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It had been a long day and I almost made it back to my car when the skies opened up with a summer storm. It wasn’t unexpected, the view from my office included the threat of rain all afternoon. Just bloody bad timing, I thought as I ran across the road to the awnings of the stores next to the parking lot.

Screw it, I can wait a few minutes to see if it eases up. I’d only taken delivery of my brand new car two days earlier and no way was I going to climb into leather seats soaked from head to toe.

As I checked the BBC World Service on my phone, I heard the sound of running feet followed by a light chuckle and a woman’s voice.

“Faaar! out! That rain’s timing is a pain in the ass.”

I glanced back from my phone, it was Fiona, an acquaintance who used to work in the café near my office. I usually buy my lunch there most days and Fee and I used to flirt constantly, in a good natured way, but it hadn’t led anywhere. We did, however, share a passion for knowledge and literature, which meant a great deal.

“Oh hi Fee. I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“Hi Sam, long story. Do you think it’s set in?”

I glanced up at the storm clouds, then back to Fee. “Hard to tell, at least fifteen or twenty minutes. I’m just hoping it’ll ease somewhat. My car’s the black one sitting just over there.” I pointed.

Fiona smiled “Yeah? Nice! I was planning to walk home and hoped to beat the weather. Looks like I’m screwed!”

I placed my phone away in my pocket and glanced back at Fee. She was wearing black trousers and a T- shirt for one of the major chain stores. So that’s where she went? I hadn’t even seen her walking around town for months and, since I mostly do my purchasing online, I don’t think I’d even been in that store for over a year.

Like myself, Fiona was middle aged, probably late 30’s or early 40’s but it was hard to tell, she really looked mid 30’s. I knew she had a teenage daughter and, apart from that, I only knew that her sexy demeanour stirred feelings in my groin.

Unlike most women her age, especially after giving birth, Fiona still had quite a slim, sexy body. Either she took really good care of it, or she had the metabolism that other women hated. Her breasts weren’t large, but at that age, like my partner, large breasts can be a liability. Hers were just the right size and were still quite pert. I also swear you could crack walnuts on her ass. Her only concession to age were the glasses she wore, which wouldn’t have looked out of place on some “hipster wanker”, but on her they gave her a bookish sensuality.

I had always admired her whenever I saw her walking around town, especially in warmer weather when she would often wear a summer dress. Her legs were really quite long and toned and her dark hair was often braided, reaching down between her shoulder blades. I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be the only one noticing this sexy woman and figured that some guy was probably getting lucky.

“I said, how have you been?” she stated, probably for the second time and breaking my train of thought.

“S-sorry Fee, I’m fine, I got caught up in thought for the moment. Is that rain easing a little?” Yes. I was thinking on how I’d like to stick a walnut between your ass cheeks, smack them together and see if I could munch down on the result.

“Hmmn! I’d swear you were just trying to change the subject” she laughed “You know, you sometimes had that look on your face when I was making your double shot latte’s? I often wondered if you made it while staring at my ass while I stood at the machine?” The look on my face must have been priceless. It was true, but before I could utter a word of defence.

“Sorry… I’m just messing with you, I used to enjoy our little flirtations, and I thought at least you might be gentlemen enough to offer a girl a lift home.” She said with a wry smile.

“Sure” I said, the rain had indeed started to ease off, “Any if you really knew what I was thinking about your ass, you wouldn’t think me a gentleman. Ready to make a dash for it?”

“Hmmm! Now I am intrigued. Maybe I should run in front so you can think about my ass some more” she laughed as she started off.

“Damn, you’re a bad girl!” I laughed as I followed on. We were clearly back to our old flirtatious ways, though we had never been this forthright with each other. Calm down Sam, I thought, you’re a happily married (well at least in spirit) man as we ran and both dove in to the car.

“Hell yes… This is NICE!” she exclaimed looking around the interior.

“Thanks, I only picked it up two days ago. I’m still getting used to it but you can’t beat that new car feeling”. I pressed the start button, no longer even needing to take the keys from my pocket. The engine roared to life. “Where to?”

Fiona wiggled herself around in the bucket seat, settling in and enjoying the feel of the leather, then reached for the seat belt. “Straight up West Road, I’ll tell you where from there.” We drove out of the parking lot, out of the Şanlıurfa Escort town centre and I turned left into West Road, driving right past where I’d normally turn towards home. It didn’t matter, it was only a couple of minutes out of the way.

“You know?” She said, “I know the organisation you work for, but in all this time, I never found out what you do? Take the next left. The girls in the cafe always thought of you as a bit of a mystery man.”

I made a guttural little laugh as I took the next left then slowed down through the side street. “Nothing mysterious really, while I work for the government, I’m just a data analyst.” As I waited for her to direct me further “You know the old joke, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you? Well in my case, I could tell you, but you’d die of boredom first.”

Fee laughed politely and pointed ahead “Next right and I’m eighth on the right.” Then she giggled “Sooo! What made you think I would be offended by your thoughts?” I turned and slowed down even further as we approached her house.

I was clearly uncomfortable and her grin was one of pleasure. “Just up here on the next right.”

I pulled the car into her driveway and placed it in Park and looked her in the eyes with my nastiest smile. “Well! Truth be told. I was wondering what it would be like to stick a walnut between your ass cheeks, smack ’em together and see if I could crack it.”

“Whaaat?” She laughed, then looked at me. She gave me a quick slap on the shoulder “Oh man! You are evil.. So the mystery man does have a dark side.” then she gave me a wicked grin, “Hmmm! Part of me wonders if you could crack it?”

The timing was imperfect as the rain had just eased off to a light drizzle and I would’ve liked to flirt more with Fee. This was enjoyable, and a little bit enticing.

“I know it sounds a silly thank you for a lift, and clichéd, but would you like to pop in for a beer or a coffee?” She asked with a grin.

“I’d love to Fee, really I would, but I’m expected home and really need to get going. Perhaps a raincheck?” Coward I thought, but then I was due home.

“Sure”, she continues “Any ideas?”

Caution Sam, I thought, this could get dangerous, but cooler heads would not prevail. “Well I’m actually off for half a day on Thursday, but that probably doesn’t suit?”

“No actually Thursday’s fine, I’m not rostered to work, you can come over for coffee or whatever, and I can see if I can get some more answers from the mystery man.” Again with the wry smile.

“Fine with me, I can drop in about 1.15pm.”

“Great! I’ll see you then, and thanks for the lift by the way” She said. “I really didn’t fancy having to walk home and arrive soaked to the skin, despite how warm it is.”

“No problem, it was nice to catch up, however briefly. And besides, I got to see and think about your cute little butt again. I’ll probably be able to dream about it for weeks.” I said with a wry smile.

Fiona laughed “Cheeky bugger!” She reached up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then looked intensely into my eyes. She got out of the car and, as she bounced towards her front door, turned back with cheeky grin. “See you then. “Walnuts huh? I might have to make sure I have some on Thursday.”

I didn’t know it but the first thing Fiona did when she entered her front door was to ring her work and cancel her Thursday shift.

I backed out of her drive and, after memorising the street number and house, headed for home.

Jesus! Sam, what the hell are you thinking? Here I was, a man in a happy relationship and I was making a coffee date with a woman, at her house, who could give me a hard on just with the thought of what she would be like to go down on.

I really was happy too! My partner was my best friend, confidant, lover and intellectual foil all rolled up into one. I shouldn’t even need to think about other women. She gave me shit when I needed it, and was a shoulder to lean on as well.

What was wrong with me? I had heard that, given the chance, 50% of men would cheat on their wives, but seriously, I couldn’t think that of me. I couldn’t believe myself. At the same time though, life is short, my love, Helen and I had stagnated a bit, our lovemaking, whilst passionate and satisfying, was still something that almost needed to be scheduled. I know not all men think this about sex, but true satisfaction only comes from real passionate desire to please the other and, perhaps as important, spontaneity. Something we’d lost.

I was so engrossed in thought, that I almost missed my turn-off. I could probably sabotage things right now if I didn’t turn up on Thursday. Fee would probably never talk to me again and things would be much simpler, but then part of me knew I couldn’t. I would go.

I pulled into our driveway, almost sweating at the thought. As I walked up the stairs, Helen met me at the door with a kiss (sometimes I just wish she’d meet me with a Scotch and a Blowjob). “Hey sweetie, Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan how was your day?”

“Stressful” was all I could reply, even if it was a half-truth.

“Well, get changed and relax, I’ll pour you a wine, your computer’s on. I have a pasta bake in the oven and we can eat in about 20.”

Only about six months earlier, Helen’s employer was starting to strain under seriously bad management. At first offer, she’d taken a redundancy to get out of that poisonous organisation which, to quote her “was full of the worst combination of fucked-up, backstabbing bitches and psychopathic bosses I’ve ever had the profound displeasure of knowing”. Helen ended up with a nice little settlement and then laughed twice as hard as, only a week and a half ago, the organisation collapsed entirely and all those assholes were out of work, without the golden handshake.

Since then, she had not really looked too hard for work, after all, my salary was good, our debt was down, and she could play at dutiful housewife. If only there was some spontaneity to her behaviour (a blowjob at the front door, is that too much to ask? She would happily give me one in bed, why not at the front door?).

Fuck I was starting to feel bad, but I was also exited as well. I sat down and thought about Fee as I sipped my wine and browsed the net. Nothing much. I couldn’t think straight, but I thought about Fiona and it gave me a hard-on.

The next day, Wednesday, was crunch time for me. I walked up to Matt, my Manager. “Hey dude.” He said.

For some reason he thought that I liked that moniker, probably because the only time we connected intellectually was the one time we discussed “The Big Lebowski”, other than that, I thought of him as a complete waste of space. What can you do, management nowadays is all about “leadership qualities” and people management, rather than knowing how to do something really well.

“Hey Matt, I know this is late notice, but I need to flex off tomorrow at 1pm.”

Matt looked at his team schedule for tomorrow, nothing bad. “Sure dude, how’s your workload?”

“Yeah, nothing problematic, pretty much up to date really”

“And your flex?”

“Oh, too much really. I need to reduce it a bit”

“Ok dude, no problems then. I’ll mark you off tomorrow arvo”

“Thanks man! Oh, can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Sure Sam, what is it?”

“I know it’s strange, but if anyone calls, anyone at all, can you tell them I’m in training all afternoon? I’ll have my mobile switched off”

“Ok, why?”

“I don’t want anyone to know this, even Helen, but I have some doctor’s tests scheduled tomorrow, and well, you know.”


“No mate, just routine, but, well, I just don’t want anyone to know.”

“Ok no problems, just divert your phone to me and I’ll handle any calls.”

“Thanks! The Dude abide’s!” Hollywood actors have it easy, I thought as I walked away. All set.

Thursday morning came and, as per my normal routine, I packed a bag with sports clothes ready to go to the gym after work. The hardest part of all this, I thought, was trying to maintain a normal pattern of behaviour.

Couples, especially those as close as Helen and I, have no problem on picking up subtle changes in behaviour or rhythm with their partner and today Helen’s perception was spot on.

“You ok hon? You seem a bit preoccupied?”

“What? Oh…. Yeah… Sorry, just stuck thinking about a problem at work, and to top it all off, I’ve got some stupid training session this arvo. That’s going to rob me of half the day, so I’ll probably still be stuck on the issue tomorrow.”

“Well” she said as she straightened my tie a little and gave me a quick peck on the lips, “Try not to stress too much. I’ll have a nice dinner ready when you get home from the gym.” Fuck! I am an asshole.

“Thanks gorgeous. I’ll see you tonight.” With that, I symbolically shut the door on my marriage and headed to my car in anticipation of something new and exciting on the horizon.

What did I really want to happen? I wondered. Did I really want to fuck up the great relationship I have with Helen? There’s no doubt, at the back of my mind, I wanted to spark some sort of tryst with Fee, but what would her expectations be? Could I even maintain the duplicity of a double life?

All day at work, my head felt like it was spinning out of control. I certainly wasn’t doing my best work and yet, at the back of my mind there was this wellspring of anticipation. A surge of excitement and adrenaline that I hadn’t felt in years. I wanted this woman, I wanted to feel her close and I couldn’t wait.

12:50 came and I shut down my PC, cleared my desk and said I’ll see everyone tomorrow. I grabbed my gym bag and headed for the bathroom to change. Nothing special, sporting shoes, shorts and a t-shirt. I left, threw the bag on the backseat, hung up my suit, and drove off towards Fiona’s.

I parked in the street next door Escort Şanlıurfa to Fiona’s. Part of me worried that the car was too obvious, it was a new model and there weren’t many around. I knew Helen wouldn’t see it accidentally, unlike most people nowadays we only had one car, we normally didn’t need one.

I walked up to Fiona’s front door, my heart skipping beats, and rang the doorbell. Fee answered. If it had been a cartoon, my jaw would have hit her doorstep. She was dressed just the same as I remembered her walking around town. A light cotton summer dress hung just above her knees and her hair braided back in a pony-tail. I flattered myself in thinking it was for me, but was more likely just the heat of the day. She was barefoot, so had to stretch up on her toes to reach her arms around me in a hug and kiss me hello on the cheek. I relished her closeness and touch. “Hi Sam, so good of you to come.”

I smiled back, “Not at all, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again.”

Fee chuckled “I’m sure” and closed the front door.

“Would you like a coffee, beer or wine?” as she led me off down the hallway towards her kitchen. Hmmm! I thought, the dress hides that cute little ass. “You’re probably disappointed that you can’t watch my ass in this dress?” she laughed as she walked away “Sorry, it’s just too damned hot at the moment.” She giggled.

“Well you do look very hot.” She gave me a wicked, sly grin over her shoulder, “a wine sounds good, what sort?” I said trying to change the subject.

“Well I just opened a nice red to breathe, how’s that?”

“Sounds great!” I said as I looked at her green eyes “And yes, I do have to admit that I’m disappointed at not being able to see your cute little butt, but I’ll live” I laughed to try and flirt a little more. “I will confess, I did like to stare at your ass while you were making my coffee. I never enjoyed my coffee as much after you disappeared.”

Fee poured some wine into two glasses and smiled as she handed one over “Ha! I knew it.” She reached up with her wine glass and tapped it to mine “To your love of good coffee” she sipped her wine with a cheeky grin.

I too sipped my wine, then added “And to exceptional coffee makers” pause for effect, “with exceptional asses.”

Fiona laughed and spluttered into her wine glass “You are a very bad man Sam!” She gently placed her hand on my right bicep, looked me in the eyes, “Come on into the living room, I’ve got the air-con on and we can chat.” Fee grabbed the bottle and led the way.

As soon as I entered the living room, I stopped short “Wow!” One whole wall was devoted to bookshelves. I glided over and started to scan titles “This is a pretty impressive library.”

Fee placed the bottle on the coffee table and joined me “Thanks. I do like to curl up with a good read. How about you Sam?”

I looked at Fee and smiled “Oh, absolutely. Though mine’s nowhere near as extensive as this.”

I stopped scanning and reached for a leather bound volume of The Perfumed Garden “Amazing! I’ve always wanted to read this.”

Fee reached over and took the copy from my hand, sliding it back into its place on the shelf. “Men! Always thinking about sex, sex, sex. It’s an historical book on Arabian erotology. We can read it later, come join me on the sofa and talk to me.” She gently took hold of my hand, looked me in the eyes, leading me over to the sofa.

We sat down, angled towards each other, just as a gust of cool air from the air conditioner brushed across us. “Oh! That’s nice.” She remarked as she closed her eyes and took in the cool of the airflow.

Her dress accenting the long, lithe shape of her legs. Her nipples were protruding just a little through the cotton of her dress. My eyes were drawn to the graceful line of her neck as she swayed in the cool air. I had to fight the stirring in my loins and I couldn’t begin to fathom the sensuous nature of Fiona. Just the way the cool air caressed her skin, and her response, had my hard-on straining on my shorts.

She caught me staring at her and smiled “So tell me, does your wife know you’re spending your afternoon sipping wine and talking to a woman whose butt you can’t keep your eyes off?”

“No, and I didn’t know you knew that I had a partner?” I could feel embarrassment welling up within me. Ouch!

“Well you did speak of her a couple of times in the café. So, let me guess? You’re wife doesn’t really understand you. She makes your home life miserable, and you’re seeking solace in the friendship of someone who might understand you?”

Fee’s demeanour had changed from playful flirting to serious. “I really don’t like the idea that you would think of me as “The other woman.””

“In all honesty Fee. I am sorry” I couldn’t bear to look her in the eyes, but I forced myself to meet her gaze.

“I really don’t know what I was trying to achieve, flirting with you. It brought some excitement and romance into my life, but I never thought of you as “The other woman.” Not for a second, far from it.” I took another sip of wine and stared intently into the wine glass.

“And no, my partner does understand me, she’s a wonderful person who makes my home life pleasant and I was seeking the solace of friendship in someone who might be a kindred spirit.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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