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I like to watch. Not only is it the title of my favorite porn film from the 80’s, but it also describes my sexual preference. And there is nothing I like more than watching my sweet, bouncy bottom little lady reaching a climax.

I guess it all started with the introduction of marital aids into our foreplay. Vibrators, dildos and things of that nature, which we like to refer to as “our toys”, became increasingly useful in arousing my wife and ultimately, bringing her to orgasm. But none of this happened overnight. It took months of begging, pleading and negotiating with my wife, Laura, before she would even let me use a vibrator on her.

It all began innocently enough. Laura was cooking dinner one night and made a statement I knew was wrong. I called her on it and she, believing to be right, began to argue. Before the argument got too heated and one of us said something to upset the other, I asked if she was confident enough to place a little wager. Warily she asked what the wager might be. Since it was a Friday night, which meant that we would probably make love anyway, I decided to make the bet sexual in nature. I offered to perform any sex act she might desire if she was right and requested the same for me if she were wrong. Despite the high stakes I could see that she remained steadfastly convinced of her belief. She agreed.

While she finished cooking dinner, I went to my computer, “Googled” the fact and printed the results which proved that I was right. Before I returned to Laura and my dinner, I laid out a few of the things I would need to satisfy Laura’s bet.

“Well smarty pants,” she taunted, “I’m right aren’t I? Otherwise you’d have run back in back in here waving the evidence in my face. Oh, your tongue is going to be tired tomorrow,” she smirked, letting me know that I was going to perform her favorite activity, cunnilingus.

“As a matter of fact, you’re wrong,” I said triumphantly, handing her the proof. Her face went white as she read and she whispered resignedly, “Damn, I was sure I was right. I guess my jaws will be aching instead, huh?” she asked referring to my usual request for oral sex. “Or,” she lowered her eyes and stared at her dinner plate, “are you going to take me over your knee and spank me?” which just happened to be another activity for which I held a particular fondness.

“No, I don’t think either will satisfy my desire tonight. I’m not going to tell you, but I think you’ll be able to figure it out once we get into the bedroom.” Laura’s face went red and I wasn’t sure if it was anger at losing or güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri embarrassment but she nodded and we ate our dinner in relative silence. After dinner I helped with the dishes and tried to converse lightly but Laura was quiet, and I guessed she was contemplating her fate.

When we were finished the kitchen chores, Laura sighed despondently when I grabbed her hand and led her into the bedroom.

Laura went directly to the bed and held up the garter belt and fishnet stockings I had left for her.

“You want me to wear these,” she asked, holding the garter belt.

“Yep, and nothing else,” I replied happily.

“And then what,” she continued guardedly.

I pulled back the sheets and revealed the hidden cache of toys.

“Oh no,” she objected, as she backed away from the bed. “I’m not going to play with myself for you, and certainly not with those disgusting things!”

Now that was exactly what I wanted and believed I had a right to expect given the circumstances of the bet. So I replied that it was exactly what I wanted.

“When Hell freezes over!” she replied and tossed the garter belt onto the bed and began to storm out of the bedroom.

In the interest of saving something from the situation, I grabbed her arm and furiously started to negotiate.

“Okay, okay,” I stammered, scrambling for ideas. “Just put on the garter belt for now and let’s see what happens.”

She kissed me lightly, smiled victoriously and went into the bathroom to change while I dejectedly picked up the toys and put them away, all except for one, which I hid under my pillow. I wasn’t defeated yet and despite her cheekiness, I still had a few tricks up my sleeve. Suddenly the door to the bathroom swung open and I saw Laura standing in the doorway. Her hands were on her hips which were thrust slightly forward, creating a very sexy image. The garter belt framed her freshly shaven pubic mound perfectly, drawing my hungry eyes like a magnet. My gaze moved slowly upwards, taking in the fullness of her firm, soft breasts, and the hard pink nipples which crowned them. My cock began to stir as she moved seductively across them room.

Laura’s mouth crushed against mine in a long, hard kiss. I felt her tongue dart into my mouth and moved mine to duel with hers. My hands slid down and cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her closer to me. Her breasts flattened and I could feel her rock-hard nipples against my chest. My cock stood at attention as she pressed her thighs around its shaft. I half-carried her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to the bed and lay her on it, careful not to reveal my secreted surprise. Her legs parted welcomingly and I dove between them, my tongue busily searching for her clit while my hands kneaded her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples.

Laura moistened quickly and the heady aroma of her musk filled my grateful nostrils. I buried my face deeper as her squeals of passion rose. For fifteen minutes or so my tongue relentlessly molested her clit, bringing her to the brink of orgasm at least a dozen times. But each time she reached the precipice of pleasure, I backed off until the last time when she was sweating and swearing profusely.

“Dammit, Bill,” she complained breathlessly, “I was fucking close that time. Why are you teasing me so bad?”

Now Laura doesn’t curse a lot, so her use of the “F word” meant that I was getting to her and I decided it was time to spring my surprise. While resuming my tonguing of her swollen, scarlet clit, I reached under the pillow and, careful not to divulge its presence until just the right moment, pulled out a purple, rabbit vibrator. Laura was too aroused to suspect anything and so I was able to retrieve the vibrator without being discovered. Even as I continued to caress her swollen nipples with one hand and lick her close to another climax, my other hand gradually moved the toy into position. When I felt the soft, jelly head under my chin I raised my head and gazed upon the luxuriant wetness my tongue had caused. Laura’s cunt lips were incredibly swollen and almost perfectly matched the purple in the vibrator. Her clit was clearly visible at the top of her pussy and I could have sworn it was throbbing as I watched.

“Oh, you bastard,” she hissed, “You fucking bastard, make me come!”

“How,” I asked softly, playfully, hopefully.

“I don’t care,” she moaned, arching her back, trying to reacquire my tongue. “Just let me come!”

Just the words I was looking for. With license to proceed, I pressed the toy between her well-oiled pussy lips and slid the head into her cunt. Frantically, I searched for the two buttons that would activate the vibrating ears and the rotating shaft. Before she realized what had transpired, the toy to came to life.

“Omigod,” she screamed, as the sensations increased in response to my adjusting the tempo. “What the hell is that?”

But she made to effort to dislodge the object. In fact, she actually spread her legs wider to facilitate the toys unhurried güvenilir bahis şirketleri progress.

I made sure the shaft was just deep enough to insure that the ears lightly tickled her clit. I didn’t want her coming too quickly, before she had a chance to experience all the joy the toy could deliver. The rotating shaft with its plastic beads massaged her pussy lips until Laura was screaming with pleasure.

“Oh you bastard, you magnificent bastard,” she cried, as her body tensed for the first in what would become a series of climaxes. As the spasms tore through she voiced her pleasure by intoning “omigod, omigod, omigod” faster and faster until the words ran together and culminated in a long, loud cry of passion.

“Ooooooooooooooooh,” she cried, as she trembled and quivered her way to completion. “That was wonnnnnnnnnderful!”

I turned both motors off and the buzzing and humming died away. Bit by bit I tugged at the base of the toy until it fell from her soaking pussy.

“Wonderful, huh?” I said smugly. “Maybe next time you make a bet you’ll remember what this felt like and I won’t have such a hard time getting what I really want.”

“Fat chance,” she sighed dreamily, still reeling from the force of her orgasms. “There won’t be a next time. Now get up here and fuck me properly. I need a good hard, flesh and blood cock, not some piece of plastic.”

I never need a second invitation and soon my juices were mingling with hers, deep inside her pussy.

Over the next few weeks I noticed a change in Laura. She appeared to be edgier and often seemed on the verge of saying asking for something before she went quiet and reflective. It was at dinner one night that I made the mistake of attributing a quote made in the news earlier in the day to the wrong politician.

“Did you hear that our bonehead state rep Smith wants to raise the property tax again?”

“You’re wrong!” she challenged eagerly. “It wasn’t Smith who said it.”


“You’re wrong,” she repeated. “Smith didn’t say that today, it was Carlson. I was watching the news when he said it.”

Normally Laura has about as much interest in politics as I have in hair-dressing but it seemed to me that she had been waiting for me to make a mistake for quite a while. Although I knew she was right, I decided to play a little game with her.

“No,” I argued, “I think it was Smith.”

“Feel sure enough to make a little wager,” she smiled.

“Sure. Same terms as always?”

“Yep,” she said confidently and went to the computer. She returned waving a sheet of paper triumphantly. “It was Carlson! You owe me.”

I pretended to be crushed by the defeat.

“Well, my dear, what is it that you want from me,” I said meekly.

“You’ll see when we get to bed tonight,” she answered coyly. “But I hope you have fresh batteries.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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