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The following is a filth kink related story about a girl who cleans up less and less over time. If the idea of a girl not washing for weeks at a time, wearing the same dirty clothes, jumping in mud puddles, not wiping and showing off her nasty self more and more doesn’t turn you on, stop now.

Also all persons involved in sexual situations are over the age of 18.


Linvala, user name ‘sticky streamer’ was your average NSFW streamer. Kinda. Young attractive woman. Caucasian, brown hair, brown eyes. The catch was she liked to stream a bit stickier than most. Not that her audience knew, at least not at first, but Linvala lived alone in her place. Making decent enough money. She did occasionally deliberately to food-play on stream, but mostly it was nude streams, lovesense streams, and other horny streams. Of course, she loved streaming the messy stuff and loved the feel of being sweaty, sticky, and dripping wet in her panties.

About four months in this fact finally slipped. Letting it slip that she tended to go four days between bath’s first. Then she was donated into admitting it was because she preferred getting a nice funk going.

And then about five big tippers fed her more and more until her toy’s batteries died. In just under an hour she made about seven hundred bucks all for a promise that for one week she wouldn’t shower again.

And Linvala was thrilled. Getting up the morning after she still felt sticky, but content. Seeing that it was about 10 in the morning she masturbated to a lazy orgasm in her underwear before getting up. After that she decided to make a tweet about ‘for $700 I’m skipping showering for a week, how much to skip shaving too?’. Another thing she hated. She tended to shave every other week already. So she had a modest fuzz, her pit and leg hair growing nice and slowly. A small blessing.

She got herself some breakfast and ate lazily casually munching on toast. She looked at her phone and saw a $100 donation to her account and her eyes opened. She opened her phone and saw a note of ‘one day no shave per 100’ attached to the new development and thought for a bit. She sent a reply to the sender of ‘for the first donation I’ll be nice, you get 10 days this once’. And then she went to media and posted ‘so I thought on it and its $50 a day to not shave, anything else to add?’

A few minutes later, breakfast finished, Linvala checked her phone again. More money, and a *lot* of suggestions. She was a grand richer, and was given offers to stop wiping, stop using deodorant, and keep her underwear on for longer. Before long the top of her profile had a list.

“$50 for one day without shaving, $100 for a day without a shower, $25 for no wiping for a day, $50 for wearing the panties one more day, currently no limits, specify with your deposits.”

Between then, and when she set up for her stream she picked up two weeks of everything. She spent a few hours setting up a temporary excel spreadsheet to keep track. As well as some time messaging a few anonymous messages who lacked a specific mode.

By stream time she had a plan, pick out an outfit, re-set her clothes one time, and begin the timer there. The plan being to get a proper start on this, and well, let her fans see. Although she didn’t wash or shave all day, because why the hell would she want to do it. So when she sat down to stream Linvala had a plan as a toy buzzed inside of her.

“Alright.” Linvala said at the start of her stream. “Last night I was paid money to skip showering, this morning I decided to expand the deal. I’m not reneging on the no-shower deal, I will do that, but I’m running some specials so you filthy freaks can get me nastier and nastier.” She smirked. “I didn’t shower today by the way, that’s for free. But I’ve decided that you can pay to keep me from showering, shaving, wiping and changing my clothes.”

This lead to quite a few questions. Most were simple enough. She had no date limit, currently, she’d show off the growing dust of her shower, her increasing fuzz, she could wash her hands, she would show off her stain each day. And if she called it off, she kept the money. (Girl had to make bank).

However a few ideas came up from some names she recognized, the ones who pushed her into being grossest. Ideas like ‘not using a toilet at all’ and ‘bringing trash bags inside the house’. Linvala considered all of those, but chose, for right now, to not go that far. Although she did admit she might piss her panties.

Of course part of the rest of the stream was picking her outfit out. She ended up on a short skirt, thigh highs, the same lacey pink panties and very minimal bra she had been wearing the previous night. As well as some white sneakers, as sneakers were pushed into being part of the deal. She finished the deal by working herself into a sweaty frenzy and then, for fun, going to turn off the water to her shower on camera, and masturbating once more in the dry shower. After which she finished for the night, very sweaty, very sticky, and İstanbul Escort very happy.

The next morning Linvala woke with the smell of sweat and sex in the air. And god she liked it. It did take a bit before Linvala remembered she was in her outfit still. she had decided that, no, she would not wear her shoes and socks to bed, but everything else was game. So the skirt, top and underwear were all still on. Still she chose to put on her socks and shoes before doing her morning masturbation right there on her bed.

Sweatier and stickier, and happier, she went to breakfast, getting the coffee and toast, taking a pic of herself in the outfit going ‘forgot to change, what a ‘shame’ (pay money to make me keep forgetting)’. And found she had two more days of things, and began to work on a spreadsheet again before her morning coffee made a disagreement with her. Awkwardly she realized she had forgotten to shit last night after her stream, or even piss, so she ran to the bathroom, feeling some slight wetness hit her underwear. It wasn’t too bad, but when she sat down she noticed a small stain, and felt her shit spray out. “Ugh, got the fuckin runs.” She smelt the stench and bit her lip at thoughts of how nasty her underwear would get from just this. “Day two and I’m gonna have a nice streak. Sick.”

A few minutes later, her guts were relieved and she got up before flushing, the bowl was a lovely soupy mixture, deciding her audience was gross enough (she had more donations asking for her not to use the toilet come overnight) so she took a picture and posted it to her media. With a caption that read ‘day one with no wiping and did this mess’. And in her replies she showed a small streak down her ass from this shit, sliding her panties up then down once, before pulling them up and keeping them up. She felt some shit on her ass rub against her underwear and she enjoyed it.

Now as a streamer she tried to switch between five day work weeks and four day work weeks. This week was a four day week. So she was gonna go do a jog. And meet up with a ‘friend’. He was a genuine friend, but one with benefits, and an open mind.

She nearly moved to get dressed for jogging before remembering the deal. No shower, no change. Well, hopefully he wouldn’t mind. She’d ask.

Waiting a bit to get started Linvala took a very lazy jog over to her start point. A few blocks from her place in a small mixed use business center nearby to a wild park. There her friend Kay arrived. “Sup Kay.”

Kay was an average height guy (who was honest about being 5’11 at least) with slightly longer brown hair and simple brown eyes. He looked Linvala up and down. “Nice outfit.”

“Want me to take the lead today?”

“I won’t say no.” He said as he watched her lead the way, eyes clearly on her assets.

It was a five minute jog at a slightly brisker pace into the woods. A few acres of undeveloped hilly land with only a handful of visitors at these hours. This was important as well, this was a cardio based routine after all.

Once they were in the woods going up a hill, Kay getting an eyeful of ass, a question arose. “Did you shit yourself?”

“Good to know where your eyes are. I’ll trip you up on a root.”

“I will look right up your skirt while lying down.”

Linvala snorted, they didn’t always get this flirty, but Kay was in a mood today. Turning off to a slightly more tree heavy area she stopped. “Alright so, for streaming I’ve made like… Four grand by offering to not wash wipe or change. And this is in a fucking day basically. So while I don’t mind jogging just know I’m gonna stink.”

Kay glanced. “Girl stink is good by me.” He said as he got up close. “So no worries, just worried you might not have noticed you shit your panties.”

“Oh, no, I noticed. You approve?”

“If you’re happy I’m happy.”

Linvala smirked. “So, you mind maybe cumming over my skin later, so people know I’m committed to this sticky look.”

“I mean if that’s what you want. Sure.” He said unzipping his pants.

“Sweet, but first, leave me a nice deposit.” She said as she hiked up her skirt and slid her panties aside.

“I’d almost imagine you planned on me fucking you or something.” Kay said as he pulled his pants down just a bit to make access to his cock easier. “Good, I paid for a day of no shower, shaving or wiping so I think I deserve to experience it up close.”

Linvala snorted. “No fucking way, you did?”

“It was anonymous, but yeah.”

Linvala knew he knew about her job, hell, she’d share and tease outfits up close and personal with him, and yes, they had been fucking quite a while, but she didn’t know he had followed her that closely. “You saw my morning shit didn’t you?”

“No. Did you post it?”


“Oh, well I only follow your media on my horny account. Which isn’t on my phone. So didn’t see it yet, I’ll re-post it later.”

“Thank you, now fuck me so I get sweatier, that’s what you want right?”

“Something like that, Kadıköy Escort yes.” He chuckled as his member stood at attention before she leaned against a tree for support.

Kay slipped into her right there, neither of them liked to use protection, she was on the pill to keep her menstrual cycle down, and Kay actually had (when he could get it) been on a pill to kill his fertility on and off. It was safe for both of them.

He slipped into her easily enough and got to work. They had met by her being a local horny woman at a bar, and him not being bothered when she mentioned she did porn. Nor, thank god, especially clingy. This was something she enjoyed as he slipped into her time and time again. “Mmm, fuck, thank god you don’t mind some girlstink.”

“Girlstink good.” Kay said as his member stirred around inside of her. “How do you find guystink?”

“Honestly? Its good too.” She said as she began to lean off the tree and into Kay a bit.

“Then maybe you want some guystink on you, to show off for your next stream.”

“Ahh, after you fuck it into me.” She said as she began to ride his cock, while Kay thrust into her. It was a bit of a less intense fuck, something they could keep their voices down during. They were outside in public land after all. It was a gentle ride, Linvala’s tits bouncing just a bit. While she got a bit sweatier and stickier still.

As Kay reached his climax he panted. “I’m close, sure you don’t want me to cum outside.”

“I-if you wanna f-fine.” Linvala said near to her own climax.

“What if I cum on your thigh-highs?”

“Wh-whaaa~” She moaned as she hit an orgasm her pussy tightening.

“F-fuck, damn you’re good. Gonna… Mmm… Doin it!” Kay pulled out, holding onto Linvala as he came onto one of her thigh highs, right on the top of it, some of his semen sticking to her skin. “Ahhh, fuck that’s hot.” He let out watching her.

Linvala panted as she sweat some but smirked. “Do you like that kinda shit?”

“Maybe I do.” Kay said as he looked at his still fairly stiff member.

“You wanna imagine me walking around with your cum running down my legs?”

His member got harder, and he said nothing.

“Alright, lets finish the jog and head back to your place. If you can keep going then, you get to pick where the semen goes.” Linvala had a fun little dare doing now, one she planned on ‘losing’.

They kept jogging for about an hour longer, the pace lazy, but not outright dead. This was actually fairly standard. Linvala and Kay both needed the cardio. Also Linvala and Kay both enjoyed the sweat they would work up over an hour.

They didn’t always meet up at some ones place afterwards, but it had happened before and Linvala and Kay both knew where the other lived by now, about four blocks apart. Linvala could then lead the way there, letting her underwear flash Kay every two or three steps as she ran along sweat dripping down her body as she tried to work herself sweatier than normal. It worked and she had a lovely sweat stain down the front of her chest, and some down her thigh highs before she was waiting at Kay’s front door.

Kay unlocked his door and they walked in. “Drink?” He asked.

“Please. Before anything else.”

“Absolutely.” He walked to his kitchen and got a glass for each of them and filled it up the two of them chugging it down. “Dare you to drink six more glasses of water.”

Linvala gave him a side eyed glance. “If I do we are not fucking.” She said filling up a second glass.

“Ok, before you leave today. You can leave whenever ya like of course.” The two were genuine friends too, Linvala had found herself awake on Kay’s couch after a night of too much drinking more than once. And Kay had likewise found himself on hers. There were benefits, but hey.

“Alright then fair.” She finished half another glass and put it down. “Now then, you survived your jog, are you ready for a reward.”

“Thigh fucking you and cumming on your thigh highs so everyone can see it?” Kay asked.

“Well, I have to jog back home so…” Linvala smirked. “Make sure everyone can see it~” She rubbed her thighs together.

Kay lead her to a couch in a room facing the back of his house. There were some windows, but not super visible. He lay down and said “Lie on top of me, I’ll worry about making it fit.”

“My thighs aren’t that thick.” Honestly from a pure sexual appeal point, she wished she had thicker things. She did still have enough jiggle on her thighs to have her thigh highs leave impressions on her thighs. It sold a few subs.

“Yeah, but I wanna cum on those damn thigh-socks.” He said as he lay down. “The front the first time, next time you can grind me facing me.”

She didn’t know what was worse, Kay assumed there would be another time, or that he was nearly 100% right about it. Either way she was excited by the thought as she rested on his lap. “Come on.” She said spreading her hips some as she sat up pretty high. “Lets get this little thing going.”

His Ataşehir Escort ‘little thing’ wasn’t tiny by any stretch. Linvala had seen bigger, absolutely, but she could count less bigger things than smaller. So when she got it down, and down below the point her thigh-high socks rested, it stuck out just a bit. She closed her thighs around his member. And then began to rub them together some.

“I wish I could fucking see this.” Kay said to her.

“Enjoy my ass, fondle my tits. Cause if my bra breaks.” She smirked. “I’m not getting a new one.”

And with that he sat up just a bit to grope her chest while her thighs kept on working. She moved up and down as she rubbed back and forth, even rubbing his head until she got a nice sticky layer of pre all over her fingers. Casually she smeared it on her chest going, “Oh, so much pre, gotta wipe it off.”

“Fucking hell, stop being so messy, I’m gonna cum.”

“That’s literally the point this time.”

“I know but I wanna enjoy it a *bit* longer.”

That bit wasn’t much as, genuinely unaware, Linvala let out a loud fart. She wasn’t quite mortified but she did get quiet, Kay got a bit louder moaning as he came his cum spraying all over her thighs. Just about all of it got on her thigh highs or his tip. “Oh, you didn’t spray it all over my thigh highs!” Linvala said playing down the fart.

“Did I miss? H-how?” He was a bit winded, but Kay sounded genuinely confused.

“Yes, lemme show you.” She smeared a bit of his cum into her thigh-highs and then got up a bit carefully to show off his stain.

“They look stained to me.”

She hiked up her skirt and then looked down. “Look at your cock.”

He looked and saw his member smeared in his stain. “Alright, fine, but what are you gonna-” He was cut off as she did was she aimed to do about it. Her loins, pussy and panties all went down on his member.

“I’ll wipe it up.” Linvala said as she wiped her panties on his cock stroking it like she was trying to wipe up stains with her panties.

“You clean up nice.” He said as she did a, frankly, mediocre job of wiping up the semen. But he didn’t care right now. He enjoyed feeling the fabric stroke his still sensitive member. A pleased smile remaining on his face until she was done. “You do regular spills too?”


“What else do you wipe up with your panties?” Kay made it clear.

“Oh. Uh… stuff that its easy for my panties to reach.” Linvala said after a bit.

“Noted. Now then, you said something about drinking a lot of drink. And… Still thirsty m’self.” He said as he pulled up his underwear and walked back the kitchen.

“Yeah, fine, six glasses.” She said as she got up with a bemused snort.

Once again they returned to the kitchen. This time Kay got some soda, but also two glasses for Linvala. Kay seemed to watch her ass, and asked. “Can you stand against the table?”

Linvala was confused, but did as she was asked before feeling the table most of the way up the back of her thighs. After a bit she maneuvered to sit her ass down on the table.

“You’re getting my table dirty.” Kay said handing her two full glasses.

“You got my thigh highs dirty.”

“Alright, fair, don’t get up until you finish then.”

“What, are you gonna huff my ass stain?”

“Soooomething like that.” Kay said as he waved to Linvala. “Drink up.”

Linvala did as she drank up four glasses in fairly quick succession with only short breaks to take a breath now and again. After four she did fill slightly full though. Enough to pause before realizing Kay was closing in with half a glass of soda. He then spilled it on the table by her ass.

Linvala was quiet for a bit. “What are you…?” She remained confused before being handed her fifth glass in a row. “Wait… Do you want me to wipe it?”

“I mean, you did say you would wipe up spills near your panties.” Kay said.

She snorted. “You are lucky I’m fuckin gross, wait on number six, lemme finish this and I will do a shit job wiping this up.” She took her time on glass five, feeling the soda soak into her underwear bit-by-bit as she sat there for a couple minutes. “Just know it might be sticky when done.”

“Honestly I kinda hoped so.”

“You are grosser than I am.”

“Stop flirting with me.” Kay said with a wink.

Linvala had to snort a bit. Kay was a big horny dork. There were a few reasons they got along. Still once her glass was done she got to work. She rubbed her ass across the region of the table by her. Noticing some soda had soaked into her skirt. “I am gonna be a sticky mess. I hope you enjoy tomorrows stream, cause I am showing this off.”

In response Kay took out the remainder of his soda and spilled it on another spot on the table. “Missed a spot.”

Linvala looked at that. She then bent over and and moved to rub her chest into the soda for a bit, letting it soak up the soda until her pink top was stained with a mix of liquid and brown soda syrup. She got up with a fair bit of the table dried up, although it was hardly ‘clean’. “I will also show this off, this will be a ‘spill’ the panties were on purpose.”

“Now one more glass and you can go when you like.”

“Oh… yeah. Right.” Her bladder was starting to feel it now. How long could she hold?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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