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This is about something that happened to me when I was about 12. By this time I was already a horny bastard and i’d had several experiences of this sort. I decided to start with this one as I remember it very clearly for obvious reasons.

I have two russian cousins, Petr (yes with no e) and Mira. They’ve lived in england most of their lives so they have lost most of their accent but both have the classic russian beauty. Petr is the same age at me so 12 at the time whilst Mira was just turning 17 in a couple of weeks.

Petr looked like any other 12 year old boy but coffee skinned. He had short black hair and very blue eyes which looked unnatural with his skin.

Mira shared Petr’s eyes and skin but there the similarity ended. She had dark chestnut hair which came to her shoulders, a very thin body and medium sized breasts (I was too young to be able to say what kind of measurements they were. She had a little bit of ass but not too much and she often wore quite short shorts (like the ones that say juicy on the back). Once or twice I saw her camel toe. Mira was quite shy but we had known each other for years so she was less so around me. Petr was quite outgoing and had a horny streak like me although he had never managed to act on it.

One summer our parents got it into their heads that we might enjoy camping so they took us to Scotland. We stayed in a youth hostel that was empty other than us, no one else was stupid enough to think that it was a good holiday destination. Mira, Petr and myself were to share one dormitory with 4 bunk beds while our parents shared the other. This arrangement had me thinking of a plan for another “experience”. I had always before had fun with younger cousins, never a girl who was a proper woman with proper breasts like Mira.

I started talking to Petr about my past adventures (for want of a better word). He got really excited just hearing about them and I could see he had his hand down his trousers. He agreed that we should try my idea and he told me that he thought Mira might still be a virgin although I wasn’t sure I believed him, she was too hot.

That night I bought a box of dominoes to bed with me and Petr and I waited until we heard our parents fall asleep.

“Are you guys awake?” I whispered, knowing full well at least one of them was.

Petr called out that he was too eagerly but Mira didn’t seem to notice

“yeah, I can’t sleep” she said rolling onto her side to look up at me. I was in a top bunk while the other two were in the bottom of two others. Mira was wearing a full set of pajamas which were tight across her chest. Even in the moonlight we could see her nipples pressed hard against the fabric. Alex just had trousers on but I had made a point of wearing full pajamas and underwear.

“do you guys want to play a game” I continued

“yes” Petr was to eager again.

Mira looked slightly wary, “yeah I suppose so. What did you have in mind?”

“Ok, I’ve got some dominoes and I’ve thought of a special game. One by one you have to get out of bed and make a line in the middle of the floor then knock it over. The first time its got to be 10 long and two more each time, if you knock it over to early you get a forfeit.”

“sounds great!” said Petr again to enthused, I told him off for that afterwards.

“whats the forfeit?” asked Mira again looking wary.

“well I thought that each time we should have to take something off” I was the essence of innocence, not a hint of my lustful desires showing, just a young boy who wanted to do something naughty.

I could see Mira liked the idea but there was a part of her still that thought it was wrong. After bursa escort a long minute the bad part won and she agreed, still slightly uneasy.

“I’ll go first” I jumped down from the bed with the dominoes and proceeded, deliberately but subtly knocking the line over before I finished. Without hesitating I took of my shirt. “your turn Petr”

Petr was more careful, he was only wearing trousers and didn’t want to be naked so quickly. He managed his line and then it was Mira’s turn. To my immense irritation she also managed the line. This was surprisingly difficult due to the uneven floor which was the main reason I’d picked the game.

I was so irritated that I lost the next round by accident and had to take of my trousers too.

Petr won again but this time Mira lost. I looked up at her with a big grin only to find her smugly pulling off her watch.

Swearing in my head I decided to shock her a bit and I deliberately lost my round.

“you’ve got to do it next to us” exclaimed Petr so I moved up close to Mira’s bed. She was lying down so my crotch was about level with her eyes. She had an odd look on her face. I whipped of my boxers, practically thrusting my young manhood in her face.
I was big for my age but still only 4 or 5 inches when hard, tonight had not yet got me hard so my cock was quite small. Mira giggled, “big man there mike” I glowered at her, turned to Petr and said “your turn” then climbed back onto my bunk.
Petr failed this time, knocking over after only two had been placed. He was somewhat reluctant and pulled his trousers off slowly. I was watching Mira, she stared at his crotch until his cock sprang out when she looked away with a smile on her face. Petr’s was smaller than mine but his inexperience had made him rock hard.

Now it was Mira’s turn. She got out of her bed, walked forward and started to do her line but joy of joys she once again managed to knock it over. She swore and looked at us guiltily. We were practically drooling knowing we were about to see her tits.

“no I won’t it’s too weird” exclaimed Mira to my dismay.

I jumped down, standing naked in front of her and grabbed her wrists as though I was just trying to get my point across, Petr and I had planned for this, and stared straight into her eyes.

“you’ve got to Mira, we have” I said in my most sincere voice as Petr quietly came up behind her.

“yeah but I’m grown up its different and he’s my brother”

An evil glint came into my eyes as I saw Petr was ready “so”

I pulled Mira’s wrists up over her head as Petr grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up into my hands. When I pulled my hands away the shirt came with it and her gorgeous breasts were fully exposed. These being my first ever tits I marveled at them for a few moments before realizing Mira wasn’t screaming or trying to cover them up.

“I’m sorry” She was apologising? “I shouldn’t have welched out, besides its making you happy” she nodded down to my now raging hard on and I grinned.
“here” to my utmost astonishment she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her trousers and pulled until she was completely naked before us. Her mound was totally shaven and I could see some lips poking out.

Both of us stared open mouthed as she climbed back into her bed and pulled the covers up, starting to blush.

“is the game over then?” She had a point, we were now all naked.

“how about a new game, truth or dare” this was incredible, she was offering to play with us what I had spent o lot of my childhood trying to convince others to play.

“sure” this time I was the overeager one.

“I’ll go first, truth or dare” she bursa escort bayan smiled at me. “dare” I blurted out, straight away.

“OK then, jack off in front of me for 30 seconds”

She didn’t need to ask, I’d even done that the night before while she was asleep. I strolled over to her bed, grabbed my hard on and pumped like hell.

“times up”, I could have killed Petr for saying that.

“my turn then” I grinned at Mira

“yes but you’ve got to go round the circle”

Gritting my teeth I turned to face Petr and determined to wipe the smile of Mira’s face

“ok then Petr” I want you to shove you ass in Mira’s face and spread your cheeks so she gets a good look. That’ll sort her.

Petr looked unhappy but walked over to Mira’s bed, dutifully spread his cheeks and bent over. Mira looked less unhappy than I’d hoped for. Then she leaned forward, put her nose right on his ass hole and sniffed.

Wow my brain said, wow, wow, wow, what the fuck is going on. Petr was just as shocked and jumped away.

“that was horrid” he said “Mira, you’ve got to jack of Mike now for 30 seconds”
Mira looked really keen but she didn’t have a patch on me as I practically fell over myself to get to her.

“hold on, I never said dare, I want truth” my heart sank at the words but an idea came to my head very quickly, “are you really a virgin?”

“Yes I’ve never fucked anyone. My turn again?”

“Hold on, never?”

“neither animal vegetable or mineral has been up my cunt are you satisfied?”

I don’t know how stealing her shirt had changed her this much

“ok I am but we need to change the rules, the person who’s turn it is dares the other two to do something together.” my plan was to get Mira doing more, “no truth” I added.

“OK then jack off Petr” she raised an eyebrow to me but I had done this to others before. “how long?”

“about 20 seconds should do it” she tried to sound casual but her eyes were very wide.

I walked up to Petr, wrapped my hand around his small cock and started to stroke slowly up and down, up and down. Mira’s eyes were glued to Petr’s cock.

As I felt Petr’s coming close to cumming I looked at the bedside clock and was surprised 20 seconds had long gone, I’d been enjoying myself.

“my turn, Mira, Petr, sit next to each other and touch each other.” we hadn’t seen Mira’s pussy yet and I was eager to. Mira showed no hesitation now, she scooched her ass down so she was slouching and spread her legs, revealing my first mature pussy. Petr came and sat next to her and she grabbed his cock with enthusiasm. Petr reached over and tentatively placed his hand on her slit. Mira didn’t moan but her eyes rolled back for a few seconds and she started to rub Petr.

After almost a minute Petr groaned and before Mira could stop he’d shot cum all over her hand. She giggled again and wiped her hand on the bed. “was that fun little brother?” she teased.

“yeah, now you’ve got to suck off Mike” Holy crap thank you Petr I though to myself my cock growing a hitherto unexplored inch.

I sat on the bed below mine and Mira stood up, thrusting her chest out as she did. Sauntering over she knelt between my legs and gently wrapped her warm hand around the base of my shaft.

“have you ever done this before?” I asked her. She just looked straight into my eyes and slowly shook her head.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could she lowered her head onto my cock. She was trying to touch me as little as possible and her warm hot breath surrounding me was incredible. Then she closed her mouth on my throbbing member and I way in heaven. I’d had a few blow jobs before in my life escort bursa but only from tiny mouths, I fit all inside this one and the feeling was indescribable. She slid up and down my shaft caressing the underside with her tongue and gently scraping her teeth along the top. It was too much for me and I knew I was going to blow very quickly. Then, without warning Mira pushed down further than before. The head of my cock popped into her throat and she sucked my balls into her mouth at the same time. This was definitely too much and I came hard and strong. The first sticky jet of goo went straight down her throat. The next two were in her mouth as I pulled out and I let the rest spurt over her face and chest, her smiling all the time. One long strand went over her left eye and one had shot up her nose, causing it to drip out.

Petr and I watched with our mouths hanging open as she used a finger to scoop a strand into her already full mouth. She opened her mouth wide to show us the cum in there and then, closing her mouth, swallowed it with a look of satisfaction.

“mierda santa” Petr sounded almost reverential. (my russian isn’t good, I think its something like “holy crap”)

This was incredible, she opened her mouth again and a small string of cum stretched out to connect her top and bottom lip.

“come her little brother” Mira beckoned with a finger, leaning back and spreading her legs as she did.

Petr staggered towards her. Mira pushed him down so he was staring right at her crotch.

“eat me little brother” Mira sighed, thrusting her hips up into his face.

I was practically erect again watching this and I could see Petr was too. Petr hesitantly lowered his face to Mira’s sweet pussy, reaching out his tongue. Mira was breathing deeply in anticipation. However Petr had never seen this done before and had very little skill, he seemed to be going on how to eat an ice cream cone.

“let me help you Petr” I could see Mira welcomed this very warmly.

I bent down and inhaled deeply through my nose. Her smell was wonderful, musky and dark yet sweet at the same time.

I reached out my tongue and ran it totally around her pussy, just a little away from the lips. Then, changing my focus, I dove right in ramming my face into her sweet mound and trying to force my tongue as far up her as it would go.

Mira squealed but when I tried to pull away she clamped her thighs around my head so I started fucking her with my tongue. While I was doing this Petr leaned over Mira’s legs and started biting her clit making her writhe in pleasure.

This was all too much for me to restrain myself. I broke free from Mira, stood up, lined my cock up with her dripping pussy and rammed it home as hard as I could.

Mira groaned as quitely as she could but I was still afraid our parents would here. I didn’t care though as her tight, velvety passage wrapped around me like a warm glove. I fucked her hard and fast, reveling in my first adult pussy.

Petr was being annoying, trying to get between my legs. I was about to shove him out of the way before I saw what he was doing and moments later Petr’s cock started pushing hard against Mira’s ass hole.

“No” Mira cried breathlessly but we were too far gone to care and in one sudden rush Petr breached her tight little sphincter and we were both fucking her hard until, amid general moans and cries I felt her clamp hard on my cock and she came in a rush of juices.

She set both of us off and within moments Petr and I started pumping her full of our cum.

Panting we extricated ourselves and stood back to admire the scene. Mira with her legs spread, drenched in sweat and gasping for breath. Her ass gaping open, cum dripping from her holes and staining her breasts.

“We did good” I said to Petr. It was going to be a good vacation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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