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Her husband was flirty with another woman. A girl really. She looked to be in her early twenties. Beautiful. Tanned. Young.

She didn’t envy that little girl much.

But there was a flush of shame that was always there when he did something like this in public. With her right next to him. Her husband, Robert, had finally given up even the little bit pretence of curtsey to her. He was now seducing young girls in front of her very eyes. In front of their families eyes.

It made her want to scratch his eyes out.

She took a deep breath, hoping that not many people detected it. She didn’t want to appear flustered, but she couldn’t stop her hand from tightening on her wine glass.

They were at a charity dinner. Something befitting the marine life off of the California coast. Or so she thought, she couldn’t be sure.

She stared down at the burgundy liquid in her glass. She had been nursing the same glass for the past hour. Not for the first time she wished she was like her mother. Her mother knew how to drown her sorrows in drink and drugs.

Maggie had never gotten the hang of it. Not that she tried. She was too much of a chicken shit coward for drugs and alcohol.

“Margret.” Maggie turned her head to look at the smug face of her husband. She hated when he looked at her. He face was set in a look of pompous superiority. He looked like a jackass. Just because he had a little money he thought himself better. He wasn’t. He was pathetic.

“Yes, darling?” She asked, knowing that her endearment would irritate him more than anything else. The scowl directed at her confirmed her suspicions.

“It’s getting late, and I’m feeling a little tired. I think I’m ready to leave.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

Her smile was slight, but cheery. A look of anger flashed across his face. Maggie didn’t understand why he was so intent on wanting her attention. Why he so desperately sought to get a reaction out of her. He didn’t even remotely like her.

He rose from his chair, adjusting his tux jacket in the process. Didn’t he look pretty tonight, Maggie thought, appreciating the tall, masculine figure. She had been tempted to sabotage his diet at least once weekly, but his body was one of the few things she had enjoyed about him, so she had left it alone. She still enjoyed going to the gym when he worked out, sitting in front of him and eating ice cream. He had never seen the humor in it.

His blonde hair was slicked back. It shone like gold under the chandelier light. Maggie spared a glance at one of the chandeliers above their table. She had never really liked the form of lighting, it was obnoxiously grand – they had one in every room of their house.

He moved behind her chair and moved it backwards as she rose. She didn’t turn around to thank him or to acknowledge the little, tight thing that had held his attention. She moved forward, not waiting for him. He didn’t let her go far before he grasped her arm tightly and leaned her towards him. She looked up at him and saw the clenching of his jaw. Oh, he seemed angry. She smiled slightly. He caught the smile and his hand tightened around her arm.

She almost giggled in glee.

They moved forward, stopping once in a while so Robert could say his peace with Sinop Escort the other guests. Maggie managed to dislodge his grip on her arm, and instead linked them together. He didn’t like this, but he wouldn’t protest. Because that might cause a scene and he Robert couldn’t abide scenes. She smirked in satisfaction. She stroked under his jacket, beyond his wrists and gently started plucking at the blonde hairs on the back of his arms. He didn’t even flinch. She had to admit that she was rather proud of him.

They moved out of the building, their limo was waiting for them. There was no one else around so her darling husband had no qualms about pushing her rather forcefully into the back seat. Her palms connected hard with the leather seats. A rough slap on her ass had her scrambling into the car. When she was fully inside the car, she moved to the end of the seat and righted herself as best she could as Robert seated himself.

He turned to give her a hard look. She pressed herself against the door and tried her hardest not to smile.

He closed the door and looked out of the tinted window. So he was going to go with the ignoring card, tonight.

She would have none of that. Slowly, she scooted closer to him. He had heard her moving but was to intent on ignoring her that he didn’t actually turn around to see what she was doing. She kept her body away from his, but moved her head as close as she could to his.

When she was on an inch away from him she whispered, “Bobby.”

He jerked his head around quickly, causing their noses to bump. Maggie giggled. “Don’t call me that.”

“Why not? It’s your name… Bobby.” She smiled gleefully.

Their faces were close together, she could feel his angry breathing on her nose.

“Don’t call me that.” He enunciated each word with a hiss.

“Your breath stinks… Bobby.” It didn’t really. It smelled nice. Minty with a slight hint of fruitiness, probably the wine.

He clenched his jaw. “Margret…” He started threateningly.

“Maggie.” She corrected.

“Your name is Margret.”

“I prefer Maggie, dear husband.”

He moved a little close until their noses touched. “Mar-gret.” He pronounced. Taking great care with each syllable.

She shivered. She liked him like this.

Slowly, forming the words perfectly with her lips she retorted, “Bobby.”

The side of his jaw gave a twitch. She giggled. He lunged at her. She threw herself away from him, but ended up on the floor of the limo, looking up at his angry face.

“Oh Bobby, your hair is all mussed up.” She said with cloying sweetness.

His faced flushed. His fists clenched. “Get off the floor Margret. And stop behaving like a child.”

Maggie put a finger to her chin, head slightly tilted to the right. She looked like she was seriously contemplating his suggestion… or was it order?

She gave up the pretense after a few seconds and let herself drop back completely onto the floor.

“No.” She laughed and writhed on the floor as if she were rubbing herself on it.

“Maggie, I’m not fucking with you anymore.” And now he was using his big boy voice. It didn’t intimidate her when he really was a boy and it certainly didn’t intimidate her now.


“You’re behaving Sinop Escort Bayan like a child.” All that clenching probably wasn’t good for his teeth.

Maggie thought it over. She started to inch her dress up.

“What are you doing?” He asked, after her skirt had passed her underwear.

“Behaving like a big girl just like you want.” She smirked. She pulled at her white, satin underwear until the outer lips of her vulva were outlined.

“Stop that.” He continued, but his eyes were glued to her left hand as it moved slowly up and down her panty covered pussy. Her platinum wedding band glinted in the passing street lights.

“No.” She continued petulantly. She moved the scrap of sating covering her mound to the side and stroked her bare cunt. Years of practice had made getting off easy, but she didn’t want to reach her peak just yet. She dipped her ring finger into her heat. When it was sufficiently covered in her wetness, she pushed herself up crawled over to him.

She positioned herself between his spread legs and pushed herself up until she was half laying on him. She brought her wet finger up to his face. He didn’t take his hard eyes off her face.

“Wanna taste? It’s yummy.” She teased waving her wet finger in front of his face. He didn’t move, except for the twitch in his jaw.

“Come on. Try it.” She goaded. Again he made no move. He sat rigid, watching her.

“Sourpuss.” She pouted. Then she brought her finger up to his lips and traced them, leaving her clear wetness on them.

His lips glittered as if he’d put lip gloss on. When he still didn’t respond, she prodded for him to open. He did, slowly and only enough for her finger to enter. When she entered his mouth she felt him curl his tongue around her finger instantly and suck. Cupping his face with the rest of her hand, she thrust her finger in and out of his mouth.

“You’ve got a very talented mouth. You should suck cock for a living.” She advised. He tensed at her insult for a second, but didn’t stop his sucking.

“If I had a cock I’d make you suck it every day. You have a pretty mouth for a boy.” She murmured bringing her face close to his and placing a gentle kiss on his lips. She felt her wetness on her lips and licked it off. He watched her tongue make its path around her mouth.

She felt his cock jump under her. She removed her finger, his tongue followed it out. He licked the rest of her off of his mouth.

She smiled.

Then gasped.

He had slapped her ass while she was distracted with her win over him.

“Oww. That hurt Bobby.” She stated. He brought his hand down again – hard. This time she yelped loudly, her eyes widening.

She started to struggle but couldn’t escape the trap of his legs which she had willingly entered before.

“Stop struggling.” But he didn’t sound angry. There was a silly smile on his face. She liked it more when he was angry.

He pulled her over his lap. She didn’t struggle, too stunned by this to react. He pulled her dress up. He didn’t pull her underwear down. First he traced the outline of her panties, dipping beneath them when he came over the crotch, feeling for the warmth and wetness that resided there. Then he rubbed her cunt with the satin between them, pushing Escort Sinop where he knew her clit was. She moaned and squirmed on his lap, lifting her ass in the air once his fingers stopped their exploring.

Finally he pulled her panties down. He could have taken them off, but he liked seeing them around her knees. Then he brought his hand down heavily. The flesh of her ass jiggled with the force of his slap. She yelped loudly and turned around in astonishment. Their eyes met.

“Wifebeater.” She called him.

“Fat bitch.” He returned.

“Chauvinistic, pathetic little asslicker.”

“Immature, over indulged little princess.”

She paused pursing her lips in hate.

“Faggot.” She whispered back.

He smiled widely, showing off white even teeth. “Your faggot.” Then he resumed his spanking. Each blow seemed harsher than the last to her. She fought against him but he had her firmly secured.

When he was done he deposited her roughly on the seat next to her. She fell on her back, the majority of her falling off the seat. Before she could straighten herself, he took hold of her ankles and raised them high in the air. He moved behind her, half crouching, half standing. He undid the buttons on his pants quickly and pulled out his hard cock. He positioned himself at her dripping cunt and running his cock up and down her slit he dampened the rest of his dick with her juices. When he felt himself ready, he plunged into her.

He heard her groan from the first thrust. He moved her left to one side of him, so he could get a good look at her. She looked uncomfortable. Her ass was in the air being pounded by him, while her head was bent at a sharp angle do to the cushion behind her. Her chin was pushed against her chest and her breasts hit her face every time he thrust forward.

He pulled the top of her dress down, freeing her breasts from her bra. Now they swung even more wildly, and she was whimpering in displeasure and pain. He liked the look on her face. She almost looked like a shy little girl getting fucked. She hadn’t been that for a long time.

He gripped one breast roughly, kneading and pinching it until she started mewling in real pain. He stopped touching her breast, liking the view of them bouncing a little more now.

He moved to grip her legs and felt soft satin under his hand. He looked down to see that her panties were still around her knees.

Sweat dripped of his brow and he felt his knees giving out. Getting old sucked.

He popped out of her and rotated her so she was lying across the seat. He pulled her to him, took of her panties, pocketed them, and moved one of her legs over his shoulder. Then he entered her again. She liked this position a little more, he figured by her moaning.

He continued his thrusting.

“You moan like a slut.” He told. She gave him a gentle smile. He kissed the smoothness of her leg. She cried out, clenching around him and triggering his own release. He thrust a final time, his cock jerking inside her and his hot cum flowing out of her and around his cock. He dropped her leg, and lay on top of her. Both of them were breathing harshly.

He loved it when he could get her to react to his teasing. The punishment was the best part.

“You’re gonna be a good big girl now?” He asked his breath hot on her cheek.

She turned her blue eyes at him. ” I’m gonna tell on you.” She singsonged.

He hid his smirk from her. “I guess you still haven’t learned.”

He turned her over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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