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He first noticed her standing at the health bar in the gym, her curves outlined in the black spandex workout suit she always wore. Her name was Kristen, and her dirty blonde hair was sweaty and clinging to her glistening forehead. She was a few pounds above average, but carried herself very well. At maybe 5′ 9″ with wide hips and a possible 36 c chest, she was stunningly beautiful, the spandex wrapped around her thick toned thighs and framing her shapely ass.

Sean had shown up tonight to workout as usual, trying to maintain his muscular physique. Standing at 6′ 1″ and weighing in at just over 190, with his bronze skin, hazel eyes and chiseled chin, with his light brown hair in a well kept fade, Sean was no doubt a handsome man.

After several evenings watching Kristen meticulously complete her routine of 30 minutes on the treadmill and a few sets of sit ups and various leg workouts, Sean began to work toward her. Standing at the health bar again, Kristen noticed him walking towards her from across the crowded gym. Having been several weeks since any man had shown interest, she was pleasantly surprised by this man coming her direction. Wiping the sweat from his forehead with his shirt as he got to the bar, she caught a glimpse of his ripped abs.

Sean introduced himself, and explained that he had been watching her for several nights, and offered to by her a bottle of water or a smoothie and complimented her on her piercing baby blue eyes. Sean offered her dinner the following night and Kristen obligingly agreed, both leaving for their apartments after the conversation.

The next night, Kristen spent several hours straightening her hair and carefully applying her makeup. At exactly 7:30, a knock at illegal bahis the door let her know he was there. She glanced at herself in the mirror and couldn’t help but smile, her strapless black dress and stilettos a perfect complement to her already amazing body.

Sean stood waiting, his hair spiked up cleanly, in a black polo and dark khaki pants. His cologne was a outdoorsy mix of citrus, wood, and a hint of sweet vanilla. The door opened and his jaw dropped, her body silhouetted by the light emanating from the chandelier in the hall. Her scent was absolutely intoxicating, a very feminine blend of jasmine and lavender. Her eyes sparkled from the moonlight, and her face lit up with a perfect smile when Sean handed her a single red rose. The stark contrast between her glossy crimson lips and her white teeth was amazing.

On the way to dinner, idle chit chat floated through the air, mixing with notes of a familiar rock tune. Upon arrival at the Italian bistro, Sean immediately helped her out of the car, taking in the sight of her stepping out with such finesse. Once inside, they were seated on the balcony with a very pleasant view of the bay, a cool November breeze blowing through her hair, the moon lighting both their eyes. Ordering a few glasses of wine, both began to loosen up. Harmless banter was exchanged and as the evening progressed the two started revealing more and more about their lives. As dinner wound down, Kristen and Sean decided against going to the club, and opted instead to sit on the beach and chat some more.

Sitting in the sand, the salty cool breeze blowing off of the water chilled Kristen and she scooted close to Sean, who held her close as they continued discussing their lives. After a while, illegal bahis siteleri Sean could no longer resist the overpowering urge to kiss her… Leaning in, he could smell her sweet perfume again and as their lips met, both people realized what would occur that evening. After a while on the beach, the two made their way slowly back to the car, stopping several times in the moonlight to continue what had started in the sand.

Finally back in the car, they decided to go back to Sean’s place, and took off. The ride felt like an eternity, the desire within both so powerful, the air wrought with sexual tension. Upon arriving at the apartment, Sean walked her to his door and let her step inside out of the chilly air.

Immediately she felt his hands on her hips, and his warm breath on her neck as he whispered into her ear and kissed the nape of her neck. Leading her to the bedroom, he walked her towards the bed and kissed her collar bone working his way up her neck and gently biting her ear. He sat her on the bed and laid her back, nibbling her shoulders and running his hands over her curves. Working down her body, he arrived at her beautifully pedicured feet and removed her stilettos and began biting his way softly up her taut calves, stopping at the delicate flesh on the back of her knees.

Kristen was blown away when he started gently sucking on the skin there, her mind lost in a thousand desires. Sean grabbed the lower hem of her dress and slowly pulled the silky cool fabric up her body, the feeling sending millions of small chills through her body. For the first time, he could see her nude breasts with nipples slightly darker than the rest of her skin and nipples sticking out just so, for only him to canlı bahis siteleri see. He kissed up her legs again and all over her tight abdomen and planted a tender kiss between the globes, continuing on to gently kiss around her nipples. Eventually, he opened his mouth and bit softly on one nipple while twisting the other and began to suck on her.

Writhing in a pleasure so close to agony it was almost unreal, Kristen pulled his head into her breast and just held him. His other hand roaming, and exploring her smooth skin, he worked his way to her thigh, and begin gently rubbing his hand towards her now dripping pussy. Unable to stand it anymore, she pulled his hand to her cotton panties and he removed them slowly, noticing the damp spot on them and the juices flowing from her now still body. She whispered to him, and he listened , slowly moving his head towards her crotch.

Tracing her lips with his finger he slowly pushed a finger into her and began working it in and out. Slowly adding a second finger and a third, her hips matching the rhythm of his hand, Sean started lapping at her clit. His hot coarse tongue, relentlessly assaulting her button, she threw her head back in bliss, the feeling almost overwhelming. Continuing for what seemed like forever Sean brought her to the edge and slowed down repeatedly, drawing out the pleasure and enjoying her body. Gently sucking on her clit and picking up speed with his hand, Kristen could no longer stand it. Her head thrown back yet again, her body squirming from the pleasure. Gripping his fingers with her dripping canal her whole body began to quake. She grabbed his head and pulled it in as wave after unrelenting wave of out of this world pleasure washed over her. Her legs tingling and her mind no longer in her body, she went limp.

Sean continued pleasuring her until he could no longer stand his own desire, he slowly pulled away from her and moved slowly up to look longingly into her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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