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Although my eyes were getting tired, I wasn’t sleepy. Concentrating on the road dealing with the constant rain had taken its toll. I decided to drive on to Columbia and find a place to stay for the night. I’d been on the road since mid-morning, leaving Cincinnati after the last sales meeting. I spotted a billboard advertising one of the national hotel chains and made a mental note of the exit number off the interstate.

Reaching Columbia, I drove off the interstate onto the exit seeing the multi-floor hotel directly up the road. I pulled into the parking lot and went in hoping to be able to get a room for the night. Luck was with me. I was able to get a room on the fourth floor, very pricey but all the amenities you could think of, including a coffee maker with several packets of coffee. I figured I’d put that to use later on in the evening.

I sat down in one of the chairs, slipping off my shoes. I propped my feet up on the edge of the queen-size bed. I used the remote to skip through the channels trying to find something interesting to watch. Not finding much but news on at this time of the evening. I relaxed in the comfortable chair, dozing off and on occasionally.

I heard someone in the room next to mine. It sounded like two men talking. I noticed a door along the wall between the two rooms, which made the rooms adjoining. I got up and checked to make sure it was locked. It was. I heard the shower running in the room next to mine, thinking that wasn’t a bad idea, but figuring I’d wait till after I’d eaten to get a shower before bed. I watched the rest of the news program and a little bit of a situation comedy, a rerun. I decided I’d go down to the hotel restaurant and get some dinner. I grabbed my shoulder bag and headed for the door.

As I stepped out into the hallway of the hotel, the door at the room next to mine opened. Two young guys stepped from the room, pulling their door shut. They were both wearing black cowboy hats.

“Howdy Ma’am.” They both spoke.

“Hello.” I replied, smiling at them.

I started walking towards the elevators down the hallway, the guys were a following a little behind me. I pushed the button and the elevator doors opened. I stepped in the elevator and the two guys stepped in next to me. One of the guys and I reached to push the lobby floor button at the same time. I jerked my hand back.

“Bet y’all is headin’ the same place as us.” One of the guys stated in his Texas draw. “Supper”

I smiled. “Yes, I haven’t eaten all day. Just been driving.”

I don’t know why I said that much to them, it just came out. They smiled and asked where I was heading.

“Paxico, Kansas, just a little west of Topeka.“ I informed them. There I go again, talking more than I should, I thought. The guys nodded.

“Right off the interstate a little.” One of the men remarked. “Been by there a lot.”

I smiled. “Well, there’s not a whole lot there so you haven’t missed much.” I kidded.

We rode the elevator down to the lobby not saying anything more; the elevator was slow for some reason. When the elevator finally got to the lobby level, the guys stepped back letting me off first. I got out and looked around for the hotel restaurant, not seeing any signs.

“Rick and I are headin’ across the street to our favorite steak place. We always eat there when we’re in town. Beats the hotel restaurant all to heck.” The guy’s Texas draw prominent. “We’d both be pleased if you’d join us.”

I was a little taken by their invitation. Their pleasantness had me almost convinced to take them up on their offer. I hesitated, starting to say “thanks but no”. I shrugged my shoulders and decided to take them up on their offer. It would be nice to have someone to converse with at dinner I thought. We walked out of the hotel and across the parking lot. The steakhouse was directly across the street. We waited till traffic broke and hurried across the busy street. The three of us entered the restaurant. It was busy but we got seated immediately. The smell of steaks cooking filled the entire dining area. The smell made me hungry.

We looked over the menus, it was hard to decide. Everything sounded so good and the prices were reasonable. I picked out a small t-bone steak complete with everything you could possibly want to go with it. We placed our order and the guys ordered a beer each. They ordered one for me. I’m not much of a drinker but a cold beer sounded good with dinner.

The guys apologized for not introducing themselves. Rick and Trey were their names.

“Hi, I’m Michelle.” I introduced myself to them.

The waitress brought the glasses of ice-cold beer. I sipped mine, Rick and Tyler drank theirs down, guess they were really thirsty. They told me they were long-haul truckers, based out of Brownsville, Texas. They were both married with young children. I told them I work for a real estate investment firm in Topeka. They seemed interested in what my work entailed and I explained what I actually did at work. They seemed sincerely interested, asking a lot of questions. I asked them about their truck driving jobs. They were team drivers, constantly on the road. They were rarely home more than a couple of days a month. I thought how hard that must be for them and their families. I figured they were both in their mid-twenties, about ten years younger than Sivas Escort me.

“I see you’re married.” Trey stated, nodding his head at my wedding band.

“Yes, married with one son. He’ll be fourteen next month.” I added, smiling.

“What does your husband do for a living?” Rick asked.

“He’s a farmer, mostly wheat and soy beans. He works for his father.” I replied.

The waitress brought the food and more beer. The steaks were fantastic. I’d never tasted a better steak anywhere. I could see why the guys always ate here when they were in Columbia. We talked all the time we ate. The guys were very nice, very polite and courteous. They seemed to be more concerned about me than with themselves. We finally ate all we could. I was a great dinner. The waitress brought us more beers, I barely touched mine. Trey lit up a cigarette and I pulled one from my handbag. Trey lit it for me. It seemed like they were catering to my every need. We sat and talked for about thirty minutes before deciding to pay our bills and leave. I reached for mine but the Trey picked it up before I could get it.

“Let us take care of it, little lady.” He said. “It’d be our pleasure.”

I told them I couldn’t do that but they insisted. I finally gave in but only if they’d let me take care of the tip. They agreed to that. I left the waitress a generous tip; she’d done an excellent job of serving us. We left the steakhouse and proceeded back to the hotel. The traffic was much lighter and we didn’t have much problem getting across the street. Trey wanted to check their “rig” so he walked off to one side of the hotel parking lot. Rick and I walked towards the hotel watching Trey hurry off from us. We entered the hotel lobby and walked towards the elevators. We waited on Trey to join us before calling for an elevator. Trey came in shortly; it had started to pour rain again. His shirt was wet, almost soaked. He wasn’t upset, just smiled and kidded about taking another shower in the parking lot.

We rode the elevator back up the fourth floor and walked down the hallway towards our rooms. I stopped at my door and turned to thank them for buying me dinner. I wanted to thank them for being so nice too.

“We’ve got some hot coffee brewing in our room. Why don’t you join us for some coffee? Rick quickly stated. “Still early yet.”

I felt a little trapped. I didn’t want to say “no” and have them think I had suddenly turned unfriendly. I was just a little apprehensive to accept their invitation. I stood looking at the door to my hotel room, finally deciding to have a cup of coffee with them, just to be friendly. Trey opened their hotel room door and Rick guided me in. Their room was larger than mine, with two queen-size beds instead of just one. There was a table by the window with several chairs around it. The guys had piled their luggage in the chairs. I put my handbag on the table and sat at the foot of one of the beds. Trey said he’d be right back and went into the bathroom. Rick went over to the coffee counter and fixed us coffees.

“Cream, cream and sugar?” He asked.

“Just a little cream in mine please.” I answered.

Trey came out of the bathroom, his wet shirt in his hand. He tossed it on the dresser. He had a strong, muscular chest, just a little light colored hair on it. I forced myself not to stare. Rick brought me a cup of coffee and sat down next to me on the bed. Trey fixed himself a coffee and walked over to the table. He took his luggage and set it on the floor, sitting in the now open chair. I relaxed being in their hotel room with them. We talked about the weather being so rainy and the long drives we had ahead of us the next morning. I reached down to get a cigarette from my purse almost spilling my coffee. Trey offered me one of his. I took it, not paying any attention to the brand. I finished my coffee, setting the empty cup on the table. Rick handed me his empty cup and I put it next to mine.

I started to say something about calling it an evening but Rick leaned over towards me putting his arm around my waist. He kissed me on the lips, very softly. I was kissing him back, not trying to pull away from him. We kissed for a minute or so, then he parted his lips from mine. I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there looking at him.

“Been awhile hasn’t it?” Rick asked.

I couldn’t answer him but “yes” it had been a long while since my husband had kissed me. It had been a long while since we’d even slept together. I just didn’t want to admit it. It was much too personal to tell them.

I kind of nodded my head a little in response to his question. Rick put his other arm around me and kissed me again. This time he was a little more passionate, a little harder. I heard myself moaning very softly as his lips pressed against mine. I didn’t think about anything else but the kiss. Rick’s hand moved from my waist upward towards my breasts. I felt his hand gently touching me, beginning to rub them gently. I tensed at his brazen touch. I started to raise my hand to pull it away but I didn’t.

Rick unbuttoned the top button of my blouse, then the second button. I put my hand over his to protest.

“I, I can’t do this………….I’m married.” I muttered, barely able to speak the words.

Rick didn’t pay any attention to my slight protest. He kept unbuttoning Sivas Escort Bayan the buttons on my blouse, my hand still over his. I felt him ease the blouse from the waistband of my skirt and pull it open. My bra was exposed to him. He slipped his hand underneath my blouse. I felt his hand cupping one of my breasts, gently massaging it through my bra. I was beginning to feel sensations I hadn’t felt for quite some time.

I had almost completely forgotten about Trey sitting in the chair close to the bed. He could see everything that was going on. It was embarrassing to have him watch Rick exposing me. Rick continued massaging my breast and kissing me. His tongue penetrated my lips and slipped into my mouth. He flicked it at my tongue then raked it across the back of my teeth. I gave in to him; I didn’t want him to stop kissing me and rubbing my breasts.

Rick’s pulled his hand from under my opened blouse and put it on my knee. I felt is slowly sliding up under my skirt. I pressed my legs together trying to stop him. His hand on the inside of my legs continued to move under my skirt. I put my hand on his gripping it firmly trying to stop him. I didn’t want it to go any further. I couldn’t let myself be seduced. I could never look my husband in the face if I did.

Rick’s strength was greater than mine. He pushed his hand past my nylons almost to my panties. My skirt was pushed up exposing most of my legs. Rick’s hand slipped down over my panties rubbing my pussy. I gritted my teeth almost biting his tongue. His touching sent ripples through my body. I let my legs relax as he rubbed me harder.

“It has been a long while for you, hasn’t it?” He whispered.

I didn’t answer him. I didn’t want to admit it to him. Rick got up from the bed, pulling me to my feet, facing him. He slipped my blouse off my shoulders and down my arms. I felt Trey behind me taking the blouse and tossing it on the table. Rick held me in his arms, kissing me passionately, his lips nibbling on mine. I’d never been kissed like this; I didn’t want him to stop. I felt another pair of hands at my waist, unzipping my skirt. It startled me at first, realizing Trey was slipping my skirt down my legs. I felt his hand at my ankle lifting my foot out of the skirt. He lifted the other foot out of the skirt and tossed it on the table with my blouse. Rick didn’t release his firm hold on me or his passionate kissing.

Trey’s hands traced up the back of my legs, over my nylons over my bare thighs. He rubbed my butt through the thin material of my panties. His strong hands cupping and squeezing. My mind was only thinking of Rick’s hot kisses.

Rick released me from his strong arms. He stopped pressing his hot lips onto mine. He stepped back and smiled at me. I didn’t know why he’d suddenly stopped, it baffled me.

“I’ll be right back.” He finally stated.

I watched him walk towards the bathroom, entering it. Trey put his arms on my waist and began kissing me on the back of my neck. It sent sensations up and down my body. He kissed around to my ears, my breathing was getting slow and deep. Trey’s hand moved up my sides to cup both my breasts in his strong hands. He pulled me back close in to him. I could feel his hard cock through the heavy material of his jeans. It was pushing into my butt. I pressed back hard against him. Trey unhooked the front of my bra and pulled it open. My breasts bared for him, the nipples hardened. Trey slipped my bra off and tossed it with my skirt and blouse. I just had on my panties and thigh-high nylons, I was almost naked.

Trey’s hands cupped and squeezed my breasts. He kept kissing the back of my neck and down onto my shoulders. I wanted him so bad. Trey’s thumbs under my nipples flicked them up causing them to grow even more erect. I looked down at them. Trey’s fingers working them, teasing them. I took quick breaths as he manipulated me. He knew what excited me and he wasn’t going to stop.

Rick came back out of the bathroom. He was completely naked. He tossed his clothes on the dresser. His huge cock protruding straight out from his muscular body. I couldn’t take my barely open eyes off it as he walked back towards me. He was grinning, he was watching his friend Trey work my breasts, massaging them harder, causing me to moan constantly.

Rick sat down on the bed, his face just inches from my panties. He stared at them and then reached for the elastic waistband, pulling them down my legs. He took my nylons off and tossed them aside with my panties.

“Hmmmm……! Little lady, spread those hot legs for me.” He commanded.

I moved my legs apart letting him have full view of my pussy. His eyes were intent.

“Wider, spread them wider.” He ordered.

I spread my legs farther apart. Rick slipped his hand between my legs causing me to make a deep gasp. He rubbed his hand between my legs tracing his middle finger between the lips of my wet pussy. He traced his finger back and forth finally pushing it inside me. I rose up on my toes when his thick finger made its penetration. Trey’s large hands kept working my breasts and nipples. Rick slipped his finger in deeper and deeper. I settled down on it, forcing it up inside me. Rick stroked his finger in and out of me, twisting it slowly. I felt myself starting to build an orgasm. The hotter I got, Escort Sivas the harder Rick’s finger fucked into me. I raised my leg putting my foot on the bed next to him. Rick’s finger was pumping in and out of me. I had a hard orgasm, almost screaming out. Rick’s finger slowed down its pumping as my orgasm gradually subsided. It was all I could do to stay standing. Trey’s hands kept me from falling. I managed to drag my foot from the bed, putting it down on the floor to help support me.

“Damn, Honey. You are soooooommmmme hot pussy!” Rick exclaimed.

Trey’s hands slid down from my breasts to my waist. Rick slipped his finger out of my pussy, his finger trailing down my leg, leaving a wet streak. He rose from the bed and walked over towards a cooler by his luggage. Trey pushed me towards the bed. I put my knee on the mattress and fell forward, stretching out across the bed. I was panting, my breath still coming in short gasps. I managed to pull myself upwards towards the pillow, resting my head on one. It helped me breathe easier. Trey spread my legs apart with his strong arms. I felt the mattress give as he climbed on the bed between my legs. I looked back over my left shoulder. His hands were spreading my butt apart, his thumbs rubbing up and down between my cheeks. Trey licked his lips slightly then leaned down. I felt his hot breath blowing on my wet pussy. He blew his breath up and down over my slit. My lips were reacting to the sensual teasing. I looked over at Rick. He’d pulled a beer out of the cooler, sitting in the chair, watching Trey and me. I felt Trey’s mouth press against my pussy, kissing me. His tongue was slowly sliding up and then down my pussy. I felt myself opening up for him. He’d lick and then dart his tongue inside me. I closed my eyes, moaning. Trey’s exploitations with his mouth were bringing new sensations to my body. I lifted my butt slightly, wiggling it as his tongue brought towards another orgasm. His tongue penetrated my pussy and I felt it licking the walls of my pussy. I lifted my head off the pillow to look but I couldn’t see, my butt was raised too high. Trey’s lips captured my clit and he worked it. I was going to cum, I tried to hold myself back. Trey flicked his tongue on it and I exploded, crying out. I buried my face in the pillow to muffle my scream.

“ohhhhhhhhhhh………grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” My scream muffled. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…………

Trey didn’t stop. He kept licking my pussy, sucking my juices. I felt my knees sliding down till I was flat out on my tummy. Trey gave me a gentle slap on the butt, then kissed each cheek of my butt. I sensed it was his way of showing affection. I closed my eyes, my body still shuddering from my orgasm. I felt Trey get up off the bed, his footsteps on the carpet sounded like he was walking towards the bathroom. I just lay there, feeling my entire body had been satisfied.

I slowly opened my eyes. Rick was finishing his beer, tossing the empty can in the wastebasket. I managed to roll myself over on my back. Rick was tearing open a packet, a condom packet. His huge cock pointing toward me. He placed the condom over the head of his cock and slowly rolled it down the long, hard shaft. I knew I couldn’t take all of him inside me but I knew he was going to try anyway. Rick climbed on the bed, spreading my legs, lifting my knees up. He leaned towards me, kissing me softly on the lips. I kissed him back, my hand on the back of his neck.

“I feel like I’m about to enter Heaven.” He said. “I want us both to see the stars.”

I nodded my head. “Fuck me good and fuck me hard.” I begged.

I felt the bulbous head of his cock at the folds of my pussy. Rick pressed it into me, penetrating me. His cock shaft slipping into me slowly, I felt my pussy being stretched. I felt my pussy tensing even though I was trying to make myself relax so I could accept as much of him as physically possible. Rick worked his cock in and out, sliding in deeper with each stroke. He had his hands at my side, supporting his muscular body over mine. I looked up at his face, softly smiling, as my pussy accepted his hard cock. He stroked it slowly at first then increased the tempo till he was fucking me hard. I lifted my legs up to his waist, crossing my ankles, trying to hang on. My hips bucked up at him as he fucked his huge cock into my soaked pussy. We were fucking each other. Fucking harder and harder. I felt my orgasm building then suddenly explode unexpectedly. I cried out, Rick’s mouth covered mine to muffle the scream. His cock was pounding into me, his balls slapping against my ass. Rick slowed down stroking my pussy almost stopping. He put his arms under my legs, spreading them apart. He fucked me slowly and rhythmically. It felt so good; his cock was bringing me slowly, very slowly towards another orgasm. I could feel his body tensing. I thought he was going to cum before he got me off again. His arms tensed and he leaned farther over me. Rick began fucking me with long hard strokes. The room filled with loud smacking sounds as our bodies collided. Rick’s face grimaced, his teeth were clenched. He looked down at his cock pounding into me. I had another hard orgasm as he pumped me one long deep stroke, arching his back. His cock pulsated inside me, he was cumming. He pumped his cock a couple more times, his cock pulsated again. He was cumming a second time. Rick’s body was rigid. He didn’t move, he didn’t even move. He just held me impaled on his hard cock. I just held onto his arms letting my orgasm flow and my body convulse. It was the most incredible orgasm I’d ever had. I didn’t want it to ever stop. I was in heaven, I was seeing stars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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