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Warning — All of my stories contain: Cuckolding, Dominance & Submission, Female Lead Relationship, Humiliation, Bisexual or homosexual activities, anal sex, cum eating, piss play/toilet service, and other kinks that may be offensive to some.

Not to give anything away, but Donna and I together and happy being together today.

Proceed at your own risk. My advice is if you don’t enjoy any of the topics noted above, not to read on.

* * *

Things were pretty hectic leading up to Rob’s visit. It was more than just the pending visit of my wife’s past and future lover. I was very busy at work. We had a couple of cases that were going to go to trial and there was no way that I could cut back. Also, I had a commitment to Jose and the Dojo, which is baked in and one of those commitments to me, to him, and to the other students that you don’t break.

Donna had more flexible time. She was at that point in her career. We had even been thinking about her retiring early. It was completely up to her and it added to the flexibility she had. So, while Donna would take off the week for Rob’s visit, I would be working. Overtime.

It was a mixed blessing. On one hand I wanted to be there, submitting to both of them and seeing how things unfolded and, hopefully, participating. On the other hand, I was a bit scared of what the meant and was relieved that I wouldn’t be their servant 7×24.

Donna and I had an ongoing conversation, mostly at night about what we wanted to do and explore. We both had submissive tendencies. Donna confessed to having some of the same submissive desires to be used and humiliated that I did. At the heart, she wanted to use and degrade me, too.

We both agreed that what we were doing was risky. She told me that she was certain that her feelings would change and our relationship would change the more I submitted. We kept reassuring ourselves that this is what we wanted.

Donna said, “The reason I made you make the arrangements to take ownership of our assets isn’t just for you. Honestly, I would have added in custody of the kids, if they weren’t grown. It shows you how serious I am about you and us. It isn’t only to give you confidence in my love.”

She continued, “I know I will get caught up in this. What are the odds of me not falling in love with Rob or the next lover? Also, as you are degraded, don’t you think I’m going to look at you differently? I know I will. I’ll also resent you for this. I’ll blame you for changing our lives and it doesn’t matter that I want this, probably more than you do at this point.”

Donna opened herself up to me, “By knowing that everything is yours, will not keep me honest. I care more about you and our family than ‘stuff’. By knowing that we made this arrangements and I would have added custody if that would have be feasible will snap me out of whatever depths I sink to and realize who we are. It will help me find my way back to you. It will help me help you find our way back to me.”

We kissed deeply after that and made love deeply after that conversation. Donna orgasmed multiple times, then I came. After I settled down, I was laying on top of Donna and I started to raise myself. We both knew I was about to lower myself down her body and lick her clean.

Donna grabbed me tightly. She said, “Just hold me. Be my husband and lover. Let me feel you inside of me.” I really felt the warmth and love. We both slept very soundly.

When I woke in the morning, I was lying up against Donna. I slowly broke away. As I did Donna reached behind her and firmly grabbed me by the balls.

She said, “Not so fast, faggot”

She was smiley and devilish grin. She wasn’t hurting my balls, just holding me firmly. She was beautiful and I quickly got rock hard. To which she said, “You really are a pervert.”

Keeping hold of me, she walked me into the bathroom and motioned to lay down on the tile floor. I did.

She lowered herself down on top of me, then went on all fours. She let her long red hair brush against my balls and hard-on. She said, “Clean me now, since I gave you the night off.”

I didn’t reply, but buried my face in between her legs and really licked. She tasted strong and I reveled in it. I licked her until she was completely clean.

Then she started to fill my mouth with her morning urine. It was definitely strong. I had a little trouble swallowing it, but she controlled herself and filled my mouth, watched me swallow, then filled it again.

Donna said, “You really are my little perverted fag. Is there any part of my body that doesn’t excite you?”

I shook my head “no” while still drinking her urine.

When she was done peeing, I licked her clean. She rewarded me with drooling a bit of spit into my mouth. I thanked her for that.

When she had me get up, she allowed me to relieve myself while sitting down on the toilet. She watched and spoke to me while I did.

“Rob and I have been talking. He knows that he must be 100% discreet with our family. That İstanbul Escort isn’t a line he can even come close to stepping across. Even so, I want him to feel comfortable. Can you somehow give him a credit card or something so he can feel comfortable spending what he needs? I think he is on a tight budget, especially since the divorce.

I said, “Yes Ma’am. I’ll have my assistant get something. Perhaps a Visa gift card that we can recharge as he needs it.”

Donna replied, “Good idea. I know we have been talking about this as a bit of a ‘dry run’. After the week with Rob we would kind of discuss things and move forward. I don’t think that will work. I think once you allow me to have Rob’s cock inside of me and whatever else we do, we have changed our lives. So, the real starting line is when we see Rob at the airport.”

Donna explained, “So, you can back out and I’ll love you just as much, if not more for doing so, right up until the point we see Rob. We can have him just as a normal guest or he can be my lover. “

Donna was looking at me for a reaction and I could only reply, “Yes Ma’am” being in agreement with her.

Donna then went on, “When we’re in the airport and greet Rob, that is your absolute last chance. If you give him the keys to your Corvette, the keys to our home, and the gift card, then you made the decision to be a cuckold faggot. You also made a decision for your wife to have better sex, but there is no going back.”

I replied, “Yes Ma’am.”

Donna said, “Good, Rob and I agreed on that, too. One thing I didn’t talk to Rob about was I also want you to give him a letter. Be open and honest in it. Tell him what you want me and him to do and what you want to do for him, specifically. That will lock things in nicely. I’ll review your letter tonight.”

I gulped and said, “Yes Ma’am”

Donna went on, “One other thing, I’ll move your clothes into the guest room. You need to change the sheets before going to work today. I don’t want the room smelling of cucky fag. He should feel at home with his woman.”

She straddled me on the toilet and spit into my open mouth sensually a few times, then release another stream of urine that flowed over my stomach, thighs, dick, and balls. She smiled, got up, put on her robe and went to the kitchen for coffee.


It was a Sunday and a couple of days since the exchange with Donna and I moved into the guest room. We cleaned out my dresser and Donna had put away any photos of the two of us. I was a little surprised when I saw Donna had put out a framed picture of Donna and Rob sitting on our balcony in the hotel in Cancun. They were both wearing their bathing suites and I vaguely remember taking the photo. Donna had developed it apparently and had it in a frame.

My workload was heavy and I was going to have to put in a few hours in the office later in the afternoon, even though it was a Sunday. Rob was landing late in the morning, so we would be able to say hello and probably have lunch, then I would be off to the office.

My daughter would be gone until dinner, so there was some freedom for the moment.

I went into our bedroom to get Donna for the drive to JFK airport to pick up Rob. As I went in, Donna rebuked me and said, “From now on you knock before entering and never enter without permission.”

I looked down and said, “Yes Ma’am.”

Donna smiled and we were both off. We took her car. It was a comfortable BMW sedan. (I had the Corvette cleaned and detailed for Rob’s visit)

It was a nice day as we drove from Northport to JFK airport. It was about a 45-60 minute drive. Donna was wearing a short white and blue striped dress and matching sandals. She was looking magnificent and had a recent trip to the salon. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. The dress showed plenty of leg and plenty of cleavage. Her nipples definitely pushed at the material. She was a vision.

We drove while staying in our own thoughts. I suspect Donna’s was thinking about the excitement of meeting her lover. I was thinking of submitting to both of them and I was thinking about the letter I had that I would be giving to Rob. I had written it when Donna asked. That night we had reviewed it and Donna had pushed me to add to it.

I had written that I wanted Rob to be my wife’s lover and for the two of them to enjoy themselves. I wanted Rob to make love and fuck my wife and please her and that I wanted to be at their service. None of that weighed too heavy on me.

Donna made me add to the letter and that definitely had me sweating. She made me thank him for allowing me to suck his cock and eat his ass in Cancun. That I often remembered him fucking me and that I even fantasized about him fucking me when I was fucking my wife.

I had to add that I knew that Rob was a man and not a fag like I am, so I hope he is ok about me fantasizing about being fucked by him. She also had me add that I’ve become my wife’s spittoon and urinal and he should Kadıköy Escort feel free to use me in that capacity and I would be grateful if he did.

I was thankful in a way for the quiet. While I thought about the meeting we were going to have, I wasn’t really considering backing away from it. I wasn’t even thinking of that. So, as I parked in the short term parking lot at JFK Airport, Donna caught me by surprise by asking with a serious, but not stern voice, “Mike, Are you going to give Rob the letter?”

I replied, “Yes Ma’am”

Donna’s facial expression changed. I’m not sure if it was disappointment, but she was definitely mocking me when she said, “I married a fucking faggot”. Donna rarely, if ever, used profanity and that really sent the message to me home.

With that we made our way from the car into the terminal and the international arrivals. We had to wait by the luggage claim for Rob. As is typical, there is a wait at JFK. We waiting a good 40 minutes past the time that it said his plane had arrived.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had not seen Rob in many year. Donna was excited and bounding on the balls of her feet.

Donna turned to me and said, “This is not a game. Last chance.”

I said, “Yes Ma’am.”

She motioned me to open my mouth and she quickly drooled into my open mouth. I have no idea if anyone paid attention.

Donna then Said, “Thank you. Thank you. I’m so wet….oh, here he is!”

Rob was coming down towards us. He hadn’t aged so much that I didn’t recognize him. He was harder looking, put on a few pounds, mostly in his gut, but he was the same Rob.

Rob saw us and came up to us smiling. As he got to us, he grabbed Donna. He let go of the big duffel bag on wheels that he was rolling. He kissed Donna deeply and I saw that he had a hand up her dress immediately. They kissed for a while.

I picked up Rob’s bag and when they came up for air, Rob handed me his carryon back that he had slung over his shoulder as well. He said, “You two haven’t changed and I swear your wife is hotter than than when we were in Cancun.”

There was another way Rob changed. He wasn’t as smooth as he was all those year ago. I think working in construction had changed him. Donna seemed to like all the changes.

I then handed Rob the keys to my Corvette, the Visa gift card, and the letter. He said, “I’m so glad you made this choice, Mike. I’m really looking forward to this week.”

As he saw the letter I gave him, he said, “I’ll read this on the way, lead the way, Mike.”

I walked ahead and Donna and Rob walked arm in arm. They were both all smiles.

I wasn’t having second thoughts, but I was definitely feeling jealous and diminished. As we got to the car, I popped the trunk and unlocked the doors. Rob held the door open for Donna to sit in the backseat and he walked around to the other door to join her in the backseat. I put Rob’s bags into the trunk.

They were ignoring me as I got in and started the car. When I looked behind me to back out of the spot, I saw that they were sitting side by side and Donna was leaning up again Rob. Rob again had his hand up my wife’s dress.

JFK is a buy airport and traffic in the airport and out of it is always somewhat heavy, even on a Sunday. I had to pay attention to get onto the airport service road and navigate to the Belt Parkway and head back to Long Island.

Quick sidebar: JFK is located in Queens, NY. Queens is part of NYC and is geographically on Long Island. However, the is a cultural difference between NYC and Nassau and Suffolk Counts on Long Island. So, while Brooklyn and Queens are geographically on Long Island, they are often not considered Long Island.

I got onto the Belt Parkway and would be navigating through the traffic to ensure I made it to the Cross Island North, then Norther State out to our place in Northport. I was busy with the congestion on the road and while I was listening to Donna and Rob I was only paying them half attention.

When I was settled on the road, I did look back in the mirror and was treated to the back of Donna. Red hair dominating my view. She was naked and looked to be riding Rob. In my glances, I mostly just saw Donna going up and down, riding Rob’s lap.

Rob wasn’t making noise, but Donna was grunting, panting, and once in a while commenting on how he filled him. I was looking around at the other cars, but with the tinted back windows, nobody seemed to notice.

By the time we had crossed the County line and were around New Hyde Park on the Northern State Parkway, I head the first sounds from Rob. He grunted and was clearly cumming inside of my wife. They both finished breathing heavy. I snuck a look and Rob was pulling his pants back up as my wife went back to snuggling against him naked. Their discussion was around how good it was, as good as they remembered, they have been waiting for it, and it was a tension breaker.

It was as if I wasn’t there. My stomach was in knots, but I was hard, too. Ataşehir Escort As we approached home, Donna slipped back into her dress. We pulled up into the driveway and Donna and Rob were kissing. I got out of the car and popped the trunk to get Rob’s luggage.

Rob and Donna got out of the car. Rob said, “I read your note, Mike and it was very nice. I had to pee after that trip and it might be fun to take you up on the offer, but I’d like to use your bathroom. ” Donna grabbed him by the arm to show him the way inside and to the bathroom.

I brought Rob’s bags into the house and put them in the master bedroom on what was my side of the bed. When I came back down stairs I found Donna in the kitchen. She was fixing lunch. Rob was still in the bathroom.

Donna came over to me and hugged me. She said “Thank you for all of this. I still think Rob is hot after all these years and sex with him is so good.” She motioned for me to open my mouth and she drooled slowly into my mouth.

As she did this, Rob walked into the kitchen and watched. Donna then said, “I would kiss you, but I don’t think Rob wants to taste you on me. That wouldn’t be right.”

Rob chuckled a little and said, ‘I like your thinking on that.”

Donna then said, “I’m going to fix Rob some lunch. I know you have to go to the office. Some of Rob’s cum came out of me in the backseat of my car. Make sure you lick and suck it clean before you leave. I’ll make dinner if you’re coming home in time.”

Rob stuck out his hand and shook my hand and said, “Hey Mike, really great to see you after all of this time. This is going to be a fun week. I appreciate everything.”

I just shook his hand and felt like a dummy and said, “Yes Ma’am. Have a great time you two.” And I went out to go to the office.

I stopped at Donna’s BMW and opened the back seat. I saw the wet spot and licked and sucked it clean. I also saw a wet spot on the carpet and licked that clean as well. My tongue was feeling pretty furry at this pont.

I then went to my Chevy Trailblazer and went to work. It was tough to concentrate. I felt like a schmuck. I was feeling regret. I was also very turned on. However, the client needed quite a bit of attention and it didn’t leave me much time to think about what Rob and Donna were up to and what I’ve gotten myself into. We ended up working until 10pm that night.

I was tired and we had pizza at the office, so I was ready for bed. When I pulled up to the house, I saw that the Corvette was in the garage. I started to walk to our bedroom, without thinking, then I remembered. Wow, that would have been a mistake. I stopped in the hallway and listed. I heard the tv on in the room, but nothing else.

I went got washed up, then went to bed. I lie there thinking about Donna and Rob. I waited a bit. I figured they must have heard me come in. I purposefully had moved around the house so that they would know I was here. Nothing.

I was hard, so I began imagining what they were doing. I pictured Donna fucking Rob in the car earlier. I pictured Rob cumming in my wife’s pussy. Donna kissing and sucking on him. I thought about what they both must be thinking of me (if at all)…rolled onto my side and I came into my open hand. Before the feeling completely abated I licked my cum off my hand and swallowed it all. As the feeling did subside, I wiped the last drops of cum off my penis and dutifully licked it up. I’m pretty sure I just passed out from being over tired.

My alarm on my phone went off and I woke up and shut it off. I got up, stumbled my way to the kitchen and put coffee on. My daughter joined me and had breakfast, then she was off to school. I had asked her how dinner was and she said, “Rob seems like a nice guy. Mom drank too much, I guess that is why she is not up yet.” I just chucked a bit.

I was alone in the kitchen when Rob came in. I poured him a cup of coffee as he sat down on one of the stools. He asked me how work was and I told him that I have along month or so in front of me.

I asked him how last night was and he said, “That wife of yours wore me out. She has a really tight ass and that mouth can rim and give blowjobs that destroy me. If I don’t steal yours, I’m going to have to find myself a redhead. Are they all that way?”

That sat with me a bit. Donna has never let me fuck her ass and although I have spent lots of time with my tongue deep inside her asshole, she has never rimmed me. While Rob was thanking me for everything I was kind of staring into my coffee feeling all turned around. Always with that horny feeling, so that added to my guilt. I was not only jealous of the intimacy that Rob was having with my wife. Maybe it was the intimacy more than the sex, but either way I was making it happen. What did that make me? A cuckold for sure and I was feeling guilty and ashamed.

Donna then walked into the kitchen. She definitely broke my inner thoughts. She was naked. Her hair was a mess. Her makeup was still on from yesterday and was a bit of a disaster. She looked like she had gotten sweaty a few times. She had such a glow to her. She looked amazing.

She glided up to Rob, kissed him. A peck at first, then with tongue. She shared his coffee. Then while in his arms, she looked up at me and said, “Good Morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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