dollars,” she said smugly with an air of superiority in her voice.

“How about you Nina? You still teaching delinquents at the high school for peasant wages?” Mandy asked with a sneer.

It was only at that moment that Mandy noticed Jeff slinking down in the corner of the both. He’s kinda hot, she thought, as she appraised him with her eyes.

“Yeah, unfortunately I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth like some people,” she said, obviously referring to Mandy. “How are things at the sorority? Still screwing everyone’s boyfriends?”

Jeff just watched with amusement as the two women went at each other. The claws were coming out and he thought a throw-down was coming next.

Mandy leaned down towards Nina’s face and said, “I only screw the the ones that complain about the lousy sex they have with their girlfriends,” Mandy retorted with a dismissive laugh. “Now, would you two like to order something or not?”

Nina was now seething with anger, tempted to reach out and slap the bitch that ruined her relationship with Caleb back when she was at State. It was the start of her senior year and Mandy’s sophomore year when she walked into Caleb’s apartment unannounced and caught the two of them fucking doggy style. She called him a son-of-a-bitch and turned and left and Mandy gleefully watched as Caleb chased after her down the hallway, his hard, glistening cock bouncing along as he apologized profusely to her. It was only later that she learned the two of them had been having sex for the last year. Nina had not spoken to Mandy since.

“So, who’s your cute boyfriend?” Mandy asked Nina, but with her eyes clearly on Jeff.

Before she could answer, Jeff piped up, “Oh, I’m one of Nina’s -“

Nina swiftly and calmly cut him off, “This is Jeff,” she said putting her hand on his arm. “We’re, uh, …friends,” she sputtered, before he could say another word.

“And I’ll have a fat free vanilla latte, skinny, extra hot, no whip,” Nina commanded. “How about you Jeff?” she said, turning to him.

“Um, I’ll have a fruit and yogurt cup, the breakfast sandwich and an iced cappuccino please,” he replied readily. “Oh, and an orange juice too.”

Mandy dutifully wrote down the order on a napkin, then rolling her eyes she said, “We’re pretty busy right now so it might be a while.” Then she spun on her heels and went to place their order with the barista.

As she watched Mandy walk away, Nina turned to Jeff and apologized for what he had to witness. “I’m really sorry Jeff. I didn’t mean for you to see any of that.”

He pressed his index finger to her lips, “Quiet. You don’t have to apologize for anything Nina.” Dropping his hand, he moved in and pressed his lips against hers, taking her completely by surprise. She started to push away but Jeff put his hand on the back of her neck, forcing their lips together. His tongue found its way into her mouth, skillfully entwining her tongue with his own and exploring her mouth as if he knew what he was doing.

Her eyes closed as she submitted to his will, her hand dropping to his lap and finding his hard erection through his sweats. Nina stroked the hardness a couple of times before she realized where they were. She paused for a moment but she didn’t move her hand away. Without touching herself, Nina knew she was soaking wet down there, hot with desire for Jeff.

“Please don’t stop,” he whispered, placing his hand over hers.

Nina looked around to see if anyone was watching escort şirinevler but everyone seemed to be going about their business, whatever that was. Besides, they were in the far back corner and it was dark enough that no one would have been able to see any under-the-table shenanigans anyway. She continued rubbing him through the layers of fabric that encased his throbbing prick, feeling the prominent veins that wrapped around his girth.

She slipped her left hand inside his sweats and felt his hard dick through his swimsuit, the fabric so thin it was if he was wearing nothing at all. She could feel the heat coming off his love piston as her fingers traced the mushroom head, his precum oozing through the spandex. She rubbed his shaft harder now, the precum making the fabric of his suit slick and easing the friction from her action. His breathing got heavier as she continued to jerk his penis with her hand, feeling it grow harder and longer, if that was even possible.

Still keeping an eye on the activity around them, Nina’s right hand moved imperceptibly to her lap so she could feel her own growing wetness through her leggings. She continued to rub his hard shaft as her fingers lightly touched her own slit, immediately dampening them with her juices. She could smell the muskiness of her excitement as it permeated the material between her legs making her wish that she had worn a thong this morning…but the thought was fleeting and it left as quickly as it had materialized in her head.

Jeff was now moving his hips in unison with her stroking and Nina knew he was getting close. Then he grunted audibly and she felt his cock begin to convulse as he began ejaculating inside his swimsuit. Her hand kept hold of his manhood and she could feel the jets of his seed each time it spewed from the head of his massive prick. When his spasms subsided, she squeezed his dick again and could feel his goo seeping through his swimsuit coating her hand. With that she withdrew her hand from his sweats and brought her coated fingers to her nose, taking in the bleach-like odor of his juice. Looking him straight in the eye, she inserted her first two fingers in her mouth and licked them clean.

Pulling her fingers out of her mouth, Nina whispered, “Mmm, did you like that baby?”

Jeff, now fully aware that he had a complete mess in his swimsuit that would quickly spread into a gargantuan wet spot in his sweats, slid towards Nina to move her out of the way so he could get to the bathroom.

“Uh, yeah…that was awesome but I think I’d better to go clean up now.”

Nina got out of the booth with a grin, allowing Jeff to bolt to the bathroom, which thankfully was just around the corner from where they were sitting.

After he left, Nina sat back down in the booth. Her fingers again went to her own crotch and she could feel her steaming dampness. Thong or not, at least her leggings were black she thought to herself. God she was horny and she ached to have Jeff’s big dong inside of her, the mere thought of it only making her pussy wetter. Nina was pretty sure Jeff had never been with a woman before and she trembled at knowing she would be his first. Then she began plotting her next steps to get him into her bed.

As Jeff came around the corner from the bathroom, he saw Mandy walking towards their booth carrying a tray with their order. He had taken his cum-soaked suit off in the bathroom so as he approached the table, Mandy could easily see his unmistakable half-erect penis visibly bouncing in his sweats. Her waxed eyebrows involuntarily raised in pleasant surprise at the sight, her pursed lips breaking into a wry smile. Carrying his wadded-up swimsuit in his hand, Jeff quickly slid into the booth next to Nina, concealing it underneath the table.

Mandy took her time placing their food and drinks on the table, stealing glances of Jeff every time she set something down.

“Will that be all for now?” she asked with faux charm in her voice.

“We’ll let you know if we need anything else” Nina said, dismissing Mandy with a wave of her hand.

She’s such a bitch, Mandy thought to herself as she headed back to the kitchen.

Nina was now in the corner of the booth. She put her hand on Jeff’s leg, her fingers accidentally brushing his dick causing it to jump slightly.

“I missed you,” she said playfully. “What took you so long?”

“Well, you caused a pretty big mess in my swimsuit so I had to take it off.”

“I can tell,” her fingers now lightly touching the head of his cock through his sweats.

Bringing his hand up from beneath the table, he presented the swimsuit full of his man-boy yogurt to her.

“Now clean it up,” Jeff said in tone that implied it was not a suggestion.

She looked down incredulously at the wet swimsuit, his semen pooling in the fabric. She wanted to be disgusted but she found the sight strangely erotic at the same time. Jeff scooped up some of the still-thick man mucous with his fingers, then he brought the suit towards her face causing her to recoil for a second. Bu then, with a look of pure lust on her face, Nina leaned in to his extended hand and with eyes closed, inhaled deeply taking in the aroma of his seed. Instinctively, her tongue reached out to lap up his cream.

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