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I woke up Wednesday morning feeling quite good. Pam was there with my coffee, and Jeri was still lying next to me. I had a strange feeling that today was going to be a good day. I asked Pam

“How is you bottom today?”

“It’s still a little red and a little sore when I sit but other wise it’s fine. Thank you for letting Glenda stay with me last night.”

“I hope you two didn’t over due it. Where is Bill anyway?”

“He still out with Miss Kim. I ran the first four miles and then came in. Mary only made the first one. She’s never run before.” Pam told me as Jeri stirred next to me

“If your going to be living here your going to have to start exercising too.” I told Jeri once she was fully awake. “You can do it in the morning with Bill Kim and Pam or at work with Kim supervising. Then you’ll get rid of this extra skin you have.” I told him as I grabbed the skin in question.

“What do you recommend?” He asked.

“That’s up to you. I like doing it at work because it breaks up the day.”

“I’ll try it at work if I can change with out anyone seeing me with women’s underwear on.”

“That is a problem. I’m sure you’ll work out something.” I told him. “Well I’m headed for the shower are you all going to join me?” Pam jumped at the chance so did Jeri.

In the Shower we all took turns washing each other when it was Jeri’s turned to be washed I took the back while Pam took the front. Once I had his legs and back done I started on his ass. It didn’t take me long before I had three fingers up Jeri’s ass and had him moaning for more.

“I can’t use more then three, it’s too hard but I do have some thing you may like. Pam loves having one in her for hours.” Pam knew what I was talking about and was nodding her head enthusiastically. “Do you want to try one?” I asked

“AA Okay if you think I’ll like it?” Jeri asked

“Oh you’ll love it Mary had her first in yesterday and she still hasn’t taken it out.” Pam told us. I was going to have to talk to Mary about that.

My fingers continued pumping in and out of Jeri’s ass while Pam was making sure her cock was very clean. When I started to feel Jeri’s ass hole start to clinch my fingers I said to Pam.

“Pam sweetie, I think Jeri’s cock is quite clean. Maybe you should relieve the tension she’s feeling.” Pam went to her knees and took Jeri’s cock in her mouth and took it down her throat. Jeri groaned loudly once she felt Pam’s throat muscles surround his cock.

“That feels good doesn’t it sweetie?” I asked Jeri. Jeri nodded her head unable to speak. Then I said as I took a hold of Jeri’s right nipple and gave it a squeeze as my fingers picked up speed fucking her ass

“Cum for me sweetie. Cum in to Pam’s mouth while I fuck your sweet ass.” I had my three finger going in as deep as they could, Jeri’s ass would grip them tightly every time I pulled them out then he would release his grip as I plunged back in. When he heard my command to cum, Jeri screamed then I felt his whole body jerk as each load was shot into Pam’s hungry mouth. I continued to fuck Jeri till her load was spent. Then I gently pulled my fingers from her. Pam stood up and I could see she had a mouth full and was waiting to see who was going to share it with her. I said to Jeri

“Now give Pam a kiss for sucking your cock. And this way you can share your cum with her.” I wanted to see how eager he was to drink his own cum. Jeri’s mouth went to Pam’s with out a moments hesitation. Their lips locked then a few seconds later Pam pulled her mouth from Jeri’s and said

“We’re suppose to share, you can’t have it all.” Then Pam giggled

“I’m sorry I’ll remember next time.” Jeri said apologetically.

“It’s ok just remember for next time. Now we better get dressed for work or we’ll be late. And I still have to fill your bottom.” I told him

When we were back in my bedroom I got out a medium size butt plug from my toy chest. I had Jeff lean over the armchair. I could see he was shaking with fear or anticipation. After lubing up his asshole I started to slide the plug in. I watched as Jeff’s hole closed shut just as the plug made contact. I said

“Relax honey. If you tense up it’s going to hurt.” After he relaxed I was able to get two or three inches of the six inch plug in him then I started to work it in and out of him. I watched Jeff for signs of him having trouble with the size. When he started to rock back as I pushed into him I knew he was ready for some more.

“Okay sweetie here comes some more. Now relax.” I watched as Jeff relaxed, then I slide in the plug all the way to the knob. I worked that much into him then I asked. “Are you ok?”

“Yes Mistress, it hurts a little, but it feels good too.”

“Okay sweetie now I going to push in the knob that holds it in place. This might be a little painful so relax as much as possible.” Jeff started to tremble a little then I pushed the knob up tight against his hole and I watched his hole spread open. I heard Jeff grunt as the knob entered his Escort Bayan ass. Then his sphincter closed shut around the knob trapping the plug inside of him. I released his ass cheeks and gave him a sharp slap on the bottom. Jeff stood up right with a groan. I looked down his front and noticed he had a hard on. He obviously like the plug in him

“Are you okay. It doesn’t hurt too much does it?” I asked

“No my Mistress it’s quite pleasant.” He said

“Any other time I would take care of this, but we don’t have the time.” I told him as I took his cock firmly in hand and gave it a squeeze. Then I continued “I think it’s about time you start getting this under control. Oh and by the way none of my slaves are allowed to masturbate unless I give them permission. Now I want you to go get your underwear on and then come and show me what your wearing with out a hard on.” I told him with another slap on his bottom. Jeff jumped and went for the door.

Bill came in to the bedroom wrapped up in a towel. I could see he must have showered in the other bathroom. I could also see he looked a little tired as well. After he came over to kiss me I said

“You look a little tired, was that from your run or did Pam wear you out last night?”

“Pam definitely wore me out. Then Kim was there bright and early this morning to get us up for our run. But what really did me in was, when Kim and I came in after our run we found you in the shower with Pam and Jeri. She talked me into taking a shower with her. Before we got to the shower she practically raped me in the bedroom.”

“She did? Were you able to get inside of her.” I asked

“It was a tight fit but yes I was able to fit. I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think I ever been inside something that tight. At first I could bareley move, but when she came the first time she loosen up a bit.”

“Well she’s turned into quite the slut hasn’t she. I hope she enjoyed it. You know your only the second man to fuck her?”

“I think she like it she came four times, before I did.”

“How do you know she came four times?” I asked

“She told me each time. She not afraid to talk while she’s fucking someone. She not afraid to do a lot of things while she’s fucking.”

“I’m glad she enjoyed herself I hope you did too. I feel sorry for her being trapped like she is.” I told Bill as I started to get dressed.

After I put on my stockings garters and panties, Jeff came in to show me what he was wearing under his suit. I noticed that he didn’t have a hard on anymore. I gave him my approval of his pink pastel under garments then he left to finish getting dressed. Bill and I finished getting dressed and went down stairs. We all sat down to breakfast together then Kim and I left for work. Jeff was right behind us as we drove.

In the car I could see Kim was deep in thought so I asked. “What’s troubling you?”

“Oh I’m not sure I should tell you.” She said

“What that my husband fucked you brains out this morning?” I asked

“He told you then I figured he would sooner or later I just didn’t want to get him in trouble. Seeing he didn’t ask permission first. I did kind of jumped him.” I laughed then said

“Bill doesn’t have to ask my permission. So don’t worry about forcing your self on him he enjoyed it. I hope you did?”

“Oh I did. He was fantastic. He was very patient seeing how tight I was. I never knew it could be that good. Ginny was good and very sweet. I glad she was my first, but Bill was something else. I came four times before he came inside me.” She told me then with a blush to her cheeks she said. “I can still feel him in me. I feel like I have a big empty spot inside of me where he was.”

“I know what you mean I feel like that all the time.” I told her

“I have one question. Can you still get enjoyment with some one else that’s smaller then he is?” She asked

“I can. I like have different cocks in me. I can still cum from being fuck by just about anyone. But the best has to be Bill and not because he’s so big but because he really knows how to please a women.”

“He does know how to please a women that I can attest to. And so do you and thanks again for making it possible for me to enjoy men with out the pain I used to feel.” I reached over and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh and said

“I’m glad you enjoy it, but don’t stop liking women too.” My hand brushed her pussy and she said

“Oooooo don’t worry about that. I’m going to have your mouth down there very soon. I missed your talented tongue and I want it again very soon.” She said as she clamped my hand between her thighs.

I continued to rub her pussy through her panties till I had to down shift to get in the parking garage. When I stopped the car Kim asked, “What time are you coming down today?”

“I have a board meeting at ten this morning, probable around noon or so. Oh Jeff’s going to start working out with you can you find him some where to change so no one sees him Bayan Escort wearing female underwear.”

“Sure he can change in my office. Is there anything special you want me to work on.” Kim asked

“He’s starting to get a pot belly. I’d like that to go away, but I don’t want him getting all muscular either.”

“Leave it to me. I make him into a pretty shemale for you.” Kim told me as she got off the elevator.

When I went to my office Ginger informed me that several of my department head want to speak to me. So I had her set up a department head meeting for one-thirty that afternoon. I then set about getting some work of my own done till Ginger told me it was time for the board meeting.

At the board meeting I kept my eye on Jeff to see if the butt plug was giving him any problem. As far as I could see it didn’t bother him all that much. The only difference was that now he sat with his back straight; which was uncommon for him. He always slouched back in his seat and he never seemed to pay attention to what was going on in the meeting, but I knew he could recite word for word what happen at any meeting. Today he was all ears you could see he was paying attention. I didn’t know if it was the butt plug or if he was trying to impress me. Whatever it was I hoped it continued.

The meeting let out about eleven thirty. I stopped by my office to tell Ginger to go to lunch when she was ready and to get my work out cloths. After getting changed I walked into the gym to find that there were four other people already there. Which surprised me I didn’t know anyone else used the gym. After doing my stretching as I watched Kim move from one person to the next giving words of encouragement to each. I think that’s what she was doing I couldn’t hear what she was saying but they all seem to work a little harder after she spoke to them. Janie was there using the Stairmaster while another girl was using the other one. On the only treadmill was a very large girl.

She was five foot six or so and must have weighed about two hundred and fifty pounds. She had dark curly hair and was very pale. I think she worked in accounting but I couldn’t be sure. Kim went to her and said something that I didn’t hear then the girl said

“Are you sure that’s all you want me to do. I just got started.”

“Yes that’s all you need to do today. Come back tomorrow and you can do more. I want to start off slow so you don’t start hurting. If you hurt you won’t come back. Now go have lunch, do you remember what I told you about eating.”

“Yes. I can eat what ever I want as long as I have a salad first.” The girls said

“Yes but get your salad first and eat it then go back and get what ever you want. Remember?” The girl nodded her head and gave Kim a big smile. Then Kim gave her an encouragement smile and sent her off. Then Kim came over to me and I said

“That’s not fair you used magic to get her down here.” I said

“I did not she came on her own. She want to lose weight and I’m going to help her.” I could see Kim took offence to my suggesting she used magic. Then she said “Before you really get me mad at you I suggest you get on that tread mill.” I could see she wasn’t kidding she was really upset with me. I went straight for the tread mill

After a very brief warm up Kim came over and turned up the speed to an all out run. Then left me with out a word. Kim was right about my new work out top. My tits stayed in place through the run. After fifteen minutes of running Kim came over and slowed the tread mill to a slow trot then a slow walk. When she stopped it I was glad to get off. Then she hissed

“Stairmaster now.” I figured right then I didn’t want to get on her bad side. I did twenty minutes on the Stairmaster at high speed till Kim turned it down then off. By this time I was the only one left in the gym.

“Kim I’m sorry I suggested you used magic. I just saw the encouragement smile and I assumed you used magic to get her in here.” I told her

“Well I didn’t. She came to me last Thursday before I even knew about what magic I had. She cried in my arms for fifteen minutes because she felt so bad about the way she looked.” Kim told me. I could see a tear come to her eye before she blinked it away. I knew right then that she took her job very seriously. When Kim got herself under control she said

“I think it’s time to start your stomach crunches.” I just about gave a groan but I knew I had better not. So I did twenty, one minute crunches till Kim told me, I was done. I never felt so relieved to get out of that gym.

I arrived in my office ten minutes before my next meeting. I went straight to the small fridge in my office and took out a bottle of orange juice and drank it straight down. Ginger took one look at me and said

“Are you okay?”

“Yea just don’t get Kim mad at you.” I told her

“She doesn’t get too many people mad at her. I’ve already have three letters telling you what a wonderful job she’s doing.”

“Really Escort how come I didn’t hear about them?” I asked

“They just came up today. They went to personnel first to be entered into her file. They all speak glowingly of her. Apparently she doesn’t treat you the same way.” Ginger said with some concern

“Let’s just say I said something I shouldn’t have and I paid dearly for it.” I got a raised eyebrow from Ginger but nothing more.

Ten minutes later I was in a conference room with all my department heads. After I addressed all their concerns. I found out everything I need to know about what was going on around the company. Twenty minutes later I was alone in the conference room with Jeff.

“Do you still have the plug in?” I asked

“Yes Mistress.”

“Does it hurt or bother you?”

“No Mistress, its quite comfortable now. Every time I sit it reminds me of my servitude to you.” I saw a blush come to his face.”

“Have you made any arrangements with Kim yet.” I asked

“Yes Mistress I didn’t bring any work out cloths today so I start tomorrow. I can change in her office.”

“Good you can leave the plug in till you have to go to the bathroom then you can take it out. I want you to wash in and bring it with you tonight for dinner. Plan on spending the night. Have you heard from Sal yet?”

“Yes ma’am. As you suspected he was released this morning after giving his notice. He’ll be starting on Monday.”

“Good, Bring him up to see me on Monday. If you don’t have anything else I have some work to do.” I said

“When I come over tonight should I wear something pretty again.” He asked

“Unless I tell you otherwise you should always wear something pretty.” I told him as I walked out of the room leaving Jeff with a smile on his face.

I went back to my office. I worked for the next two hours uninterrupted till Ginger bused me that Kim was waiting to speak to me. Seeing it was already after four I told Ginger she could go home after she let Kim in.

“I have the bids for the equipment for the gym.” She told me in a short clip tone. So I knew she was still up set with me. Kim had change back into the skirt and blouse she had wore this morning.

“Good let’s have a look.” I told her trying to sound cheery and hoping to get her to lighten up. After looking at the bids I said “There all about the same price. Which do you recommend?”

“If it was up to me I’d go with Randalph’s. I worked with them before t the college their very good with taking care of any problems covered by the warranty.” She told me. Her tone was softening slightly.

“Do you think we should order a few more pieces since your getting more popular down there?” I asked. Kim had seem to relax a bit and was now sitting across from me.

“I was thinking two more of the Stairmasters and two more of the tread mill and one more bike. The carpet is being installed tomorrow for the aerobics room. I’ll be starting a class next week. I already have ten women signed up.”

“My you have been busy haven’t you.” I said in a teasing manner

“Yes I have and all with out my magic.” She said curtly. I just about groaned when she said it

“Look Kim I’m sorry I accused you of using magic. Can you forgive me.” A smile came to Kim’s face then she stood up walked over to the door and locked it. Then she walked around my desk and sat on my blotter and said

“If you want forgiveness you’ll have to do penance.” When Kim spread her legs I could smell her arousal. This was something I have never done in the office with a man or women. I was unsure how I felt about this.

“Can’t we do this at home. I don’t think it’s a good Idea to do it here.”

“That’s why I want you to do it here. If I let you do it at home you would be more relaxed and enjoy it. If I make you do it here then it will be more of a penance.” She said matter a fact. She knew she had me hooked. I could of said no but what good would that have done. She still had to go home with me.

“Ok but you have to be quiet no screaming or loud moans. I don’t want anyone to hear you.” I told her.

Kim jumped off the desk and threw the blotter to the side hiked up her skirt and sat back on the desk. I could see how excited she was. She must have been planning this all day. I rolled my chair between her legs and moved in close to the desk. You could imagine I was very nervous about being caught. I looked up between her nylon clad legs. The nylons were being held up by black garters. The panties she was wearing this morning were now gone. I saw that her pussy was already starting to leak her cream in anticipation of me bringing her to climax with my tongue.

I smelled her pussy again and my head followed my nose to the source of that smell. I leaned in and gave her a quick lick starting at the bottom and working my way up to her clit. Kim’s legs trembled as a small gasp escaped her lips. Once my tongue had tasted her juice I forgot any inhibitions I might have had about doing this in my office. In fact, when I realized that I was sitting at my desk eating the pussy of one of my subordinate while still dressed in my business suit. I was turned on. My sexual instincts kicked in as my mouth devoured the pussy stretched out before me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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