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Big Tits

In my, albeit pretty poor defense, it was supposed to just be a blowjob. Fine, I’ll start at the beginning.

“So you’re telling me, some random girl is going to come to the security building, wait in the supply closet and suck my cock, in exchange for some perfectly legal edibles?” I said, repeating what my friend had asked me.

“Maybe legal in the state but her Dad would kick her ass if she got caught trying to bring them into campus, getting them from you, she’s already past the checkpoints, you yourself know how much of an asshole Steve is, he loves busting people,” she replied.

“And you’re fine with me getting head from some random girl?”

“Marcus, we’re not a couple, we have nasty, wonderful sex and we’re free to see other people. I want you to tell me about it when we have sex on Friday.”

“Fine but this is weird, even for you Tara. So many other ways she can get it.”

“So you’ll do it?”


Tara squealed and kissed me on the lips.

“Wednesday, 9pm, make sure the hallway lights are out too.”

Campus security had its perks, I’d been in the Army and blew out my knee on some unorthodox training exercise and when I was done with rehab I sued and won a settlement that set me up for life. Helped that my Dad was the lawyer and managed to find so many things wrong and they paid out just to shut me up. I didn’t care, I enjoyed the relatively easy life and the hot young coeds that threw themselves at me on a regular basis and didn’t care that my job had no real future, at least not with the company I was with. The day finally arrived and I let myself into the supply closet right at 9pm, bag of edibles in my hand.

Dim light from a cell phone led me to a chair and I sat down as instructed and waited until she turned her phone off. She then put a cushion at my feet and pulled my legs apart then got to work undoing my pants. She pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles then fondled my balls.

“Do you have it?” she whispered.

“3 packets,” I replied, also whispering.

I put the bag of edibles at my feet then sat back as she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. I gasped instantly, I half expected a quick, half handjob, half blowjob then she’d disappear but once she sucked me into her mouth I was in bliss. She sucked the tip as she gently fondled my balls then kissed and licked my shaft as I hardened, she really knew how to make it feel great and my breathing got heavier as she went on. She didn’t seem to be in any rush to get me off either, the way she sucked me I knew if she wanted to she’d have me cumming in minutes but she took her time, savoring my cock like it was a prize.

“Your cock is beautiful, can we do more?” she whispered.

“What do you mean?” I whispered back.

I soon got my answer, after a brief pause I felt her push my legs closed and she straddled me. She held my cock and put me at the entrance of her pussy.

“This is what I mean, I want this inside me, I’m clean and on the pill,” she said, her breathing heavier too.

I answered by gently pulling her down onto my cock. She kept the lead though and put her hands on my shoulders as she thrusted onto my cock until she had all 8 inches of me inside her. She mumbled a ‘oh fuck yes’ as she began to fuck me, her thighs slapping against mine as she enjoyed my cock. I initially had my hand on her waist but she pulled off her shirt and put my hands up to her breasts, I took the hint and was fondling them, enjoying the tight globes and her swollen nipples in the darkness. When I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked she gasped then a few seconds later she was cumming, gasping ‘yes yes yes’ as she took as much of me into her as she could. I didn’t last too much longer and pushed up from the chair as my cock exploded, spraying my hot seed into my mystery lover’s pussy. When we’d both come down, she pulled her nipple from my mouth and kissed me passionately.

“That, was the best blowjob I’ve ever given,” she said quietly.

“It’s certainly the best one I’ve ever received,” I replied, forgetting to be quiet.

The girl had been rocking back and forward, enjoying my softening cock still inside her but when I spoke she froze for a second then leaped off me. I was blinded for a second when she turned the light on and we started at each other.

“M… Marcus? Wh… what the fuck? What the fuck are you doing here?!” said my sister Clara, her eyes wide.

I was staring at her chest, her breasts pinbahis güvenilirmi really were as beautiful as they felt in my hand and mouth then reality snapped in.

“I… it was just supposed to be a blowjob, I didn’t know it was you!” I replied.

Clara, still staring at me, slowly covered herself up.

“Wh.. what did we just do,” she said, almost in a trance.

“Turn the light off,” I said, worried we would get caught.

I pulled my pants up and straightened up my shirt, Clara used the light from her cellphone to find her panties and pulled them on. She put the edibles in her bag and put her bag on her shoulder. I didn’t know what to do, Clara came and held me in the dark, touched my face and kissed me again then left the room quietly. I quickly turned the light on, made sure the chair and cushion was all I had to remove then left the room. A few hours later, once my shift had ended, I got a text from Clara.

‘Can I come and see you?’ was all she sent.

‘Of course.’ I replied.

Clara arrived maybe ten minutes later, she had changed into sweatpants and a loose t-shirt and her hair was tied in a ponytail. I opened the door for her, she walked in without saying anything and pulled me by the hand to the couch. She sat facing me, her pretty face not showing any emotion at all.

“I want you to promise me something,” she said.

“Okay, what,” I replied.

“Promise you didn’t know it was going to be me in there.”

“I promise Clara, I swear on my life.”

“How do you know Tara?”

“We’re uh, friends with benefits I guess.”

“She’s not answering my calls or texts, she knew and set us up, did you say anything to her, how does she know we’re related?”

“I have no idea, I don’t really talk about you, we barely talk at all to be honest. Ah, fuck.”


“The picture I have as my screensaver, she must have spotted it, our last year at the lake.”

“Okay, that’s how she knew we’re related but this? This is something else.”

“Last time we fucked she got a little strange, well, kinda role playing, she’s kinky as hell, kept teasing me, ‘stick it in or I’ll tell Mom you licked me’ and stuff like that, I didn’t think anything of it. Is she in one of your classes?”

“Yea, but I um, I experimented is the best way to put it, she’s bi.”

“I didn’t know, that’s cool.” I said, smiling.

“What now?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I fucked my own brother Marcus, aren’t we supposed to be repulsed or something?”

“Honestly, it felt amazing, I stopped caring what people think years ago.”

“I get that but this, this could ruin us both.”

“So we make sure Tara doesn’t say a thing to anyone, I certainly won’t.”

“I can’t believe how easy you’re taking this.”

“If you’d asked me, hey, would you fuck your sister, I’d have replied no way. It happened, it felt amazing and we can’t change that so why let it worry me? Now if you were ugly I might have a problem but you’re a sexy woman,” I said, grinning.

“It did feel really good.”

“See, don’t let it stress you. Is our business, nobody needs to worry about it.”

“Can I stay the night, I think my edibles kicked in.”

“You took those then drove? Yes you’re staying, I’ll take the couch.”

“I uh, can we cuddle, I’d love to be held. I’ll keep my shirt on.”

I’d love to blame the drugs but I hadn’t taken any, feeling her body against mine had my cock getting hard, she had me spoon her, my arms round her resting my hand on her waist but she couldn’t stay still and pulled my hand up to her breast.

She rolled over to face me and kissed me softly on the lips.

“I want this, make love to me,” she said softly.

We both fully undressed and were a mess of hands exploring each other like it was our first time, she held and stroked my cock to hardness and my fingers running over her labia found her to be soaking wet already. She opened her legs and I got between them, sucked her nipples to hardness then placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I looked into her eyes as I pushed inside her, watching her face contort in pleasure was awesome. I began slow, deep thrusts until my cock was coated in her juices then pushed deep into her as I kissed her. It felt so right, I didn’t care what society thought at that moment and focused on pleasing her.

I’m not sure how long I lasted, Clara had a couple of mild orgasms then one really explosive one then her eyes pinbahis yeni giriş seemed to glaze over in bliss until I finally came again. She rolled on top of me and fell asleep after though, her edibles knocking her out.

She was still asleep when my alarm went off.

“Hey sleepyhead, I have to get ready for work,” I said, gently waking her.

“Mmm, it wasn’t a dream. Call in sick and stay in bed with me all day, I have no classes today, we could just fuck, make up for all the time I was just a sister,” she replied, smiling.

“That does sound magnificent but we’re already short, I can’t let the guys down.”

“Fine, can I stay until you get home, I need you again.”

“How about, you go home and pack a bag for the weekend and we can have fun then.”

“Fine but I’m sleeping in, those things you got me were strong.”

Focusing at work was pretty hard, Clara didn’t help by sending me nudes from pretty much every corner of my apartment but I was annoyed Tara didn’t respond to me. I found out why later that afternoon.

“So, hey, how’d it go?” she asked with a smile.

“Well you’d know if you’d look at your texts,” I replied.

“Um, it’s at the bottom of the lake, Cole got his boat back and took me out on it, it fell out of my bra when he was doing me from behind over the edge.”

“Uh, tmi?”

“I told you, no jealousy or you don’t get to take my ass on Friday. Spill it already!”

“It was okay, she had me cumming in minutes, took her stuff then left.”

“Oh that sucks, did she give you her number or anything?”

“Didn’t even see her face.”

“Oh, well, I guess when she wants more edibles.”

“Yea maybe, hey, I have to take this call.”

I decided, knowing her texts from Clara would be missing, that Clara and I were going to have fun. I had her call me when I got off the phone with my boss.

“No fucking way, so she didn’t see my text freakout or anything?” said Clara after I told her.

“Nope, what are you doing on Friday? I think we’re going to have some fun payback with Miss Tara,” I replied.

“We should really be thanking her but yea, will be fun anyways.”

I went over my plan with Clara and relaxed for the rest of the day, I couldn’t believe where I was with Clara too, I thought back and there hadn’t really been anything close to sexual tension when we were younger, I protected her like most brothers would but never looked at her ‘that way’ at all. She was beautiful, people said she was a younger version of our Mom and she was still turning heads at 50. Our dad loved it though, he’d enjoy calling her ‘his hot milf’ and she’d playfully slap him but even I could see her beauty.

Friday rolled around, Tara liked to come and see me for sex before she went home to her strict religious parents for the weekend, she’d text me about how she loved still having my cum soaking her panties when it dribbled out her ass or pussy as they lectured her about too much makeup or her slutty looking outfits, if they only knew their little darling loved the sex they said was unhealthy and got it as much as she could, I’m sure they’d have a fit but I know she relished in her double life.

“I wish we could take our time, I haven’t thought about anything else since Thursday,” said Clara as she got naked.

“Well I promised you we can play all weekend, we’ll wear Tara out together then spend tonight getting the rest we’ll miss until Sunday,” I replied.

“I like the sound of that. Has your pill kicked in yet?”

“Oh it is now, seeing you naked again sent all the blood to my cock.”

“Does she always text, what if she forgets this time?”

“She never forgets, it’s one of her things. If I don’t answer the door to her naked we have vanilla sex and she leaves, naked, well, anal is usually her favorite.”

“And she can take this monster? I’m impressed.”

“Well, we should get started, you can suck me until I’m close then I’ll cum in you from behind so I’m nice and deep. I can’t be too sweaty or she might suspect.”

“Just as well I practice kegels huh,” she said with a grin.

Clara got to her knees once I’d stripped and began to suck my already hardening cock, her mouth felt amazing and it didn’t take her long to get me close.

“Okay, I’m close,” I gasped as I pulled my cock from her mouth.

She stood up and bent over, leaning against my dresser and looked back at me with a smile on her face.

“Oh what timing, is that her?” said pinbahis giriş Clara as my phone went off.

“Yup, unless someone else would text me ‘be naked and ready to fill my ass’ I’m pretty positive it’s her.”

I pushed into Clara, she was already soaking wet and I enjoyed the feeling of her pussy, she gasped in pleasure as I fucked her, it didn’t take me long to get to that point again, her ‘cum in your little sister dirty boy’ sending me over the edge. I pushed as deep as I could and erupted, spraying my seed into her.

“Okay, pull out slowly, I’ll suck you clean then you should dry off, better yet, put lube on it, throw her off,” said Clara.

With my plan set in motion I answered the door to my apartment naked, my hard clock glistening with lube so Tara wouldn’t suck me and potentially taste Clara. Tara smiled, kissed me passionately then when she was inside my apartment, dropped the coat she was wearing to reveal she was just in stockings and suspenders. I’m pretty sure my cock twitched at that sight.

“Well someone is horny, want to pull my plug out and fill me with your cock, dirty man?” she said softly.

“How about you get that sexy ass of yours into the bedroom and I’ll do what I want?” I replied.

“Mmm, Yes Sir.”

Tara’s eyes widened when she saw the velcro straps I’d set up on the bed and the sex pillow, a foam wedge really, to enhance our fun already in place. She picked up the blindfold and put it on then laid on the bed in place.

“Good, you remembered no questions, I hate having to spank you,” I said.

“I’m here to serve and be used like the dirty slut I am Sir,” she replied as I secured her wrists.

I slowly pulled the plug from her ass when she was in position, on her back, her ass and pussy raised by the pillow and her wrists secured above her head. Clara was watching from the bathroom, she waited until I was half way inside her, my thrusts getting deeper each time then quickly got onto the bed and straddled Tara’s face, planting her pussy on her mouth. She held her hair until she started licking.

“This is my brother’s cum that’s dribbling into your mouth, you’re going to swallow it all then make me cum,” said Clara.

Tara was moaning into Clara’s pussy as I started getting harder with my thrusts, I rubbed her clit, something that usually drove her wild when I was in her ass and her moans and licking soon had Clara cumming too.

“I’m cumming big brother, I’m giving your cum to your dirty slut,” gasped Clara.

When Clara had finished she climbed off Tara then kissed her passionately as she fondled her breast then took her blindfold off as I was still fucking her ass.

“Th… that explains why you haven’t cum yet,” said Tara with a grin.

“I’m close though, I hope you enjoyed your present,” I said.

“Her pussy is always amazing, getting to drink your cum was a nice surprise.”

I lasted a few more strokes then groaned as I sprayed what seed my balls had left into Tara’s ass, staying in her as my cock softened.

“Undo her straps please Clara,” I said.

“So, I’m guessing things went way better than a quick blow job on Wednesday,” said Tara.

“It did but we’re both wondering why you set us up that way. We both enjoyed it but holy shit Tara, if you wanted role play we could have just pretended.”

“I didn’t know it would end up so much fun for me so quickly, I wanted Clara to have amazing sex, I thought it was going to take blindfolding you in a room and sending her in to ride you but you guys kinda blew that out the water.”

“But why?”

“I was an only child but reading stories on this site I found would get me hot as fuck, I wanted to be a part of a real life one.”

“What if I freaked out and couldn’t handle the fact you set me up to fuck my brother?” said Clara.

“You forget the conversations we have when we’re drunk and fucking sweetie, you’re just as kinky as I am, it was a very calculated risk. Now are either of you going to eat my pussy before I have to go, I like my anal orgasms but I need my pussy to be throbbing before I go home to the prudes,”

Watching my sister eat another woman’s pussy had my cock hardening again, sure, it ached a little but I thought to myself ‘what a fucking week’ and just pushed into Clara again as she ate our friend.

Tara would join us in bed quite frequently, that was until she was caught fucking one of the professors and kicked out of school but she vowed to keep our secret safe. Clara and I carried on of course, she moved out of the dorms, telling our folks that she didn’t feel safe and saving money living with me would be best, she graduates soon and we’re looking for excuses for her to keep staying with me, neither of us ready to give each other up…

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