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Big Tits

“Hi baby, what would you like me to do to you this morning? Or, rather… what would you like to do with me? Anything at all, Jen . Anything for you.”

“Hello, Bob. I’ve been waiting for your call. And you’re bang on time. I like that. I am as busy girl as you know but I so look forward to our time together. By the way, our clocks go back at the weekend, so you’ll have to adjust for the different time. I can never work it out but I’m sure you’ll be able to.”

“Tell me where you are, Bob. On your bed, kitchen or garden? Set the scene for me. I loved getting off with you in the garden. From your descriptions I could see your cum spraying high and splattering over your chest and stomach. I hope your neighbours couldn’t see!”

“I’m in the kitchen today, Jen , It’s a bit rainy outside. I am naked and hard for you.”

“Mmmm, baby, I love your big hard cock, especially one with a large mushroom head like yours. I still have the picture you sent and am looking at it now. Such a beautiful cock.

I have the picture in front of me of your juicy Maltepe Escort gaping pussy, Jen. Such sharp detail. The coral pinks of your inner lips, your clitoris poking from its sheath. I look at it as I rub myself every night.”

“Ooh, that image is making me very squishie. Can you hear my fingers rubbing myself? Slapping my clit? I’ll hold the phone closer.”

“I can hear you, Jen . Such a liquid sound. You must be very wet.”

“I am, Bob, Waiting for you to ring. Wanting you big cock to fuck me hard. Which toy would you like me to use today?”

“I liked the one in the other picture you sent. The big black one with the large veiny surface. The one you could only get half way in.”

“Ahh, baby. I have it here. I knew you’d pick that one. It’s my favourite too!”

“Where are you, Jen , In bed? It’s only 6.30 where you are. Are you naked? Describe to me how you are laying.”

“Well, Bob, I am still in bed, yes. I have on my green silk sleepy shorts and matching bra. I am lying back on my pillows and have Maltepe Escort Bayan my mirror at the foot of the bed so I can watch myself. I’ve opened my legs and am lifting my knees wide.”

“I’m stroking myself through the silk. I am so wet. Pushing the material inside. It feels delicious when I slowly pull it back out.”

“Ohh, Jen baby, keep describing what you are doing. Don’t stop.”

“K, Bob. I’m sliding my silky shorts down over my legs. Pushing them off with my feet. Ahh, that’s better, can now finger myself, so hot and wet. Holding my lips wide, I can see in the mirror my cunt glistening with my juices. Such a good idea of yours to use speakerphone, I can now use my two hands.”

“Baby, such sexy imagery. I can almost smell your pussy. I have copied your idea and have set up my own mirror to watch myself stroking my hard, veiny cock. My heavy balls squirming around making hot creamy cum for you.”

“Mmmm, baby, I love you talking about your hot, creamy cum, makes me more squishie and squirmy inside. Escort Maltepe Would love you to fill me baby, shove your big, hard cock deep inside my hot, hungry cunt.”

“Bob, I’m rubbing my cunt lips with my big, black toy. I imagine it is really your cock. I can watch as my cunt lips stretch to swallow its huge domed head. Ahh, it’s just popped in and my lips have closed behind it. It feels so fucking good baby.”

“Keep talking, Jen. I want to be there with you. Describe every tiny detail.”

“You are with me, baby, sliding your big cock inside my tight cunt. I can feel the hard veiny length of you as you push slowly, persistently into my stretched cunt.”

“Oh, fuck, baby, you are at the end of me, nudging my cervix. I wish I could push further. Want you deeper in me.”

“Want to be fucked so hard, Bob. Want your creamy cum to blast into me, filling me. That’s it baby, fuck me hard, pull your cock out and drive it back hard, harder, Bob, harder, ohh, fuck! I’m cumming! Cum inside me, baby, shoot your load deep inside me!”

“Mary, baby, I was with you. I came with you, filling you, holding you, loving you.”

Bob rubbed his cum over his stomach and chest, his cock softening between his legs.

“Thank you, Bob, hold me for a while longer, can you? Time for my shower now. Busy day ahead. Until next time…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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