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This is the second installment of the Prologue written for the 4 part Levi Series. So, technically this is chapter 6 of the Levi Series. Thank you for all of the comments so far. Christian is one of my favorite characters and I love to write about him. I know a lot of readers hate Christian because of his arrogance but he really is a good guy. All characters are 18 years of age or older and all usual disclaimers apply. If you remember from chapter 5, the story left off with Keith and Christian going through their first sexual act and Keith began to tear up.

I jumped off of the bed and ran into the living room area looking for my athletic shorts. I found them quickly and pulled them on not thinking twice about how my cock, wet and sticky from my first homosexual blowjob was sticking to the material. I ran to the door and on the other side was a middle-aged man holding a pizza. I signed the credit card receipt rounding the total up to $19.00 dollar leaving a $5.39 tip for the guy. I ordered a lot of pizza so I always tipped well.

I took the hot box from him with a hurried thank you. I had pressing matters on my mind and hunger was the furthest thing from my thoughts. In my bedroom was a gorgeous Italian with tears streaming down his pale face. I was confused. I was never surprised by anything, but I have to tell you that, that was not the reaction I was expecting from Keith.

I threw the pizza on the coffee table never breaking stride on my way back to the bedroom. Keith was exactly where I left him: standing at the foot of the bed. It seemed as though he was able to ebb the flow of the tears and sound of sobs. I walked right up to him completely unsure as to what to do. I put my hand on his shoulder and he immediately jerked his body away from me. I was flabbergasted. I shuffled my feet to position myself in front of him again and he just turned to face away once more.

“Dude, Keith?” I said in a questioning tone. I got no response. “I am going to grab another beer. Would you like one? Or do you want some pizza maybe? I am going to be honest. I don’t know what’s happening right now.” I said

“Yeah, grab me a beer. I..I..I just need a quick minute to get myself together.” He said.

Okay, this was good. He was talking again. He was thinking. Perhaps we would be able to talk about some of this stuff together. Between the two of us our IQ had to be 260 at the least so I know we could figure out what the problem is and solve it forthwith. I opened the fridge and grabbed 3 beers. I stood in the kitchen and chugged one of them. I returned to the bedroom with the other 2. I popped one open and handed it to him and opened the second and took another long draw from the bottleneck. At the end of that I ripped a belch that would have gotten into Guinness. He laughed, “You are so crude.” He said.

“What are you, my friend or my new finishing school tutor?” I asked in jest. “Come back into the living room we can pop a squat on the sofa. Have 10 beers and bullshit a little bit. Are you game?” I asked.

“Umm, yeah. That would be fun. I would like to talk a little bit.” He replied.

I was happy that it was Keith to be honest. I knew he was fucking brilliant and so he didn’t need me to explain things to him whenever we finally got into a good discussion about what had just happened. On the flip side, I was kind of scared. I was pretty used to steamrolling most of my friends in conversations until they had no choice but to agree with me. We sat on the sofa. And I turned my body towards him leaning back onto the armrest. He sat straightforward, not looking at me, with his hands in his lap. You don’t need to be a psychoanalyst to read the body language between us. I picked up on it. However, I decided not to change my position. I wanted to be in a comfortable position illustrating how relaxed I was about the situation. I wanted to give off the vibe that I wasn’t frazzled in the least. Although, my head was spinning.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” Keith asked.

“Oh, I was thinking we could keep it light and discuss our most horrible childhood memories.” I said.

“Fuck, Christian, don’t you take anything seriously? I am Beylikdüzü escort in big fucking trouble here.” He said with his voice climbing an octave.

“I am sorry Keith, I don’t understand. Big trouble from the police, your parents? I mean no one knows what just happened except the two of us.” I retorted.

“Well not now but I’m sure you’ll tell everyone what happened, then all of the whispers that I’m gay will no longer be whispers. People will be shouting it at me. Not to mention, I’m going to Hell now. In case you forgot, I am a Catholic. Wait, now I know what’s going on here. You taped the whole fucking thing! You asshole. Your project deals with fags in high school. I am your original spin. You are using me as a fucking lab rat. You piece of shit. Why does everyone fucking hate me so much?” He was yelling.

“SSSHSHSHSHSH…SSSSHHHH. Calm down….For fuck sake, Keith calm the fuck down. You don’t know what you are talking about.” I said while standing up and moving towards him. I put a hand on his shoulder and just kept shushing him until he stopped screaming at me. It was the most intense moment of hysterics I had ever witnessed. “Calm down, dude. I didn’t tape any fucking thing. I am not doing a project regarding you sucking my dick. In case you didn’t notice, my dick was hard. I can’t really go around telling everyone I know you are gay when it was my dick you sucked and expect them to not call me gay. You need to calm the fuck down and just talk this out with me. I swear, I am not out to hurt you at all. Just chill bro. I am fucking gay. I have always been gay. I just hide it better than you. Fuck.” I exclaimed.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t trust you. I don’t trust what I just did. I feel like you just mind fucked me…and mouth fucked me. I am not even comfortable talking to you right now. All that shady talk the other day about never letting people know upfront who you are. You are a shady mother fucker. I know you’re smart and I know you just mind fucked me. You made me do that to you. You used some kind of fucked up psychology to make me put your thing in my mouth. While you were giving me instructions I knew I wasn’t supposed to listen and I knew you were telling me bad stuff to do but I couldn’t stop it. You are some kind of devil. I know all that. What I don’t know is why did you do all of that to me. Why did you just trick me into putting my mouth on your…on your…you know?” He finished in an exasperated tone. I could tell he was working himself into believing what he was saying.

“Keith, homie, you have got to slow down. I swear to God that I didn’t pull a mind trick on you. I didn’t know you were so confused about your sexuality. I am so sorry to have put you in this position. I swear I had no ulterior motive. I only wanted to get you into bed. But I swear it wasn’t for some fucked up reason to hurt you. I am gay. I thought you were gay. I put everything on the line. I was playing the hard to get and harder to understand and even harder to trust role but I swear to you I wasn’t trying to do anything to hurt you. You have to believe me.” I explained.

Keith was still pissed. I think he was starting to believe me. He had to, I mean it was the truth. But he wasn’t ready to give up the anger he had about following through with his first gay experience. He surprised the shit out me with his next words, “There is one way and only one way I will ever believe you. Blow me.”

“What? Are you fucking serious?” I asked with exasperation.

“Yeah, what’s the problem? You said you were gay. You said you only wanted to get me here and seduce me because you were gay. If that is true you should have no problem sucking my dick. In case you aren’t as smart as you think; let me school you. Gay guys like cock. I have a cock. If you are gay then you shouldn’t have a problem sucking my cock. In case you didn’t notice, I just sucked yours.” He said almost angrily.

Now I am a big fan of words. I always trusted my words. I have never been in any situation in which I wasn’t able to talk my opposition into a corner. However, Keith was different. I couldn’t talk Keith in circles. He was just as smart as me if not smarter. No, this was not Beylikdüzü escort a moment for more words. This was a time of action. If all Keith needed to put his mind at ease was something I wanted to do anyway, then why not do it? It was time to take action; not take up wordplay. I stood in front of this hot Italian wearing only one article of clothing…athletic shorts that were sticking to my spit and cum covered cock that was already hardening again. No shirt, no shoes, full service. I dropped to my knees.

“What are you doing, Christian?” Keith asked.

“I am putting your mind at ease, Keith. I am gay and if all you require of me to prove to you that I am not using you as a guinea pig is a blow job then I thank you. I want to do this; I want to suck your dick. I am not only going to suck your dick, but I am going to prove how gay I am…I am going to swallow your cum. I am going to prove to you that I am a total fag. But I want something in return. After I am done sucking your dick and swallowing your cum; you will talk to me. You will share with me what is really going on inside of your head. We will talk about this together. Agreed?”

“All I have to do is cum in your mouth. If you actually go through with it I will trust you. But I don’t think you will actually go through with it.” Keith said.

“Just to make it fair, let’s do this in my bed. You know if I was recording you sucking my dick then I would be on that camera too. Go lie down on my bed. I am going to grab two more beers and I will meet you there.” I said.

Less than a minute later Keith was lying on my bed shirtless but wearing tighty-whities. It was almost cute. I didn’t think anyone under the age of 40 wore those. He had a very impressive mound in those white FTL briefs. I wanted him. This was going to be my first time sucking a dick. I stood at the foot of the bed thinking about that. I was going to bust my mouth cherry with a guy that I thought was cute but had no emotions for. How girlish was that thought? I stood there staring at his cock wondering what he thought when he was standing in the exact same spot not more than an hour prior.

This was not a time for words though. This was a time for action. It was not like he was making me. I really did want this. My 18 year old, junior-in-high-school body, wanted sex. I needed sex. I craved sex. Keith was in front of me, offering sex. Oh how his Catholic God answered my prayers. I slowly, oh so slowly, climbed into the bed between his legs. He had to open them a little wider to allow for my body. I placed a hand on each leg and let them slide up his thighs until they reached his pelvis. My hands continued up his abs and onto his ribs. God, this guy was so scrawny.

I lowered my head as I continued my trek up his body. When my hands finally stopped at his pectorals my face was right above the ever-growing mound in his briefs. What a gorgeous sight his clothed cock was. I could even smell his scent a little. It wasn’t a bad scent. I could smell his sex. His cock had a scent and it was intoxicating. I bent my head down and kissed his cock through his briefs. It felt magical on my lips. I kissed the base and then the middle of his cock and then the beautiful head of his underused sex organ.


“What, Christian” He replied in an out-of-breath voice.

“With your permission, I would like to take your underwear off. Is that okay?” I asked in a humble voice.

“Umm, yeah, I really want his but wait.” He replied.

“What?” I asked.

“I am kind of embarrassed. My penis is kind of small. I mean it isn’t like tiny or anything but it certainly isn’t as big as yours. I’m sorry. I don’t really know what I am supposed to say.” Keith said.

“Dude! For real! A cock is a cock. I have never even touched one. You are more experienced than me right now. I have never even really thought about it. Don’t ruin this for yourself by thinking about that kind of shit. Just lie back and enjoy this.” I responded.

I put my hands on his back and slid them down. When my hands reached his briefs I flattened them out. When my fingers touched the elastic band I slid my fingers inside of the stretchy material. Escort Beylikdüzü The flesh of my fingers burned on the flesh of Keith’s hips and ass globes. His skin was so taut and soft to the touch. I kept kissing his cock through his briefs while my hands slowly pushed down the cotton. Less than a minute later I was looking directly into a huge bush of pubes, then a hard cock. I had his briefs at the bend in his knees. I continued and totally relieved him of his underwear.

“Well, it is crunch time. Show me you can be trusted.” Keith said.

This is not a time for words. This is a time for action. I placed my lips onto his cockhead. His flesh was so hot and so soft. My right hand found his huge balls and began to manipulate them. I loved rolling his wonderful balls around while I kissed his cock up and down. He was right. His cock wasn’t near as big but his balls were huge.

“Oh my God, Keith. You smell so good.” I said as I continued with my exploration; both hands and mouth exploration that is. It wasn’t long before the kissing of his cock wasn’t enough. I had to have it in my mouth. I pulled my lips into a small “o” shape and pushed my mouth down onto his cock. Keith gasped in ecstasy. I couldn’t believe it. I was sucking dick. Me, football player, track star, class president, SADD V.P., guitar club chair had a cock in my mouth. I understood what Keith was talking about. It was so foreign it almost seemed as though someone had to be tricking me into it. But his hot cock was no illusion. I really was buried nose deep in another guy’s pubes and I was loving it.

I will never forget the feeling of Keith’s wonderful cock in my mouth. It was so hard yet the skin was so soft. It smelled and tasted so good. I started thinking about how I would want my dick sucked and I did that for Keith. I began to fill my mouth with spit. I was going up and down Keith’s hard cock with my lips wrapped tightly around his love tool and my saliva was just running everywhere. Keith wasn’t talking but he was moaning and bucking his hips. If his dick was longer he would have been choking me every time he bucked his hips. I didn’t know a lot about sucking dick or dick in general but I did know Keith wasn’t going to last long. That was unfortunate.

I loved having his dick in my mouth so much. His hard veiny cock was filling my mouth and began covering my tongue in sweet and sticky precum. Oh God his precum was like ball nectar from the Gods. I knew I was gay for as long as I could remember, but I never knew I would love another guy’s cock so much. Everything about having Keith’s dick in my mouth was fantastic.

“Ohh God. Ohh, Christian. It’s going to happen. It’s coming. Ahhh. Ahhh.”

“Keith came. Keith came hard. I felt one squirt of cum hit my throat. I felt another hit my throat. Then I felt a gusher. Before I knew it, Keith was cumming so much that I couldn’t taste anything other than chlorine and sugar. He just kept moaning and cumming. I didn’t forget my pledge to swallow but I wanted full credit for swallowing. I let Keith empty his balls fully into my mouth. I couldn’t feel any more cum spewing and Keith’s moans died down. I slowly moved my head off of his wonderful cock. Holding Keith’s ball juice in my mouth I stared right into his face.

Keith finally opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was my face. He stared intently into my eyes. I moved all of his cum to my tongue. Oh God it tasted good. I didn’t want to swallow it but the alternative was holding it in my mouth forever and that wasn’t going to work. Spitting his cum out never crossed my mind.

“Well?” Keith said with a tone of impatience.

I parted my lips to show him his bountiful ejaculate. His eyes narrowed and then widened. I stuck my tongue out. I had his cum in a pool sitting in the middle of my tongue. I closed my mouth…swallowed.

“Open your mouth again. I want to see your mouth is empty.” Keith demanded.

I opened my mouth to show him that where his cum once was, was now void of any cum. I indeed swallowed all of his delicious man juice. Oh God was it delicious. Thank you lord for making cum and making me want to swallow it. If Keith didn’t trust me now; I am more than happy to go for round two.

To Be Continued…

To everyone who read and commented on this series I can’t thank you enough. As always I appreciate all ratings, comments and sent feedback – good or bad. I reply to all emailed feedback.

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