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“Come in…”

You hear her voice call from inside. You aren’t really comfortable just walking in her house, especially since you have never been there before, but she isn’t answering the door and you really have no other choice.

You walk into a small apartment. One thing you notice first is that all the walls are painted a deep chocolate brown. She had told you she had painted so you made a mental note to check it out.

“I’ll be out in a sec… there is coca on the stove.” You smile as you relive meeting her as she was reading and drinking her white hot chocolate, her signature drink.

You wonder into the kitchen and take a look at the fridge. Pictures of her and her dogs are plastered on the front. There is one of her and a guy covered in mud. “You lookin’ at my pictures huh? See any you like?” You spin around and see her standing there. She looks, well, wet. She must have just gotten out of the shower because her usual blond hair is now brown from being damp.

You point to the mud picture and ask, “Where did you do that?”

She laughs, ” In North Carolina. That is my baby brother. We went muddin.” You want her float into a memory as runs her fingers through her hair and smiles. Since she is in another place, this give you a chance to really look at her. Her hair is slowly drying and you can see the blond in it now. Strips of red frame her face. Her eyes are now grey, but they change color with her mood. You haven’t seen this happen, but she claims this to be the case. Her lips are full, pouty, pink. Across her cheeks are freckles, they are cute. She is wearing a white tank top with a red bra underneath. You can see it through her shirt. Her breasts are large and full. You follow the curve of her stomach to her hips. The term hourglass figure was made to describe this girl. Riding low on her hips are a pair of grey sweats. They are a little short on her, but her legs are so long that that is a normal thing. A red string in hanging out of one side, which you guess is part of her underwear, but you aren’t really sure. Her feet are bare, but her toes are painted red. They are always red. She once told you that all girls should have red toes at all times.

She sways up to you and puts her arms around your shoulders, “what cha thinkin’ about?” She asks. You shrug. There is no way you are going to admit that you were thinking about how good she looks, even just out of the shower. She smells of vanilla. You breathe her in deep. She giggles and nuzzles her face into your neck. You feel her chest expand as she takes in a deep breath. “I like the way you smell too.”

You both are now sitting on the couch watching TV. It is a soft grey color. She cannot seem to sit still. First she is right next to you; then she is sprawled across the couch with her head in your lap; then she is on the floor on her stomach swinging her legs back and forth. Why is she so wiggly?

She rolls over and props herself up on her elbows. “I’m bored.” She looks up at you with big eyes. “Well,” you calmly say, “what do you want to do?” A large smile comes over her face and she sits herself up in indian style. “Well, I just got done reading this book, and I wanted to try some of the stuff I learned in it on ya. Are you up for it?” Hey, why not? She does this a lot, so you are used to it. She reads about everything. Lately she has been reading on massage so you figure you are about to get a massage. “Sure.” You tell her. She lets out a giggle, claps her hands and jumps up. “Wait right here and I will get what I need.” You watch her run back into Sinop Escort her bedroom and slam the door.

Next thing you know you are sitting on a kitchen chair in the middle of the living room. She planted you there and made sure you were facing her bedroom door and then with strict instructions not to move, she left you and went back into her room. It’s been a few minutes and you have no idea what is going on.

“Sarah,” you shout out to her, “what are you doing in there?”

“Just a minute, I cant find the CD I want!”

What does she need a CD for? Then you hear music blare from her bedroom stereo. Hinder’s song, Get Stoned, starts playing and just as the words start, the bedroom door opens. In the doorway, Sarah stand in a longsleeved white button down shirt and a pair of white socks. Your jaw drops. You sit and watch as she starts to dance to the music. She walks so she is just infront of you and throws her head back, and you watch as she runs her fingers through her hair, and then down her body, framing every curve. She walks up to you, still sitting in the chair, and strattles one of your thighs. As she grinds your thigh, she takes you hands and guide them around her body like a tourguide. You feel over the shirt and through her bra, the softness of her breasts. You never realized how big the actually are. She lets go of your hand and lets you do a little more exploring on your own. Your hands run down her stomach and feel her soft pale skin. Then your hands wonder down to her thighs. You explore down there a little longer. When your hand makes it to the inner part of her thighs, she lets out a soft moan. You look up at her and her eyes are closed and she is starting to bite her bottom lip… a sign that she is really starting to get turned on.

You stop moving your hands. She opens her eyes and looks down at you. “This isn’t how it is supposed to go.” She whispers.

“What’s supposed to happen?” You ask.

“I’m post to turn you on. I’m post to tease you!” she looks at you with her lips in a pout.

“You are…” you tell her. But she isn’t satisfied with that answer.

She steps away from you and catches the beat of the music once again. You watch as she slowly unbuttons her shirt and lets it hang off her shoulders. Her breasts are covers by a red lace bra, which looks beautiful against her milky white skin. You can see her hard nipples through the material of the bra. You watch as she runs her hands across her breasts and down her body. She is covered by a red thong that matches the bra, lace. There are two strings tied together on either side that are keeping it on her body. She runs her hands down her stomach to her panties. She looks at you and moans. You cant take this anymore. You want to help her and you know she wants you too. Otherwise, why would she be doing this…

You walk towards her. She stops her dance and puts her hands on her hips.

“Sit down you!” she scowls, “I’m not done yet!”

But you ignore her command. You rush her before she can move out of the way and take her in your arms.

“Levi,” she playfully pushes at you. “I wanted to dance for you… but I cant keep doing that if you keep getting out of your chair!” She stands on tiptoe and kisses you. Her kiss is soft and warm. You peek at her while she kisses you and you see her eyes are open too. They are no longer grey, but a deep blue. You run your hands up her back and into her long locks. You feel her hands tugging on your shirt.

“Off please,” she asks you in her little girl voice. “I want to Sinop Escort Bayan feel your skin against mine.”

You step back to pull off your shirt and the pull her back into your arms. She presses her face against your chest and again you feel her take a deep breath. Then you feel her tug at your pants. She has a hold of your belt and is leading you to the couch. She pushes the pillows off the couch and lies down across it. She reaches up and tugs on your pants again. She pulls harder and you fall on top of her. She giggles a little bit and wraps her legs around your waste. As you kiss her and she grinds her hips into yours, you feel your cock getting hard. So can she,

“I love to feel you get hard under me.” She slides her hand down and feels for your hard on through your pants. You smile down at her and kiss her again. This time, she lets out a moan. You continue to kiss and she continues to grind. You find that the lower you kiss her the tighter her legs grip your waist. She pulls her mouth from yours and pushes you up a little bit…

“Hey! This isn’t fair!” she teases, “I am in my underwear and you still have your pants on! We should match!”

You smile at her, “well if I take my pants off, we won’t match any better than we do now.”

She looks confused. “Why not?”

“I don’t wear any underwear.” Her eyes grow big.

“Well, if you take off your pants, I promise to make it fair.” She says as she makes a little X across her chest.

You stand up and drop your pants. Immediately, she kneels in front of you and has your dick in her hands. She softly starts to run her hands up and down. She loves having your dick in her hands. She stands up and pushes her body against yours.

“Help me get undressed so we can be even?” She asks again.

You reach around her and undo the clasps on her bra. She slips the straps off her shoulders and you watch at her bra falls to the floor. She steps back so you can look at her breasts for the first time. Her nipples are large. Large and pink. Large, pink, and very hard. You reach out and take one in your hand. Her skin is warm and soft. You lean forward and take that pink nipple into your mouth and suck on it a little. You hear her take in a sharp breath. You suck a little harder. She doesn’t seem to know what to do with her hands while you are doing this. She first runs them down your back, she then runs then through her hair, and then she runs them through hers. She is moaning. Each moan is a little stronger than the one before.

She pulls you up to face her. Her eyes are so deep blue they almost look black.

“I wanna feel you between my legs.” She says. “Please, Levi. I wanna feel you.” As she says this, she tugs on your dick. You nod yes.

She takes both her hands and tugs on the strings to her panties. In one swift movement, they are off in her hand. You look down her body. You reach out and touch her shaved pussy. You can see her clit. It’s pink and wet. She reaches out for you and you come to her. She takes your dick in her hand and spreads her legs. She rubs your dick against her pussy, but never letting it enter her. Her pussy is hot and wet. And soft. Very, very soft.

You lay her down on the couch and kiss. She grinds her hips against you and your mirror her motions. You slide your hands down and push her legs apart. You start to enter her, but she stops you.

“Can I be on top?” She asks. “You can go deeper in me if I am on top and I want to be able to take your whole dick inside me.” You smile at her and stand up. Escort Sinop She trades places with you. You lay down and she straddles you. You start to grind against her. Her hand slides over your cock and guides it into her pussy. Her tight, wet, warm pussy feels so good against you. She leans forward and her hair falls in her face and brushes a little against yours.

“Oh God…” She repeats that with every thrust of her hips. Each time, you seem to enter her warmth a little farther and a little farther.

Suddenly, she swings her leg over your head and turns her body around while your dick in still in her pussy. She continues to turn until her back is facing you. She leans forward and hold onto your knees. Then she speeds up her pace. You keep going in and out of her, faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. You reach up and hold onto the soft curves of her hips. You watch as she bounces up and down, her hair swinging across her back, the curve of her back, her round ass colliding with your hips. You reach up under her arms and pull her back so she is lying on top of you. She continues moving her hips, but a lot softer now. You brush her hair to one side and kiss her neck and shoulder. You reach around her and take a breast in each hand. You feel her run her hands over yours and inter lock her fingers.

She is breathing really heavy now, almost out of breath. Every once in a while, her pussy tightens around your dick and with this she calls your name. Suddenly she exclaims, “I want to kiss you!”

You lift her off of you and lay her down. You push her legs over your shoulders and practically bend her in half. As you enter her once again, you lean down far enough for her to kiss you. It is a much harder kiss than before. Her eyes are huge and staring straight at you. She is holding you by the shoulders, her finger digging into your flesh. She is biting her lip, hard. Her eyes suddenly close and she hold her breath. And just as suddenly, she reopens her eyes and tell you, “I am going to cum. I want you to cum too. Cum inside me. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

You kiss her again and tell her you will. You feel her body relax under you and she continues to grind into your hips. You feel yourself about to cum, but you are holding it the best you can for her. She looks up at you and asks, “Can you cum now? Please cum inside me right now…” You do.

As you let go and fill her hot pussy with cum, her body tightens once again. She digs her fingers into your shoulders and exclaims, “Don’t move!” You freeze. She throws her head back and starts to scream your name, over and over. You lay your head down on her breast and you can feel the rapidness of her heartbeat and her breathing. She relaxes and wraps her legs around your waist.

“Stay in me as long as you can.” She looks at you and smiles. Hey eyes are a lighter blue now. You just lay there, on top of her, your dick still in her pussy. Her breathing slows as does her heartbeat. She sighs. You look up at her. She is asleep. You slide off her and slip your pants back on.

She stays asleep. You look down on her, her skin still pink from where you were laying on her. Her legs are spread apart and you can see your cum dripping out of her. Her breasts rise with each breath and her hair is swept over her face. She looks a little cold. You pick her up and carry her to her bed. As you lay her down, she opens her eyes and in a soft voice says, “Lay with me tonight and keep me warm.” You grin and slide into the bed next to her. She snuggles up against you and rests her head on your chest. She lifts her head just a little and looks up at you with sleepy eyes. She kisses you and says, “Good night, Levi. We will have to do this a lot more often.” Then she snuggles up against you and you lay with her until she falls back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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