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Author’s Foreward: This one is built around a lactation fantasy, so consider yourself warned. His_LittleGirl did the editing this time around. I think it reads much better now as a result of their efforts, but you be the judge of the final product and let me know in the comments.


“Your margarita, Madam,” I said as I passed the glass to her over the countertop. My bar wasn’t as well stocked as I would have liked, but what I did have was the best I could afford. I knew what I just put together for her was going to be in the upper echelon of margaritas that she’d had before. That thought had me feeling nice and smug, which helped keep my mind off what we had just been talking about.

She smiled as she took the drink from me and brought it to her lips. “Not man enough to answer my question, huh?”

My big mouth. I stared at my Latina goddess for a few seconds while I contemplated whether or not to answer her. Her deep, dark brown eyes bored holes in me as she sipped her drink — daring me to glance down at her impressive cleavage being displayed by the deep v-cut in her blouse. I focused on her face, but it didn’t really work. She was as cute as a button and sexy as a minx, especially now as she was starting to smirk as the silence continued. Her beautiful face and sexy stare were as deadly to my feigned detachment as her world class breasts.

“Ok. Yes, it is a bit of a turn on for me.” I tried to keep my eyes on her and not look away, but it was made harder by the difficult admission. It had come up that she was still breastfeeding her son. My heart had skipped a beat when she said it. I had immediately started to fantasize about her lactating breasts and just as quickly regretted it. She was exceptionally good at picking up on my micro reactions, as much as I tried not to display anything.

Truth be told, the exact words running through my head at the instant the topic came up were, “I’d love to suck those massive mammaries until they’re drained dry.” She was usually so accurate at reading me, I worried for a moment if she knew the precise words that had been going through my head.

This time she didn’t react with her usual Latin smugness, though. In fact, her smile faded and she seemed to stare off at the wall for a few seconds following my admission. Finally, she turned, walked slowly to the couch, and sat down. Patting the seat next to her, she said, “Bring your drink and come sit next to me. Let’s visit a little longer before I have to go.”

I didn’t like being reminded she wasn’t going to stay. I didn’t really know what this was — was it just a friendship or was it going to turn physical? — but I knew wanted more time with her. I sat in my designated spot and turned to look at her. She stared back.

I opened my mouth to tell her how gorgeous she looked, or how attractive I found her, or how much I wanted her to share my bed with me. I don’t really know what would have come out because she put her finger over my lips before I could say anything. She handed me her drink.

“Put the drinks down and come lay on me.” She patted her lap. My heart started beating faster. I must have looked as confused as I felt because she said, “It’s ok. Nothing is going to happen. You just look tired. Lay down on the couch, rest your head on me, and let me relax you for a few minutes.”

I placed the drinks on the table, turned my body to lay on my side facing away from her, and placed my head on her thighs.

“Lay on your back so I can watch you better and make sure you’re relaxing.” I shifted and looked up at her. Again, I concentrated on her pretty eyes instead of the monstrous boobs (now all but confirmed to be engorged with milk) that were inches from my face.

She caressed my forehead. “Relax.” I took a deep breath and relaxed. “Relax, it’s ok. Just relax.” I was relaxed, wasn’t I? No, I was still very tense. She’s always right about this kind of stuff. I breathed in and out again and let as much tension go as I could.

“There, that’s a little better. Now, close your eyes.” I didn’t really want to do that. This was weird. A married woman in my house trying to relax me seemed very strange.

“Relax! You’re tensing again. Just relax.” Her voice was soothing and her tone calm and nurturing. I took another breath. And another. And closed my eyes. I felt her hand go behind my head and lift gently. I opened my eyes to see why she was lifting me…and saw her exposed breast as she maneuvered it into my face. I latched on to her swollen nipple and almanbahis yeni giriş heard her gasp softly. I closed my eyes again and felt the warmth of her breast milk begin to fill my mouth, its sweetness an ambrosia for my worries. My hand caressed her back gently but also allowed me to bring her closer to me. I relaxed into her lap and just drank in her motherly essence.

After a few minutes of working through what felt like a massive milk letdown, I opened my eyes again to try and watch her face as best I could between her breaths. Her tit flesh was so ample, it obscured much of the world when she pressed one of her globes into my mouth firmly. Her eyes were closed and her brow furrowed. She moaned as I sucked. That was a good sign. My cock was getting ridiculously hard from this, and I was glad to see that more than one of us was being affected.

I felt her hand begin to massage the quickly swelling bulge in my pants. This was not the way to get me to relax. I pushed it away gently. I moved my hand up to her shoulder and pulled her away from me. I let her breast fall from my lips. She opened her eyes and looked down at me. She appeared disappointed.

“Bring the other to me,” I whispered. She reached into her top to grasp her hidden breast and bring it in full view. Milk droplets were already falling on my chest from this engorged mammary. With her other hand, she folded her blouse and bra under and tucked them out of the way. She leaned in again to bring her underserved nipple close to my mouth, her hand again behind my head applying gentle pressure to signal me to drink from her again. I complied. I couldn’t get enough of her sweet nectar.

Her other breast continued to leak some, eventually soaking my shirt. She had stopped moaning, but her breathing was getting heavier each passing minute. She was back to caressing my swollen member through my jeans and I wasn’t stopping her this time. When her milk started to slow, I let go of her tit with my mouth, sat up, and tried to bring her to me for a kiss.

She pushed back. “No, my husband…I can’t…”

I was confused but so very worked up by this point, I wasn’t going to stop. I just tried something different. I dropped to my knees on the floor in front of her and placed my hands on the inside of her thighs. I applied a little outward pressure to each, expecting resistance. They parted easily and her white lace panties were now fully visible under her skirt. I kissed my way along her thighs from her knees toward her dripping mound, alternating between each leg as I proceeded. I progressed with a purpose, but without hurry as I still wanted to enjoy the sensation of her perfectly smooth skin on my lips and tongue and the scent of her ever strengthening aroma. She closed her eyes, relaxed against the back of the couch, and pulled her skirt out of the way with one hand and her panties to the side with the other.

Her flower glistened before me and her scent hit me immediately. I kissed her bud ever so lightly. She gasped and pulled her knees back to her chest. Her hands went to the back of my head and she pulled me into her with feral force. She thrust her pussy up to my mouth and forced my mouth on to her. She squirmed and moaned using my mouth for her pleasure.

For my part, I licked and nibbled everything she gave me, sometimes exactly where she directed me and others changing the angle or location of my ministrations ever so slightly. I massaged her massive knockers all the while. I might not have been able to see them, but they felt so good in my hands — seemingly designed for me to hold, caress, massage, and squeeze.

She had found her voice, now streaming Spanish at me too fast for me to catch, while she continued to masturbate on my lips and tongue. It was getting harder and harder to breathe. She was sweating and breathing quickly and almost screaming at me. I freed a hand from her breast and placed two fingers inside her, curling upward to find her g spot.

Five seconds of that and she had had it, screaming, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK, YOU FUCKING COCK SUCKING BASTARD! UGGGHHHH!” I certainly understood that.

She continued to grind against me for another few seconds, but finally, she went completely limp and sighed. I lifted my head up to see the damage. Both of her tits were still out and still leaking rivulets on her now soaked blouse. Her hair was a complete mess, much of it matted against her forehead and the side of her face from her sweat. Her eyes were half-lidded, and she was almanbahis giriş looking at me and smiling. She gestured at me with a finger to come closer to her.

As soon as I leaned in, she pulled my head in for the deepest kiss I’d ever experienced. A kiss meant to intertwine our souls. My cock wanted to complete the act. As we continued to kiss, I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and pulled my erect cock out. Her hands went around it and she begin to stroke. I broke our kiss from the distraction of her sudden ministrations.

She pushed me back and pounced on me like a lioness. I pushed the coffee table aside as I semi-fell backwards to the floor. She had pulled her blouse and bra off and was pulling my shirt off now. Perhaps tearing it off would be a more appropriate description. My jeans and boxers got the same treatment and then she tried to throat my entire cock in a single motion. She gagged about halfway down and came up for air. The second time, though, she swallowed my entire length. She came up again, kissed the tip, and then really got to work.

This time, she swallowed me and stayed down on me, her throat massaging my cockhead. She rocked an inch or so up and down and I felt the ring of her throat going back and forth just behind the crown of my head. It had the warmth, depth, and wetness of a pussy and the precise sensations of a hand job, and all while she stared into my eyes, tongued my nutsack, and pressed her nose into my crotch in a predictable succession.

After five or six of these extending throating dives on me, I was good and hard. Her mouth released my cock with a pop, and she climbed on top of me in a quick and practiced motion. She squatted over me, her knees up and her hands on my chest. I lined my leaking meat pole up with her sopping fuck slit and she sat down. Less than half a second later, her cunt had swallowed my entire cock down to my balls. Milk was dribbling from both breasts more quickly now. Some of it dropped on to my chest and some clung to her body and ran down her belly to where we were joined.

The whole room smelled like her musk and breast milk, with a hint of my precum. She was nearly jumping up and down on my cock now. She had moved past words by this point and was simply grunting as she bottomed out on my cock. Her eyes were closed and her brow, furrowed. I wanted to feel her come on me, so I started to thrust into her in time with her bucking as well as knead her breasts and tweak her nipples to draw more milk out of her. Within a minute, she began to shake.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” I thrust higher into her repeatedly. “Fuck!” I shifted my hands to hips and started to fuck into her as forcefully as I could manage. I wanted to rip her into two pieces with my cock by this point. “Don’t fucking stop, you fucking fucker!” she grunted in time with our thrusts.

And then she came.

“Yessssssssssssss!!!” she hissed through clenched teeth. She bucked once and then sat back onto me, her pussy clenching and releasing my cock repeatedly while she ground her clit in small circles against me. She rode this crest for maybe fifteen seconds while I continued to make shallow thrusts into her and pull her hips into my crotch.

Finally, she exhaled, opened her eyes, and I felt her body go limp. I relaxed my hold on her, but my cock was still rock hard and balls deep in her honey hole.

“You’ve got an amazing cock. I think I could just ride you all day long.” She had started to rock on me again. I wouldn’t be able to last through another ride like she just put on me. I sat up and put my hands under her butt. I was able to lever her up enough to pull my cock out, but that was as far as I could get in my plans for a different position. I tried to throw her sideways on to the carpet, but she checked me and sat down on my lap again. I had angled my cock away from her, so she hadn’t been able to recapture me inside of her, but she was still on top.

“Where do you think you’re going, hmm? My cock! And my rules, stud!” she whispered in my ear. I pulled back, put my hands on either side of her face so I could stare into those deep brown eyes of her, and whisper back, “I want you on all fours, you perfect little bitch.” I kissed her, initiating a deep, and loving kiss, but she changed that within an instant. She devoured me, her tongue diving deeply, and she dug her nails into my back and began to claw rents in my skin. I reacted without thinking. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Hard. She moaned. As soon almanbahis güvenilirmi as a saw her neck bared, I dove and took love bites at the exposed flesh. Her claws retracted. She moaned loader. My bites became nibbles and kisses on her neck. She whispered encouragement for a few moments and then I felt her shift her weight and push off of me.

Wordlessly and without losing eye contact, she maneuvered off my lap to a sitting position on the floor and then right on to her hands and knees facing away from me, but still eying me over her shoulder. Her round butt swayed back and forth — the invitation clear. Her smile and giggle drew me out of my awestruck reverie. I leaned forward, used the floor to get my feet under me, and then positioned myself on my knees between her legs.

I stroked my cock a few times to make sure I was still ready for her, but I needn’t have bothered. I hadn’t softened a bit. I put my cockhead at her slickened entrance and pushed myself in with a single forceful motion. We moaned together at the feeling of our deep coupling. I rocked back and forth gently briefly, just enjoying the sight of her somewhat clothed but still rather clearly discernible hourglass figure on display in front of me.

Her slender waist a marked contrast from her ample hips and triangular torso. She wasn’t muscular. Quite the opposite really. Her body was soft and supple without being chubby. Her skin was yielding to the touch, its warm brown tone an erotic contrast to my much paler skin. I placed my hands around her perfect waist and quickened my pace. Her firm ass rippled from my thrusts but never jiggled. It was a mesmerizing sight and triggered the animal in me. I started to try to fuck her in twain again.

Up to this point, she was using her arms as leverage to match my thrusts. Now, though, she laid her head on the floor and was using her hands to pull her ass open for me to fuck her as deeply as possible. She had been talking to me for a bit by now, I think, but nothing she had been saying had really registered once I started to make her ass bounce from my deep dicking.

I continued to pull her on to my cock and thrust deep inside her as hard as I could. I was trying hard to break her, but she just kept grunting, “Follarme!” through clenched teeth with each thrust. Then, for whatever reason, I was able to get my wits about me again. I stopped trying to destroy her and just slowly moved inside her, teasing new spots for us both.

“Que rico,” she purred softly.

I leaned close and whispered into her ear, “Papi.”

“Que rico, Papi. Damelo duro ahora!”

That simple little act of playfulness — the illusion of submissiveness, when I knew she was hardly submissive — triggered something primal in me, deeply and completely. My body reacted instinctively with a sudden, forceful, and deep thrust into her.

“Ay!” She yelped. I continued to thrust into her tightness as deep, fast, and hard as I could. “Con cuidado, Papi! Eres enorme!” I didn’t understand what she was saying, but it was clear from her grunts, groans, and pushing back into me as hard I was thrusting into her that she was really into it. I was, too, and I could feel my balls tighten with the beginnings of an orgasm.

She felt that change at once and as much I wanted to resist it so I could keep fucking her furiously, she wasn’t going to have it. She half turned to look me in the eye, saying this time in English — I assumed so that I could understand her clearly — “Give in to it. Don’t fight it.” I quickened my pace. “Let me make you feel good. Finish inside me now!” I grunted and gripped her waist even more tightly now. “Flood my insides with your hot, sticky sperm! Show me what a good little whore I am!”

That was all it took. I thrust a thick rope of cum deep into her pussy. She closed her eyes, smiled, and sighed. I thrust again. “Yes,” she responded. I thrust again. “More.” I thrust again. “More!” I thrust again. “I can feel it filling me!” I thrust again. “Yes, more!” I thrust again. “Knock me up, stud!” I thrust as deeply into as I could one final time as I pulled her hips into me to get that final drop out of my balls and into her womb.

“Fuuuuuuuuck! Your cum feels so good in me!” she grunted out as I started to relax my hold on her hips.

I went limp and leaned forward to collapse on her. We slowly sank to the floor and I rolled off to lay on my back beside her.

Moving slowly, she sat up and then looked down at her chest. Weighing her breasts in her hands, she said more to herself than me, “So much better now. And that was definitely a lot more fun than using a pump.” She turned her gaze to me. “So, same time tomorrow then?”

Oh, yeah, you sexy fucking minx, I thought. And every day up until your husband shoots me in my stupid head…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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