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Laura’s head was whirling with the events of the past 24 hours. Every minute was etched in her mind like the engraving on a fine piece of crystal, sparkling and precise, exquisite in its beauty and clarity. For 2 years she had been yearning to meet Nick in person. They had only met online, but they had a relationship that proved to have deeper emotional maturity and satisfaction than the marriages they both were currently in. They had laughed together, cried together, teased together, played together.

They each waited night after night to meet the other one online. When they were together, even though they had never physically touched, there were deep physical feelings. They were hopelessly in love and neither could deny that they were meant to be soul mates. From the first time they had talked on the phone they knew things about each other instinctively without either having to say a word. They finished each other’s sentences. They completed each other’s thoughts. They lived in each other’s minds. They were one.

Laura had been preparing for Nick’s visit for so long. The day had finally arrived and she had laid out 10 different outfits trying nervously to decide what to wear for their first meeting. She finally decided on a black short skirt that clung to her thighs leaving a nice curvy silhouette and a matching jacket that covered her skirt looking as if she was wearing nothing underneath it. The jacket was snug against her curves and the low cut lapels just barely showed the lace of her bra as it plunged into her cleavage. Underneath the skirt she wore french cut bikinis of black lace and a matching garter belt with thigh high lace topped stockings. Her black 3 inch heels would do nicely she thought, as she slid them on. She finished off the ensemble with a long cobalt scarf to bring out the blue of her eyes. She stepped back to look at herself in the mirror. She bent forward at the waist. Her long silky auburn hair fall forward and she rifled her hands through it briefly. She stood up quickly and let it fly back over her forehead to tousle it. She smiled. She looked very sexy, and she felt even more so.

Laura waited nervously at Samsun Escort the ramp standing on her tiptoes to see over the heads. The passengers were filing off so slowly. Finally she saw him. Her heart flipped in her chest. Nick’s smoldering brown eyed met hers and never left them as he moved to her. He reached out and took her hand and turned her slowly in a circle as he smiled. He was silent for what seemed like an eternity while his eyes roamed up and down caressing every curve of her body. Her heart felt as if it was about to explode from her chest it was flopping about so wildly. Her ears longed to hear the voice that echoed in her mind so many lonely nights after they had hung up from a long hot session of phone sex. He pulled her close to him and pressed his mouth to her ear.

“Hello beautiful,” he whispered.

Laura’s knees buckled slightly and she swung her arms over his shoulders holding herself upright as their bodies pressed tightly against each other. She lifted her blue eyes to his and smiled.

“Hello baby,” she whispered back.

Their lips embraced and they were caught in a kiss so passionate they were too involved in the stars exploding around them to hear anything else.

The passengers struggling to get past them at the gate and cursing under their breaths went unnoticed as every nudge drove them into each other harder. With each bump of his hips against hers, Laura could feel Nick’s cock growing harder against her thigh. She grinned up at him and he bent towards her pressing his mouth to her ear.

“See what you have done to me?” he growled.

She giggled as she took his hand and spun around quickly.

“Let’s get out of here,” she replied as she took his hand and led him out of the gate.

They were headed down a corridor towards the exit, when Laura quickly veered off towards the women’s rest room. Nick was pulling back trying to let go of her hand, but Laura was not about to let him get loose.

“Laura, wait!”

“Come on,” she demanded, “come with me!”

She grabbed his arm and dragged him into the rest room. She shoved him into one of the larger stalls Samsun Escort Bayan as he stumbled in. She turned and pressed him back against the wall.

“Laura, what. . .?”

“Shhh,” she replied as she fumbled with his belt and zipper and she grinned mischeviously. “You look good enough to eat, and I can’t wait to taste your cock!”

She yanked down his pants and boxers and his thick hard cock sprang out to her as she sat down on the seat. Her tongue flicked out over the tip hungrily seeking the precious drops of his fluid she knew would be there.

“Oh my God!” he groaned loudly as her soft tongue slid over his shaft collecting his salty, sweet, warm precum.

Her left hand slid up his inner thigh to gently caress his balls in her palm, lifting, judging their heft, then rolling them softly against her fingers. She slid her right hand around his ass grating her nails against his cheeks as she pulled him towards her face. Her warm wet mouth closed around his hard veiny shaft.

“Mmmm,” she moaned with her mouth full of his cock.

It felt and tasted even better than she had imagined every time she had sucked him off in her mind, or on the phone.

His groans grew louder echoing off the walls of the stall. Laura lifted her eyes to watch Nick’s face as she sought to become absorbed in his pleasure. His fingers curled tightly into her fiery main as his hips started thrusting against her face. She groaned around his cock as the pain shot from her hair tangled in his fingers, over her spine, all the way down to her clit. Her juices flooded her pussy soaking her panties.

“Oh fuck, yes Laura!”

She let his balls go so she could feel them slap against her chin with each thrust. Her hand clenched tighter around his ass and pulled him deeper into her throat as he thrusted. She could tell he was close. His head was thrown back. His facial features were contorted. His thrusts against her throat were merciless. His balls tightened and his cock swelled. Laura’s eyes started watering and she started gagging with his cock rammed so deeply inside her throat. Her fingernails dug into his ass Escort Samsun and she pulled her head back slightly as her throat spasmed against his thick shaft.

He groaned loudly, “Aw fuck yes, baby!”

Laura felt his hot salty juices shoot into her throat and she swallowed quickly. She pulled her head back and his cock slid out just far enough so the back of her tongue sucked at the tip of his shaft as she swallowed again and again.

“Give me all of it baby,” she moaned.

She felt the wetness between her legs gush again as she had finally satiated that need to taste him she had been longing for. His body shuddered in his last spasm and her fingers slid around to his balls again milking them gently in her grasp. She held the base of his cock with her other hand and stroked gently as she urged the last few drops of his precious fluid onto her tongue. She was so caught up in devouring him she didn’t notice he was silent now and not moving. She glanced up at him and he was looking down at her smiling as his chest heaved hard against his shirt. He lifted her up and pulled her to him. His fingers curled into her hair again as he held her close and kissed her passionately.

She pulled back a little, smiling up at him and giggled softly, “Mmmmm, I think I got carried away.”

He licked her lips and groaned, “Oh my God Laura, you are amazing.” He smacked her ass, grinned and whispered, “Come on sexy, let’s get out of here.”

They both burst from the stall together breathless and flushed. Laura smoothed down her tousled hair and swiped the back of her hand quickly over her wet mouth. She wiggled her tight skirt back down her thighs and tugged at her jacket tucking one escaped breast back into her bra.

Nick hurriedly tucked his spent cock back into his pants and zipped up as he heard a woman gasp, “Oh my God!”

Laura’s cheeks flushed crimson red. Nick turned and grinned real big to the ladies at the wash basins.

“Hello ladies,” he replied, with a wink.

Some ladies stood with their mouths hanging open blinking in disbelief, others simply smiled back and chuckled softly.

Nick grabbed Laura’s arm and they ran out of the rest room giggling together like two schoolchildren. They hurried through the airport, panting breathlessly, with their arms locked around each other eager to rush home to feed their passions and see where their next adventure would land them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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