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A few years ago, my wife planned a birthday surprise for me. While at work, the receptionist called me and said that I had a visitor in the lobby. I was pretty surprised when I saw my wife there. She told me to lock my office and come with her because she was “kidnapping” me. While we walked to the car, I noticed something different about her. She was wearing a wonderful perfume and had on makeup as if we were going out for the evening as opposed to the normal day-to-day style. She looked beautiful.

Once in the car and on the road, she told me that we were headed for a romantic weekend in La Jolla. She had planned everything and that it would be a very “sensual” experience. After about fifteen minutes of general chitchat, we were driving through the “no man’s land” of southern California which had the Pacific Ocean on our right and Camp Pendleton on our left. She slid over and began cuddling with me. I was enjoying it all, the view, the drive, the cuddling, and the perfume.

She whispered in my ear, “Keep driving.” I thought that was a pretty silly thing to say. Of course I was going to keep driving. Those thoughts were still bouncing around in my head when she slipped her hand between my legs and began to massage my flaccid cock and my balls. I was pretty surprised. She had never done this before. My dick began to pulsate and swell beneath my pants. Her attentions eventually got more deliberate. She ran her fingernails up and down my zipper, sending electric tingles all through my body.

It wasn’t long before I was completely erect. She undid the belt, unbuttoned the pants, unzipped the zipper, and began playing with me through my shorts. She reached under the seat and pulled the lever, sliding me backwards. My feet almost left the pedals. She pulled down the waistband of my underwear, exposing my cock to the cool air. The tip was already abundantly leaking precum. I was having a lot of trouble keeping focused on my driving. She extended her tongue and swirled the tip through the oozing wetness. Withdrawing slightly, there was a clear strand that connected my cock with her tongue. That was the erotic pause before the storm. As if a starter’s pistol went off, she lowered her head and engulfed me right down to the base. She began sucking me wildly. Her fingernails were rubbing and lightly scratching my balls.

I was going nuts! I was certain that I was going to wreck the car. With her head bobbing up and down at an ever-increasing rate, I managed to pull off the freeway and park in a secluded area. I dropped the seat back and lay down. She was doing an incredible job. She held my cock straight up and I could easily see it glisten in the sunlight from all the precum and saliva. She started pumping me with her hand so that she could speak to me through her wet lips.

“I don’t want to mess up your pants so you are just going to have to come in my mouth, ” she announced.

Back down she went and was licking and sucking me at an incredible rate. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I started to climax. My cock was only about a third of the way into her mouth when I released a thick stream of ejaculate. I felt her tongue swirl through it. She took me further inside her soft mouth as I spasmed again and again. I saw my white cum form at the seal between her lips canlı bahis and my shaft. Her tongue circled me in order to retrieve it. I remained in her mouth until the spurting stopped. With my orgasm ending, my wife opened her mouth and extended her tongue and played with the head of my cock that was still oozing the last of my semen. Her tongue was covered in a sheath of creamy cum. There were a few strands that stretched from her teeth to the end of her tongue. A small dribble clung to the edge of her mouth. Eventually, she licked herself and my cock clean and replaced me back into my pants. I was breathless and speechless. She lay on top of me, bringing her face inched from my own. A thin sheen of my cum remained on her lips and my scent was most evident.

“You WILL return the favor. I’ll see to it. And you’ll do it MY way.” She smiled and we resumed our trip.

We had a wonderful day and evening in La Jolla. After having a few drinks and lots of laughs at a comedy club, we were soon back in the lobby of the hotel. As the elevator door opened, she said, “Stay here for ten minutes and then come up to the room.” Given the day’s events, I was not about to argue.

The ten minutes seemed like an eternity. I unlocked the door and slowly made my way into the room. There must have been fifty candles illuminating the room from everywhere. The bed was turned down but she wasn’t in it. She was across the room, lying down on the small sofa. She was wearing a black-laced body stocking. She was so exquisite! Her full round breasts where moving between the deep “V” neckline with every breath. Her hips looked so delicious graced with the sexy lace. She rose up and seductively walked toward me in silence. She undressed me until I was standing completely naked before her, my cock sticking straight out in front of me, once again leaking liberally in great anticipation.

She rolled two chairs away from the tiny table to the middle of the room. We both sat down facing each other. “Don’t say a word,” she began. “This is for your birthday. I know exactly what you like. Just watch and do what I say.”

She stopped talking for a moment and closed her eyes. Slowly at first, she began rubbing her hands up and down the side of her body. She purred softly. Soon she was sliding her open palms beneath her wonderful breasts, pausing at times to hold and squeeze them like and undersized bra. I was turned on beyond description. My cock was fully erect and pulsated with each accelerated heartbeat. Precum continually slid down my shaft to my ever-tightening balls.

She parted her legs and began stroking her inner thighs. The body stocking was crotchless. Her delightful and pouty pussy lips were deliciously pink and exposed. Opening her legs further, I watched her moist lips slowly separate. I believe my breathing stopped at that point, or at least lost all semblance of any rhythm.

One hand left slid back up and slipped a lace strap from her shoulders, exposing a breast. The nipple was red, taut and protruding. I wanted so much to suck and nibble on it. She pinched and pulled herself to increase her excitement. She opened her eyes and began to talk to me again.

“Oh, I love when you do this to me, when you touch my nipples and make them hard. Mmmmm. I get so wet when you do that. bahis siteleri Like this” She used the fingers of her other hand to open her pussy for me to see. She was indeed wet. A drop of her sensual juices slid slowly down the side of one delicate lip and disappeared into the black lace.

“Mmmmm. Looks good to you I’ll bet. Don’t you wish you could taste me? Don’t you just want to slide your tongue deep into my dripping pussy and lick me?” Of course that was exactly what I wanted to do! But she was going to make me wait and in the mean time, she was going to heighten the torture.

“I am going to taste it first sweetheart”, she announced. Two fingers slipped easily into the soft recesses of her pussy and quickly emerged. They went straight to her lips where she proceeded to coat them with the slippery gloss. “Mmmmm”, she again purred. “My pussy wetness is so sweet. You like that don’t you? You like it when I taste my own juices, like when I slide your hard wet cock into my mouth after your have just made me cum all over it.”

She began illustrating what she had just described by repeatedly slipping her fingers deep into her pussy and then sucking on the slickened digits. She was turning herself on immensely. Her pussy was wet beyond description. Each plunge of her hand into her dripping opening created that delightfully wet sound.

She expanded her attentions. She began spreading her moistened fingers on my mouth. I finally was able to feel and taste the exquisite slippery sweet juices that I love so much. My cock hadn’t been touched and yet my orgasm seemed agonizingly eminent. With her mouth still wet she stood and slowly removed her body stocking. She leaned toward me, her hands pressed against my chair, keeping us close but still apart. Her breasts were almost touching my chest. My leaking cock was so close to her abdomen.

“Lick me”, she whispered in a deep sensual voice and proceeded to kiss me hard. It was as if my face was between her legs. Her musky scent and slippery juices were all over her mouth. I used my tongue on her mouth just as I had done on her pussy so many times before. It was wonderful. Our kissing intensified and it wasn’t long before she managed to sit on my lap. In an instant my grateful cock slid effortlessly and deep into her dripping pussy. It made us both gasp. Her hips moved in every direction. Her up and down motions created great extremes of wanting and fulfillment for me. Her rocking provided her with the desperate contact to her clitoris that she craved. In moments she bit my lower lip and said loudly, “I am going to come. I am going to come all over that wonderful cock of your that is so deep inside my pussy.”

She moved like a wild woman. Faster and faster she went until her whole body when stiff. Her head fell back against her shoulders. She began quivering and moaning and she couldn’t catch her breath. I felt her internal muscles grab my cock and twitch again and again. I felt her thin womanly cum warm the base of my cock and drip down my balls. She shuddered for what seemed like minutes until her orgasm finally left her. She sat on me for a moment, motionless, until her senses returned. My cock was buried deep inside her. My lap was completely soaked in her wetness. The room smelled of passionate lovemaking.

She bahis şirketleri kissed me long but softly. I felt her hand reach down and cup my balls. Between kisses she smeared the delicious juices on my mouth and face. I was in heaven but desperate to come.

“I have one last present for your birthday,” she teased. Ever so slowly she lifted her body up. We both looked down and watched the pink wet folds of her pussy cling to my erect shaft as she slowly rose up. I left her body with a wet plopping sound. She slid down between my legs and held the base of my cock. With a smile on her lips she began to rub my wet member between her luscious breasts, smearing her cum on her chest. The sensation was overwhelming. She pressed her breasts together, easily surrounding my engorged cock. Up and down she began to move. My cockhead disappearing and reappearing between her cleavage. Several times she paused to watch my crown press out my own lubrication, a sight in which she took personal enjoyment. On more than one occasion she added to the wetness by either dribbling her saliva down to between her tits or taking the head into her mouth directly. Her actions were tremendously sexy.

She continued her bobbing motions with me still softly cradled between her breasts. Her face took on a deliberate and serious expression. Soon it was clear to us both that I was practically delirious with the thought of reaching my own orgasm. She would torture me no more. She began the final portion of my journey by saying, “I want you to come. I want you to fuck my tits like you do my pussy. I want to see it. I want to see your cum spurt out of your cock.”

She went silent and moved faster. More and more saliva was needed on her chest to keep us lubricated and she readily provided it. She also took advantage of the wetness still so abundant between her legs and liberally applied it to our unusual union. Faster and faster she went. Longer and longer were the strokes. My hips thrust to her rhythm, bringing my swollen cock within easy access to her opened mouth. She would only allow the head to enter and she bathed it with her wet tongue.

I had had enough. I was coming. Only after my orgasm was assured did her motion stop. We were frozen, poised to experience my climax. Her head was down. My cock was an inch away from her chin and tightly embraced between her breasts. I exhaled a huge breath. A long thick rope of white ejaculate leapt from my desperate cock and flew to her face, splattering across her lips and up her cheek. A bit entered her partly opened mouth and rested on her tongue. She made no attempt to keep it. It dripped off her tongue and fell to her chest. Another burst of equal ferocity spewed out, this time splashing hard against the roof of her opened mouth. Again she made no attempt to capture it. She threw her head back. My cock rested neatly against her chest between her tits. This made it easy for the next two emissions of thick cum to slither up her neck to her chin.

Now all I could do now was ooze the creamy ejaculate. She took that opportunity to slide me about her still tight nipples, coating them in the slippery film of my cum. Her final assault on my senses came, when through cum spattered lips, she slid my coated cock back into her mouth and caressed me with her talented tongue. My final expulsions of semen were delightfully coaxed deep into her mouth. The afterglow of this wonderful event consisted of her sliding my spent member about her chest through all that I had just deposited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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