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This story is being written by Lisa.


Finally, after many years in the porno and movie industry, I have been asked to do an interview with Hustler magazine. Not only am I going to be interviewed, I am going to be their upcoming centerfold and I am excited. They are paying me $50,000 for the interview and shoot.

I arrived at the Hustler headquarters in Hollywood early in the morning to get ready for the shoot as the interview will be done afterwards.

I was led to makeup and then wardrobe for the shoot. I was given several minute articles of clothing to wear for the session but for the most part I will be nude.

I was taken to the set and pictures were taken of me in several erotic poses. They highlighted my tits, nipples and pussy.

Then they had a couple of naked guys with big cocks join me and I was photographed with their hands and cocks all over me. One photo involved one guy standing in front of me with his cock near my mouth and the other guy’s cock in my hand.

The shoot lasted a couple of hours and hundreds of pictures were taken. By the time we finished, my juices were running down my thighs. (Yes, they even took pictures of that.)

After the shoot, I was brought to a room for the interview. I was given the choice of getting dressed or staying nude and I decided to stay nude as a lark.

I sat in a very comfortable chair and waited a few minutes before an interviewer came in.

He identified himself as Peter Mitchell, the head of the writing department. He told me he will be conducting the interview.

We exchanged pleasantries and he asked if there were any issues that were off limits and I told him no.

We were now ready to start…

Peter: Why are you naked while we are doing the interview?

Lisa: I just finished the photo shoot and it felt comfortable and I wanted to see your reaction.

Peter: Well, you certainly got a rise out of me, no pun intended.

Lisa: I knew I would Sinop Escort (laughing)

Peter: I know you are married. How does your husband feel about you doing porn and having sex with others?

Lisa: Well, my husband knew I had a tremendous sex drive before we got married. He has been very supportive of me. He tells me he enjoys watching me have sex with others. It also doesn’t hurt that I make a ton of money.

Peter: Aren’t you afraid of getting a social disease or something worse?

Lisa: I and whoever I am working with take every precaution before sex acts are actually performed. We all get tested regularly, have a balanced diet and, believe it or not, we don’t just fuck anyone and everyone.

Peter: I read about your last movie that garnered you an Oscar and as a requirement of the movie, you actually had to get pregnant and have the baby for the movie. Tell me about that.

Lisa: That is true Peter. My contract called for me to really get pregnant and have the baby for the movie. To this day, I have no idea who the father is because the actors actually shot their cum in me and there were a few men. I also had to give the baby up for adoption and the producer put one million dollars in an account for the baby’s well being.

Peter: Was your husband ok with that?

Lisa: He knew that when we read the contract. He was fine with it.

Peter: Now, let’s talk about your sexual activities in the movies. Do you really get turned on when fucking another actor or are you a great actor?

Lisa: To be honest, when it comes to sex, I am always turned on. In order for me to make a movie look real, I have to perform 100% and really get into it. The only way I know how to do that is to enjoy it and I do.

Peter: So, what you are saying is that when you fuck the actor, you really are fucking him. Is that true?

Lisa: Yes, when I am fucking the actor in the movie, I am fucking him with my body and soul and is the Sinop Escort Bayan real deal.

Peter: Now Lisa, what about the cum scenes. Do you really take the guys cum in your cunt? What about the blow jobs? Do you really take his cum in your mouth and swallow?

Lisa: Peter, I love cum. You have no idea how a woman feels when a guy shoots stream after stream of his cum into you. The feeling is indescribable. As far as blow jobs go, I love sucking cock, just ask my husband. Every guy’s cum tastes different and I have no problem swallowing every drop. Besides, it is protein and good for you…laughing.

Peter: Lisa, I want to get this all down and correct and you can check what I write before it goes to print. Ok? Now, what about the lesbian scenes, are they real and do you prefer doing them over scenes with guys?

Lisa: I appreciate your letting me review the interview before it goes to print. Thank you. Now, as far as the lesbian scenes go, I prefer doing cock scenes. But, I would never turn down a lesbian scene either. Acting or performing in them is different. Emotions are different as well. The sensuality with a woman is more intense than with a man. I can tell you my husband loves when I do a lesbian scene.

Peter: Wow, you certainly are candid. I really didn’t expect this from you. I want to apologize for my being short sighted and pre-judging you.

Lisa: I am sure you expected an air head that just does porn with no real talent or acting ability, just an open mouth and an open cunt. I forgive you. (I leaned over and gave him a kiss as my tit hit his hand)

Peter: Well, you certainly are not what I expected. By the way, would you like to put something on now?

Lisa: (laughing) Peter, are you getting aroused by my being nude? If you are uncomfortable, I will put something on.

Peter: Lisa, you don’t have to, really. It is up to you. Can I ask about your personal life?

Lisa: I prefer to stay naked. Escort Sinop Thank you. Peter, you can ask whatever you like.

Peter: How do you separate lovemaking with actors and your husband?

Lisa: Peter, they are two different things. One is make believe and one is real. When I fuck in a movie, it is true and it is real but it isn’t love. When I fuck my husband it is love and I am pleasing my husband. In the movie, I am pleasing myself.

Peter: At home, have you brought home “guests” to be with you and your husband?

Lisa: That is a strange way of putting it, but the answer is yes. We have had men and women join us in bed. Peter, would you like to join us one night?

Peter: Well Lisa, that question certainly won’t be in the final cut.

Lisa: Too bad. I was hoping for a yes answer…laughing

Peter: A couple of more questions and we will be done. Now, Lisa whether on the set or at home, what is your husband’s reaction when another guy is slipping his cock into your cunt, ass or mouth?

Lisa: I think I mentioned it before; my husband enjoys, no likes it, when he sees me taking other cocks. And, I always want to please him.

Peter: How do you want to be remembered?

Lisa: Hmmm. I just want to be remembered as an everyday person who takes her marriage seriously and is passionate about her work.

Peter: Lisa, that wraps up our interview. You have been a terrific guest. I want to wish you well in your movie career and your personal life. I also want to thank you for doing the interview in the nude. It has given me a better insight about you.

Lisa: Peter, I want to thank you for being such a gracious host. And, by the way, if you want help now with the hardon you have had for the last hour, just say so.

Peter: Well Lisa, that’s the best offer I had today.

Peter stood up and walked over to me. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. In an instant, I was sucking his big, beautiful cock. It wasn’t long before he said he was cumming. I looked up at him as he shot his load in my mouth until he was dry. I swallowed every drop. I put his cock in his pants, got up and thanked him.

On the way out I reminded him of my invitation. He said he would think about it and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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