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*A special thanks to darkangel718310 for her help in editing my work. Please feel free to leave comments or send me suggestions for future chapters*


“I just don’t get it, Liddy,” Laurie sighed between sips of the afternoon’s third white wine spritzer. “I begged him this morning. Fucking begged him to go down on me. And he wouldn’t. He just fucked me, came inside me, and left for work.”

“At least you got a good banging out of it,” her friend said. “It’s better than I’ve been getting.”

Laurie shook her head as she finished her glass and poured another. “You don’t get it. Todd doesn’t get me off. He just fucks me and leaves me frustrated. I was so pissed this morning!” The trim, blonde soccer mom groaned. The two suburban housewives had been getting together for a while, sometimes alone, sometimes with the other neighborhood ladies, but always with a little wine and lots of dishing on their love lives.

Elizabeth Glenn felt for her friend, but couldn’t help feeling that she still Laurie it better. After 11 years of marriage, she was starting to feel like a roommate rather than a partner, and her husband, Paul, spent more time fantasizing online than he did touching her. She knew she’d gained some weight, but she carried her 250lbs well on her 5’7″ frame. She had luscious thighs and an ample ass, and cleavage that had caused the waiter to drop their first round of drinks. She’d always been a stunning natural redhead, with freckles all over her body to match. When they first met, Paul had enjoyed connecting them with his tongue. But now that was gone. “At least you get some attention, honey. I caught Paul in front of the computer again last week reading stories again.”

“Caught him?” Laurie raised an eyebrow.

“Uh…yeah. Red handed, so to speak. He had his Dockers around his ankles and his headphones on, going to beat the band.”

Laurie laughed, nearly shooting her white wine spritzer out of her nose. “Awesome!” She slapped her knee. “What did you do?”

“What could I do? I snuck up behind him and waited until he was almost finished, then scared the crap out of him. He made a mess all over himself!” Escort Bayan Elizabeth

“FUCKING HILARIOUS!” Laurie squealed with delight at the image of her friend’s husband spraying himself with his own cum. “Too funny, Liddy.”

Elizabeth smiled. “I admit, I was a bit proud of that. I just wish it was coming to me instead of some fantasy.”

“What was it?”

“What was what?”

“The fantasy? Tell me you went back and looked at the story.”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow and exhaled. “Yeah. I did. It was some weird shit.”

“Weird like how? Like vampires and werewolves weird?” Laurie teased her friend, knowing her penchant for the Twilight series.

Elizabeth shot her a fake mean look. “Don’t fuck with Edward, honey, or I will mess you up.” She smiled. “No, it was just…different. I read a couple of the stories after he went to work, and they were both about forced cunnilingus.”


“Well, not forced, exactly, but submissive men being told to go down. In one, he even went down on her after another guy fucked her–that’s the one I caught him wanking it to.”

Laurie’s eyes widened and she shifted in her seat. “No shit?”

“No shit. Can you believe it?”

“Jesus, Liddy, can I borrow him? I could have used that this morning!”

Elizabeth chuckled. “Of course! He’s an excellent pussy eater, and I’d be happy to share him. As long as you send him back to me with a hard cock, sweetie.”

The two laughed and the conversation shifted to other topics, and they enjoyed a long lunch. As the check came, Laurie leaned in close to her friend. “Liddy, were you serious? Would you really loan me your husband’s tongue?”

Elizabeth was stunned, and a bit speechless. She’d been joking, of course. “Uh…Laurie…I…”

Her friend stopped her. “It’s ok. I shouldn’t have asked.” Her face turned red to match her hair. “Look, I’m sorry. Forget I said it, please,” she pleaded. “Please.” And she nearly ran out the door.

Except Elizabeth Glenn didn’t forget about it. She couldn’t stop thinking about it all afternoon, and when she got back home, she went to her husband’s Bayan Escort office.

Elizabeth, Liddy to her girlfriends, made herself comfortable in his chair and turned on his computer. She looked started clicking on folders, and it didn’t take long to find his not-so-well-hidden directory. She opened it and looked at all his other stories. Sure enough, they were all of submissive men being made to serve women. There was also a directory of pictures, all of women of various ages and body types being licked and teased by both men and other women. Her mind began racing and the images began to entice her.

Without thinking about it, her fingers left the keyboard and traced lazy circles around the material covering her nipples. A soft moan escaped her lips. She moved the mouse to the folder marked videos, and clicked on the last file. She watched in rapt fascination as a man in a suit was brought into a room and ordered to kneel on the floor in front of a powerful blonde woman. Elizabeth’s hand slipped into the waistband of her yoga pants and down the front of her already soaked panties.

In the video clip, the blonde woman grabbed the man by his hair and pulled him forcefully into her waiting pussy, and in the chair, Elizabeth slipped her fingers into her warm slit. She threw her leg over the arm of the chair and onto Paul’s desk. As the video played and the man lapped at the woman’s clit, Elizabeth’s fingers slid up and down over her own, and the two drew closer to orgasm together. She leaned back in the chair, her eyes closed, imagining Paul on her knees, and her friend Laurie writhing in ecstasy. Her hand moved faster, sliding up and down her slit on either side of her engorged clit. Like the woman in the video, or Laurie in her imagination, she edged ever closer to a wild climax.

Until her reverie was interrupted by the slamming of a car door. Elizabeth jumped, nearly falling out of the chair. She quickly turned off the video and powered down the computer, and attempted to straighten her jumbled pants. There was nothing she could do about her wet panties. She’d deal with those later. She met Paul on the steps Escort leading to the bedroom.

“We need to have a talk,” she said, sliding her body against him, pressing her breasts against his chest.

“Can I get out of this suit first?” Paul was a little surprised at her, but didn’t seem interested.

Elizabeth didn’t care. She had another angle to play tonight. She reached down and lightly grasped his crotch. “I’ve been reading the stories on your computer, Paul.” “You what?” Paul wasn’t sure whether to be angry or worried. Either way, he had to play it cool–his wife was holding his balls.

“Relax, tiger,” Elizabeth said. “I just need to know if that really turns you on.”

“What do you mean?”

“Does the idea of being ordered to go down on a woman get you off?” She leaned closer to him. “Does it make you hard to think about licking someone else’s pussy?” She felt his cock twitch in her hand.

Paul gulped, and dropped his gaze. “Yeah. It does.”

“And what would you say if I told you that my panties are soaked right now thinking of you on your knees between some other bitch’s thighs, sucking her clit, making her moan?” His cock was rock hard. “Does that excite you?”

Paul’s heart started to thump inside his chest, pounding so hard he thought it might break free. “A little.”

“A little?” Elizabeth squeezed his cock, not enough to be painful, but firmly enough that he knew she was in charge. “Only a little? I think that’s bullshit. I think your cock is straining your zipper just thinking about your face covered in another woman’s juices, feeling her orgasm. Knowing that I sent you there.”

Paul’s mouth was dry. “Elizabeth,” he gasped, “where is this coming from?”

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“I’d love it, but…”

“But what?” Her tone went harsh. “You’ll do as you’re told, won’t you?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Elizabeth corrected him.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“That’s good. Now take your ass to bed. You have a big day tomorrow.” She kissed him hard on the lips and pushed him up the stairs. “And no touching yourself.”

Elizabeth watched him bound up the stairs toward their bedroom, and shook her head. She couldn’t believe she was about to do this. She reached over and picked up the phone and dialed a number. “Laurie,” she said quietly, “this is Liddy. What time does your husband leave in the morning?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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