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She must have just taken a shower – her long, damp hair was darker than its usual chocolate brown and it curved around one shoulder. With the trees behind her, birds on the wing, and the scent of wildflowers in the air, she looked like a dryad making an entry in the fey court. A bit of an outrageous description, I admit, but the moment felt surreal and it just seemed to fit.

Completely nude, she leaned her elbows on the railing, shifted her hip to one side, and looked over the brook and meadow below. As she inhaled the crisp air with a deep, slow breath, I watched an errant drop of water slowly wind its way from the nape of her neck down her back as it followed some unseen texture of skin. There is nothing quite as inspiring and intriguing on the female form as the back, its sinuous curves catching one’s eye and not letting go. The sun was close to setting and its light was at just that right moment where everything was as vibrant as if freshly painted from an artist’s brush. It made her skin glow soft amber. God, she was beautiful.

“What are you smiling about?”

I glanced back up to see her looking over her shoulder at me, her eyes glittering. “Oh, just admiring the beauty of the countryside,” I replied, silently wondering what had made me become so poetic all of a sudden. There was a quick twitch at the edge of her lip.

“Isn’t it amazing?” She turned back around to gaze out over the meadow to the nearby wood. “I knew Uncle Max had money, but not quite to this extent.” As if to punctuate her surprise, a flock of small birds burst from the trees, a squirrel’s chittering following them. “It certainly makes for a nice honeymoon, now that we can finally take one.” Again she smiled back at me.

“True. It’s been a long wait, but if it means that I get to sit here in complete isolation in the middle of the Italian countryside while beautiful women feel comfortable enough to walk around in the nude, then, yeah, I’d say it’s worth the wait.”

She turned around, her back against the railing. “Beautiful women?” she stressed the plural with a raised eyebrow. She began to draw her right leg up, her toes trailing up her left calf. “Have there been many? Did I miss something while I was inside?”

“Well, perhaps ‘women’ was the wrong word. So far, I’ve only seen one and I’m starting to wonder if she is a Greek goddess come to earth to tempt mere mortals. And being a mere mortal myself, I am quite content with such temptation.” I set my book aside and leaned back on the lounge chair with my hands behind my head. Grinning, my eyes watching her foot work its way up and down around her calf. “In fact, I’m beginning to believe that she may have enchanted me somehow. Why, I can’t even concentrate on something as interesting as how the ancient spice trade changed the economy of the world. My mind seems to be totally consumed.”

She let out a small laugh and with a slightly sarcastic tone, “oh, I can see how it might be hard to choose between them.” She put her foot down to step away from the balcony and my eyes traveled upward, feasting upon the curves of her body. They only made it up to her navel by the time she was next to me. She leaned forward, her forehead coming to rest against mine. She smiled. “You’re such an egghead sometimes… but you’re my egghead and I wouldn’t have you any other way.” Her breath smelled of mint as she gave me a loving peck on the cheek and then leaned in to give a much saucier nibble on my earlobe.

“But what you say intrigues me.” Her voice grew husky and I could feel her fingertips begin running up my leg. Perhaps I should investigate this theoretical enchantment and see what sorts of power it contains.” Her smile turned devious as she crouched down next to me, resting her chin on her other arm as it lay across the edge of the lounge chair.

The soft texture of her fingers was like electricity on my skin. Master’s Degrees in mathematics, chemistry, and education, and I couldn’t have told you anything more complex than my name. Of course, that was likely due to the blood that was leaving my brain and making an appearance down lower as a bulge in my shorts. “Ahh, so you admit that you are a goddess sent to tempt mortals?”

“I admit nothing. We shall just have to experiment and let you use that scientific logic of yours to determine whether or not your hypothesis is correct.” The sparkle in her eyes made my heart jump a little.

As she smiled at me, her hand continued up my leg, slowly playing the finger tips along the inside of the thigh. There was no doubt about it now; the bulge couldn’t have been more obvious. Never looking down, she continued to stare in to my eyes, rarely blinking, as her hands slowly approached the edge of my boxers. I seemed drawn in to her dark eyes, awareness of the wood and meadow fading in to the background.

I could smell her more clearly now – that fresh clean scent that only a woman can carry mixed with a hint of lavender. It was an odor that helped to relax, to put one at ease, to calm a racing heart.

At least, kartal escort bayan it would normally calm a racing heart. She had gently slid her fingers up inside the hem of my shorts and across my erection. Giving it a little squeeze, she then hooked her fingertips on the elastic waistband and gently began pulling the pair of boxers down and off my legs. As the gentle breeze struck my thighs and uncovered erection, I gave a little shiver.

Tossing my shorts to the deck, she then looked back at me with a most devilish look in her eye and began tracing her fingers back up my leg. She lightly scraped her fingernails across my cock and up my chest. Leaning in, she kissed my lips, gently pulling on my lower lip as she moved away. She continued drawing me in with her gaze as she whispered, “Now that those are out of the way, let me attend to the matter at hand.”

She stepped across my body with her leg and, crouching, slowly kissed her way down my chest, her fingertips leading the way. Her hair trailed down behind, it’s slight dampness cool on my hot skin. As her fingers slid across my member, I couldn’t help but inhale sharply. Between the cool evening air and the warmth of her hands and breath, my nerves were afire with conflicting signals. She gave me a gentle squeeze and tug, and then circled her tongue against the frenulum, soft and wet. My heart jolted. And then, as softly as she had begun, she leaned in and slid her body against the shaft and slowly, sinuously arose back up to kiss my lips, a light trail of precum perfectly aligned down her abs. Hard as a rock and twitching with my pounding heartbeat, I returned her kiss with fervor. “I love you,” I managed to say with ragged breath.

She paused for a moment, leaned back a bit. Returning my gaze, she smiled and whispered, “I know. I see it every day.” Then, her smile turned mischievous, she leaned back in with her breasts brushing my chest. Her lips were against my ear and she whispered, “Now just sit back, relax, and let your ‘goddess’ practice her temptation.” I then felt the fine hairs of her nether regions brushing against me; a light wetness against my skin that I was sure wasn’t from the shower. She continued to lightly caress me with a slight rocking of her hips while her hands were on my shoulders and she maintained eye contact.

By this time, I was so incredibly aroused and wondering how I got so lucky to marry this woman. I could feel larger drops of precum leaking from my head, only to be rubbed away by the motion from her rocking. It was getting very slick down there and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes backward for a second and close them. A slight shift of her weight and I felt her begin sliding down my length, encasing me. A light moan from her and I opened my eyes to see her close her eyes and lean her head back. Her thighs came to rest against mine and she held the position for a moment, our bodies together mutually enjoying the exquisite ecstasy.

Opening her eyes and looking back down at me, she then began to rock and develop a rhythm, occasionally rising up, the muscles in her legs tensing and she lifted her hips just enough to raise herself to the tip of my penis before lowering herself back down, another rush of pleasure filling us both. Her body control was exquisite, and for probably the millionth time in our relationship, I was glad for her practice of yoga. Though to be honest, I suspect that she was also one of those people with an innate sense of physical self-awareness that no time at the gym could ever truly replicate.

The scent of her body intermingled with that of our arousal and was carried to me on the deliciously sweet spring air. I inhaled and gazed in to her eyes. As her muscles tensed and relaxed against my hips, rocking her body atop mine, she never once looked away. My breath was becoming ragged and we both knew it wouldn’t be much longer. As my heart raced and my body started to tense, she leaned in and whispered, “Let it go, Love. Be one with me.” She then kissed me deeply, passionately, all the while, maintaining that wonderfully slow pace. My hands were on her low back as I pulled tight against her body, lost myself in to the depths of her eyes, and let go of the tension with a long groan.

She held still against me, one hand on the back of my neck, the other tracing my jaw as the spasming of my hips slowly died off. My heart rate slowly receded into a more acceptable range and I focused on returning my breathing to normal. She smiled and that look told me she loved more than any words could ever depict. We just held the moment there, joined, loving one another, at peace.

Slowly, the world around me started to creep back in to my consciousness. I might have actually thought that time itself had stopped. But no, the squirrel was now down by the waterwheel at the creek, busily stuffing the peanuts I had left out earlier in to his cheeks as a jay squawked at him from the rooftop. I looked back at Katerina. She slowly raised her body from mine; the additional stimulation mixed with escort maltepe the sudden cool air on my cock caused me to involuntarily shiver.

“So, now that we’ve put it to the test, does your hypothesis still stand?” She turned around and sat in my lap, laying her head on my shoulder as I wrapped my arms around her.

“Oh, most definitely. In fact, that was so mind altering on a cosmic scale, that I am now pretty damn sure that it’s acceptable as a theory.”

“Oh really? Cosmic, you say? Do explain.”

“Well, where to begin? Cosmic. Awesome – as in the ‘sense of awe’. Mind-blowing, time-stopping, overwhelmingly indescribably fantastic.” I paused for a moment. “I think I’m going to submit a paper to the journals.”

She laughed and sat up, turning to look at me. “Really? After just one encounter? I’ve apparently set the bar pretty high now.”

“You make a good point. The Scientific Method is all about reproducibility. I do believe that we should try to recreate the experiment. You know, for science’s sake.” I grinned and wiggled my hips, an erection starting to stir against her ass. “Besides, I’m feeling a bit selfish having all of this temptation to myself. I’d like to share some back with you.”

She laughed again. “You do know that even if I didn’t quite reach the big O, it was still a pretty damn cosmic, time-stopping and overwhelmingly fantastic event for me too.”

“But not ‘awesome’ or ‘mind-blowing’?”

“Well, if I am a goddess as you say, it’s pretty hard to blow our minds with awesomeness.” She grinned. “After all, such things are standard fare upon which we sate ourselves.”

A moment later, she jumped up. “Speaking of sating ourselves, I have an overwhelming need for some of that double-chocolate gelato from that little shop across from the market. I’m going to run in and get some.”

“Now?” I raised my head and watched her as she quickly disappeared through the doorway.

“Absolutely.” She stuck her head back out as she shimmied in to her dress. “You talk about a heavenly experience – that stuff is damn near it. It feels like silk across your tongue.” She walked back over to me as she pulled her hair into a ponytail. “Don’t worry – it’s not nearly as heavenly as you. Just stay here and relax. Take a shower. When I come back, I want to try and mix that gelato with our little experiment and I’m going to give you as many opportunities as you desire to test your theory. And I have complete confidence that you will also add ‘awesome’ and ‘mind-blowing’ to my experience for the night.”

She leaned in and kissed me. “You’ll see me again before you know it.” I smiled at her as she headed back in. I closed my eyes and listened to her put on her sandals, go out the front door, and start up the car. The sound of the engine quickly faded away down the winding road in to the trees leaving only the leaves whispering, the babble of the brook, and the occasional buzz of a dragonfly.


I awoke with a start. How long had I fallen asleep? I glanced around, but didn’t have my watch or a clock available. Looking at the light, it was starting to fade fast. I shivered, as the air was a bit cooler. “Shit!” I jumped up from the chair and quickly calculated how long she would be gone. It was quite a ways in to the little town as her uncle’s property was pretty remote. Assuming she hadn’t stopped anywhere else like the market, she would probably be gone for close to an hour. If she did stop, she could be even longer. Had I slept that long? I had no idea what time it was when she left, so I had no idea when she’d be getting back. I headed in to the shower to quickly clean up and be ready for her return. It’s bad form, after all, to be lazing around while the love of your life is running into town for an errand… even if it is for doppio cioccolato gelato.

The nap and shower had left me feeling really refreshed, so I worked a bit on tidying things up around the house. We’d arrived late last night and hadn’t really done much except unpack our bags. I found some candles in an old cupboard and set them up in the bedroom for a more romantic mood. All they needed was a light. I was just turning the sheet down when I heard the car on the gravel out front. I was about to light the candles when, a moment later, the bell rang.

“She must have stopped at the market to grab some food too,” I thought, as I made my way downstairs. “Good, because I’m starved!” As I opened the door to help her with the groceries, I was startled that, rather than my beautiful brunette wife, I was looking down at a short Italian gentleman holding his hat in his hand. It took a second for my brain to register. In that moment, he looked up at me. “Signor Fletcher?”

“Yes? Er, Si?” I thought it odd that someone would be out this far on Maxwell’s estate. I looked past him at the black car in the driveway, but couldn’t see any detail in the dark.

“My apologies, Sir,” he said in a thick Italian accent, “but I’m afraid I have some bad news.”

I started to have pendik escort a nasty black feeling sink into my chest. “What is it? Is it something to do with Katerina? Is she okay? Where is she?” I began to spit out questions like a machine gun.

The man looked a bit muddled as he tried to translate my rapid speech and supply answers. He pursed his lips for a moment and then said, “I am sorry Signore, but there has been an, eh… incidente on the road.” That nasty feeling began to start chewing its way around. “She is on way to hospital. Best you come with me, no?”

I left him standing on the stoop with the door still open as I dashed in to grab my jacket. I stuffed my feet into my shoes and started past him. He hurried to catch up as I jumped into his car. As the car sputtered to life and we began the descent down the hill to the main road, I asked his name. “Alberto, Signore.”

I sat in silence for a moment or two as the headlights cut into the night. My mind was racing. What could have happened? Did something happen with her car? There’s hardly any traffic on this road and while it is a quaint road through the Italian countryside, there aren’t really any areas that stood out to me as dangerous. At least, not dangerous to the way Katerina drives. Alberto, on the other hand, seemed to have no qualms about using the slope of the road to accelerate to a stomach lurching pace, especially once we hit the asphalt of the main road.

“Alberto? Can you tell me what happened?”

My knuckles were white as we took another curve and he looked over at me. “Un incidente, Signore. We hurry, no?” He looked back to the road, adjusted his drift, and calmly moved the car back across to its proper lane. I decided to not distract him further.

Eventually, my curiosity was quenched, at least as far as what happened. I could see lights ahead and Alberto slowed down. He reached up, pulled a radio from the dash, and proceeded to rattle off something I didn’t understand. The answer was short, but it seemed to agree with him.

He slowed even further and began to move over onto the shoulder of the road as he approached the scene. From the lights of a truck and the spotlight from another police car, there appeared to be a great deal of debris and broken glass across the road. It glittered in the light like gemstones. It also looked wet. Three men were pushing everything off to the side with brooms. A delivery truck was parked off to the side of the road, though there wasn’t any obvious damage. More crates were piled on its back – it looked as if it lost half its load. Lemoncello – now there’s irony for you – I love the stuff.

A fourth man dressed in a police officer’s uniform waved us down. Alberto rolled down the window and had an exchange with the other officer. The other man glanced at me and I could see a look of sympathy. Alberto rolled the window back up as we made our way around the mess. I was looking around trying to see Katerina’s car, and finally found it somewhat behind the delivery truck. It had been obscured from my prior angle. The car had gone headlong into a large rock outcrop, the front wheel was shredded, and I could barely see that the windshield was shattered. My guess was that the truck lost its load and she swerved. I watched it fade from sight in the side mirror as Alberto again picked up speed. Even the alarming nature of his driving wasn’t enough to drive that black pit in my gut back into submission this time. Its hunger was voracious now.

The rest of the ride was mostly a blur, both literally and figuratively. I know that we approached the little village and Alberto was in further communication on the radio, apparently to confirm that Katerina had not been taken to the local doctor’s office but instead to the next town about 15 kilometers down the road where they had an actual hospital. I vaguely recall pulling into the parking lot and having Alberto hustle me inside with a quick “this way, Signor Fletcher.” Eventually I was sitting in a room, staring at a white wall under the florescent lights as Alberto moved off to talk with the staff. Apparently the blackness had taken over as it moved from my gut up to my brain. A dull thudding headache had built up to announce it’s nesting right at the base of my skull… with a couple of tentacles firmly entrenched in my temples to boot. I remember glancing down and finding it oddly funny that I was in my sweats, no socks, and my shoes were still untied. Classy.

I tied my shoes.

Eventually, Alberto came back and was followed by a middle-aged woman in a lab coat. A strand of her grey-flecked hair had escaped the bun and hung down the side of her face. “Signor Fletcher? This is Doctor Russo. She take you now. I’ll be at my car, ok?” He patted me on the shoulder and then moved off.

“Signor Fletcher, right this way please.” Her English was much clearer than Alberto’s.

I followed Dr. Russo as she led me down another hallway, the silence of the building taking over as we moved away from the main area. “I am the on-call physician tonight. In here, please.” She held open a door for me. The room looked to be a small reception area for a larger room behind two double doors. She turned to me as we entered. “Signor Fletcher.” She paused for a moment to phrase her thoughts. I waited, listening.

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