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“Ah, that sucks,” said Tom, hanging up the telephone in Angelina’s kitchen.

“What’s wrong?” asked Angelina, clearing the last of the lunch dishes from the table.

“A friend of mine left a message on my answering machine saying he can’t go to the Giants game with me this afternoon. All my other football buddies are out of town, so now I’ve got no one to go with. “

“I’ll go.”

“Really? Are you sure. Neither team’s very good. I can always scalp it.”

“Yes, I’m sure. I never miss a game on TV and haven’t been to the Meadowlands in ages.”

“OK. Great. I didn’t know you liked football.”

“I know it seems like we’ve known each other a long time because the past 36 or so hours have been so intense, but there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me yet, Tommy boy.”

“You’re right. We haven’t done a lot other than make love,” said Tom, recalling the three sex sessions the pair engaged in the day before, including a marathon night tryst that practically left Angelina speaking in tongues before he was through. “Well, good. I’ll go to my apartment, get the tickets, come back and pick you up around 3:00. That’ll give us enough time to make it to the 4:00 kickoff.”

“And don’t forget to pack an overnight bag,” Angelina reminded her 22-year-old lover. “You’re spending the night here again, remember?”

“How could I forget? That’s the first thing I’ll do. Man, I love three-day weekends. I’d better run. “

“Be back soon. Maybe we can make love again before we have to leave for the game.”

“Maybe,” said Tom, grabbing his coat from the closet and digging into the pockets for his car keys.

“I miss you already,” said Angelina with a pretend pout, as she walked over to Tom and wrapped her arms around his waist. “We haven’t been apart since Friday night.”

“I know,” said Tom, but if I don’t leave now, we’ll never make the game in time.”

“This’ll make you drive the interstate like it was the Autobahn,” said Angelina sexily, as the middle-aged librarian tilted her head and moved her face in toward her young flame.

Tom met Angelina halfway for a soft, delicate kiss on the lips. Within seconds, however, their passions re-ignited, the pair began ravaging each other’s bodies in a blur of hands.

“Angelina, please. I really have to go,” exclaimed Tom, a minute later, coming up for air. “You and I both know what’s going to happen if we don’t stop.”

“It doesn’t look like all of you wants to leave me,” she said, pointing a red nail polished index finger at Tom’s erect penis straining the fabric of his trousers.

“C’mon, Angelina.”

“OK, go,” said Angelina in disappointment. “You’re just so hard to quit, though.”

Tom stood motionless for a few seconds.

“What are you waiting for?” asked Angelina.

“Umm…your hand,” Tom said, moving his head down to where Angelina’s hand had proceeded to cup his groin.

“Oh, sorry,” she replied, removing it from his bulge.

Tom kissed Angelina quickly on the lips and walked out of the house, seconds before what little willpower he had left emptied from his tank.

“It’s open, c’mon in,” yelled Angelina from the entrance way of her house when Tom returned two hours later.

Tom turned the knob of the front door and walked in.

“I’ll be ready in a sec,” Angelina said, catching sight of her young paramour in the mirror in the foyer, as she applied a fresh coat of lipstick to her full lips.

Tom had been looking forward to seeing the Giants play in person for weeks, but seeing Angelina from behind – high-heeled, knee-high, black leather boots zipped up over her tight Jordache jeans – made him want to forgo the game and engage in an entirely different ‘sport.’

“Are you sure you want to go to the game?” Tom asked, walking over to Angelina. “It’s getting kinda chilly out. It’d be warmer if we watched it on TV.”

“I think I’m dressed appropriately enough for the elements,” answered Angelina, dropping her lipstick into her purse and donning a pair of black leather gloves. “Plus, I packed a little something extra to keep us warm.”

Angelina dipped down again into her purse and emerged with a hip flask.

“Do you like brandy?” she asked, waving the silver container with a gloved hand and an impish grin.

“Yeah, sure,” Tom replied. “But I don’t know that alcohol really does much to guard against the cold.”

“We’ll just have to see,” said Angelina, dropping the flask back into her purse.

“We’d better go then. Traffic’s always a hassle at the stadium.”

Tom helped Angelina on with her fur lined, Calvin Klein black leather jacket, held the door open for her, then closed it behind him as the couple left the house. Fifteen minutes later, he parked the car in the Giants Stadium parking lot.

Once inside the stadium, Angelina and Tom descended the steps on the lower level from the 50 yard line to their seats. As they passed the rows, Tom smiled to himself with pride as he saw male fans turning their heads one after muğla escort the other, like falling dominoes, to get a peak at his sexy companion and her attention-grabbing boots and jeans.

“These chairs are fantastic!” marveled Angelina, as the two settled in their midfield seats. “Where did you get them?”

“They’re actually called seats, Angelina,” corrected Tom, almost sheepishly. “They’re a co-workers’.”

The game started on time and as the sun dropped beneath the clouds that late autumn afternoon, an already chilly day turned even cooler. Tom didn’t mind, though, as the cold drew his date closer to him in an attempt to gather heat.

The cuddling, however, did little to warm Angelina’s bones. Nor did the frequent nips she took throughout the game from her flask. So, by the time the game ended and the two were back in the car, it was quite apparent that Angelina was tipsy.

“Ugh…we’re not going anywhere anytime soon,” stated Tom, his car a good 50th in line to exit the stadium parking lot.

“I know something we can do to pass the time,” purred a frisky Angelina, knocking back another swig of brandy from her flask before leaning across from her passenger-side seat to nibble on her lover’s neck.

“Angelina, please,” said Tom, brushing off his lover’s advances. “We’re in public. People will see us. Give me that flask. You’ve had enough.”

“Oh, you’re such a prude,” she said in a voice that was growing increasingly slurred and higher, reluctantly handing him the flask. “It’s dark out. No one will see. Henry and I used to do things all the time that would make your toes curl.”

Angelina returned to her seat with a glum expression and reached a gloved hand into her purse. Fumbling about, she first took out her long, black cigarette holder, then cracked open her silver cigarette case and withdrew a long, slim all white cigarette. With a shaky hand, she somehow managed to screw the cigarette into the holder and went back into the purse to retrieve her lighter. Finding it, she handed it to Tom.

“Light me,” she demanded, before placing the mouth of the cigarette holder between her lips.

Tom took his right hand off the wheel and fired up the lighter. An orange-yellowish flame pierced the darkness of the car as Angelina unevenly directed the holder to the light. Upon connecting with her target, she drew in on the holder for a second then slid it out of her mouth and blew out the light with her exhale.

Angelina took another soft pull from her holder as a sly, playful smile crossed her lips.

“I think I know how we can have some fun and pass the time and not be seen,” she said, as smoke simultaneously oozed slowly from her mouth and nostrils.

“Can you wait until we get back to your place?” Tom asked, looking straight ahead at the cars in front of him. “With any luck we’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

Clenching the holder between her teeth to free up her hands, Angelina unclasped her seatbelt and once again moved over to Tom’s side of the car. With both hands she proceeded to unzip Tom’s trousers. Before he knew what hit him, his lover had deftly removed his penis. Stroking it delicately with the fingers of her black leather glove, his dick quickly filled with blood.

“What are you doing?” Tom asked her rhetorically.

Angelina removed the holder from her mouth, turned her head away from Tom to casually blow out the smoke, then went down on the engorged penis lying before her. In an instant her open mouth engulfed it. To Tom, Angelina’s mouth felt as warm, wet and inviting as her vagina had been to him the past two days.

It was quite apparent to him, that no matter how drunk she was, Angelina’s mouth knew her way around a penis. While this was the first blowjob she’d given to Tom, Angelina was certainly no blowjob virgin. Her blowjob was all lips and tongue, with not a trace of teeth. Angelina was confident, skilled and in total control of Tom’s pleasure.

“Oh, my God, that feels so good,” moaned Tom, as Angelina slowly and rhythmically worked her mouth and both sides of her tongue up and down his shaft, flicking it back and forth, periodically licking it from bottom to top like an ice cream cone.

But as all-arousing as the blowjob was, Tom also knew that he had to keep his composure, so as the neighboring drivers wouldn’t detect anything unusual going on in his car. He also didn’t want to cum, hoping he could hold off until the two could make it back to Angelina’s house, whereby he could work his way between her legs and really let her have it.

For the next several minutes as his car inched its way out of the parking lot, Tom fought an intense internal battle between his desire to give in and fill Angelina’s mouth with cum and his resolve to keep the enjoyment going and yet hold it in for later.

Finally, when his car slipped out of the lot, Tom sped off down the highway toward Angelina’s house. It would only be about 10 more minutes, he said to himself, before they’d be safely inside muş escort and then he could finish what she had started.

Tom was so intent now on getting there that it was a couple minutes into the drive west before he realized that Angelina’s mouth was now only loosely wrapped around his penis. Two more minutes passed before he grasped that the head lying face down in his lap was only moving due to the motion of the car.

“Ummm…Angelina? asked Tom hesitantly.

No response.

“Angelina, are you okay?” he asked.

Again, no answer.

Slowly, Tom took his right hand off the steering wheel and gently shook his lover by the shoulder. The motion was enough to move Angelina’s mouth off of his penis, but she still didn’t stir.

Now, Tom reached down and grabbed Angelina by the scruff of the neck. Carefully lifting her up off his groin, he pulled her upright and turned her face to him. As the passing lights from the highway flashed by Tom could see that behind her owlish-framed eyeglasses, Angelina’s eyes were closed. Looking closer, a strand of pre-cum hung from the corner of her mouth.

“She’s out cold,” Tom said sarcastically. “Great.”

Tom positioned Angelina back in her seat and pressed his foot harder against the gas pedal. A few minutes later, Tom pulled his car into Angelina’s driveway and shut off the engine and headlights. Pausing for an instant, he took another look at his passed out lover, gave a ‘what the hell’ shake of his head and exited the car. Walking over to the passenger side, he noticed that the lights in the living room of her sister’s family next door were on. Wonderful, he said to himself. That’s all I need is for her family to see some strange guy carrying Angelina into her house. That wouldn’t draw suspicion or anything.

Opening the front passenger door, Tom quickly began to extract Angelina’s unconscious body from the car piece by piece, starting with her arms. Once he had her leaning with her back against the car, Tom draped Angelina over his left shoulder and carried her toward the house.

At the front door he paused to rest and propped Angelina up against the side of the house, holding her up at the shoulder with one hand while digging through her purse to find the house keys. Fortunately, Tom found them quickly, inserted the key in the lock and opened the door.

Turning his attention back to Angelina, Tom allowed her limp body to fall over his left shoulder and he carried her into her house, shutting the door behind him in hopes that no one had noticed their awkward entrance.

Tom allowed himself a sigh of relief before fireman carrying Angelina up to her bedroom, his hands holding onto the back of her thighs, under which swung her black leather boots. Angelina’s head bobbed behind him and arms dangled loosely, the gloved fingers of her right hand still holding her smoldering cigarette holder.

Mounting the staircase, Tom took Angelina into her bedroom and gently pitched her forward onto her bed. Tom sank in a chair in the corner of the room. Watching Angelina’s unconscious body bounce softly on her heart-shaped mattress before coming to rest, the erection that she caused in the car – which he subsequently lost while trying to covertly carry her into the house – returned even harder than before.

Climbing onto the bed, Tom gently clapped Angelina’s left gloved hand. No response.

“Angelina, wake up,” he said, moving up to her face to lightly slap her rouge-covered cheeks.

Still nothing. Angelina was more deeply passed out than on the occasions when she fainted. Nothing short of a rock concert in the room would revive her. Angelina would likely be sleeping off this little drunken bout with brandy until morning.

That didn’t mean, though, that Tom couldn’t have some fun with his lover. As Angelina had so generously offered, Tom was free to “use her like a pincushion” whenever she passed out while they were intimate. Lying next to his sexy, yet helpless companion – a raging hard-on threatening to break through the zipper of his trousers – Tom wasn’t about to let this opportunity go to waste.

Rising from the bed, Tom stripped naked, then climbed back in and repositioned Angelina, moved her up on the mattress to rest her head on a pillow and brushed a strand of her dark hair out of her eyes. The barely-smoked cigarette that had been burning in her holder since she began to blow him had now worn down to the filter. Tom removed what was left of the cigarette and placed it in the ashtray by Angelina’s nightstand. Popping open the cigarette case in her purse, he withdrew a fresh one and screwed it into her holder. No matter that Angelina wouldn’t be smoking it; Tom just loved the look of Angelina clutching her long black holder adorned with a long white cigarette.

Sitting on his knees, Tom gazed down in awe upon Angelina, lying sprawled and spread eagle atop the burgundy red duvet. Eyes closed, cigarette holder in leather gloved hand, pre-cum still at the corner of her slightly open nevşehir escort mouth. Tom looked further south. Angelina’s breasts were heaving with every breath, camel toe shown through her tight-fitting jeans, and finally, last but certainly not least, her sexy, knee high, black leather high heeled boots, the toes pointed straight up, just as his penis was now doing. Her body was perfect, she was all his and he had all time he wanted with it.

Tom was not so young or too love struck not to admit that there were more beautiful women in the world, but at that moment, there was no woman who he’d rather make love to than the sexy, horny 51-year-old librarian lying unconscious before him. Other women surely wore boots, smoked from a cigarette holder and were younger and more attractive, but he couldn’t imagine anyone who combined all of those features – and his fetishes – in the one hot-blooded, kinky nymphomaniac that was his lover: Angelina Lione. Vice Principal Seymour’s loss several years ago was definitely Tom’s gain.

Tom unzipped Angelina’s leather jacket and removed her arms from the sleeves, re-inserting the cigarette holder back between the index and middle fingers of her right gloved hand. Then he took a tissue from the Kleenex box on the nightstand and wiped the pre-cum off her lips before tossing the dirty tissue in the wastebasket alongside the bed.

Climbing back onto the bed, Tom cuddled up to the unconscious Angelina, feeling the warmth of her both against his naked frame. With his hand, he turned her face from the right then moved in and kissed her full on the mouth. Her full lips felt soft to the touch, her mouth wet and warm. Tom went in again, only deeper this time, kissing Angelina saw hard that he threatened to inhale her fillings.

When he finished, Angelina’s head slumped back to the right and he moved down to her chest. Lifting the form-fitting sweater up over her breasts he proceeded to cup them with both hands and simultaneously massage them.

Never much of a breast man, though, Tom soon tired of the exercise and continued on toward Angelina’s boots. Crossing her right leg over her left, Tom gently rubbed the two together, the friction of the leather making a heavenly squeak. Then with his right hand he gently caressed and squeezed the wrinkled leather, then repeatedly swept it the length of her calf. The leather was as hard but pliable as his erection. Wanting to feel even closer to the boots he switched from his hand to his penis, moving it slowly up and down the inside and outside of her booted leg. The sensation practically brought Tom to orgasm, but he knew he had more work to do.

Unbuttoning Angelina’s designer jeans, he slowly slid the tight pants down her legs stopping right above the knees. Now all that was left between the two was Angelina’s hot black thong. Tom unfurled the G-string to meet the jeans, then spread Angelina’s legs. With his fingers he parted her bush then flung his body onto hers and popped his bloated penis into her vagina. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, given how chronically ‘in-the-mood’ Angelina always seemed to be, the vagina was wringing wet with her love juices.

With nothing to stop it, Tom’s penis sunk to the bottom of Angelina’s vagina.

“OHHHH,” moaned Tom, his penis resting inside Angelina’s warm pussy. “That’s the spot.”

Tom lay there for a couple minutes, as still as possible – as still as his unconscious lover.

Finally, he began moving. Slowly, a centimeter or two at a time he took his penis out, before plunging it back into Angelina’s inviting pussy. With each stroke and every glance he took of the cigarette holder Angelina held in her gloved hand or her booted legs with the 4″ heals, he threatened to cum, but still Tom held out. There was no rush, he kept telling himself.

Eventually, the ascents and descents of his penis went the length of her pussy and the faster and harder he went the louder the glorious action caused by erection rubbing against gushy vaginal walls became.

Finally, Tom gave himself permission to give in to the pleasure and one more thrust in her luscious pussy hit a sensitive spot on his penis, resulting in the spouting of a groundswell of sperm that flooded into Angelina’s vagina.

Tom felt his legs quiver as the strength from his lower body transferred to his waist and for the next half a minute he unleashed the full extent of his sexual potency into her soggy, sticky fissure. The virile young man kept pumping even after he’d drained his member, hoping to defy medical science. When no second wind came, he collapsed on top of Angelina, penis still firmly embedded in her vagina, heart beating like a long-distance runner on his last mile, thinking that if he died right then it would be the perfect way to go.

A minute later, his breath finally caught, Tom pulled himself off his lover and rolled over on his back. Turning his head to the right, Tom looked into Angelina’s blank face. Completely dead to the world from her lost battle with brandy, a soft, high whistle emitted from the breath coming out of her nostrils.

Tom smiled and leaned over to kiss his unconscious lover on the lips. I hope on some level she felt and still enjoyed what I was doing to her, he thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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