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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Randy could hear the sound of Tanner’s boots coming up the stairs to their apartment. He knew they had to have the talk he was dreading, and he knew Tanner was well aware something was wrong. He just couldn’t bring himself to actually say the words, ‘I’m gay’. They just wouldn’t come out of his mouth. Even though they had been back at the university for several days now, but he hadn’t worked up the courage. He hadn’t had this much trouble telling his dad. He had never lacked self-confidence before, but if Tanner distanced himself, Randy wasn’t sure how he could deal with it. Still wrapped in the shroud of depression, Randy heard the door open and Tanner drop his books on the table.

Tanner took one look at Randy and said, “Ok, spill it. This has gone on long enough.”

Randy jumped, Tanner’s demand neatly skewering all of his arguments to wait. Randy felt like he was about to vomit. This was going to be the most important 10-second announcement of his life. Gathering his resolve, he decided to stop putting it off. Randy pushed himself off the bed where he had been studying, stood, and turned to face Tanner, his arms shoved dejectedly in his pockets. Tanner saw the sad, almost desperate, look on Randy’s face and became even more concerned.

“I’m gay,” said Randy finally.

Randy watch as Tanner froze in place, his face expressionless. Silence filled the room until Randy thought the stress would tear him apart. Fear and anxiety built and morphed, creating horrible emotional monsters that began consuming Randy as the unfamiliar self-doubt curled around his body. Finally he saw Tanner begin to move, his face becoming mobile, then the entire world twisted for Randy.

Tanner jumped and did a fist pump with a whoop that people heard for blocks. Randy stood in utter shock as his roommate danced around the room cheering at the top of his lungs. Of all the scenarios he’d imagined, a frantically happy Tanner was never one of them. As he stared, and the exhibition continued, his hands fell limply to his sides and his mouth hung open in shock. With a final bounce, Tanner landed in front of Randy and grabbed him in a bear hug that had Randy’s back popping.

“Damnit! Let me go you crazy man! What the hell!”

Tanner released Randy and stopped in front of him with a grin splitting his face from edge to edge. Tanner started flapping his arms again, trying to form words, until he had Randy chuckling in amusement.

“What the hell?” said Randy with a chuckle. “What’s crawled up your ass?”

Tanner grabbed Randy in another tight squeeze and then stepped back, panting.

“I’m gay too! And I was afraid to tell you since I figured you’d want to move out rather than live with a gay guy and I couldn’t stand losing the best friend I’ve ever had,” said Tanner with a huge smile on his face.

“What? Wait a minute! You’re gay too?” said Randy as he tried to comprehend.

“Yeah buddy! I love men. I prefer bulls to heifers, boars to gilts, roosters to –“

Randy put his hand over Tanner’s mouth, ignoring the tingle that ran up his arm. “Enough of the witty hillbilly thing! I get the picture. I just never dreamed you’d be gay. I was worried too, I couldn’t stand the idea of losing you as a friend.”

“And look at my big stud lacrosse-playing roommate! I thought you’d beat me with one of your precious sticks if you found out I was gay,” said Tanner with a chuckle.

The two men fall silent, staring into each other’s eyes, both wondering where this put them, but neither of them willing to push the question right now. Suddenly their relief washed over them and they found themselves in a warm embrace. Stepping back, both men had a slight glisten to their eyes as a multitude of emotions washed over them. Finally they separated and held each other at arms length.

“Come on, let’s get supper fixed,” said Tanner.

Randy nodded in agreement, “That sounds like a great idea, and I won’t even bitch if you make fried potatoes.”

Tanner laughed, reached over and popped Randy on the stomach, “They’ll make you fat!”

“Whatever!” retorted Randy.

Fred had been startled when the loud noise erupted from the apartment over his head. He’d stepped into the garage to put away his gardening tools just before it sounded like a small war broke out above him. He listened to the outburst for a second and then chuckled as he headed to the house. Jenny had been right again. Yes indeed, Jenny was always right. Those two were going to be a cute couple.

The revelation they had shared with each other consumed the weekend as they began talking about a part of their lives they had never been able to share with anyone before. Their friendship served Beylikdüzü escort as the foundation for the many long conversations that weekend. The relief of finding someone they could completely relax with was an amazing feeling for both of them.

The subconscious sexual attraction between the two added an unusual spice to the conversation. Inadvertent touches, combined with typical teenage rough housing, had left both men lusting for more, but there was no question of anything happening. Neither was willing to think they had a chance with the other. They both thought the other man was far out of their league. But in spite of their avoidance, eventually the conversation naturally moved to more intimate information.

“So, how many guys have you been with?” asked Randy with a quiet grin.

Tanner blushed slightly, then shook his head, “None, I was always too afraid of getting caught. I was afraid of what my family’d say. They’re pretty conservative.”

“Your parents seemed pretty accepting though, I bet it’d be fine,” said Randy with a serious look on his face.

Tanner quickly diverted the conversation away from the uncomfortable topic. “Who knows you’re gay?”

“Just you and my Dad, I told him over the summer. I was lucky, he was fine with it, said he’d been wondering if I wasn’t,” said Randy.

Tanner nodded, and then grinned, “And how many guys have you been with?”

It was Randy’s turn to redden. His cheeks almost glowed as he thought about the fumbling exchanges he and Blake had experienced. Tanner watched his face darken to crimson and started laughing.

“Just as I thought, a boy in every port. Played the field did you?” teased Tanner.

“No, no. Nothing that exciting. Just one guy, and we only fooled around a little,” said Randy as his face started to cool.

“What have you done?” asked Tanner, enjoying his role as voyeur.

Randy’s face again started to redden, suddenly he felt like an awkward adolescent instead of a 19-year-old man. “You know, just.” Randy made a jacking motion with his hand.

“Ah yes, I’ve done plenty of that myself,” said Tanner with a snicker.

Randy cracked up laughing and threw a pillow at his friend. “You perv!”

Tanner blew a razzberry at Randy and grinned unrepentantly.

Sitting in the stadium, Tanner was freezing his nuts off. He’d got tickets weeks ago for the State game, but he was starting to regret his decision. The October weather had decided to do what Oklahoma weather did constantly; it changed. What was 60 degrees and sunny a few days earlier had become a miserable cold drizzle and Tanner hadn’t dressed for it. Just to make it worse, Randy had been smart enough to bring a sleeping bag, and was toasty warm next to him snuggled in the down filled bag.

“You cold?” said Randy.

“No, I’m fucking great,” muttered Tanner through chattering teeth.

Randy laughed at his roomie and then started unzipping the bag. “Come on, this thing is huge, and we’ll keep each other warm too.”

“We’re in the middle of a crowd! What if . . . ,” said Tanner, looking around.

“Someone thinks we’re gay?” said Randy with a quiet snicker.

Tanner laughed and without another word helped Randy work the stubborn zipper down the side of the bag. With a lithe move, Tanner slipped into the bag beside Randy. After a little struggling, and some laughter from the people around them, they got it zipped back. Randy’s body heat soon had Tanner warm enough that he stop shivering and they both refocused on the game.

Tanner was actually fairly excited about the game itself. State almost always lost, the game was a huge rivalry, and the stats were certainly against them this year. But to everyone’s shock, this time they were winning, and by a substantial margin. As another orange jersey ran a football into the end zone, Tanner couldn’t keep himself from a triumphant leap of joy. But the forgotten sleeping bag stopped him almost immediately, and he fell against Randy. As the two thrashed to extract themselves, Tanner’s hand inadvertently slid across Randy’s crotch, and into his rock hard cock. Tanner jerked back as if he’d touched a live coal.

“Oh fuck, man! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to—” said Tanner.

“Shh, it’s ok. That thing has a mind of its own sometimes, sorry,” said Randy quietly.

Tanner tried to refocus on the game, but he kept remembering the feel of Randy’s hard cock as his hand slid over it. Tanner was soon playing every scene of Randy nude or hard since they had been living together, and had his own cock throbbing and leaking precum. As he uncontrollably dwelt on his feelings about Randy, he couldn’t help but notice each time they touched, and the wonderful scent of man that ran past his nose each time Randy shifted on the hard metal seats.

Soon Tanner was so involved in lusting over Randy that he almost missed the final field goal that won the game for State. When Randy turned and gave him a hug in celebration, Tanner thought Beylikdüzü escort he was going to explode in his pants. Fortunately, Randy released him just in time.

“Congratulation! Your team won!” said Randy softly, not wanting any of the disappointed fans to realized they had a traitor in their midst. Randy noticed that Tanner seemed to be gasping for air.

“You ok? You look kinda flushed,” said Randy in concern.

Tanner tried to calm down, willing his rock hard cock to behave, and most importantly trying to keep from exploding in his pants. Finally pulling himself together, at least slightly, he gasped out an answer, “No, just a little over heated. Give me a sec.”

“Oh hell, let me get this thing unzipped so you can cool off,” said Randy with concern.

It took a few seconds for the words to sink in, and he realized he had to move fast or everyone around them was going to see his hard dick and the huge wet spot in his pants. “No! Wait! Just give me a second,” said Tanner.

Randy stopped and watched Tanner, wondering what was going on. This wasn’t like Tanner at all, but he was almost panting and his cheeks were cherry red. He also had a distant glazed look in his eyes that worried Randy.

Tanner pulled the unzipped part of the bag around him and felt the chilled rain fall down the neck of his shirt. The cold water rapidly did what he couldn’t accomplish any other way, and his dick deflated, at least for the most part. He gave himself a few more seconds and then finished unzipping the bag, careful to keep part of it over his crotch to cover the wet spot. His activity caused him to miss Randy’s quick adjustments as he hid where his own cock had been leaking.

With a minimum of additional drama, the two started back to their apartment. The freezing rain didn’t encourage a leisurely stroll, but their conversation was on the safe subject of football by the time they arrived at their door. They huddled in the freezing rain while Randy worked to get his key into the ice-coated lock. Once they’d crossed that hurtle, they were both racing to change out of their wet clothes, and to hide the evidence of their earlier arousal. Tanner grabbed a pair of sweat pants from his bed and almost ran to the bathroom to change, while Randy took advantage of the unexpected privacy to strip off his pants and pull on the nearest pair of shorts. Just as he yanked them on, the bathroom door opened and Tanner walked back through with a wad of clothing that he tossed into the hamper.

“Wow, it was good to get out of those wet clothes! I was freezing my balls off,” said Tanner.

“Yeah, I agree. Next time we’ll just watch the game on TV if the weather is that bad,” said Randy.

“Unless it’s against State,” said Tanner emphatically.

“Unless it’s State,” agreed Randy with a chuckle.

With that, both men began pulling together their books for an afternoon of studying. But as time passed, Tanner studied Randy more than his books. His cock was again hard as a rock and his desire for Randy was going off the charts. Suddenly it dawned on him, how did he know that Randy didn’t want to date him? Jo had said that last summer Randy was checking him out, and it wasn’t like he had to worry about him being straight. A small voice tried to warn him that it might not be good if Randy turned him down, but it was quickly shouted down by masses of testosterone coursing through Tanner’s system. Finally arriving at a decision, Tanner got right to the point.

“Hey, you wanna go out some time?” said Tanner.

Randy turned and put his arm over the back of the chair and studied Tanner for a few seconds, “You mean like a date?”

“Yes . . .” said Tanner as suddenly the little voice became a screaming banshee telling him he had fucked up royally. His face began to redden as the silence stretched on for what seemed like hours.

“Sure,” said Randy with a smile, “I’d like that.”

Tanner thought his world would explode. Those few words had suddenly shifted his entire life path. Tanner had no idea where it was taking him, but he knew this was one of those moments he would remember for the rest of his life. As his elation moved into unbridled joy, he realized that Randy was talking again.

“One thing though . . .” said Randy with a serious look on his face.

“Ok,” said Tanner, as he chewed his lip.

“Just because you’re buying me dinner, doesn’t mean I put out. I’m not easy ya know. And you are buying, ’cause you asked me out,” said Randy with a smile.

A huge smile broke across Tanners face. “Yes, sir. Got it, I will treat you like the lad— gentleman you are.”

As they walked back to their apartment, Randy wanted to take Tanner’s hand and hold it like other couples would. He had been ecstatic when Tanner asked him on a date, because Randy had thought he’d never have a chance with Tanner. He was so incredibly handsome and it had shocked Randy for Tanner to ask him out. He knew he sat still for a long time as Escort Beylikdüzü he tried to make sure he’d heard correctly. But it was his dream come true. Except this time he was Cinderfella, and he got the prince.

They could have sat on the edge of the sewer treatment plant for the date and Randy wouldn’t have cared. Of course Tanner had picked a nice restaurant; a lot more expensive than their normal hangouts, not even a chain place. After their amazing meal, they had gone to the latest comic book makeover movie. No, the irony that two gay guys on a date would go see an action flick, wasn’t lost on him. But the stereotypes just didn’t fit them. They both preferred action movies to musicals, and Tanner knew that when he picked the movie. It had been a great success so far as Randy was concerned too. They had gotten into watching the movie, cheering the heroes and booing the villains. They had also managed to share a bucket of popcorn, and each time their hands touched Randy had felt a jolt run through his system. By the time the movie ended, what he really wanted to do was straddle Tanner’s lap and make out. But he managed to maintain his decorum and not get arrested for public indecency.

Randy watched with a grin as Tanner tried to open the apartment door. Randy hoped that the slight tremor making the task more difficult was his fault. With an ornery grin he decided to put his theory to the test. He put his hand in the small of Tanner’s back and ran it slowly up the young man’s muscular back. He felt a shiver travel up Tanner’s body, but Randy also underestimated the effect it would have on himself. As he felt the smooth muscular body of his date, his body quickly responded. With his fingers spread between Tanner’s shoulder blades he lost himself in the hard flesh under his hand, almost missing the fact that Tanner had dropped his keys.

“Damnit, Randy! Stop that,” said Tanner with exasperation in his voice.

“Sorry, honey,” replied an unrepentant Randy.

Tanner grabbed his keys from the landing and quickly opened the door before Randy could start anything else. Stopping just inside the door, he turned and looked at Randy, rising slightly on his toes so they were eye to eye.

“In the movies this is where the girl asks the guy in for drinks, but we’re underage, we both live here, and last time I checked neither of us was a girl,” said Tanner with a grin and a bashful glance to the floor. When Randy didn’t respond, Tanner looked back up, to see a smoldering look in his eyes.

As their eyes locked, Randy stepped in close and wrapped his arms around Tanner and pulled them tight against each other. Knowing his dreams were about to become reality, he savored the moment, looking at Tanner. He was surprised to see Tanner’s cheeks flushed red and his lips looking very kissable. Randy surrendered himself to the moment and leaned in, pressing his lips against Tanner’s. The touch of their lips ignited a fire in both of them. Randy’s hands flew over Tanner’s back, touching and feeling the man in his arms. As the desire calmed, Randy slowly pulled back, their lips separating with a soft pop and a gentle hissing sound as they both gasped for air.

“But we can still do the goodnight kiss . . .” said Randy with a rough voice once he had regained some control.

Tanner pulled him into the room, kicking the door shut behind them as he grabbed Randy’s face between his hands. Leaning in, Tanner pressed his lips hard against Randy’s as the passion of the moment overwhelmed him. Randy loved the feel of Tanner’s work roughened hands against his face while their lips slid over each other, moans and gasps filling the tiny apartment. Even in the heat of the moment, Randy remembered that Tanner was a virgin, in all ways. So he didn’t want to press things too far, wanting to leave Tanner with no regrets, but he thought they could go a little further.

Randy clasped Tanner’s hands, pulling them to their sides. Smashing their lips against each other, Randy took Tanner’s bottom lip in his teeth and teased it gently. When that resulted in a chorus of moans, he let his tongue slid along Tanner’s lips. Tanner’s mouth immediately opened, and Randy slipped his tongue deep inside Tanner’s mouth.

The pair was lost in passion, each touch and caress building the lust inside them. Time seemed to stand still as they shared an intimate moment with each other. Their hands drifted over each other’s bodies, muscle and masculinity intermingling with hormones and pheromones as their emotions built. Finally Randy slid his hands lower, grabbed Tanner’s tight ass and squeezed it between his hands.

“Oh god!” moaned Tanner, “I’m so close to coming.”

Randy stopped, and reluctantly moved his hands back to Tanner’s waist. Leaning in he softly kissed the panting Tanner, who was looking very confused.

“Babe. I want your first time to be mind blowing. Let’s cuddle and watch TV. Ok?” said Randy quietly, afraid Tanner might misinterpret his actions.

Tanner stood in a daze as his impending orgasm slowly subsided. The hands holding him, the kisses he had never had, it was all causing a whirlwind of emotions. He knew Randy was right; he didn’t want his first time to end with him shooting in his pants. He looked up and smiled at Randy.

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