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It was a bright early summers evening when I first saw her. I was cycling along a path, popular with cyclists and joggers alike, through some woods just outside of town. As I climbed slowly to the top of a brief, but steep, hill, she came jogging over the brow towards me, the sun behind her.

At first I was blinded by the sun, so I couldn’t see her very well, but as she got closer, I could see somebody …. a woman …. a young woman …. a sexy young woman …. a stunning young woman.

I just caught a fleeting look at her as we passed each other, and then she was gone. I turned and glanced back, my bike wobbling as I looked at her slender back, at her taut ass in her black shorts, at her long, blonde pony tail bobbing up and down as she ran. I whistled softly to myself, shaking my head.

I rode on for a few more miles, not really intending to go too far, and then headed back down the same path, and back to town. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her coming towards me again, perhaps making her way back to one of the villages close by. This time the sun was behind me, so I could see her more clearly. I slowed down, my eyes drawn to her.

She was dressed all in black. Her hair was held back by a black ribbon, her firm, rounded breasts, hidden behind a black vest top that clung to her, her ass and legs covered by tight, Lycra shorts that reached down her thighs. I could just make out the line of her panties and sports bra beneath her clothes.

Her face was very pretty, almost serene, her lips full and kissable. Her eyes, as she looked at me as I passed her, were a deep blue. Her arms and face, her shoulders and legs, were suntanned, her skin glistening softly, a thin sheen of perspiration along her top lip. She smiled as she passed me, an almost shy smile that lit up her face. I guessed she was about my age, twenty eight, but looked younger.

And then she was gone. I glanced back again, but only caught a glimpse of her ass rocking from side to side as she rounded a corner and dropped out of sight.

That had been on a Tuesday. For the next few days, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. So, after work on Friday, I set off along the same path again, at about the same time, hoping to see her again but totally unsure of what I might do if I did. I just knew that I had to see her.

And I did.

It was about the same place on the path, but I almost missed her as she came over the hill as I reached the top, looking less that elegant as I struggled up the slope. She glanced across at me, and then disappeared down the hill before I could even muster my thoughts. But half an hour later, as I headed home, there she was again. I slowed down, flashing her what I hoped was my most friendly smile, and was instantly rewarded with a flash of her small, white, even teeth as she smiled back.

I thought about her and little else over the weekend, and on Monday at work. By the time I finished work, I couldn’t wait to get home, change, and head out on my bike. My heart was thumping as I headed into the woods – would she be there, would she see me, would she recognise me?

And then she was there again, smiling that smile as she jogged past, my eyes drawn to her face, then down to the soft movement of her breasts. I looked back when she was past me, my eyes locked on her gorgeous ass.

On the way back down the hill, the same happened again – except as I turned, she did as well, smiling a laughing, knowing smile at me, knowing exactly where I was looking, and giving me a little wave.

The next day I was back again – and so was she. After that, we “met” almost everyday. Our smiles and waves became friendlier, our looks more open. We exchanged “Hi’s” and “Hello’s”, a brooding desire developing – at least in my mind. But nothing else happened. Each time I saw her, my heart thumped and my cock rose up – and my mouth went totally dry as my shyness rose to the surface.

And then, on a Monday, she wasn’t there. I rode up through the woods as normal, expecting to see her, but met no one. I rode back down slowly, hoping that she was just later than normal. But there was no sight of her – either then, or for the next few days. I cursed myself for my shyness, for not speaking to her sooner, for the lost opportunity of meeting her properly, of – well who knows what?

I was due to go on holiday with some mates at the end of the week, and in a way it was a relief. It might at least take my mind off of her. Stupidly, it was only then that I thought that she might be on holiday as well. My heart leapt – yes, that would explain it!

Usually, two weeks in the sun flies by, but this time it dragged. The day after I got back, I headed out on my bike after work, anxious to see her again. As I headed for the woods, all the old doubts came back. What if she hadn’t been on holiday? What if she had moved, or jogged somewhere else now, or was avoiding me, or …….. the thoughts just clattered through my head.

And then, for the first time in three weeks, I saw her.

She was dressed istanbul escorts as usual in black, but her tan was deeper, fresher – and her smile beamed out as soon as she saw me. In a moment she was past me, waving back as I turned to wave to her, to look at her.

On the way back, she stopped as soon as she saw me, standing with her hands on her hips, her chest rising and falling as she breathed. I slowed down and stopped, suddenly as tongue tied as ever.

“Hi,” was all I could say, my eyes drawn to the rising of her breasts, to the perfect outline of her nipples through her top.

“Hi,” she smiled back, and then jogged off again.

I turned and watched her go. She turned as well, running backwards for a few steps as she waved. I saw her lips move, just as I caught her words on the breeze.

“See you tomorrow ….”

And then she was gone. I rode on, a stupid grin across my face. Suddenly, all was well with the world.

The next day, something was different, something looked different. It was her top. The vest top had gone, and she was wearing a cropped top. It was still black, but ended just under her breasts, leaving her flat, suntanned tummy bare. Her breasts looked softer, more rounded, and I realised with a start that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She smiled and waved and was gone. My cock rose up, painfully hard – and stayed that way in anticipation of seeing her again on my way back.

The next day her shorts were different – still black, but shorter, and looser around her long legs. When I turned, they barely seemed to cover the bottom of her taut cheeks as she ran. She smiled that delicious, knowing smile again, and my body reacted as I’m sure she knew it would.

The next day I decided to play her game as well. I swapped my Lycra cycling shorts for a looser pair, and wore a vest instead of a tee shirt. I work out when I can, and think I look okay, especially after two weeks of getting a good tan.

On the spur of the moment, just I reached the woods, I stopped and pulled my top off. It had been a hot day, and already my chest was glistening with a thin sheen of perspiration.

She grinned when she saw me, and stopped in the middle of the path. Now I could feel her eyes on me, raking across my muscular chest and flat belly, down to the well developed muscles on my thighs. I reached down and pulled my drinks bottle from its holder. She had changed her top as well – it was looser now, and lower cut.

We looked at each other openly as we shared a drink. She tiled the bottle back, some of the drink dribbling out and down her chin. I watched as it dripped onto her chest, then ran slowly down between her breasts. As she leant forward to put my drinks bottle away, the edge of her top fell loosely downwards, and I almost groaned out loud as my eyes locked onto her deep, tanned cleavage. She stood up, grinned, and was gone. When we passed on the way down she called out something about “tomorrow….”.

The next day was the Friday of a long Bank Holiday weekend – and I couldn’t wait to see her. But as I approached the path were we met almost everyday, there was no sign of her. I slowed down, then stopped, deciding to wait around for a while. It was then that I heard a soft moan. I walked up the path a little way, pushing my bike, but couldn’t see anyone – or anything.

I walked a little further, and then heard it again. I looked around. On the left, the path was edged by a row of trees, after which there were just open fields. But on the right, the trees were thicker in places, and it seemed to be there that the noise was coming from. It only because I heard the soft moan again that I spotted the gap between two trees. They were very close together, at an angle, and almost hid the entrance to a small clearing. I leant my bike against a tree, and walked past them.

She was sat facing me, her back against a fallen tree, bathed in the glittering sunlight that was filtering through the trees into the small clearing. She was reaching forward, rubbing her leg, but looked up as I approached her. She smiled weakly, apparently in pain.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, kneeling down at her side.

“Cramp, I think,” she told me, sliding her hands up and down her bare calf.

My eyes dropped to her small, neat, hands, watching as they moved over her soft, tanned skin. I couldn’t help myself – despite her apparent pain, my eyes roamed up her bare legs, over her smooth thighs, to the shorts that had ridden high up. Her shorts clung tightly around her mound as she leant forward, her breasts swaying as she moved. I stared at her breasts, at her deep cleavage, at the hint of her dark, erect nipples. I looked up – and found her staring at me.

“Will you help me?” she asked, her voice a little husky.

I nodded dumbly, not daring myself to speak. She leant back again, her breasts pressing forward against her top. I knelt at her side and reached down to run my hands over her calf, leaning over her and holding her ankle with one hand while I kneaded istanbul eskort her calf with the other.

The closeness of her, her smell, the feel of her skin against my hand, all sent messages straight to my cock. I stifled a moan, all the time becoming more and more aware of her. I rubbed her leg harder, suddenly realising that her muscles didn’t feel tense at all, that there was no cramp.

And then she touched me. As I leant over her, she reached out and touched my leg, her hand pressing down hard into the muscles of my thigh. Then her hand was moving upwards into the leg of my shorts, into the thin Lycra lining that meant I didn’t need to wear any boxers.

Her hand was like fire on me as she touched my cock, as she squeezed me, as I let out a deep moan. She sighed as she ran her hand along my shaft, as her thumb rubbed across my cock head. I was frozen to the spot, unable – or unwilling – to move as her hand moved slowly up and down, my breathing harsh.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

At first I thought I misheard her, but then she spoke again as she pulled her hand away, louder, more urgently.

“I want you … fuck me … fuck me hard … quickly.”

She rolled away from me and turned to lean over the fallen tree, her ass pointing at me. I shuffled on my knees behind her, dragging her shorts and panties down over her ass. I gasped – her ass was a perfect heart shape, her puckered hole hidden between the cleft of her firm, tight cheeks. Her skin was tanned like the rest of her, just the hint of a pale line where she’d been wearing a thong.

She wriggled her ass, her tight little hole now winking back at me.


I dragged my shorts down, my cock springing up, as thick and as hard as I could remember being in a long while. She eased her legs apart as pressed my cock between her thighs, my pre cum smearing across her warm skin.

I felt her hand reaching for me for briefly, guiding me. And then I was inside her, inside her warm, wet pussy, being pulled deep into her body. I pressed hard, sliding into her in one long thrust, meeting her as she pushed back against me. I held her hips, both of us moaning as I held us together, her tight pussy moulded around my throbbing cock.

I began to move, sliding into her slowly at first, then deeper, harder, faster, meeting her demands as our cries echoing around the trees. She came quickly, her juices hot around my cock as her climax tore through her. I reached out and ran a finger tip over her ass, scratching her lightly and making her cry out again as I drove into her.

My cum erupted inside her, my cock jerking as jets of thick cum spurted into her pussy. I held her hips tight, dragging her against me, my head thrown back as I cried out. I slumped against her, both of us gasping for breath. After a few seconds, I knelt back up, turning her and pulling her into my arms.

We kissed for the first time, neither of us really wanting to speak. We kissed gently at first, our lips barely touching, our tongues flicking out and meeting occasionally. Then I felt her tongue licking deliciously across my lips, then sliding between them, then dancing across mine. I moaned and pulled her closer, feeling the warmth, the softness of her breasts against me. Her hand snaked down between us, reaching for my cock as our mouths locked together.

My cock rose up almost immediately. I glanced down, surprised at how hard I was so quickly. She saw my glance and raised an eyebrow as if to say “I’m not complaining”. We kissed again, her hand sliding down my cock to cup my balls as I reached to caress her breast through her top. I eased her down onto her back in the soft grass. I stood up, my cock bouncing in front of me as I stood over her and quickly pulled my shorts off while she did the same.

As I dropped quickly back to my knees she reached for my cock with one hand, and snaked her other arm around my neck, pulling me to her. Seconds later my cock was nudging against her pussy, and then I was inside her again, sliding easily through her juices and my cum until my balls were resting against her ass.

I stopped then, letting her hold me tight, her breasts squashed between us, our lips and tongues moving against each other. I moved slowly, rocking against her as her hips, her pussy, came up to meet me. We rolled over, still locked together, and she began to fuck me, sliding up my cock just a few inches at a time before dropping her body down hard to take me back deep inside her pussy.

Gradually her movements become faster, more urgent, her breathing harsher. She cried out as she came, her moans muffled against my shoulder as she bit me. We rolled over again, and I fucked her hard, desperate to come again, to make her mine. I clamped my mouth onto her swollen nipple through her clothes, nipping and sucking as she clung to me, as my cum filled her.

Eventually I rolled away from her. I lay on my back beside her, our arms touching, catching my breath. We rolled together and kissed quickly, eskort istanbul suddenly aware of our nakedness, of where we were. We dressed quickly, and headed down the path, walking together as I pushed my bike. She reached for my hand as we walked and talked.

She told me that she lived in an apartment only half a mile away, so we headed there. We locked my bike up outside, and then headed towards her ground floor flat. As she pulled her key from her pocket, she turned back to me.

“By the way,” she said, blushing slightly, “My name’s Helen.”

I stared at her for a moment.

“Pete,” I said, before we both dissolved into giggles.

She opened the door quickly and pulled me inside. We couldn’t stop laughing, perhaps from the release of tension, perhaps from embarrassment, perhaps from the relief of being together at last.

Once we recovered, Helen showed me around. From the entrance hall, there was a bathroom off to the left, and a bedroom opposite the main door. To the right was lounge, with a small kitchen off of that. The whole apartment felt light and roomy, and some how suited Helen perfectly. She led me into the kitchen and poured us each a glass of wine.


I nodded, and watched as she opened the fridge. She started pulling some things out onto the work top.

“Why don’t you grab a shower, while I rustle up a salad or something?”

It was on the tip of my tongue to suggest that she join me, but something told me that she needed time on her own. Helen pointed out where the towels were, and left me to it. Ten minutes later, I rejoined her, a towel around my waist. I smiled at her, enjoying her eyes on me as I squeezed into the kitchen next to her.

She pointed to the plates and dishes scattered around, and asked me to take them out onto the table while used the shower. She gave me the briefest of kisses as she passed, and then left me to it. By the time I’d moved everything onto the table, and topped up our wine glasses, she was back.

I felt my cock stretching as she came back into the room. She was wearing a loosely tied towelling robe that reached half way down her thighs, showing off her legs as she walked. It hung open a little as she combed her fingers through her hair, the movement of her arms pulling the two sides apart to offer me glimpses of her cleavage.

I sat down quickly, smiling at her, indicating the food with a flourish. We ate hungrily, chatting between mouthfuls, talking about anything and everything. Afterwards, we cleared up together and then sat on the settee that ran along one edge of the room. We sat at opposite ends, but turned towards one another to talk. Helen curled one leg up on the settee, her gown falling away from her thigh. She reached across and touched my leg when we shared a joke, both of us totally at ease.

I got up and refilled our wine glasses. I went to put them back down on the coffee table by the settee, but Helen stood up.

“I’ve got a better idea,” she told me.

Taking her glass from me, she took my hand and led me through to the bedroom.

Helen took my wine glass from me and put it down with hers, before switching on the lamp on the bedside table. She stepped back into my arms, her body warm against me even through her robe. We kissed, a long, lingering kiss, letting our passion, our desire, rise through our bodies as our tongues slipped and danced across each other.

She moved her hand down my chest and belly, running her fingers through the dark hairs, scratching me lightly with her nails. I shuddered with pleasure as she dipped her head and toyed with my nipples, one after the other, biting and sucking them. I moaned as her mouth moved over my chest, and then down onto my belly as she dropped to her knees in front of me.

I looked down at her, my fingers entwined in her hair as she reached for the towel that still hung around my waist. She looked up at me, and then down as she tugged at the towel, her eyes widening as my cock bounced free, as she looked at me properly for the first time.

I’m told that I’ve got a good sized cock, thick as well as long, and slightly curved at the end when I’m hard – or very hard as I was now. Helen sighed, and then leant forward, her tongue flicking to lick away a bead of pre cum, my cock jerking at her touch. She slipped her hand around my shaft, watching intently as she slowly peeled my skin back, pulling back tight and squeezing another drop of my clear fluid out of me.

Helen rubbed her thumb across my cock head, massaging my pre cum into me, her eyes now on mine. She pushed my cock up against my belly, and – still looking at me – ran her tongue up my shaft, from the very base to the very tip. Then she did it again, this time starting lower as her tongue ran across my balls, then again, this time sucking my balls gently into her mouth, one at a time.

I groaned as she pulled my cock back towards her, and again as my cock head disappeared into her mouth, her lips stretched around me, her tongue licking at me. She sucked hard, and I automatically pushed my hips forward, driving my cock deeper into her mouth. We both moaned as she sucked me, as I rocked my hips against the bobbing of her head. I felt my balls tightening, but I wanted more, much more, of Helen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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