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My writings are all based on events in our real lives but names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Less background than usual in this tale so check out my other stories if you’re interested to learn more about the characters. Yes, for those wondering, my wife really was born a Countess in France.


Here’s the thing, it’s possible to have a sensual hot wife who loves eroticism, sex in all it’s forms, fantasies and games, who is outgoing, flirty and extrovert, who is attractive to both men and women, who goes along with most everything but in many ways is mostly submissive. An effervescent personality who enjoys being tied to the bed, blindfolded, being the recipient of an occasional spanking, and definitely often enough being on the receiving end of a good hard fucking. That’s my wife.

Nicole generally prefers to have me, or someone else, take control. She’d never cheat on me but she’ll be a hot wife because she has permission to fuck whomever she wants. She’s always been gorgeous and age really hasn’t changed her much; a blue-eyed, strawberry-blonde, curvy, with magnificent 36C breasts. Her elegance and classic Grace Kelly looks are underscored by her classic wardrobe and penchant for, even more classic, pearls. On top of that her french accent is the cherry on the cake.

There are times when we’ll set up a video camera attached to our big screen TV in the master bedroom to watch ourselves making love; there’s a voyeuristic/exhibitionist aspect despite no-one else actually being able to see and it just adds a little spice, sometimes Nicole’s passive side likes to fantasize about being taken in full view.

Anyway, there was nothing unusual in Nicole suggesting to me that I should set up the camera tonight. She had texted me from her soak in the bathtub and then while I was setting up she called out asking me to bring her some weed and if I wanted her to leave the hot water for me. I dutifully obliged with a marijuana vape and replied in the affirmative vis-a-vis the hot water. But, what was unusual was that she asked me once I went into the bathroom not to come out until she told me that I could.

Having inhaled a puff or two and relaxing, stretched out in the foam-filled tub, I was feeling nicely mellow but anticipating the imminent lovemaking. I heard Nicole in our large walk-in closet walking about, certainly looking at herself in the floor to ceiling mirror. Huh, sounds like she’s wearing shoes. Some erotic playlist starts playing on the bedroom music system and I see the lights under the bottom of the bathroom door turned to the red setting.

“Coming?” Nicole calls through the door.

“You bet.” I called back rubbing myself down quickly with a large bath towel which I then wrapped around my waist. My imagination already had me half-hard as I opened the door to our bedroom.

I gasped. “Wow…”

Nicole lay on our kingsize bed, that huge beautiful smile on her face, one knee raised, Ordu Escort wearing high-heeled boots and a black lacy body corset; she held a leather black flogger in her hand and flicked it enticingly back and forth. With perfect timing Screamin’ Jay Hawkins started casting his spells from the sound system.

“You like?” She questioned.

“This is unexpected, but you bet!’ I answered her enthusiastically.

“So it’s ok if I take charge tonight?” Nicole continued.

“Oh yes!” I couldn’t take my eyes of her.

“Oh yes, what?” My wife asked uncharacteristically assertive.

“Oh yes…Ma’am?” I guessed in my best English accent.

“Perfect answer. Now come over here and kiss my boots.” Nicole really was full of surprises tonight

“Yes Ma’am” I crossed to the bed and stroked my hands up her legs, kissing her knees.

“Mmm, that’s nice but I didn’t tell you to do that did I?”

“No Ma’am. Sorry.” I turned and bent to kiss the shiny leather covering each foot and as I did so I felt the flogger stroke across my back.

“Am I going to have to punish you?” Nicole asked.

“Uh, yes Ma’am.” I had no idea where this was going but one way or another I was certain it would end well.

The flogger slapped gently across my back again. So gently it almost tickled.

“Does that hurt?”

“No Ma’am.” I almost laughed.

The flogger slapped, not hard but it made a satisfying sound.

“Now you can kiss my knees and make sure you do a good job.”

I moved back to the top of the boots as the flogger came down again. I kissed higher up the inside of her thighs until I reached the bottom V of her corset.

“Naughty boy!” Nicole said pulling the towel from around my waist. As I stood upright my erection sprang up as the weight of the bath towel was removed. “Looks like you’re going to have to be properly punished.”

Nicole climbed off the bed, draped the towel across the mattress and pushed me face down. The leather straps of the flogger smacked softly against my bare ass cheeks.

“That was very naughty.” She continued the game. “I hope you’re sorry.”

“No Ma’am.” I think my answer surprised her. “It was worth it.”

Nicole tossed a pair of velcro wrist cuffs onto the bed near my head. “Put these on and stretch your arms to the straps.”

I had seen the webbing straps, that are a permanent feature under our mattress, pulled on top of the sheets but not really registered what was happening till now. Every so often I glanced over at the TV screen seeing this scene playing out, making me eager to continue.

“Yes Ma’am.” I did as I was told.

A firmer whack from the flogger across my butt didn’t hurt but for the first time I felt the tiny stings as the ends of the leather strands whipped against my skin.

“Don’t move.” Nicole walked around and leaned over to clip the spring carabiners on the cuffs to the metal loops on the strapping. I tugged gently to test them. Again, a mildly stinging whack Ordu Escort Bayan was my reward. “I told you to behave.”

“Sorry Ma’am.”

Another whack. This one was a small ‘ouch’ but somehow was still making me hard. I tugged at the straps again.

“I’m starting to think you like this.” Another whack, again slightly harder.

“Yes Ma’am.”

Nicole stroked the leather strings up and down the crack of my butt. “Honesty huh? I like that!” She said before another slap. “I think we can take this further now.”

My wife pulled a black silk blindfold from the bedside drawer and tied it tightly around my head. I knew this was as much to empower herself as it was to increase the erotic nature of the game. “You ready for some more?” She asked.

“Oh yes.” I was slightly disappointed to lose my view of the TV screen but equally excited at what unknowns might be coming my way.

“Oh yes. What?” Was immediately followed by a pretty hard whip of leather across my butt. 

“Oh yes…Ma’am.” I wondered to myself for the first time whether this was leaving marks and what my butt looked like. I also wondered at how this was stimulating me and at how the sheer eroticism was turning me on, keeping me hard.

Nicole stroked and wiped the flogger across my body. “As you’ve been mostly good. I think we can take this to the next level.”

I heard my wife walk around but there was enough rustling and moving that I couldn’t figure out what she might be doing. I lifted my head and turned to hear whatever clues might be available.

“You’re being naughty again.” Nicole was behind me. She slapped one butt cheek with her hand. “Did that hurt?”

“No Ma’am.”

She slapped again; harder this time “Now?”

“No Ma’am.”

Again, harder. “Now?”

I let out a groan. It stung, not badly; it was a pleasant stinging. I could hardly believe that I was actually enjoying this but here I was and I wanted more.

“Yes Ma’am. But in a nice way.” I answered truthfully.

Nicole caressed where she had slapped. “Good boy. Maybe I should reward you now?”

“Yes please Ma’am.”

I gasped as I felt a finger slide down between my cheeks and press inwards. “You like that huh?” Nicole pushed a little harder.

“Yes.” I breathed deeply. “Yes Ma’am.”

Nicole pulled her hand away and I heard a click, another click, then she dropped something on the bed alongside me. I swallowed and breathed through my mouth as I felt her finger again, cold and very slippery; this time it slid easily inside me. I held my breath. She pulled it out and then pushed again. I moaned.

“All that noise. I didn’t give you permission.” The flogger whipped across my back enough that the tips of the thongs stung, but any pain had surprisingly long since turned to pleasure. “Now I’m going to have to punish you again.”

I felt Nicole picking up what was clearly the bottle of lube, heard the clicking and squeezing, then felt her drop the bottle back onto Escort Ordu the bed. My senses were heightened by the blindfold but also by my own imagination. A small sharp intake of breath as I felt more of the cool lube.

“Are you ready?” Nicole asked, tapping my feet wider apart with her boots. I could only nod, feeling something rubbery and hard pressing against me. I felt the front of my wife’s legs press against the back of mine, and what was now clearly a strap-on pushing into my ass.

Nicole leaned forward. Pop! I opened up and the head went in. A shuddering gasp as my lungs filled with air.

“Ok?” My wife was checking on me. I nodded into the mattress.

“Oh yes. Fuck that feels good.” I pushed back on the dildo.

“More? Naughty boy!” Nicole giggled, simultaneously gliding gently a little further into me. She pulled back and slid forward again, the tip brushed against my prostate so I couldn’t help but exhale a small groan. Out again and then a longer thrust in until I felt her hips hit mine; the dildo hit the exact right place as my cock pressed into the towel beneath me and I felt like I was about to come right then.

“Fuck…So good.” Was all I manage to croak.

“This looks so hot you know.” My wife pulled back and started a regular sawing motion pumping in and out of my ass.

Every push was blowing my mind. I tugged on the cuffs. “I want to see.”

Nicole paused her motion briefly as she leaned forwards and pulled the blindfold off my head. Although the lights were dimmed I blinked and then turned to look at the TV screen. My french Countess wife stood behind me still dressed in her lacy outfit and boots but now sporting a purple strap-on dildo that she was sliding lovingly in and out of my ass. Each forward thrust was hitting the magic spot.

My usually submissive wife was fucking me in the ass and applying an occasional slap from the flogger to boot! It was a sight to behold and an incomparable feeling to experience. I shuddered; my cock so hard it felt like it could burst, I was coming without anything even touching me. Fireworks exploded in my head. I moaned loudly, gasping for air, as my body shook.

Laughing softly my wife leaned over to kiss my back and whispered “That was fun. Did you come already?”

“Mmm.” I sighed. “I’m not completely done yet though. I want to fuck you so badly right now.”

Nicole stood and stepped back, unclipping the straps and dropping the dildo onto a hand towel she’d use to wipe off the lube on her hands. She unclipped the cuffs and I stood grabbing her and pulling her tight to a deep kiss; my still hard cock pressing against her belly.

“You weren’t kidding were you.” She smiled at me.

“Get naked.” I told her. “I want you.”

Undoing the crotch snaps, Nicole tugged the body up her torso and over her head, tossing it to the floor; her freed breasts bobbed enticingly before me but my need was more urgent. I swung Nicole around and pushed her back to lay on the bed, her hips and legs hanging over the edge. I parted her knees, lined myself up between them and in one move pushed my hardness into her soaking pussy. She was wetter than I could ever have imagined.

“Fuck me.” She commanded.

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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