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“Jack. Oh my god, oh my god, Jack”

Jack twitched and stiffened shooting his seed deep inside her.

Jack helped her off with the bustier and gathered her close; holding her and stroking her back in the middle of the big bed. He pulled the covers up over them after his heart stopped racing. He kissed her forehead.

“Jack, I’m not nosey; but what were you doing on the computer so long, are you worried about stocks?” Breezy questioned.

“No in fact I just unloaded the stock I had left of my old company.” He reassured her. “When your dad said everything was going to hell in a hand basket, I decided to get out from under it. The index said it had dropped a few points. I put the money into Franklin Trust Funds; they seem to be doing well right now.”

“Jack, are you very rich?” She asked coyly.

“Not Gates rich, but I don’t have to work if I don’t want to.” He turned to her. “Why?”

“Do you want a prenup agreement? Most guys like to protect themselves; I could be out to steal you blind?”

“Breezy, you already stole the most important thing I have; my heart.” He said and kissed her.

“I love you so much, sometimes the things you say make me ache with the love I feel for you. You make me so happy.”

“Next week, I’ll go to the bank with you, and put you on some accounts. I’ve got a circulating account that just gets interest from savings, I think there’s about fifty grand in there now. Will that hold you for awhile?”

“Jack, that’s too much. Where, would I spend that much?” She asked.

“Well I promised to take you into Billings; we need furniture, linens, service items, and art.” He smiled. “Shopping; could almost be fun.”

“Speaking of fun, it was fun to play dress up. Maybe while we are in Vegas I’ll look for some exclusive stores. Get a few more fantasy clothes.”

“Cart Blanche on that, I don’t care just surprise me; only stipulation being is nothing that hurts.”

“Dam there goes the bondage queen idea, ha ha ha.”

She snuggled into his side, and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning Breezy woke up to find herself alone, she peeled the sheets and put them in the hamper. She went to the bathroom and showered; later she would like to try that big tub though. She dressed in a T-shirt and jeans and pushed her feet into cross trainers. Then she remade the bed. She found Jack in the kitchen making an appointment at the clinic to check his head wound.

“My appointment is at ten thirty, do you want to go get breakfast at IHOP, and then I can have the doctor check my head out.” He asked. “Also, I called my folks and told them about us, and Mom’s disappointed. Naturally my mother wanted us ankara masaj yapan escort to come back home and have the wedding there. I told her we couldn’t wait, and we’re going to Vegas, like Elvis and Pricilla.”

“So when do I get to meet your folks and sister?”

“Oh maybe at Christmas, we could fly back its warmer there then.” He said as he led the way back to the garage.

“A Hummer, you have a Hummer, can I drive it?” She begged him.

“Here you go, just be careful backing up it’s a tight fit.” He said and, tossed her the keys.

She got in smelling the rich leather interior; she pulled on and latched the seat belt. When Jack got in he smiled at her. He leaned over and hit a button on the dash panel, and the garage door opened.

“That is so cool, a built in garage opener.” She said as she shifted into reverse. She eased the big vehicle backward and glided through the opening like a pro. Pushing the button again and closed the garage. She shifted gears and drove down the drive to the gate. Jack took out a controller and the Iron Gate rolled back.

“I have some trouble with that in the winter. The snow likes to block the mechanism so I need to get a housing built over it. Unless you like being snow bound for a week?” Jack smiled at her.

“Better fix it, then we can pretend to be snow bound.”

Breezy turned right on the country lane and asked. “What’s in the other direction Jack, this road is well maintained?”

“Oh, the Big Horn National forests, the Medicine Wheel and Cody, Wy.”

“We should go there sometime; I heard the museum is great.”

She slowed the Hummer upon reaching the town limits, and down a couple of blocks pulled into the IHOP. Jack came around and held her hand as they walk into the restaurant. The hostess seated them in a side booth, leaving them to the waitress.

“Jack, how you doin’?” Said the petite brunette waitress, who was built a bit curvy for Breezy to like.

“Just fine Nora, this is my fiancé Breezy.” He said. “Breeze this is Nora, she’s worked here for sometime, and is very friendly.”

“I bet, Nora you can get me the crepes with strawberries, OJ and coffee.”

“Okay Sugar, and you Jack?” she secret smiled him.

“Umm I’ll just have the sampler. Eggs, sunny, not to runny.”

After Nora left, she looked across at Jack. He was playing with the divider menu, and avoiding her stare.

“Jack, did you date that waitress?” Breezy asked. “She seemed very familiar with you.”

“I maybe took her out twice, while I was building the house. I’m not a monk, but it wasn’t that serious.”

“Then don’t act like mecidiyeköy escort your ashamed of her, and next time tell me when I might meet somebody I’m going to have to put in their place.” She got up and walked to the swing doors and went through, Nora was talking to the cook about some blond slut. “Nora, might I have a moment with you?” Breezy said.

“You, you need to get out of here, employees only!” Nora screeched.

Breezy took her by the upper arm, escorting her to the back door and let her go. “Look bitch, I’m only telling you this once. Jack asked me to marry him, if he wanted little whore like you. He could have had you for some change. I don’t expect to see you back at our table, so get someone else to bring our food. If you talk to Jack again, I’m taking out the trash.” She whirled around and left the waitress and others staring after her.

Breezy sat down across from Jack and smiled. Soon another staff waitress brought their order. She checked her food for tampering before eating it. Jack looked at her actions then checked his own food. Breezy laughed at him. They ate the food and left a decent tip for the new waitress. Back in the Hummer Jack guided her down to a Medical Center, with several small clinics grouped around it. They went in and Jack signed the roster, and sat down to wait. A Nurse took them to an exam room, and gathered Jacks vital information for the doctor. When the doctor came in he was a spry older man with white hair and gentle grey eyes.

He looked at the wound and said, “No infection, that’s a good sign, do you have any headaches or pain?”

Jack answered, “No.”

“Just keep it clean, should heal nicely, if you have any more problems schedule another appointment. Your lucky son, you got a hard head.”

Jack paid his bill and they went back to the SUV, he drove this time. All the way down to the other end of town and the Court House. He was sweating slightly and wiped the back of his hand over his brow. “Let’s do this.” Jumping down from his seat, and going around helping her out of the passenger seat. He walked her in with an arm slung around her shoulders. They filed and paid for their license. Once they were back in the hallway, he pulled her in for a long slow kiss.

“Let’s go pack some bags, and I’ll book us a flight.” He grinned at her. “Pack light, we could shop a little in Vegas.”

“You spoil me.” She kissed him and took the keys from him.

“I’m gonna have to buy you a Hummer, so I can drive mine.” He teased her.

“Red or yellow, and with a package just like yours, now we’re talking.”

He swatted her ass, and followed mersin escort her outside. She drove home without a hitch, and used the right buttons to open the gate and garage. Inside the garage she looked at some of his projects, he had an old ’57’ Panhead he was restoring, and a ’64’ GTO that was in pieces. She whistled at the goat, and checked the engine. “Could I wrench with you sometime?” She asked him. “Love big blocks.”

He walked over and pointed out a few mods he was making to the 389 six pack. He smiled and gazed down in her eyes, and kissed her forehead, nose lips and chin. He picked her up and swung her around, then walked to the mudroom door. He then taught her the code to the security system. Walked over to a kitchen drawer and got her the spare set of keys. “The keys to the castle.” He went to his study, and got on the computer. While she drug out a suit case and packed clothes for a few days, bagged her make up, and made sure she had her wallet.

“Breeze, I need your social for that flight”, he yelled from the study. She walked down the hall and gave him the numbers he needed.

“Where are we staying, one of those theme casinos.”

“At the Bellagio, nice shopping, good restaurants; and chapel services. Also a gondola ride around the canal at night.” He sold the place to her.

“Sounds like a great place for a wedding, very romantic.” She sat on the desk.

“I couldn’t get a flight for today, so we go in early at six.” He rubbed her thigh. “We could go to bed early and fool around; or drive into the city and stay near the airport.”

“How about we have some soup for dinner, and get an early night. Then we could hit the road in time to catch our flight.” She caught his hand gliding up her leg. “Bad boy, maybe later, after dinner and a movie.” She joked and got off of the desk.

“Breeze.” He called after her, and she looked back to see him rubbing himself through his jeans and left giggling.

God what a sex maniac and he …was…all…hers. She pulled out a couple cans of good soup and warmed the in a bowl with the microwave, added a sprinkle of cheese to the top and some croutons. Jack made her jump, when he put his hands on her waist.

“Beast, don’t surprise me like that, you scared the life out of me.”

“Smells good, is it ready yet, I’m starving.” Jack said and bent to nip her neck.

“Just” she said as she placed two bowls on the counter of the breakfast bar.

“What kind of soup is this, it’s fantastic.”

“You bought it, Jack it was in the cabinet.” She giggled.

“Never tasted this good when I make it.” He looked at her brooding, “What did you do to it?”

“Just some simple additions cheese and bread; sometimes I like to put in fresh herbs. But you don’t have any spices; I’m going to have to stock a lot of things.” She stressed to him.

“Sorry Baby, Kitchenville isn’t my scene, but I’ll get you anything you need.” He looked at the floor. “Some salt because I mainly cooked steak outside I didn’t buy much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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