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Adriana Chechik

Note from author: I have a very good friend who is straight and married. She works with my partner. She is fun to tease, being such a good sport about things. One day she needed some cheering up and I mention something to her about teaching her how to walk like a dyke. She was all for it. Therefore, I started writing her emails in a teaching form of how to walk like a dyke and it went from there, with me offering her more courses, such as kissing like a dyke. They were originally formatted in chat form. However, I decided they would make good stories, and I thought she might get a kick out of reading them here. I also thought it would be fun to write her into the stories. To protect the little bit of innocence she has left we will call her Ann. Every chapter of this little story is told from a different person in the story. This first chapter is from Ann’s point of view.


I stood in front of the mirror assessing the outfit I chose to wear to the party later this evening. A stream of excitement was flowing through my body and I could not help but shiver a little bit, as I thought about what the night could bring. My reflection stared back at me. Not bad, I thought to myself, this would work. I had just finished putting the final changes on my makeup when I heard the doorbell ring. That was enough to make me feel the butterflies in my stomach. I hurried to the door and swung it open to view the tall dyke standing there waiting for me. Damn, she was tall. Standing about 6 foot with dark hair and blue eyes, she was all dressed in black. I had told her before that she looked good in it and now I said it again, she just smiled and I felt the blush rising in my cheeks. I didn’t know why I was feeling all of this, I mean I was straight. Nevertheless, just the excitement of the night before us and her standing there made me so very nervous in ways I could not describe.

“You look really good Ann.” Her voice dripped like honey over my senses and all I could do was blush and say thank you.

She took my arm and led me to her car, being the perfect gentledyke she opened my door and closed it once I was in securely. The ride to the party was quiet, giving me time to steal glances of my “date.” I wondered why she was still single; she was the hottest dyke I ever knew. Even if she was the only dyke, I knew. Maybe we could find her a real date at the party. I knew I was just tagging a long for the sheer chance of being able to see women together. Moreover, Samantha was so nice to me, that once she found out I was going to be alone tonight as my husband went on a business trip, she took pity on me and had invited me along. We pulled up to the party house and I became more excited as I could hear the beat of the music drifting out to the street. There were couples standing on the balconies and some on the porch. I would be walking into this den of sexuality and I could barely wait for Samantha to open my door for me.

Inside we found a small couch to sit on, Samantha went to the wet bar to get us some drinks as I sat back and watched to party. My eyes went straight to her first, watching her walk away was a both hot and scary. Her ass framed tightly in black jeans was a sight one cannot really describe accurately when one has no experience to draw off. All I can say is that my heart stopped for a few beats then came back to life with a speeding tempo. I shook my head and forced myself to look in other directions. I didn’t know if that was a good idea or not, as everywhere my eyes dropped there were more hot looking women. Some were butch dykes like Samantha, but others were what I would call very femme. Women in jeans, dresses, skirts and some in barely anything at all surrounded me on all sides. I also noticed some of the men. Samantha had told me one of her lesbian friends hosted this party, and that there would be gay people all around, but also some straight people. I looked around for a minute more, trying to figure out who was straight. Who could really tell, and what did it matter? I was afforded casino oyna the chance to look at women openly and to not be thought of as a deviant. My people watching session was interrupted as Samantha came back to me with our drinks. She sat down next to me and we sat in silence for a moment. Finally, I turned to her, moving my body to sit on the couch sideways so that I could better look into her eyes as we talked.

“Sam, why aren’t you with anyone?” I asked her, trying to be as quiet as possible.

“Never found the right one I guess.” Was her reply with a soft shrug of her shoulders. She turned to face me as I had her, her eyes were wonderful, and they smiled when her lips formed one.

“Well I just can’t understand why some girl has not latched onto you as tight as she can.” I smiled and took a sip of my drink.

“It takes more than that I think.” She laughed softly and then became serious. “I think the first thing I look for beyond the usual personality is can she kiss well. I mean I want to get to know the person first, and I know many people here, even dated some. But, if they can’t kiss well, I lose interest.”

“What makes a good kisser? Hell I don’t even know how women kiss?” I laughed a little trying to alleviate the pit in my stomach that appeared all of a sudden, the last thing I wanted to do was offend her. Then I relaxed more as she laughed with me.

“Well maybe someone should give you lessons. Find someone to show you how a dyke kisses.” She smiled through her soft chuckle and suddenly an idea occurred to me. I have no idea what made me say it, but I did.

“Maybe you can teach me.”

“Why would you want me to teach you?”

“Because I trust you.” I said softly, my eyes lowering to the ice moving against my glass.

“Well have you ever seen two women kissing?”

“No.” I replied, nervous now of this conversation. Stuck between wanting to lean over to kiss her and changing the subject. However, I did not have enough guts for either one of them.

“Well you really should see two women kissing first. That way if the sight does not disturb you, then you can work your way up to actually kissing another woman” She stopped and I was forced to look up into her eyes. “That is if you want to kiss a woman.”

“So, what am I suppose to do, just ask two women to kiss so I can watch them?” I laughed again and sipped my drink some more. That is exactly what I wanted to do, among other things I was not ready to admit to just yet.


She said no more for a few minutes, but her eyes drifted around the room, cutting through the crowd until a smile came over her lips. She handed me her drink, stood up, and bent to whisper in my ear. “Stay here and just watch.”

Samantha walked the short distance to a table not far from the couch we had been sharing. She held a presence about her. She stood tall and proud, wearing all black and from the looks she was getting I was not the only one to think she was damn good looking. She stopped a few spaces before the table, cocking her head to the left a little, as she looked over the blonde hair beauty she had her eyes on. The woman stopped talking to the people she was with and looked up, her mouth half forming a word long forgotten as she laid eyes on Samantha.

“Is this seat taken?” Samantha asked, indicating a chair next to the woman.

“Only if you are going to take it.” The woman replied with a dazzling smile.

“Well I think I will then,” Samantha said as she pulled the chair out. I noticed she turned it a little so that I was not looking at her back, but seeing her profile, giving me the chance to see everything. If anything did happen, that is. Samantha put her elbow on the table and leaned her chin into it. Her eyes were looking over this woman. Drinking her in. Finally, she spoke again, I noticed her voice went a little deeper, hinting on sultry. “I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What would that be?” The woman asked, her brow arching with curiosity.

Samantha canlı casino smiled; she laid that ever so charming smile on the line and got the response she wanted as the woman just about visibly shivered.

“I told someone I would show them how to kiss like a dyke,” She paused for effect as her eyes raked over the woman’s body, letting a brow arch and a grin to form on her lips “and you … darling are the perfect femme to demonstrate on.”

There was a stutter, and then a pause as the woman tried to collect her thoughts. She looked as though she would laugh and say no. A blush came over her face; she swallowed hard and gained some semblance of control over herself.

“Well, anything to help…umm my name is Julie by the way.”

Julie held out her hand and Samantha took it softly into her own before kissing the back of it.

“I am Samantha. Are you sure you don’t mind partaking of this little lesson?”

“Oh, well no, I mean it is just a kiss right?” Her voice was shaky, and then filled with something, I was not sure what.

Samantha leaned over slowly, her hand reached out to cup along side of Julie’s cheek, her thumb rubbed over her pouty lips; Samantha took a deep breath in. She leaned forward more; Julie’s heart skips a beat, as her vein jumped under her hand. She grinned slowly, brushing her lips over Julie’s ever so slowly. She tilted her head a little to the left so that Julie was actually above her mouth. She nipped at the pouty red lips I was sure she could taste the ruminants of the wine Julie had been drinking. Her tongue slipped out quietly, licking over Julie’s lips causing her to gasp just a little. Samantha’s hand slide back further into Julie’s full mane of hair, twirling the lush strands into her fingers. Pressing closer to her, she made full contact capturing Julie’s lips, her tongue seeking entrance, slipping inside tenderly exploring the warmth and fullness of Julie’s mouth.

Julie inched back in her seat, pulling Samantha with her, they both stood and Julie found herself backed against the wall. Her hands came sliding up Samantha’s back, feeling her muscles under her shirt straining. I could see them moving and suddenly had a desire to feel what Julie was feeling. Samantha slide her other hand into Julie’s hair, deepening the kiss. Growls could be heard from both women as bodies pressed together in a heated rush. It seemed as though the rest of the world became a blur to them, slipping into non-existence as the two women grasped at each other. Samantha’s hands slid down Julie’s sides grabbing her hips and pulling her tight against her body. Julie grabbed at Samantha’s shoulders, her nails digging in as they tried to feed off each other’s passion.

The passion was intense the heat could be felt across the room. People stopped and watched, captured by the power of the women’s erotic kiss. Samantha started kissing down Julie’s neck, half tearing her clothes off, feasting on her throat, neck and growling low, until she pulled away. She turned and looked right into my eyes. I could see the desire, the burning in her lust filled eyes and I about melted into the couch.

“You are going to have to get the advanced lesson to see the rest of this.” Her voice was husky and she was trying to catch her breath as she winked at me. She took Julie’s hand and much to the dismay of the crowd and me, she led Julie away.

I just sat there stunned as I watched them walk away and disappear into a back room. When the door closed, I could feel my heart fall into my stomach. I wanted to see more. I wanted to know more. I wanted to know what was going on behind that closed door. I looked around, I didn’t know any one else, and where I should have been mad for being left alone among a room full of strangers, I found that I wasn’t. I just wanted to see. I took a long sip of my drink and noticed a woman walking over to me; I took the moment to observe her over the rim of my glass before lowering it and smiling at her. She leaned down, whispered into my kaçak casino ear, took my hand, and led me down the hall. When we got to the first door, she opened it, pulled me inside, and sat me on the bed. I wondered what was going on. I mean I knew she wanted to show me something, but I was becoming a tad bit nervous. She opened a closet door, pulled out a TV, and turned it on. I about fell off the bed when I saw Samantha and Julie on the screen. I looked up to the woman and smiled. She gave me a wink and slipped out the door to leave me to my fantasy.

My mouth fell open as my eyes took in the scene. I felt bad for watching them like this, but I could not find it in me to turn away from it either. Samantha pushed Julie against the wall and claimed her lips once more, the passion was in full gear, and Julie began to claw at Samantha’s clothes. Samantha pulled her to the floor, even though there was a bed within a few feet. Their hunger and desire were too demanding to wait. Samantha pulled her lips from Julie’s for a moment and looked deep into her eyes

“I never knew a simple lesson in kissing would lead us to this passion, this fire.” She smiled and looked deeper into Julie’s eyes.

Julie leaned in and kissed her face, first over her mouth, then along her cheeks. Next, she kissed the tip of her nose and the bottom of her chin, letting a trail of fire course down her throat as her lips grazed over the tender flesh. Her body pushed Samantha’s back to the floor, her own body covering her tenderly, and paying homage to each bit of flesh. I could tell the desire was building in both of them as it was building in me. It was suddenly hot in the room and I had to loosen some buttons on my shirt.

Samantha leaned her head back, pushing it into the floor below her, giving Julie access to her throat; her arms went around Julie and pulled her tighter to her. Her hands reached down and jerked Julie’s shirt out of her jeans, gasping as her hand met with flesh, caressing up and pushing the shirt over Julie’s head. A flash of hands, and clothes being cast aside, soon left them flesh to flesh, breast to breast, mouths feeding off each other’s bodies. I pulled my own shirt out of its restricting confines, wondering if there was some ac in the room. I began to notice a distinct wetness between my thighs. Instead of worrying about it, I accepted it. I mean after all this was very hot to watch.

Julie pushed Samantha back to the floor again, her mouth caressing over her skin. Her tongue trailed along sweet flesh, moving from one breast to the other, kissing and worshipping the beautiful body before her. Her mouth trailed down over Samantha’s stomach, kissing each spot she could reach, reaching out with her tongue here and there to tease her endlessly. She breathed in deep and inhaled Samantha’s scent, her fingers pulled at the jeans keeping her from her prize. She tugged, unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped. She pulled and maneuvered until Samantha lay naked before her. She smiled, she gasped, she breathed in deep again, She looked as though she was in heaven. I knew I was. I found myself imitating Julie’s actions on myself. I know had my clothes undone and I was sitting on the bed in just my underclothes. Satin and lace caressed my skin and keeping the world’s eyes from full view of my body.

Samantha reached for her, Julie would not let herself be captured just yet, instead leaning up fully and removing her own jeans, tossing them aside like the others, baring herself for Samantha’s eyes. Samantha groaned and reached again, this time not being denied she pulled Julie down on top of her, their thighs opened and entwined with each other. Each woman feeling hot flesh against her own heated body. Their bodies began to move, each grinding against the other. Their steaming pussies seeking more contact, their arms wrapped around one another, their mouths engaged once more. Heat rise, fire-consuming, desires flooding their senses as their bodies begin to rock back and forth with each other. My hand was slipping down my satin panties; I could feel the heat coming from me… I was deep into the viewing. Then all of a sudden, the screen went black. I sat up fully again and screamed. “Noooooooo”

To be continued…

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