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Big Tits

I sit silently watching you stroke the keys of your laptop, wishing you were stroking me instead. I lay quietly as not to disturb you. I know you are working but I so badly want to interrupt you by sitting on your face and making you eat me until you drown in my juices. But instead I sit and watch the clock and wish time would move faster and you’d be finished. I fantasize about having you inside me while I wait for you to be finished.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, you put the laptop away and proceed with our nightly ritual of cuddling and TV watching. I stare at the lower half of your body as I lay on your chest. I look at your long legs and feet; thinking about how tall you are compared to my petite 5’4” frame. I look at the bulge between your legs and try to telepathically communicate with your penis to make it hard, but it isn’t working. I look up into your green eyes and you smile, kiss my forehead and tell me that you love me. I know deep in my soul that your words are true and that warms my heart. I try to relax my body, but I want you so bad I can’t control my thoughts and my body just won’t cooperate. I can’t keep my hands from touching you.

I lift up your “wife beater”, lay my hand on your belly, and begin to rub it slowly. The feel of your skin beneath my palm, the rise and fall of each breath, the tiny bubbles coursing through your abdomen, all act as an aphrodisiac and heighten my arousal. I feel the dampness between my thighs. My panties absorb the first drops. I turn my head again and give you a soft kiss.

You breathe a sigh and turn into my body, giving into my kiss. We begin to kiss, slowly at first. We sweetly suckle each other’s bottom lips in turn. We love to kiss in this way. I begin to feel you get hard and my mind races with anticipation of what’s to come. Tenderly you touch my side and run your fingertips up and down my leg. You move back up and massage my right breast. It is round and full against your palm. My eyes flutter slightly as you roll me over on top of your long body. I press myself into your warmth. I love the feel of you beneath me, the contrast of light and dark, hard and soft.

My legs straddle you on either side and I slowly sit up to look at you. You flash me that sexy smirk, and grab Trabzon Escort my waist. Your hands are so big they almost encircle my tiny waist. I lean back causing your erect penis to push up against my juicy pussy. I lick my full lips and you grab for my t-shirt. I raise my arms and you swiftly slide my shirt off my body. I am wearing a black bra that makes my breasts sit tall and proud, you can see my erect nipples through the fabric. You run your fingers over my breasts and begin squeezing them softly. I am fidgeting with arousal.

I reach around to unhook my bra and you push my hands away. You tell me you want to do it, so I let you. You reach behind my back and deftly unhook it with one smooth snap of your wrist. My bra falls down my arms and you pull it completely off and throw it to the floor. Now I am only wearing black g-string panties. My behind is round and firm. My breasts are free and full and waiting for your touch. You cup them with both hands and begin massaging them in slow circles. My nipples perk up from your touch as you move your mouth towards them. You stick out your wet tongue and tentatively lick my left nipple. I sigh in pleasure. You pull my hardened bud into your mouth and being suckling it gently while continuing to massage the other. Then you switch and lavish my right nipple with the same attention.

You do this for a few moments and then decide you want both at once, so you push my breasts together and draw both nipples into your mouth. I lean back a little further so you can get as much as possible. I run my hands over your freshly shaved head and delight in the feel of the short hairs against my fingertips. You look up at me with eyes that seem greener than they were a moment before.

You take both hands and grab my ass. You squeeze my cheeks in your firm grip and grind me on your fully stiffened dick. My panties are soaked and I stand up so you can remove them. You take great pleasure in sliding them down my shapely legs. Once they are off, you bring them to your nose and sniff them. You enjoy the sweetness of my aroma and can’t wait to see if I taste as good as I smell.

I lean over you and see your arousal straining against your basketball shorts. I slide them, along with your gray boxer briefs, Trabzon Escort Bayan down your legs, gently kissing and licking your inner thighs as I move down your body. Once I have your shorts off, I grab your hands and help you sit up. This is no easy task. You are much bigger than I am. Once you are sitting, I proceed to take off your shirt, exposing your hairy chest. I kiss you deeply and lay you back down. I get up and walk to the opposite end of your body, near your head. I place my knees on either side of your head and place my peach directly over your mouth. I lean down and grab your soldier who is standing promptly at attention. I lick your dick from the base to the head and back again repeatedly, circling you with my slippery tongue, leaving a trail of moisture wherever it has passed.

You are slowly licking my fruit, in circles and in whatever other way you choose. It all feels amazing, but I am trying to concentrate on pleasing you. I start sucking the head of your cock and I feel your first drops of pleasure on my tongue. I use that to further lubricate your dick to help my hands with their exploration. I reach down and tickle your balls, while I support myself with my other hand. You wiggle a little when I do this, afraid my fingers might travel too far. I would never do that to you without your permission, I want to please you, not make you uncomfortable.

I move my hand back up to join the other in stroking you. I have never felt you so hard before. It gives me such a rush of power to know that I did that to you. I put you in my mouth again and being to move my head up and down in a slightly fast rhythm. You haven’t forgotten about me, your tongue action begins to get faster and harder as I suck you. I bring your dick deeper into my mouth as I reach orgasm. I feel your pre-cum running down my throat. I finally reach the point of no return and I cum all over your face. I get up and you lick the juices from around your mouth, savoring my flavor. We aren’t finished yet. I want you inside of me.

I lay down on my back, and you slide your hard body over my soft one. I love the weight of your body on top of mine. I feel so safe and protected by your size. I feel the head of your dick poking at the opening of my love. Escort Trabzon My body throbs with wanting you inside its most sacred space. We kiss deeply and I run my hands up and down your broad back. I slide my hands further down and grab your booty. You slide your stiffness inside and I shudder with pleasure. I could cum right now, but I hold off, so I can enjoy you for a little while.

I wrap my legs around your back as you being to move inside me, deeper with every stroke. I moan softly, and it seems to make your dick even harder. I feel you move a little deeper into my body and I wiggle with delight. You ask me if I like it, and I reply by kissing you and pulling you closer with my legs. I moan louder, I feel like your dick is about to come out of my throat as you thrust harder. You put my legs over your shoulders and grasp my ass. I put my hand over my pussy and being to rub my clit, just a little bit. The sight of me doing this, increases your arousal, a grunt escapes you. Then you turn me over on all fours and proceed to hit it from the back. My ass jiggles with each thrust. You spank me jokingly and we both laugh. You grab my ass cheeks and ask me once again to roll onto my back. You enter me once again and begin to thrust deep inside my juicy center.

I am moving with you now and I can’t seem to keep from moaning and squealing with delight. You love this, and ask me if I want to taste you. I say yes and you remove your dick from my sweetness and place it into my mouth. I don’t know what has come over me, but I go to work on your dick like I never have before. You are so hard and so close that you grab my hair and push deeper into my mouth and down my throat. I let you and move as much I can with you holding my hair.

You try to pull out when you are about to cum, but I won’t let you. I hold you there deep in the wet warmth of my mouth, where you bust all down my throat and I swallow every single solitary drop. You moan with pleasure, I have never done this for you before and you are shocked, unable to control the shuddering of your body as the last of your juices are released.

You flop down beside me and try to catch your breath as I try to catch mine. We lay there sweaty, happy and sated. Once our heart rates return to normal, our breathing is regular again, and our bodies cool off. We cuddle close together. Too exhausted and spent to speak, I rest my head on your chest, place my hand on your belly and we both drift off to a sleep. Maybe next time you’ll think twice about ignoring me to work on your laptop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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