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Kris moaned in her sleep as she rolled over to bury her head into the pillow.

The sun was shinning through the blinds which gave the room a romantic glow to it in the morning.

The soft sound of the radio playing in the background was playing to wake her up slowly and comfortably. Kris found that waking up with it blaring made her day seem to start off bad in the mornings, so listening to it as she woke set her better in the morning and for the rest of the day.

Drifting between sleep and awake Kris still had her dream crowding her head as her body moved quietly and slowly under the crisp but warm white sheets.

“Mmmmm” another moan escaped her mouth as her hand moved slowly down her stomach under the sheets to reach the aching, moist area between her legs as her dream still went slowly on in her head.

Zack walked in the room in nothing but a towel as he had just emerged from a shower . His body glistening with drops of water that he hadn’t wiped off yet in his hurry.

At first he didn’t pay attention to his lover as he set to open the closet to decide what he would wear to work. In the back of his mind he knew Kris was slowly coming awake as her clock radio played quietly. He could hear her shuffling behind him as he separated the cloths on the rack analyzing his days outfit.


He stopped moving the hangers of cloths as he heard Kris moan seductively in her sleep. He moved his head around to see what has made her moan so sweetly.

What he saw made him all together forget his attire for the day as he watched her masturbate in her sleep. Although he couldn’t see her body for it was hidden under the sheet, the movement made it obvious as she moved her hand over her sweet pussy under the sheets, her eyes completely closed.

One breast was showing as she had moved on her back, her legs spread wide. Zack concentrated on her breast for a moment as he totally turned his body around to go stand by the bed.

Her pink nipple was so tight from her arousal that he had a automatic urge to wrap his lips around it and suck and lick. He could feel his cock get semi hard as the image of what he desired popped in his head.

“Ooooooooh” she softly cried out as her head fell back even more in the pillow. The movement making the sheet move down to expose her other breast. Although her breast was not huge, they were pert and filled his hand perfectly. Being firm with soft skin over them made his mouth water as he remember last night having them in his hands and his tongue licking them.. His cock was pulsating with blood, filling it up and making it totally hard as he watched his lover play under the sheets with her pussy.

Unable to control himself Zack moved his hand down to lift the sheet slowly and carefully off her and thrown down to the end of the bed, making her completely exposed in her sleep. He watched as her hand moved over her clit, wet from her juices as she fulfilled her dream in her head.

Reaching down Zack tore the towel off as he let his cock come into full light, fully erect and waiting for her.

Kris must have not been able to get the feeling she wanted in her sleep cause she moved over to her side , groaning with despair as her hand moved to find again that wonderful sensation on her clit. Still in her sleep she didn’t know her lover was standing over her with his cock hard as a rock. all she knew in her sleep was that she needed to cum, and cum hard.

She moved again to lay on her belly with her arm trapped beneath her body, her hand still moving over her extremely wet pussy as she flicked her finger over her clit.

“Mmmmmmmm” she moaned as she found the spot, her ass somewhat in the air moving a little back and forth to her fingers.

Zack moved also to the end of the bed to stare at his lovers güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ass. He could see her fingers somewhat moving over her pussy as it glistened with her juices. The urge to taste her was too intense. He slowly moved his knee to rest on the bed as he moved his body down softly to get closer to her. He didn’t want to wake her up as he proceeded to move between her legs.

Finally with her pussy in front of his face, his arms on either side of him holding him up and not touching her, he leaned forward and slowly let his tongue slid out to move softly over her pussy, tasting her juices.

Kris moaned loudly in her sleep as she moved her hips closer to Zack’s tongue. He moved slowly and softly as her fingers stopped moving, enjoying in her sleep getting her pussy licked.

Zack slid his tongue in between her lips to taste over her pussy opening groaning to himself as he tasted how sweet she was. His tongue working in and out of her pussy slowly, making Kris wiggle more in her sleep and pressing back more with her ass to get his tongue deeper.

Zack felt her enjoyment as more juices dripped on his tongue. He pressed a little harder inside her to taste the walls of her pussy , her moans getting louder and louder in her sleep.

Zack loved to hear her moan as he finally let his tongue slip out to move down a little to her clit, taking the hard bud in his mouth and sucking and flicking his tongue over it in his mouth. Kris started bucking in her sleep as her body was alive with what Zack was doing. Her legs spreading wider to give him more room to her.

He played with her clit awhile as he cock pulsated down between his legs. The urge to slid his cock in her was becoming urgent. His tongue moving away from Kris’s clit to slid all the way slowly from her clit to her anal, letting his tongue wiggle around the small tight opening of her ass, as she moaned louder there then anywhere else. This giving Zack and idea.

Giving Kris a few more long slow licks from top to bottom he slowly started moving his body away.

Kris’s body slumped down a little as he moved away from her to move to the end of the bed. Somehow or another she found her clit again with her fingers as she slowly kept her excitement going, never knowing that Zack had licked her for awhile. She was lost deep in her sleep.

Zack moved off the bed to walk over to the night stand, first turning off the radio and then opening a draw and taking out the tube of KY jelly they used sometimes when Kris couldn’t get wet. It wasn’t a daily thing just sometimes when she was stressed or a little tired, yet not to tired to feel her lovers cock in her.

Zack smiled as he thought of what he was going to try to achieve in Kris’s sleep.

Although they had talked of anal sex, Kris had been to worried it may hurt to much which in turn kept them from doing it. Zack knew if Kris would just let him he would show her how enjoyable it could be for both of them. Kris on the other hand couldn’t let go of her fears and denied him the pleasure.

Zack knew this probably wasn’t the best way to show Kris right now how good his cock would feel up her ass for both of them but his desire won out over logic.

Taking the tube back over to the end of the bed, Zack again got on the bed softly as he moved on his knees toward Kris’s ass.

She was still moving her fingers over her clit but in a slower motion as if just enjoying herself in her sleep, not any more determined to reach an orgasm.

Zack wondered for a moment as he unscrewed the top of the tube how she didn’t wake up from all this playing , then remembered her taking a sleeping pill before she went to bed last night. He knew then waking her up fully would be hard to do, this giving him another smile as he squeezed KY all over his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hand.

Zack filled his hand up with the lubricant then moved it down over his cock, coating it so much he moaned with pleasure as he masturbated a minute behind Kris’s ass. His eyes closed as he became extremely excited over what he was about to do. His hands sliding all over his cock and over the head, squeezing it making him groan. he was lost for a second in his pleasure till he remembered his goal.

Opening his eyes, he squeezed again so more KY in his hand then moved his hand over to Kris’s ass, sliding his hand over her ass getting it well lubed. He couldn’t resist taking a finger and fingering the hole as it slowly responded puckering and unpuckering.

Kris moaned again in her sleep as her ass lifted a little. This giving Zack encouragement to take that one finger and press on her opening. The lubricant made it so easy and her being totally asleep made no resistance as his finger slid in her.

Zack moaned as his excitement became so intense. He moved his finger slowly in and out, her ass grabbing his finger to draw him back in each time he pulled out. Seeing this being so easy he moved another finger to join the one playing with her ass. Pushing both at the same time, they slid in easily, making Kris moan loud and her fingers move over her clit a little more.

Zack couldn’t believe she hadn’t woke up yet, but was glad she hadn’t. He was in a place no man have ever been and he was enjoying it selfishly.

He finger fucked her for awhile as her ass moved to press to him. Both fingers feeling inside her tight hole as her ass clenched his fingers tightly.

He couldn’t take it any more as his cock felt it was going to explode any minute. Slowly he moved his fingers out letting her ass clench back up as he moved to his body to position his cock near her.

Kris moved a little in her sleep as her fingers fell once again to the bed. She was deep asleep and had no idea what was about to happen to her. Zack knew though he was going to make her cum as he grabbed his cock and placed it at the tight warm hole of her ass. pressing the big mushroom like head at her opening, he applied pressure. His cock was so lubed and with him playing with her ass with his fingers, the head disappeared inside of her quickly. He moaned loudly as he also heard her moan in her sleep. He could feel how tight it was as he slowly moved the head of his cock in and out of her ass. Making the opening become use to him.

Finally feeling no resistance anymore he pushed his hips to move deeper in her ass. Lightly placing his hands on her hips to balance himself.

Kris just moaned , but never opened her eyes. Zack knew now she was deeply asleep and wouldn’t wake up.

He pushed deeper and deeper as he watched his cock slowly fill her ass up, stretching her totally. The visual of what he was doing was almost to much to where he had to stop to calm his self down before he came to suddenly.

Zack breathing slowed down as he looked at Kris’s firm tight ass in the air, his cock buried deep inside it and smiled as he slowly began to move in and out.

The tightness was incredible, it clenched his cock so much he felt as if he had died and gone to heaven. Kris moaned in her sleep as she moved her ass to meet his pumps.

Zack believed that whatever dream she was having was no where compared to the reality. His hips moving a little faster as his hands grabbed a little tighter to her hips.

He closed his eyes as he felt the walls inside her ass tighten on his cock, making his cock swell even more. Hearing the squishy sounds of the lubricant on her ass as his cock slid in and out of her made him move a little more faster.

At that moment he didn’t care if she woke up or not, güvenilir bahis şirketleri he needed to cum and cum hard , deep in her virgin ass. He wanted to fill her ass up to the hilt as he pumped in her more.

Kris never woke up but moaned loudly in her sleep as she had her ass fucked for the first time.

Zack fucked her even harder enjoying the domination he had over her and her ass, He also enjoyed knowing he was the first man to ever be there, this driving him to the edge.

Zack could feel it, could feel his balls tighten up as he swelled more. He was about to cum. The lubricant making his sliding in her ass so easy was to much, he grabbed a hold of Kris’s hips and plunged deep in her, making her body shake as she moaned in her sleep. Never once opening an eye as the sleeping pill worked it wonders. To her it was a dream as Zack fucked her ass.

Getting close to cum Zack plunged harder and harder, the tightness of her ass holding him in till finally he felt it move up from his balls to shoot loads and loads of cum in her ass. He bucked deep inside her to get his cum up in her as far as he could. Letting all his cum fill her up.

Kris cried out in her sleep as an orgasm took over her body, Zack hadn’t known that her hand had come back up to play with her clit as he fucked her ass. She came hard as her muscles around the anal clenched Zack in making him moan loud while he felt her orgasm.

Her body shook as she slumped over on her chest, letting her hand fall. Zack still holding her up by her hips. Her body continuously shaking.

Zack watched her as she slowly came off her high from the orgasm. His own breathing short as his body came down from his cumming.

Finally when both were back to normal Zack moved back a little to let his cock slid out of her . Kris moaned.

Zack moved a little fast to grab the towel he had been wearing earlier on the floor, grabbing it up he moved on the side of the bed to wipe Kris off completely and then to wipe himself off.

He was surprised to notice he was still fully hard as he grabbed the KY and moved to put it back in the draw of the night stand.

Kris moved in her sleep to settle totally on her stomach as Zack reached down to get the sheet off the end of the bed and cover her back up, thinking to himself he would need another shower. Reaching over he turned back on the radio to wake her up. A smile crossed his face at the thought of masturbating in the shower over his new fantasy come true. Zack thought to himself that there was no reason to waste a good hardon as he looked once more at his lover and headed out of the bedroom to the shower.

A little while later and a lot more refreshed, Zack emerged from the bathroom to find Kris up and moving around getting her things ready to start her day.

“Hey babe” Zack said as he headed toward her to lay a kiss on her cheek

“Hey” she answered mumbling as the sleep still surrounded her.

Zack smiled as he thought of these morning events

“Sleep well?” he asked as he also took cloths out of the drawers of the dresser to set on the bed, never really looking at her.

“Actually yes I did, I had the most wonderful dream” Kris responded her words still a little slurred but becoming clearer.

Zack turned around to look at her , noticing with surprise she was blushing as she looked quickly from him to her cloths on the bed. Walking toward them, she grabbed them up and started toward the door holding them in her hand.

“Well maybe those sleeping pills helped you get better sleep babe ” Zack said hoping she would take the hint

“I think so hon, I will have to start taking those more often it seems to get rested better” Kris told him as she walked out of the bedroom to the bath

Zack’s cock jumped with what she said, knowing he would be able again to fill the pleasures of her ass. He wondered if she was sore but decided not to ask. All he knew was he would make sure tonight she would want a full night’s sleep.

With that thought and a semi hard cock, Zack returned to getting ready for work looking forward to coming home that night to Kris.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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