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Big Tits

My girlfriend Cheryl and I had a bet on a football game, no money, instead it was the other would have to do whatever was asked of the winner. Well I won the bet, it started out with breakfast in bed, but then as the day went on it got so much better.

Cheryl is very sexy, 5’5″, 36B boobs, with the pinkest nipples, short red hair, not carrot top red, a very dark red, a few freckles, but not too many, and very nice buttchecks. She is very frisky, playful, and always horny as hell.

I have been wanting to take some pictures of her in all the lingerie that I have bought her over the years, but she always made some excuse, well today she had to do whatever I asked. So I got my camera and the fashion show began. I had her in some very sexy see thru lingerie, teddies, nighties. I’m one of these guys that sees a lingerie website and pictures her wearing the outfit, of course it comes off really quick. Well I got all the pictures, every outfit, I could make a calendar if I want. I even took a few of her butt naked as well. I then told her to go and get the Toy Box, as we call it, filled with all her vibrators and dildos, and a few other fun things. I wanted to take some photos of her with her using some of her toys.

She started out slow, a small gold vibe, that she sucked on while I took a few pics. Next, one of her favorites a big purple vibrator, about 8 inches long, and thick, a good 2 inches Maltepe Escort thick. I took a photo of her kissing the head, with her small hand wrapped around it. Then I told her to lube it up good, and slide it inside. She did as I asked, great picture, she has almost the entire cock inside her stretched pussy. She then surprised me, she told me not to look, she would say when. O.K., I opened my eyes and she had a small blue vibrator shoved up her ass, and her twisting, turning vibe deep inside her cunt. I took several pictures, all mine.

I thought of what would be next. I told her I wanted her to shave her bush, just to see if I would like a bald pussy, I like a bush, but it’s good to try new things. I took more pictures as she shaved herself, and then she said, your turn. Well it was supposed to be my request, but I gave in and let her shave me as well.

Now that we were both smooth shaven, I thought a snack would be a good idea. I laid down on the bed and put marshmallow fluff all over my cock and balls. Lick me clean honey I told her, now marshmallow fluff is a bit sticky, so it takes a lot of licking to get it all off. She started with my balls licking, then sucking my balls into her hot mouth, it felt great, and looked sweet.

Cheryl started licking up my shaft, very slowly, using both her lips and tongue, I was just hoping I would last. I wanted her to get the Kartal Escort cockhead inside her mouth so bad. Finally she reached my cockhead and opened her mouth wide and sucked my cock all the way in, she was deepthroating my cock with marshmallow fluff still on the head. Well that was all I could take, I erupted deep in her throat, she swallowed, I could hear her moaning and realized she had three fingers rammed up her sweet bald pussy, her cunt juices covered her fingers. I had her pull her fingers out, I put some marshmallow fluff on her fingers and licked them clean, what a sweet treat.

I had to do her, more marshmallow fluff, I put some on her boobs, and some covering her newly bald pussy, and had her lay back and enjoy. I licked around her boobs, working in slow circles, she has very sensitive boobs anyway, so I knew this would drive her wild, plus she wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy. By the time I got to her nipples she was arching her back, moaning. I pinched her nipple between my lips and pulled on it, I swear she almost came.

I slid down her body and got between her widespread legs, I didn’t dive right in though, I licked her thighs, and very slowly dipped my tongue and just got a little fluff and kept on teasing her, never really going down on her. Well she couldn’t take my teasing any longer and grabbed the back of my head and shoved it down in her crotch, I Pendik Escort had fluff all over my face. It was my day, not hers, so I made her lick my face clean before I would continue.

Once I was satisfied I went back to working on my dessert. I ran my tongue, right thru her pussy lips, it didn’t taste like fluff any more, it tasted like her fingers had earier, mmmmmmmmmmm. I started licking her all over, but left her clit alone. When I finally flicked my tongue on her clit her cunt juices just flowed out of her, I just kept on licking, I thought she would never stop cumming. She was arching her back upwards, she was cumming that hard.

By now my cock was hard again and ready for more action, I grabbed her legs and spread her wide as I could and guided my hard cock into her bald spot between her legs. I shoved my cock in all the way and started fucking her, she was so wet. I switched positions had had her ride my cock, she was really hot, her boobs bounced up and down as she rode my cock faster and faster. I reached over and grabbed the blue vibe she had up her ass before and without her knowing what I was doing, suddenly I had slipped it in. I turned it on full speed, it was buzzing away up her ass. She actually squirted, for the first time ever, she squirted as she came, it surprised us both. I was so turned on by it, I started cumming too. I grabbed a spoonful of fluff and shot the rest of my load onto the spoon and she licked it down clean.

For her final chore of the day, I made her go to the store and buy more fluff. I can’t wait for the next time we make a bet, I might just lose on purpose, just to see what she comes up with for ideas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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