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Big Tits

The following is an extract from A Worm in Eden, the first novel in my erotic science fiction series. Sarah and Noah have been swept away in a storm, and they have been imprisoned in the customer service center for the Great Mind (the robot intelligence that controls Eden).

The rest of the afternoon was miserable. The rooms that had seemed so large and luxurious were drab now, cramped and boring. The high wall around the private garden had a new and sinister meaning. Robot servants appeared and disappeared as they tidied up the rooms and cultivated the garden, but they could not discover how they came and went. They went for a short swim in the pool, but the water seemed chilly and uninviting. The sun had disappeared behind the high walls, leaving no place to sunbathe. Sarah wasn’t comfortable with her robe off, anyway. Noah was eyeing her with a new intensity after seeing that video of the twins, but all she could think of was little cameras everywhere, recording their every move. She wasn’t going to put on another show like that, not if she could help it. If breakfast had been a glorious feast, the choices for dinner were boring. There was no sign of meat anywhere, not even the disgusting Beefy Boy they had at home.

Just as they were finishing a very dismal supper, there was an attempt to open the door,and then a knock. Noah peered out through the little peephole to see two little lizard girls standing in the hall, holding a large basket between them.

“Can we come in?” one of them asked. “We’ve brought you some goodies.”

“The door is locked,” Noah said. “I can’t open it.”

“Oh, we can open it from the outside, but you have to undo the inner lock.”

“What do you think?” Noah whispered to Sarah. “Should we let them in?”

“Why not?” Sarah sighed. “How much worse can it get? Maybe they have matches.”

“Do you have matches?” Noah asked.

“Matches? What are matches?”

“Something to make fire.”

“Do you have reefers?” one of them was almost squealing in excitement.


“Wait a minute, we’ll be right back.” And he saw the two of them scampering back down the hall. They returned in about five minutes. “Let us in, let us in!” they were giggling, and they were so merry that Noah never thought about how foolish it might be to let two little aliens into your living room.

“Oh, we are going to have so much fun!” one of them was saying, and it reached up to hug Noah, and disconcertingly, to kiss him on the lips. He had expected lizard skin to be rough and scaly, be instead it was soft and warm. The little creature, he realized, was covered with a fine down of tiny feathers. It felt unexpectedly cuddly, almost like one of the cats back at the compound, and he absentmindedly started to stroke it under the chin.

“So much fun,” it grinned with sharp little teeth, and his hand jerked back.

“I’m Lucy,” the little lizard said, “and this is Lilith.”

“Lilith,” Sarah mused. “Isn’t Lilith the wife of Lucifer?”

“Yes,” she beamed. “I’m his favourite. Actually, we are all his wives. But this is our night off. So we thought we would come over here and have a little party.”

“That’s very sweet of you,” Sarah said.

“Yes,” Lilith repeated, “sweet. Very sweet. We have sweets for you, and juice, and you have cigarettes.”

“Here,” Lucy said, as she filled some of the water glasses with a dark yellow liquid. “Have some juice. It’s very good.”

“What kind is it?”

“It’s special juice,” Lilith giggled, “passion juice. Here are the matches. Where are the cigarettes?”

“Let’s go out into the garden,” Noah said. “I don’t think we can smoke inside the rooms.”

“Look at that!” Lucy hissed, pointing to the pool as they went outside. “Imagine such a thing!” She edged away. “How can you feel safe when you almanbahis have to walk that close to the water?”

“Humans like the water,” Lilith said. “Don’t you know anything?” They moved their chairs as far as possible from poolside. “Cigarettes!” they chanted, “cigarettes!” and their delight when the reefers appeared was only exceeded when then began to puff away. It was chilly out in the garden, and the four of them pulled two of the chaises side by side so that they could huddle together. The lizards were surprisingly warm and cuddly. The juice had made everything seem very hazy. Noah felt as if he could fall asleep any second. Lucy was purring contentedly on his lap as he petted her.

“This is nice,” Sarah said, “but I miss my sister.”

I’ll bet you do, Noah thought to himself, remembering the video Luke had shown them. That was a mistake. He was suddenly poking into Lucy’s face through his robe, but instead of being offended, the little lizard began to lick, very delicately.

“Stop that,” Noah murmured without much conviction. Its tongue was rough, but not unpleasantly so.

“How about a nice back rub?” Lilith said, and she opened her blouse to reveal very shapely little breasts, but covered in a fine yellow down. She had him turn over on his side, and pulled up his robe so she could rub against his back.

“Oh,” he sighed, “that really feels nice.” Sarah retreated to another chair, but not too far away. For the moment, she was content puffing on her reefer and waiting to see what was going to happen next.

“We are Luke’s favourite wives,” Lilith purred. “Do you want to find out why?”

“Yes,” Noah murmured. His body was already feeling more pleasure than he had thought possible. Lilith had been rubbing up around the small of his back, but that worked its way steadily lower, until her breasts were against his buttocks. Slowly, gently, she parted his legs, and he felt her tongue reach from behind to join Lucy’s. Not for long, though. It slid back, along the base of his testicles, then slowly, delicately back, until it began to circle his anus. He jerked then.

“Hush,” she whispered.

It was nice, Noah thought, very nice. He felt as if he was coming but it didn’t stop. The little raspy tongue was working its way deeper into him, and he wanted it to happen, he shifted and opened himself to encourage her.

“Good,” she purred, “very good.”

But then she stopped, and shifted so that her breasts were rubbing his back. He sighed in disappointment. Then, she slid a finger, surprisingly smooth and soft, in to find his prostate. He gasped, and he wanted to end it then and there, the sensation was so intense, but Lucy with her tongue and Lilith with her finger were experts. They knew how to keep him just on the edge.

“How long does this last?” Sarah asked. She was starting get bored.

“Oh, we can go on like this for hours,” Lucy paused long enough to answer.

“Great. Well, I’m very happy for the three of you. What happened to the sweets?” Sarah grumbled. “I’m getting really hungry.”

“Here,” Lucy pulled up her skirt, “why don’t you suck on this? It’ll give you something useful to do”

Does it taste like Beefy Boy, Sarah thought wildly, but Noah stated the obvious.

“You’re not a girl,” he said.

“No,” Lucy said, “none of us are girls. All of us are male. Luke has transformed some of us to look like females, human females, for his pleasure. But you can see,” it waved its penis for emphasis, “we are still males where it counts.”

Noah realized that what he was feeling inside him was probably not a finger. Sarah started to laugh hysterically. She reached over to pull up Lilith’s skirt, which had hidden just what was going on.

“I don’t know how to break this to you,” she said, “but you’re being fucked by a lizard.”

At almanbahis yeni giriş that very moment, he felt a sudden rush of pressure, a hot electric fluid surging against his prostate, and he climaxed, explosively, draining himself, it seemed, of semen.

“Oh, that was good,” Lilith said, “you are much nicer than Luke. Skin so soft, so smooth.”

She, it, was kissing his back. “You like?” it added.

Sarah was laughing so hard now she was almost choking.

“If you ever tell anyone about this,” he said. But her laughter stopped. Lucy was now paying attention to her.

“We don’t know much about females,” Lilith said. “You’ll have to show us what to do.”

“That’s all right,” Sarah said. “That’s quite all right. I’ll be fine, thank you.”

“No, no,” Lucy purred. “We need to party.”

“I don’t want to party,” Sarah protested. She turned to Noah for help, but he had fallen into a deep sleep. “No,” she said, giggling, “no, stop that, that tickles.” The lizards were pulling her legs apart, and Lilith was starting to explore delicately with hand and tongue.

“What’s this?” it said, gently touching the membrane between her inner lips.

“Don’t do that,” Sarah replied. “That hurts. It’s there because I’m a virgin.”

“A virgin?” Both the lizards started to laugh hysterically. Surely that would wake up Noah and he would rescue her. But he was snoring away blissfully. “A virgin!” Lucy roared. “What’s the matter with Noah?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Lilith said. “We’ll take care of it right away.”

“No!” Sarah said. “Wait!”

“Why wait?” Lucy said. “I’m ready right now.”

Sarah thought of something she had seen on one the videos. “It’s for my wedding night,” she said. “Please, stop”

“All right, all right,” Lucy grumbled. She stood up to strip off her clothing. Her breasts were much smaller than Lilith’s, and she looked like a child, except for the appendage that was bobbing in front of her. “Like a boy, then” she said.

“Wait,” Sarah said, “I don’t want to …” but the lizard was surprisingly strong, and too fast for her.

“Are you okay?” Lucy asked. Sure, I’m fine, she thought. I’m lying here with a lizard up my ass. Everything is just great. Lucy started to move, and Sarah let out a little yelp. “Does that hurt?” Lucy asked.

“No,” Sarah answered. “Just get it over with.”

“That’s no way to be,” Lilith cooed. Lucy rolled her back to lie on her side, and Lilith began to lick from the other side.

“No,” Sarah said, “stop it. I don’t want anything. Just hurry up.” Lucy began to push harder, and it hurt, but she didn’t say anything. She just wanted to get it over with.

“Girls are nice,” Lucy said to Lilith, “you want to try?”

“Sure,” the other answered. “Why not?” Why not, Sarah thought to herself? By this time she wasn’t feeling anything. She lost track of time and what was going on. Finally, she realized that it had stopped. The two lizards curled up contentedly and made little purring sounds that soon turned into snores.

She tried to move. Her legs had both gone to sleep, and for a few minutes all she could feel was tingling. After a while, enough sensation returned for her to realize that she desperately needed the bathroom. Her legs were still so cramped that she could barely walk, and with each step she was dribbling little bits of lizard semen. Fortunately, there was a toilet on the garden porch. She sat down and tried to cry, but she was beyond tears. I’ve been raped, she kept thinking, it isn’t my fault. But she hadn’t struggled very hard, she hadn’t protested too much, she had even laughed at what they had done to Noah. She deserved what had happened to her. She was a whore, that was all. She went for a swim in the pool then, half thinking it would clean up the mess almanbahis giriş the lizards had made of her backside, and half hoping she could work up the courage to drown herself. But the water refreshed her, cheered her up. She came back to find Lucy and Lilith and Noah still sound asleep. The matches were used up, and she started to search through the pockets in Lucy’s skirt to see if there were any more. Instead, she found a badge. On impulse, she took it over to the gate on the back wall of the garden. The gate swung open, to reveal the beach, with the ocean only a few hundred feet away.

She walked cautiously back to Noah and nudged him awake. That is, she started with nudges, but in the ending she was pinching hard to get some response. “Come on!” she hissed.

“Where,” he said.

“To the beach.”

“I don’t want to go swimming now. Besides, we’ve got the pool right here.”

“No, dummy, we’re going to escape!”

Still dazed, he pulled on his robe and staggered after her onto the open sand. There was the dock, not far away, and no one was guarding it. It seemed too easy. Then he realized that Sarah was moving the other direction, back towards the garden.

“What’s the matter?” he asked grabbing her arm.

“I forgot to bring the cigarettes.”

“Forget the cigarettes. Let’s get out of here while we can.” “No, they’re the last ones. I need to get them.” She broke free from him and went dashing back inside the gate. To his dismay, he heard little squeals, and when she emerged again it was with two agitated lizards in hot pursuit. There was no way they were going to make it to the boat before they were captured.

“Head for the water!” he yelled. “They’re afraid of the water.”

So the four of them ran into the ocean. They swam as hard as they could out to sea, hoping the lizard ladies would give up the chase. But however much they hated the water they were good swimmers, using their tails to propel them. Then, just as it seemed that the situation was hopeless, Lucy and Lilith turned and raced towards shore as fast as they could.

Something had frightened them, and in the dim light cast by the buildings, Noah could almost make out what. “It’s the Snark!” he cried. It and the lizards were racing off to the south.

“Now’s our chance!” Sarah yelled, and the two of them swam as fast as they could back to shore. They were trying to run in through the shallower water, but the waves kept tripping them. “Hurry up!” she yelled to him, “hurry up!” But she was no faster.

“The Snark!” he yelled, just as they reached the beach. Sure enough, what appeared to be a gigantic serpent was looming out of the water, surging towards them at enormous speed. She started to run towards the buildings. She was afraid to turn around. She could hear the rush of water behind them, the roar of the monster as it bore down on them. At the last minute, some instinct made him drag the two of them off to the right. The Snark shot past them, almost brushing them. It had beached itself. It was lodged well above the largest wave. There was no tide on Eden to free it. It was almost pitiful to see it there, trapped on the sand.

“We’re saved,” Sarah dared to breathe again.

“There’s only one problem,” Noah answered. The Snark had stranded itself between them and the dock. They were going to have to go around it. There was barely any room left between its enormous jaws and the service center building. There was no way to know how far out into the sea the tail might extend. The creature was convulsing, trying to free itself. There was not much time.

“I can’t do this,” Sarah said. But Noah pressed her forward. They crept closer to the head. It was at least twice as tall as they were, and on their side a huge eye was following their every move. They edged close, and a long, narrow tongue came lashing out, nearly brushing Sarah. There was no way around. The creature eyed them again, then it said, softly and very distinctly, “No, not you. Not yet.”

“Can we help you?” Noah asked.

“Just go, before I change my mind.”

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